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Re: Eqsearch and anti-good eq
Note #18185
posted on Bugs
Sunday, December 2, 2018 @ 18:18
Reply to: Note 18184 posted by Rezit

>If the anti-good flag is on a searchable item, it will not display on 

What alignment were you when you used eqsearch? I just verified that crusader
gear (anti-evil) will cease showing up on your eqsearch when you're evil 
aligned. I'm not sure what anti-good stuff should be showing up to test that 

Re: Rotating Buffs (Days) - Every 15 Ticks
Note #40926
posted on Ideas
Saturday, November 24, 2018 @ 11:38
Reply to: Note 40925 posted by Aeb

Hi Aeb,
You're not too far off from what already exists in the game.
Check out "help seasons".

Re: Clan Vault +++++
Note #40922
posted on Ideas
Friday, November 23, 2018 @ 12:56
Reply to: Note 40920 posted by Tymme

>It's not hard to argue that using a mule is breaking the asme rules, 
>espec if your alt is the enchanter.

It is illegal for a mule alt to carry equipment enchanted by an 
enchanter-alt (of the same person). That doesn't need to be argued. But 
in that case, it's easier to keep track of.

Using a mule to carry equipment that never goes through the mule's other
character's hands is not currently illegal. That can be manipulated by
having 2 mules, and 2 enchanters. Enchanter 1 uses Mule 2, and vice versa.
That is also not currently illegal.

>Hold the equipment to circumvent carrying capacity limits for your 
>non-enchanter main.  And while there's item IDs now, it's not like it's 
>easy to just a piece of eq accidentally go from ench A to clannie B and 
>end up back with A's alt if B needs space, leaves, etc.

That's one reason that my alts have open gear rather than CHAoS gear. 
As players come and go, Abelinc has been a mule for much of CHAoS gear, 
so it is "tainted goods" for my alts, and I haven't bothered to have
dedicated sets made for them.

>Thus the suggestion for vaults- it's already a grey area anyway,

It's not a grey area, it's a well-defined area. The current way is easier
for players to keep track of. Neither system would be easier or harder for
IMMs to keep track of.

>depending on
>how far you want to go with it; vaults could at least take some money out of
>the system and easier to track if clanvault get/put are logged.

Clanvaults wouldn't be easier to track. It's just a matter of track 
command 1 vs track command 2, and then if players think that command 1 is
tracked but not command 2, then they'll get creative "Hey Johnny, grab item
3 out of the vault and leave it at crecall for me".

>>(Imm) Cyrn: it's not about your items anya, it's about banking N 
>>enchanted sets of the level X clan set that you made 3 years so you 
>>can equip future new clan members for the next 10 years
>(Imm) Khadaji: Cyrn, you pay for clan storage, it's not cheap, I 
>don't think people will be doing that.

Sorry, Khadaji, but if it wouldn't be cheap enough for people to do that, 
then no clan is actually going to use the feature. That is literally the
only reason for the feature to exist.

Re: navigator bypass
Note #40900
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 @ 15:05
Reply to: Note 40889 posted by Tymme

>If a global quest mob is in a navigator's bypass list, have a stat-based 
>chance to have it marked killed for the navigator, without having to 
>kill it.

As Redryn mentioned, this would be super OP against non-navigators in
GQs. Less-experienced navigators using bypass give themselves a bit of 
a GQ handicap, in that they don't learn how to get to the PITA targets.
IMO, the fact that they have to kill these MOBs in GQs is a pretty
good tradeoff to the advantage of not having to kill them routinely in 
quests and campaigns. 

Just my thoughts,
Re: damtypes +
Note #40898
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 @ 14:58
Reply to: Note 40896 posted by Tchalla

>Also, you should be able to put mastery into these damtypes

Umm, you can.
Disease             4     180    3,000,000
Poison              4     180    3,000,000

Re: deaf/quiet timers
Note #40887
posted on Ideas
Monday, November 19, 2018 @ 17:13
Reply to: Note 40882 posted by Tymme

>Using 'deaf 30' or 'quiet 30' would work like chan *off 30, turning the 
>flag off after 30 (or whatever) minutes.

This would be fantastic!

Re: Gag / gameplay. +++++++
Note #40880
posted on Ideas
Saturday, November 17, 2018 @ 20:37
Reply to: Note 40879 posted by Sotura

>You're either a brand new player that immediately logged on and started 
>causing problems, or someone that's been here a while and has a history 
>of causing problems... especially if it's not temporary enough where you 
>can take a short break and the punishment will have expired.
>I don't see why we'd want code to ensure you stay around and continue to 
>be a pain in the ass and generally disrupt anything else Lasher/the Imms 
>are doing because you can't regulate yourself.

>If it's happened once or twice, it wears off.  If it's permanent, what 
>value is that player contriubting remaining here when they've displayed 
>they don't have the control to follow expected rules?

I can actually name multiple long-time players that Aard wants to keep 
around, who are on many-years-long nochans. Dexter's is over 3 years now, 
for example.

>I would probably agree that there's at least a senitment (can't say with 
>any real certainty, obviously) that there are more/worse punishments given 
>out for fewer/lesser infractions.

The core issue with this is that other punishments do not impact gameplay,
whereas this does (unless it's a "don't let them play" punishment such as 
freeze, jail or nuke). A relatively simple solution to it would be to have 
say and social nochans really be fakechans, and have mobprogs respond to 
those. Simple in concept, of course. While the first part could probably 
be done in a few minutes, the second part would probably take some doing.

Just my thoughts,
Re: Business E-mail providers
Note #7784
posted on Tech
Saturday, November 17, 2018 @ 11:02
Reply to: Note 7783 posted by Grae

>Does anyone have any suggested alternates? As I said, the management accounts
>need to be able to see all incoming emails (without having to individually
>connect to each user), as well as see all outgoing (BCC).

If they're not looking to maintain a server, I'd have to recommend going
with Microsoft's Office365. If they're just doing email, it's $4/user/month,
which is less than the paid gmail options, and you can configure it to bcc
incoming and/or outgoing emails using rules.

I know that you mentioned that they want to see all messages, but typically
I'd create a monitored group, and then make the rule based on that group.
That would allow the flexibility to do things like exclude the owner's
messages from what manager's can see, or to have Sales Manager receive
the messages from her team, and Service Manager receive the messages from
his team.

Of course it also helps to have that bcc recipient be its own mailbox so 
you're not directly cluttering the management mailboxes. You can use the
relatively recent Office 365 Groups feature to even give each manager the
choice as to how they receive it. When you're a member of a group, you
can choose to receive a copy of each message to the group, or to just have
the group mailbox show up on your system.

Sloth Effect removal at Clan/Manor/Aylor Healer ++
Note #40852
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 @ 14:07
Reply to: Note 40846 posted by Tymme

>Up until recently (not sure if 2015 per 'help gq rules' or slightly 
>earlier), it was illegal for anyone except other gq participants to 
>interfere with anyone in a gq.

PK is not inherently interference in a GQ.

It all comes down to intent and collusion. You're not automatically
immune from PK just because you're in a GQ. There is no [GQ] after
your name, and it's not anyone's responsibility to know that you're
in a GQ.

Tram's stated reason for casting the spell was because Wire had
attacked him previously, nothing to do with any clannies in the GQ 
or similar. With 11 players in the GQ, and both the winner (Ralyn)
and the runner up (Redryn) in hostile clans, I would have a hard time
taking it to be a credible report that he was doing it specifically
to interfere in the GQ rather than doing it simply as part of being 
flagged OPK.

Just my thoughts,
Re: Group exp
Note #40851
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 @ 13:33
Reply to: Note 40838 posted by Castiel

Interesting concept. IMO, though, it shouldn't be on an every level
basis, and is somewhat already self-leveling. You don't need the players
to be in lock-step with each other, you just want to avoid outleveling
grouping range.

You left out what I'd consider the most important bit in your example,
and that is the player levels.

My example scenario:
T9 R1 Redoer level 100 with 1k tnl groups with a T0 R2 level 100 with 2k 
tnl. T9 has 50xp tnl and T0 has 500tnl. They both kill a mob and get 100xp. 
T9 is reduced to 0xp tnl, and since he's still within grouping range, his 
50xp remaining still goes to himself and he gains a level to 101.

Later, the T9 r1 redoer is level 122 while T0 r2 is level 107. At this 
point, it behaves like you mentioned.

In the meantime, the "don't outlevel" part of this could easily be done
within a plugin (just slightly different logic than the campaign auto-exp).
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the "donate your spare exp to your 
groupmate" portion of it. I'd be interested in other opinions.

Just my thoughts,
Re: Make Aylor Clean Again
Note #40667
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 @ 13:58
Reply to: Note 40663 posted by Tymme

And exploding fidos!

Note #16810
posted on Typos
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 @ 00:47
>Cedyca exclaims, "Congratulations on becoming famous with our rebellion!"

This should probably be "within our rebellion", as it's famous within the
ranks of the rebellion, as opposed to famous alongside the rebellion.

>Cedyca says, "I will announce to the world of your accomplishments here."

This should be either:
I will tell the world of your accomplishments here.
I will announce to the world your accomplishments here.

You speak "of" something, but you just announce the thing.

>Cedyca says, "Take this gift from the rebellion clan.

This should probably be "Accept this gift from the rebellion clan."

Dusk Valley - Rylek sorcerer & Rylek harmer +++
Note #16806
posted on Typos
Monday, October 22, 2018 @ 14:32
Reply to: Note 16804 posted by Redryn

>You mean this? I believe the point of Zoot's note is that she never 
>understood why quotes are needed for spell targets, your response was 
>that this was because casting has 2 parameters, to which I responded 
>to say that it's not really an answer

It is not only "really an answer", it is specifically THE answer...and
it's not merely that it has 2 parameters, but that it has two parameters 
which are of variable length. But that being the answer is not the point
that either of us were trying to make.

>because cast always assumes the first parameter is a single word anyway.

It assumes that both of the parameters are a single word, except where
you expressly tell it where a parameter ends by way of quotes.

That is current behavior, which is what most of my note was working to
explain. It is undeniably, factually correct.

Then I made the statement that I pointed out, and which you keep glossing 
over (although you at least quoted it last time).

>It could be rewritten to be slightly smarter which would eliminate this 
>particular issue, in that the third (optional) argument of the target 
>is always the last.

That would be a desired behavior, and is the real point. I stated that 
as a way that it could be coded. Then you stated that there is no reason 
that it could not be done that way.

Never thought I'd have to fight so hard to get you to realize that 
your'e already agreeing with what I wrote to begin with :P.

Dusk Valley - Rylek sorcerer & Rylek harmer +++
Note #16799
posted on Typos
Monday, October 22, 2018 @ 03:38
Reply to: Note 16798 posted by Redryn

>Since it already assumes any multi-word spellname will be in quotes, there is
>no reason not to treat any subsequent words as target.

You mean like my (unquoted) last sentence already said.

Re: spellup basics +
Note #40656
posted on Ideas
Sunday, October 21, 2018 @ 21:43
Reply to: Note 40571 posted by Tymme

>Or it's just better to use a spellup script at that point....

Don't even need a spellup script for this. MUD-side alias would
do just fine.
;alias basic c 48 ; c 64 ; c 53 ; c 333 ; c 71 ; c 58 ; sneak

Re: Questing, Improved.
Note #40655
posted on Ideas
Sunday, October 21, 2018 @ 19:19
Reply to: Note 40515 posted by Khadaji

>I'd love to see the mud count how many QUEST FAILS certain areas have, and
>award bonus qp for areas that are often given up on, to promote exploration
>and to promote taking the time to do difficult quests, instead of just instant
>failing. I.E. I know a lot of people who autofail Partroxis.
>"Congrats, you completed a very difficult quest, you've been awarded
>an extra 3 qp!". Something like this. Just an idea.

I really like this idea :-).

Dusk Valley - Rylek sorcerer & Rylek harmer +++
Note #16796
posted on Typos
Sunday, October 21, 2018 @ 16:17
Reply to: Note 16788 posted by Zoot

>I've always wondered why skills work differently than spells and I guess I
>don't know for certain if this is universal for EVERY spell.

The reason is that the spell itself is already an argument for cast, and
there are multiple-word spells. For a skill, the command-parsing algorithm
is rather easy:
1) First "word" is the skill
2) Anything else is what I'm acting on

For spells, it's much more difficult:
1) First word is cast
2) Second and maybe third words are spell
3) What I'm acting on may start at the third or fourth words, 
   and may go farther out than that

So a skill is absolutely positive about every positional parameter except
for the target, which is "anything after word one".

But a spell doesn't know how many words are in TWO of its positional 
parameters, making the need for single-quotes required to know when one
argument ends and another starts. It could be rewritten to be slightly
smarter which would eliminate this particular issue, in that the third
(optional) argument of the target is always the last.

Dusk Valley - Rylek sorcerer & Rylek harmer +++
Note #16795
posted on Typos
Sunday, October 21, 2018 @ 16:10
Reply to: Note 16787 posted by Tymme

>'help alias' should be corrected, though-
>- Any arguments after the alias when it's used will be ignored.
>Looks like it uses only the first argument instead?

That part of "help alias" is specifically referring to an alias which
performs multiple actions (an alias with a ";" in its action). It has
nothing to do with this discussion.

Note #553
posted on Misc
Saturday, October 20, 2018 @ 15:17
From    : Fiendish: Re: how many of you play lottery and your chance to be rich
Forum   : Misc - #14426
To      : all Reina
Date    : Sun Mar 27 14:38:30 2011
Reply to: Note 14421 posted by Reina

Rich people like to pooh pooh the lottery. They like to get all
uppity and holier-than-thou and say "Only idiots play the lottery"
or "the lottery is a tax on people who don't know math". And I'm here
to tell you that I *do* understand the math, and I think they're
extremely wrong. And they got to be so wrong by letting themselves
get swept away by hyperbolic situations and a lack of perspective.

So here's the real deal...

Reina, your initial statements are absolutely correct.
A person in nearly all situations can figure out a way to set aside, let's say, $25
every month for lottery tickets. In fact, even homeless people who make money
by panhandling can do it if they don't blow everything on cigarettes and hobo

But you're probably wrong in thinking that doing so for 10 years consecutively
guarantees a win for any individual. Here's the thing, though. It doesn't
matter. Because SOMEONE will win. And that someone will have just launched
themselves out of poverty in a way that few other actions can.
And everyone else will have set themselves back only very slightly.

So you're very right. You can hold on to your few dollars every month
and tell yourself "oh, it will never happen". And at the end you'll have
those few extra dollars and still be poor. Or you can gamble the few extra
dollars and have a very very small chance of launching yourself into
a new tax bracket.

Since people liked my last diagrams, here's a new set:

|     The state of all poor people when nobody buys
|     lottery tickets.
+------------ below this line are POOR --------------
|//////////////////////////////////////////////////// <- poor people (all of them still poor.)

|         /        /          /
|     The state of all poor people when they all
|     buy lottery tickets their whole lives.
|       /       /                                     <- some of them not poor anymore (YAY!)
|            /                       /
+------------ below this line are POOR --------------
|//////////////////////////////////////////////////// <- poor people (many of them still poor)

- Fiendish



Re: Ascii Map
Note #7762
posted on Tech
Friday, October 19, 2018 @ 09:26
Reply to: Note 7759 posted by Raaigar

>Out of nowhere, my ascii mapper has stopped working the way i want it to.
>Before, it used to update with me as i moved around with no issue. Now, it
>will only update if "automap" is turned on. This wouldn't be a problem except
>with automap turned on, as i move, i see the ascii map after each room

Automap is always required for the miniwindow to work, as that's how it
receives the map from the MUD.

To make it so that it ONLY shows in the miniwindow and not also in the 
main window, right-click the automap miniwindow, and change the setting
for "Also show map in main window".

Re: Don't plug space heaters into power strips +
Note #548
posted on Misc
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 @ 16:17
Reply to: Note 542 posted by Throxx

Heh, the fridge at work has a printed version of the this article
on it:

Raise the number of items allowed in manors +++
Note #40624
posted on Ideas
Sunday, October 14, 2018 @ 00:47
Reply to: Note 40622 posted by Tymme

>Exactly.  200 "player items" made up of 5 satic items of 40 each would be
>less to "work through" than if you were carrying 40 static items of qty 5 
>each, both of which are less than having 200 totally unique items.
>So, limiting the choices (by rules, not mechanics) reduces the available 
>pool, like the first case I gave.

But it wouldn't be limiting choices from a "what does the game have to deal 
with" perspective. You're trying to make a distinction without a difference.

You wouldn't be choosing between 5 copies of 40 items or 40 copies of 5 
items. You'd just be choosing to get it from manor "A" or 
finding it at manor "B". It's not like you're going to get 10 heal pots
from John's manor, 10 heal pots from Mary's manor, and 10 heal pots from
Joseph's manor. You're going to choose somewhere to get your "itemX" fix
from. This just lets that choice always be your own manor.

Re: Raise the number of items allowed in manors ++
Note #40621
posted on Ideas
Sunday, October 14, 2018 @ 00:07
Reply to: Note 40614 posted by Tymme

>Nowadays, the issues are with storage and retreival of items.  Bags need to
>update the entire contents every time you get/put something.  Vaults alleviate
>some of hte issue by only being accessed when you vault list/get/etc.; static
>also helps by saying '20 of object estates-123 with X stats' vs. 20 lines of
>object estates-123 with X stats' that are the same.
>Static flag would help a little, but don't know how much it would affect the
>overall issue that limits manors and clans from having as many items as they
>would want.

There is no actual issue that limits manors and clans from having as many 
items as they would want.

The issue you cite in the first paragraph applies to player items, NOT to
clan/manor items. I'm currently holding around 1200 items. The game has
to deal with me manipulating items in realtime, and must save my pfile 
periodically. The items in a shop, on the other hand, are loaded at boot
and then never again (they're instanced on purchase, of course, but those
instances are immediately "player items"). The game doesn't need to save 
them or track their manipulation. The items popping not in a shop need 
to be loaded once every 12 hours or so.

Re: bug in radiance +
Note #16776
posted on Typos
Sunday, October 7, 2018 @ 13:27
Reply to: Note 16775 posted by Broud

>Not sure what happened there, but 'bug' is already a keyword on that mob.

Yep, this one was my bad. Thanks for checking, Broud.

I do log my typed commands, although I don't echo them to the screen. I
should have done command history to double-check before posting, but I
"knew" what I typed (or so I thought), so for my note, I entered that. 
Properly from my log:

>im big
>They aren't here.

So I typoed bug when I tried to attack.

bug in radiance
Note #16774
posted on Typos
Sunday, October 7, 2018 @ 13:14
{rname}A Campsite Beneath the Trees (19821)
(Golden Aura) A gnarled Ironwood looks out of place and far from home.
(White Aura) A creepy crawly bug is making its way towards you. [QUEST]

>im bug
They aren't here.

>im cr
You fade into existence.
[5] Your shroud of flame does BAD things to a creepy crawly bug! [4110]

Both creepy and crawly are keywords. Bug is not.

I know it fits with the letter of the rules, but it doesn't really
make sense to have creepy or crawly as keywords but not bug.

When it's the other way around, I'm usually on the side of not changing 
(it's not a creepy or a crawly)...but bug is "what it is".

Just my thoughts,
Re: New error.
Note #7755
posted on Tech
Sunday, October 7, 2018 @ 12:47
Reply to: Note 7754 posted by Teleron

>You have become better at aid! (91%)
>Trigger function "skillgain" not found or had a previous error.
>It happens every time I gain a % in a skill or spell.

When you get that "previous error" message, it basically means that
at some point in your current launch of MUSHclient, a script function
within a plugin has crashed. The first time a given script function 
crashes, MUSHclient gives you a bunch of lines with details about 
the crash, but you may not have been looking at the screen to see it.
The MUSHclient effectively "forgets" that that particular function exists
so that it doesn't have to deal with that crash again.

Especially if you don't see the initial-crash text, the first 
troubleshooting step is basically to not bother troubleshooting
and take "The IT Crowd" approach...just quit and relaunch MUSHclient
(in other words, "have you tried turning it off and back on again?")
Sometimes a crash is just a crash, and you'll never know what happened/why.
If it does indeed happen again, then you can look for a root cause to

In this case, it would be a plugin which needs to care about you learning 
new skills/spells. That means that it's about extremely likely to be a 
plugin for spellups.

Hope this helps,
Re: Lua / C.
Note #7745
posted on Tech
Saturday, September 22, 2018 @ 16:28
Reply to: Note 7744 posted by Starling

>If I write a program in C, how do I get Mushclient/Lua to send data to it?

How I'd do it would depend on what kind of data and how often you're trying
to send the data.
    Call your progam with the data as command-line arguments.
        Good for smallish amounts of discrete data
    Put the data into a tempfile, and have your program read that file
        Good for larger amounts of data or funkier formats
    Use COM objects
        Good for a full bi-directional "conversation" between MUSHclient
        and your program. Requires your program to be more complex, to
        understand how to handle the COM stuff.

Hope this helps,
Re: Larry the Missionary say text +++
Note #16657
posted on Typos
Thursday, July 26, 2018 @ 08:41
Reply to: Note 16646 posted by Taeryn

>One space between each sentence, they said.  Science just proved them wrong.
>Washington Post article from 4 May 2018.

The only thing that paper proved was that Skidmore College researchers fail
at designing experiments to properly test a hypothesis.

Re: roume
Note #516
posted on Misc
Wednesday, July 18, 2018 @ 13:37
Reply to: Note 513 posted by Belfarious

>my alt was in bootcamp and got outcasted by Roume
>roume didnt give me any explanation at all
>nor any clear evidence of what i did wrong
>i feel this was unfair to the extremee
>and roume was personally attacking me

Perhaps when you're trying to take the moral high ground and 
say that someone else was personally attacking you, it would
be better if you had not first gossipped F you, F bootcamp, and 
Go F yourself...

Just sayin'

help disease
Note #16622
posted on Typos
Thursday, July 5, 2018 @ 01:24
Typing "help disease" gives the major swarm helpfile instead of the 
disease spell's helpfile. You can use help 65 for now to see the
proper helpfile, but disease should be removed from the major
swarm's file so it doesn't override.

Re: Quest typo
Note #16604
posted on Typos
Tuesday, June 5, 2018 @ 23:11
Reply to: Note 16603 posted by DudeOnline

>>As I got the quest, the message on the third line was:
>>'The Administrator tells you 'one it's wheels, making...'
>It should have read:
>'The Administrator tells you 'one of it's wheels, making...'

No, it should have read:
'The Administrator tells you 'one of its wheels, making...'

Re: new gquest rule +++
Note #39935
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, June 5, 2018 @ 01:07
Reply to: Note 39934 posted by Fenix

>secondly, its things people do that give me ideas to try and help others.

It's the thing you IMAGINED people did that give you ideas to whine about
how everything's unfair against you.

>i have no idea about the times of that gquest that sparked this idea

Of course you don't. Why bother to learn the facts first. It's not like
facts matter.

>i just know that if someone is 1 away from complete before the extended 
>time, they shouldnt be able to sit there and wait until after so others 
>dont get a chance.

If someone is that close to winning, the others already don't have a 
chance. The winner waiting is giving them a chance. If a GQ completes in
more time than would be extended-eligible, then you've already had enough
chance. That's why all GQs don't have automatic extended time.

>move onto the next and let the gq cycle continue.

The GQ cycle would continue more quickly if they wait until there's no
extended time ;-).

But again, if Akira had finished soon enough for extended time to kick
in, then you would have had LESS time for kills than you were given.
Those are the facts in this case.

UNLIKE the next GQ you entered, where YOU got the final kill shortly after
extended-eligible time was over to not give Garamis or Akira extended
time for more kills.

Just sayin'.

Re: new gquest rule +
Note #39933
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, June 5, 2018 @ 00:43
Reply to: Note 39932 posted by Throxx

Fenix wrote:
>id like to see a not be allowed to wait until after the extended time 
>mark to kill the last mob so other players wont be able to receive more 
>kills in the extended time.

If you already had longer than the time at which extended time would be
offered, then why do you think that you should be entitled to additional

Talk about a self-centered sense of entitlement.

Note also that this whinefest about your perceived slight is not even 
based in reality.

Akira won the GQ 3 and a half minutes past the time where the GQ would no 
longer be eligible for extended time. So he did, in fact, give you MORE
time than extended time would have given you.

Tymme wrote:
>I thought this was in gq rules already but might have been removed with the

Umm, no, there has never been a rule that you must win a GQ as quickly as 
you're humanly capable of, nor should there be. Note that "not going full 
100%" is not the same as "delaying a GQ", for which there was a rule.

A rule you may be thinking of was that you weren't allowed to intentionally 
not win, to avoid the third win of a level (and max-kills was instituted as
a check against that, to nullify that rule).

Throxx wrote:
>If its a longer one that extends past 5 min, i & others have sat at the
>last kill for a few minutes, expecially if they have many kill left.

See, that's a great thing to do for newbs that I have done occasionally 
as well.

Re: unremovable eye eq
Note #17965
posted on Bugs
Monday, June 4, 2018 @ 01:06
Reply to: Note 17964 posted by Fenix

>were shown as something after checking eq, r all and r goblin would not
>remove them. i was blind until they could be removed by an imm. seems
>like something to be fixed.

There are 2 ways to remove items that you cannot see.
1) remove 
2) wear something you CAN see

>ps cure blind and other cure spells had no affect and the blindness
>didnt show up in aff bad.

That's because it's not a spell you've got on you. This would be the
same as sanc not showing up in aff when you're wearing the aura. You
would type "aflags" to see the blindness.

Hope this helps,
Re: Mendaloth Tracker + Fiendish Aard Channels +++
Note #7682
posted on Tech
Sunday, June 3, 2018 @ 10:45
Reply to: Note 7681 posted by Fiendish

>This should not be true. storeFromOutside takes a second argument which can
>either be a tab index number or tab name string.

Sweet, so you've already done the work on your end for it. Please update the
example on your wiki page on the comm log window when you get a chance.
It only mentions the argument of the message to send.

Although, I think it'd be pimp to still have an option in the right-click
GUI to choose storeFromOutside, and have that impact the ones which
don't expressly set the tab in the CallPlugin command?

For anyone who is using Mendaloth's plugin and wants to send tracker stuff
to a tab other than "1", open the plugin in a text editor, and change 
line 117 from:
where the "2" is the number for whatever tab you want.

Re: Mendaloth Tracker + Fiendish Aard Channels
Note #7677
posted on Tech
Thursday, May 31, 2018 @ 01:17
Reply to: Note 7676 posted by Cytan

>I use Mendaloths Tracker which is a fake channel I dump log data into that
>I don't want to spam channels with.  If you don't know how it works,
>in a nutshell it uses Aardwolfs "echo" command.

While it does use aardwolf's echo command, that's not the important thing for
your issue. More on that in a minute.

>Is there a way to get echo's to show up in a custom tab?

There is no way possible to know what output from the MUD came from an echo
(except for echocommands, but that would be silly for this), so the comm log
can never have an "echo" capture or "echo" tab or option.

But how can that be, if Mendaloth's fake tracker channel shows up there?
The answer is that the echo is NOT what puts it into the comm log. How the
plugin works is that, first, it uses echo to put:
[Tracker]:My stuff goes here
across your screen. THEN, it has a trigger to match lines that start with 
that fake tag of "[Tracker]:". That trigger uses a command that Fiendish 
put into the comm log called "storeFromOutside", which is there to allow 
plugin writers (or just players) to shove lines of data into the comm log.

So what we really need is for the "non-channel echoes" options to include
storeFromOutside, and the best way to get that is via an enhancement
request to Fiendish (I'll post one to the github site).

Unfortunately, with the way that storeFromOutside works, there's also no 
way to discriminate between a storeFromOutside from Mendaloth's plugin 
vs one from Bast's plugins (or anyone else's), so it would be an all-or-
nothing proposal. This is really a limitation in the CallPlugin syntax.

Re: Can we timeout our quest cooldown offline? ++
Note #39892
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 @ 23:17
Reply to: Note 39862 posted by Crowley

>> It was abused and removed.
>Out of curiousity, how was it abused? I can't imagine having to remain 
>offline for 24 or even 12 hours is beneficial to the player to where it 
>would be abused. In that meantime, the player could have done so many 
>more quests instead. Even if you take in account alts, you're still 
>missing out, really.

With enough alts, you can effectively spend every moment of your life 

Re: appraise from alias +++
Note #17963
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 @ 23:06
Reply to: Note 17960 posted by Redryn

>You're sending "appr 1 " vs "appr 1", so the mud interprets "1 " as a string
>and it looks for a keyword starting with 1. In this case, some of the items
>have keywords e.g. 111Bard

Good catch! It remains a bug, but now we know that what triggers it is
a trailing space rather than parsing differences in alias vs direct commands.

Re: appraise from alias +
Note #17959
posted on Bugs
Monday, May 28, 2018 @ 18:09
Reply to: Note 17957 posted by Redryn

>Tried this, unable to recreate.
>Are you aliasing 2 ; or 1?

I put 2 ;s into the note because that'd be the easiest way for MUSHclient
users to create the alias. I've verified that it works this way for me 
with single or double ;s.

The output of my "alias" command is:
>allappr          :  appr 1 ;; appr 2 ;; appr 3 ;; appr 4 ;; appr 5 ;; appr 6
>testappr         :  appr 1 ; appr 2 ; appr 3 ; appr 4 ; appr 5 ; appr 6

Just to see if it might be something to do with my testing in the CHAoS clan
shop, I did the next testing in the bard weapon shop, and did it with 
echocommands turned on.

The proper order of the items:
>Num  Level  Price    Qty  Item
>---  -----  -------  ---  -----------------------------------
>  1     26     3560  ---  Melpomene's Betrayal
>  2     41     5600  ---  Thalia's Sharpened Wit
>  3     60     4160  ---  Euterpe's Joyful Flute
>  4     70     8960  ---  Erato's Awakener Of Desire
>  5     81    11340  ---  Terpsichore's Whirling Lyre
>  6     91    13100  ---  Urania's Circle of Stars
>  7    111    16860  ---  Polyhymnia's Call to Heroes
>  8    151    28300  ---  Clio's Staff of Memory
>  9    181    38380  ---  Golden Harp of Calliope
>Quantity '---' means unlimited supply.
>To see the stats of an item in the store, use 'Appraise '.

>You entered: appr 1
>You appraise the true value of Polyhymnia's Call to Heroes. (appr 1, item 7)
>| Keywords   : Polyhymnia Call Heroes 111Bard                     |
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>(the extra ";" if there just gives another prompt)
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>You entered: appr 2
>You appraise the true value of Melpomene's Betrayal. (appr 2, item 1)
>| Keywords   : Melpomene Betrayal 26Bard                          |
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>You entered: appr 3
>An adept of Zaister does not have that item for sale. (appr 3)
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>You entered: appr 4
>You appraise the true value of Thalia's Sharpened Wit. (appr 4, item 2)
>| Keywords   : Thalia Sharpened Wit 41bard                        |
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>You entered: appr 5
>An adept of Zaister does not have that item for sale. (appr 5)
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>[58978/58978hp 39693/39693m 442tnl 18469812gold  Dbl: 11]  >
>You entered: appr 6
>You appraise the true value of Urania's Circle of Stars. (appr 6, item 6)
>| Keywords   : Urania's Circle Stars 91Bard                       |

As evidenced by the "echocommands", the MUD thinks that it is processing
appr 1 through appr 6, but the appraise output was of the wrong item,
based on keyword instead of list position, other than the last one.

appraise from alias
Note #17955
posted on Bugs
Sunday, May 27, 2018 @ 12:19
The appraise command parses arguments differently whether it's called 
from a multi-command alias vs when it's typed manually or used from a 
single-command alias.

Test case, manually typed:
1) Go to the CHAoS clan shop.
2) appr 2
3) appr 3
4) appr 4

Note that appr 2 appraises the luggage, appr 3 appraises the rejuv, and 
appr 4 appraises the tri-lunar elixer. Also note that a keyword on the 
tri-lunar exlixer has a keyword of 20heal.

Test case single alias:
1) Same place
2) alias testappr appr 2
3) type testappr

Note that testappr expands to appr 2, and still appraises the luggage.

Test case multi-command alias
1) Same place
2) alias testappr appr 2 ;; appr 4
3) type testappr

Testappr epands to "appr 2" and "appr 4", HOWEVER, it's parsed differently.
It shows the appraisal for the tri-lunar elixer twice, because for all 
except the last command in the multi-command alias, it wants the second
word to be a keyword argument rather than a place-in-list argument.

This all came to my attention because of ideas board post 39798, and
my suggestion to make an alias that does appraise on 1-6.

Test case using the alias I mentioned in my response (39817):
1) Same place
2) alias testappr appr 1 ;; appr 2 ;; appr 3 ;; appr 4 ;; appr 5 ;; appr 6
3) testappr

Magic from a chaos guard does not have that item for sale. (appr 1)
Tri-lunar appraisal (appr 2)
Magic from a chaos guard does not have that item for sale. (appr 3)
Magic from a chaos guard does not have that item for sale. (appr 4)
Magic from a chaos guard does not have that item for sale. (appr 5)
appraisal for whatever is item 6 in the list (sold to shop)

Re: bug - miracle + epic death?
Note #39856
posted on Ideas
Sunday, May 27, 2018 @ 11:41
Reply to: Note 39829 posted by Vilgan

>c 'mir
>It's a miracle! You have cheated death!
>470 experience refunded from the grim reaper.
>Congratulations, hero. You have increased your powers!
>You gain 3 trains.
>Lucky! You gain an extra 1 training session!

You'd have to look between the death and the miracle to see if there's
a bug. Miracle was changed many years ago to allow you to gain a small
amount of exp between the death and the miracle. Originally, any exp
gain you earned would "nullify" a miracle, but that meant that, for 
example, spelling up before casting (or receiving) a miracle could screw 
you out of the miracle if you got better at something during the spellup.

So a non-bug way to achieve what you posted would be to:
1) be low TNL/close to a pup (you would've been at 940)
2) die (lost 470 exp)
3) gain some lowish measure of exp (in this case, 60)
4) successful miracle

Re: Can we have a better appraise cmd?
Note #39817
posted on Ideas
Friday, May 25, 2018 @ 23:03
Reply to: Note 39798 posted by Morrow

>It would be nice if one can app item no.1-6 or all item on sale.

type "alias allappr appr 1 ;; appr 2 ;; appr 3 ;; appr 4 ;; appr 5 ;; appr 6

Then when you want to appraise items 1 through 6, type "allappr" and it should
give them all to you.

Re: instinct prot evil + inert
Note #39707
posted on Ideas
Thursday, May 10, 2018 @ 08:09
Reply to: Note 39706 posted by Vilgan

>My understanding is that the protection evil instinct also
>works with inertial barrier. However, this is somewhat confusing when
>looking at instinct with spells active because protection good is highlighted
>while protection evil is not.
>Suggestion: If affected by inertial barrier, highlight protection evil
>on the instinct screen.

I think that it would be confusing either way, but at least the way it
works now is consistent. The highlighting when you type instinct works 
exactly the same as the highlighting when you type "spells"

Sanctuary won't be highlighted when you are affected by Biofeedback or
are wearing a helm, and Haste won't be highlighted when you're wearing 
boots or under wraith form.

Perhaps there could be an additional modifier to "spells" and "instinct"
commands, like "effects", which highlights all versions of equivalent

So typing "spells effects" when hidden would highlight hide, chameleon
power, and pass without trace, for example, and typing "instinct effects"
would highlight prot evil, haste, and sanctuary when appropriately affected.

Re: Manor teleport?? +
Note #17947
posted on Bugs
Tuesday, May 8, 2018 @ 22:37
Reply to: Note 17946 posted by Throxx

>Boy, that guy sure is a NEWB

To explain for others who aren't aware, when a room is created, such as
a manor room and manor porch, they are assigned to an area. But if
someone uses a land deed to move their manor, the room leading up to
the porch is part of the new area, but the porch and the manor rooms
inside are still part of the original area.

Re: Inferno Sunday 8pm +++
Note #2847
posted on Epics
Sunday, May 6, 2018 @ 13:27
Reply to: Note 2841 posted by Cerashor

>same with southern hemisphere..

Southern hemisphere has no impact on timezones. Only east/west matters.

>just cuz its done doesnt mean its considerate..

Just cuz it's not convenient FOR YOU doesn't mean it's NOT considerate.

a time that is convenient for the organizer is not inconsiderate in the
least. It's merely practical.

If you want to be considerate to your "locals", then YOU organize a run.
Expecting someone else to give up their volunteer time on your schedule
regardless of their own life is quite inconsiderate OF YOU.

Re: optional age request on creation
Note #39703
posted on Ideas
Sunday, May 6, 2018 @ 13:19
Reply to: Note 39699 posted by Fenix

>in attempts to help further censor r rated channels, maybe an optional age
>request on creation could keep under age players from stumbling onto
>unappropriate channels. 

This is kinda silly when you think about it, and I HAVE a child who 
plays Aard.

1) IF it's optional that the person creating requests it, then
  a) they're already aware enough to have chosen it. So they're 
     already aware enough to just keep the curse-optional channels 
     off if they so choose. The nocurse toggle gives you a big 
     warning when you turn on curse-allowed channels.
  b) they already will simply NOT choose it in order to bypass
     netnanny restrictions like this. People under iirc 14 were
     not allowed on Facebook. So kids just put in a different
     birthdate. They're already used to stuff like that.

>it will also make me not feel so bad when saying bad
>things to people of age while joking around.

If for some reason this were to be implemented, then you absolutely 
should NOT be able to see it, so you wouldn't know when to feel bad. 
There's no good reason to paint a target on the back of kids. That's 
pretty much Net Awareness Training rule number one for kids taught
in elementary school: don't give your age on the Internet, ever.
It's right before not telling anyone where you live or that your
parents aren't home.

Re: can we please have rput
Note #39683
posted on Ideas
Thursday, May 3, 2018 @ 08:46
Reply to: Note 39682 posted by Level

>i know ive seen notes like this in the past so i wont rehash. 
>please add rput.

You can accomplish rput by putting "room" at the end of the
put command:
>put hall back
You put a hallowed light into Testament of the <(=Watchmen=)>.

>put hall back room
You put a hallowed light into a demon school backpack.

Re: raids
Note #39681
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, May 2, 2018 @ 13:28
Reply to: Note 39678 posted by Khaleesi

>So best eq being in epic gear makes raiding obsolete.

There wasn't raiding well before epic gear overshadowed raided

>We could even make it more interesting that the win
>you get could be the clans stash of gold or QP available.

HELL, no, for the same reason that PK players cannot loot

>Maybe make it even more fair that this is only available
>to clans who are more equal in size and players.
>Maybe like light and baal. And masaki to amazon ect.
>Could be cool.

With the unfair version, it is too OP. With the fair version,
it would change absolutely nothing. Clans who are "more equal 
in size and players" will never raid each other. The only way 
raiding works is if the raiders are much more powerful than the 
clan being raided. If defenders could come close to "holding
their own" against the attackers, then the maze complexity and 
guards effectively make it a total slaughter.

Re: 'compare ' argument interpretation
Note #17937
posted on Bugs
Sunday, April 29, 2018 @ 22:27
Reply to: Note 17936 posted by Zahir

>compare 'adjective location' eg. compare 'left ear'
>whenever the first argument is a wear location containing a space I get
>"You don't have 'wear location'." regardless of what other arguments
> are provided
>so there is some hopefully quite simple bug with the
>interpretation that prevents compare-by-location from working
>for locations with a space.

There are no wear locations with a space in their keyword. 
Type "wearable" to see how you should be referring to wear locations.
For the left ear, you want to compare "lear".

Re: Goodberries across the world
Note #454
posted on Misc
Wednesday, April 25, 2018 @ 23:16
Reply to: Note 453 posted by Stromth

>please, help me make andalor great again, with the power of goodberries.

Screw Stromth. He thinks small. I want to see GREATberries across the land!