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Re: What is the oldest active aard-item? +++
Note #27789
posted on General
Friday, February 22, 2019 @ 17:15
Reply to: Note 27787 posted by Saraid

I've got an aardbag with no vnum on it, and I also have this:
     (K) (Glow) (Hum) The Crimson Clan Hall 98 World Tour T-Shirt
| Keywords   : armor aardwolf breastplate aardwolfarmor           |
| Name       : The Crimson Clan Hall 98 World Tour T-Shirt        |
| Id         : 2621116                                            |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   147           |
| Worth      : 100,000                   Weight :    10           |
| Wearable   : torso                                              |
| Score      : 480                                                |
| Flags      : unique, glow, hum, magic, blessed, held,           |
|            : burn-proof, nolocate, keepflag, donated,           |
|            : solidified, illuminated, V3, precious              |
| Owned By   : Arist                                              |
| Found at   : Immortal Homes                                     |
| Stat Mods  : Moves        : +125     Mana         : +125        |
|              Hit points   : +125     Intelligence : +2          |
|              Strength     : +2       Dexterity    : +2          |
|              Wisdom       : +4       Constitution : +2          |
|              Luck         : +2       Damage roll  : +29         |
|              Hit roll     : +35                                 |
| Resist Mods: Magic        : +100     Water        : +100        |
|              Shadow       : +100     Sonic        : +100        |
|              Negative     : +100     Mental       : +100        |
|              Electric     : +100     Light        : +100        |
|              Holy         : +100     Fire         : +100        |
|              Energy       : +100     Earth        : +100        |
|              Cold         : +100     Air          : +100        |
|              Acid         : +100     All physical : +37         |

I think Tybain of HooK bought this odd level aard breastplate in 1998 and
restrung it to memorialize the time Crimson changed their maze entrance
location like 3 times in the span of a week.
Re: Reduce Strangle Duration in PK +++++
Note #41199
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 18, 2019 @ 19:43
Reply to: Note 41198 posted by Tymme

The paladin "awareness" skill is supposed to protect against thief
abilities, and as far as I'm aware it's just backstab - although I haven't
bothered to test it in decades.
Surely awareness could be modified to actually do something useful and put
up a temporary protection from strangle at a cost of, say, 10% of melee
damage or something? So you wouldn't actually want it to be part of your
spellup routine.
Re: racial balance
Note #41180
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 14, 2019 @ 11:18
Reply to: Note 41179 posted by Reaven

I had a similar idea that I posted back in February/2016. Most race
abilities lose their value after a remort or two.  I thought the races
could be given pclass-locked skills like how Diva has Tame.

[ Vampire   :  75  32.9% ] No change
[ Eldar     :  42  18.4% ] Brew/scribe bonuses (Enchanter&Oracle versions)
[ Triton    :  19   8.3% ] Fortitude & Safeguard
[ Human     :  13   5.7% ] No change (perhaps weak Battle Training)
[ Wolfen    :  13   5.7% ] Hunt through portals
[ Elf       :  11   4.8% ] Bow & Archery & Volley 
[ Shadow    :  12   5.3% ] Stalk & Necrotic Touch
[ Giant     :   8   3.5% ] Flank
[ Diva      :   8   3.5% ] Gaia's Revenge (or replication of it)
[ Sprite    :   8   3.5% ] Stealth
[ Halfling  :   3   1.3% ] Pilferage, Shoplifting, and Fence.
[ Dwarf     :   3   1.3% ] Hammer & Temper
[ H-griffon :   3   1.3% ] Precision
[ Ratling   :   3   1.3% ] Entrap & Pilferage
[ Centaur   :   2   0.9% ] Charge
[ Lizardman :   2   0.9% ] Fortitude & Venomist's Envenom
[ Troll     :   2   0.9% ] Fortitude & Enrage.
[ Quickling :   1   0.4% ] Timeshifting (unreliable) / Knife Fighting
[ Dark elf  :   0   0.0% ] Blindfighting & Interrogate & Assassinate

The race bonus versions could be adjusted to be only partially effective
compared to the full pclass original.
Genie Rank5 Ear for sale!
Note #49547
posted on Forsale
Wednesday, December 12, 2018 @ 21:56
| Keywords   : rank5 genie ear                                    |
| Name       : ~~Genie's Magical Earring~~                        |
| Id         : 2056981870                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   211           |
| Worth      : 7,000                     Weight :     0           |
| Wearable   : ear                                                |
| Score      : 400                                                |
| Material   : gold                                               |
| Flags      : invis, magic, nosell, held, burn-proof, nolocate,  |
|            : heroonly, V3                                       |
| Owned By   : Arist                                              |
| Found at   : A Genie's Last Wish                                |
| Stat Mods  : Damage roll  : +40      Hit roll     : +40         |
|              Hit points   : +400                                |
| Resist Mods: All magic    : +45      All physical : +45         |

$250 Donation + reown (let's see if the other seller drops price)
Re: Clan Vault +
Note #40910
posted on Ideas
Thursday, November 22, 2018 @ 22:33
Reply to: Note 40909 posted by Tymme

+1 to clan vaults in general

However, if the suggested monthly fee is too steep, people would just mule.

I'd also like to suggest that clans be able to set what clan rank has access to
vaults - similar to how they can set 'evictrank' when it comes to kicking
unwanted defenders out of a maze.
Saved Superhero Stats for sub-superhero enchanting
Note #40524
posted on Ideas
Friday, September 28, 2018 @ 17:10
Enchanting is pretty much a superhero hobby. The Enchanter subclass 1-199
would be better if resonate/illuminate/solidify were cast as if it instead
used the wis/int/luck of their saved superhero stats. That way they had
something to do with their abilities while doing normal leveling.

1-199 blacksmiths could also use a perk like this with temper.
Inferno Monday 9PM
Note #2646
posted on Epics
Sunday, February 11, 2018 @ 20:43
Bring some inc scrolls please
Re: OPK Removing - Revenge on ++++
Note #39085
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 16:00
Reply to: Note 39077 posted by Akhenaton

People should be able to opt out of an oncoming gank with opk remove.

Anyways, you can always quit and clear revenge.  The noquit penalty only
applies to the aggressor in pk. It'd just fail whatever quest they were on.
Re: OPK Removing - Revenge on ++
Note #39075
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 05:51
Reply to: Note 39073 posted by Redryn

maybe the attacker should train their int up and git gud at webbing

alternatively they can vent their frustration at being denied a target
by using setwanted
Re: Setwanted PKs
Note #38899
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 28, 2018 @ 18:27
Reply to: Note 38861 posted by Escobar

It's not a problem because after a non-pk-clanned person uses setwanted, they
can also be set for 24 hours.  "who setwanted"
Re: Add starburst to EQ-Illegalspells +
Note #38366
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 3, 2018 @ 09:40
Reply to: Note 38365 posted by Akhenaton

How about putting a recovery cooldown on brandish?  Every other round,
say, 5-6 seconds?  Still useful in starting a room fight.  May also slow
down the redoers and how they blast through newbie areas like a hurricane.
100 point trivia tokens
Note #38124
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 01:04
I think it would be a good idea if there were special trivia tokens worth
100 points. If the imms put them on market now and then it would provide a
sink for some of the billions end-game superheroes are hoarding.
Revitalizing Necromancer (Cleric/Paladin boost too)
Note #38041
posted on Ideas
Monday, October 23, 2017 @ 12:18
Necromancer is pretty much a second rate Sorceror. It can mostly compete
with Sorc in spell damage output, but will always fall short because it
lacks the extra cast from power projection, and the timing on zombify in
large fights can get staggered and out of sync (especially in a group).
Meanwhile Sorc doesn't have to cast zombify every 4 seconds, gets power
projection, and has those hexes for PK. Since switching from Navigator to
Necromancer involves reworking mastery and instincts, you'd be better off
classchanging to Sorc. (I must admit it was exceptionally effective for
the resists changing Titan boss, though)

Here's my big idea - make Necromancer a support character by expanding the
undead damtype optimization of Strike Undead/Blast Undead/Necrocide to be
ubiquitous among "good" Paladin and Cleric spells. HEAR ME OUT. I know
Avenger/pCleric have been getting a lot of love lately. But it fits with
the general fantasy lore for Holy beating out the undead, and builders
already frequently set them to have vulns like that. If the mob has no
vulnerabilities? Nothing changes. Or at least, the weird situation where,
say, a skeleton set to be immune to light damtype gets hit by heavenly
balance and it goes through as bash or something.

Now if you bring necromancers in, and have them grouped with a
Paladin/Cleric, well, that's more that can benefit from all the
zombifying. That giant-race mob you are fighting becomes easy prey to your
spells once it becomes undead. Synergy!

There is a consequence of Clerics having a better footing when fighting
Vampires pvp, which I'm not sure is desirable balance-wise. (Paladins
already generally use light damtype anyway so there's no change there.)
Alternatively, vampires could be de-classified as undead, but be made
"zombify"-able, preserving the Necro edge. The only real concentrations of
undead mobs in the end-game are Icefall City and Terra L3, but given that
lately clerics are using Starburst Staves (light damtype) instead of Voice
of God, it will be unlikely to change all that much.

Cleric spells: Soulburn, holy rain, white flame, spirit bolt, dispel evil,
angelfire, light arrow, exorcise, purge, vengeance, spiritual disruption,
voice of god.
Paladin spells: holy fury, soul rip, condemn, holy arrow, wrath of god,
repentance, spirit strike, blazing fury, heavenly balance.

Other suggestions for Necromancer improvement:

New Spell: Mass Zombify - Just to make life less annoying for Necromancers
that can fight a whole room and cut down on recovery message spam
(seriously, every 4 seconds/3rd command is zombify). Useful
for faster fights/strong groups. Also a zero-lag room fight starter would
be nice bonus. Set the cost to like 80 mana and the recovery to like 15
seconds. Easy. (Death Field would be a better name but it's taken)

Remove room msg for zombify failure. Trust me. Nobody needs to see that
but the caster.

Remove the "xxxx is not undead" message. If it's all that necessary, maybe
a Gray [*] at the end of a combat line could indicate undeath is factored
into the casting. I get that it's probably there for newbies but still.

New Spell: Zombie Brute
Summons pet-type mob while in combat with better hp rates than
standard pets (sanc & maybe 1/5th of casters hp). They'd have a mobprogs
that automatically attempt to rescue the necromancer (safeguard?) when
summoned. Useful as a distraction for a dastardly necromancer to get away
or provide a permanent meat shield. Does not work in no-mob rooms or
wherever else pet spells don't work. Other summonings can follow.

Allow Necromancers to HEEL minions during combat. (as long as room flags
would have allowed new mobs)
Thoughts on Mentalist
Note #38019
posted on Ideas
Friday, October 20, 2017 @ 12:05
Mentalist isn't getting much love from players. I think the core problem
is that its special abilities are about reducing an opponents melee damage
output, and 99.5% of the time you're fighting weak regular mobs and they
don't hurt very much to begin with (at least for end game players). I also
found managing three recovery timers to be aesthetically unpleasant (I
have a similar gripe about Avenger/Flay - but this is triple the spammage
for less result.)

Some suggestions for improvement:

New Spells - Mass Demoralize, Mass Slow

Regular Slow and Demoralize are fine and dandy for one-on-one fight.
However, most superheroes and higher-tiers tend to engage entire rooms at
a time. Ideally the Mentalist would be casting slow/demoralize on the mobs
at the bottom of the combat order, and work their way up, but that's a lot
of mental juggling or bot-level scripting for something that merely makes
targets swing less often. A full-room debuff with appropriate mana
cost/recovery time like 4x cost (80/240 mana)? 15 second cooldowns?
Would just be way less of a headache, cut down on recovery timer spam, and
make a squishy psi a little safer. As a side effect, a zero-lag cast
time would give Mentalists an extra round to cast combat spells instead
of brandishing or breath spells.

The cooldown for using demoralize/slow pvp is a bit longer, so maybe the
area attack version could just ignore hostile players so as not to
complicate things?

New Spell - Memory Theft

The Mentalist delves into the mind of an opponent and temporarily acquires
hidden knowledge based on their subclass. The ability acquired is random
but limited by appropriate level. (You wouldn't get temporary access to
Death Blow from a level 40 warrior mob). A venomist thief mob is just as
likely to produce temporary access to Spiral as Balor Spittle. The ability
lasts ~30 minutes with a cooldown of an hour. I just thought accessing
other classes abilities fit with a telepath. Odds are they wouldn't land
anything productive - a Psi probably isn't likely to get much use out of
hammerswing (no hammer skill or hammer weapon) or temper (wrong stat
build), but now and then it'd come up with something useful (Fifth Attack?
Power Projection? Test of Faith?). 85% practice level or less maybe.

On an especially lucky cast, have it inflict a lasting daze, which would
effect all skills across the board.

When it comes to mobs I haven't figured out what to use other than amnesia
dodge (which improves melee efficiency by 6.5% - slightly under what blind
does). Do mobs use hand-to-hand to calculate damage? Too much is unknown.

The one Titan boss that frequently casts dissolve on itself didn't seem
bothered when I tried amnesia-ing that spell, so I'm doubtful it works
correctly with whatever process does casting like that. This is a shame.
wtb titan l3 essences
Note #47981
posted on Forsale
Tuesday, October 3, 2017 @ 23:33
I need two sets of essences, offering 200k each.
or 5m for Essence of Resistance.
Missing Undead Flags in Terra l3
Note #16284
posted on Typos
Sunday, October 1, 2017 @ 11:46
I've seen Animated Skeletons, Shade (description makes it a ghost), Wight,
Wraith, Apparition, Ghast, Zombie that probably should be flagged as undead.

Oddly enough, on the floor below (L4) there are quite a few that have been
flagged (like Lich & Revenant) so it looks like somebody gave up the project.
Missing Undead flags on Genie's Last Wish mobs
Note #16281
posted on Typos
Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 08:32
Necromancer is unlikely to make a comeback, but I figured it would be nice
if the 5 different versions of Undead cleric genie and the 6 versions of
Skeleton of a warrior genie were flagged as undead.

Inferno (again) Sunday 10:00
Note #2224
posted on Epics
Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 02:50
Sense life and the internet tells me it's repopping Saturday afternoon, so
we'll be doing a 2nd run on Sunday morning.  Hope there's leftover inc scrolls
from the morning before.

Inferno Saturday 10 a.m.
Note #2179
posted on Epics
Wednesday, September 6, 2017 @ 20:08
Please bring adequate supplies of incomplete healing scrolls.
Genie Turban for sale
Note #47928
posted on Forsale
Thursday, August 31, 2017 @ 23:17
| Keywords   : rank4 genie turban head                            |
| Name       : ~~Genie's Turban~~                                 |
| Id         : 1842791723                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   211           |
| Worth      : 7,000                     Weight :     0           |
| Wearable   : head                                               |
| Score      : 500                                                |
| Material   : cloth                                              |
| Flags      : invis, magic, nosell, held, burn-proof, nolocate,  |
|            : heroonly, V3                                       |
| Owned By   : Arist                                              |
| Found at   : A Genie's Last Wish                                |
| Stat Mods  : Hit roll     : +50      Damage roll  : +50         |
|              Moves        : +450                                |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +45      All magic    : +45         |
500m, send tells
IF1 Times / IF2 Times
Note #1683
posted on Epics
Friday, February 17, 2017 @ 04:29

TLDR: My idea is to increase the point reward for IF2 to 15 points.

I haven't taken any math or statistics classes in ages so bear with me.

Data for Icefall times in 2017

Since January 1st - IF1 has been completed 25 times.
Total Times (rounded): 30m, 1h15, 34, 55, 1h28m (normal difficulty?), 40,
31,35, 36, 40, 30, 32, 30, 35, 37, 39, 25, 44m (EXTREME), 28, 1h08m
(EXTREME), 33, 32, 37, 27

IF1 Average time is 41 minutes.
Ignoring the 4 longest the average would be 35 minutes.

Since January 1st, IF2 has been completed 7 times.
1/15 (sun), 1/28 (sat), 1/29 (sun), 2/4 (sun), 2/5 (sat), 2/11 (sat), 2/12
Times: 1:10, 1:11, 1:05, 1:06, 1:34, 1:12, 1:27

IF@ average is 1 hour 15 minutes. (not counting all the wasted time on
failed attempts)

I'm not sure what conclusion to draw from this.  IF2 currently takes twice
as long as IF1 Hard, sure. The same amount of time spent in IF1 is more
productive, 12 points to 10.  Even moreso for people with rings.

There are a lot more challenges in IF2 and I'm not sure what the best
incentive to get more people to attend. I recommend boosting the base IF
point reward for IF2 to 15 points. Maybe the few people that would show up
for a better point reward will make it possible to run IF2 on weekdays?

(IF2 was last completed on a weekday Thursday December 29th - I suspect we
had the numbers because of the holidays.)
Increase Icefall 2's reward to 15 points
Note #36831
posted on Ideas
Friday, February 17, 2017 @ 04:27
I've done some number crunching for Icefall runs since January 1st and
I've come up with this.

IF1 has been completed 25 times, at an average of 35 minutes (ignoring 4

IF2 has been completed 7 times, at an average of 1h15 minutes. (not
factoring in times given up, or gathering and disbanding due to poor

IF1 Hard is easier and more productive timewise 12 points to 10, even
moreso for wealthy people with rings.

I recommend better compensating people for their time in IF2 by increasing
the base point reward to 15, in the hopes this would encourage
more attendance on weekday runs and improve morale.

-A (a longer version of this note will be on epics board)
OPK / Wanted
Note #36770
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, February 8, 2017 @ 20:11
Allow (WANTED) players to enable OPK
Disable OPK benefits while player is (WANTED)

Visto Modification / Sneak
Note #36754
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 6, 2017 @ 15:05
Might be a bug, but visto doesn't seem to cover sneaking (as implied in
the helpfile). If I'm on somebody's visto list, I don't notice when they
enter/leave the room I'm in.  Could this be added?

I've been having my blacksmith groupmates forgetskill sneak and/or
chameleon before tanking rooms in front of me before manually charging in,
but visto working would just be way more convenient for everyone involved.

Re: Reown and epic rewards
Note #36666
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 29, 2017 @ 04:16
Reply to: Note 36625 posted by Pumpkin

Inferno - I benefit from the tiered ranking system, I know this. I'd like
to point out that the players who've been doing this longer are (arguably)
more competent and experienced at running this and should be given some
recognition by the reward algorithm. That said, It certainly wouldn't hurt
to have the newer people get an okay chance of loading the rank items
currently cut off from to them.  They always have the option of doing what
the rest of us did... running for years and keeping their money (or

Icefall - I disagree with you on the minimum run count not having any
benefit. As long as players needed to wait for run 70 to buy rank gear,
they'd think about investing in other items - like a weapon or something
defensive. This helped the group effort.

I've been sitting on 120-124 IF2 runs for ~5 months now. I've decided I
can hold off on making deals with the exclusive 16 and tough it out for my
last 3 pieces as long as runs are attempted weekly. I was there for the
end half of the golden-age of IF2 when it got done like clockwork &
IF1 extreme too. But I can't imagine how disappointing it'd be doing the
math and realizing you'd need to slough through over two & 1/4 years of
Saturday mornings on Aard to finish their epic set.

Even *if* you removed the run requirement - it costs 2100 points for a
full set of epic Icefall gear (not even counting weapons or damage
migrators!). There is a cost to not running IF1 Extreme! 2100 points -
That's 350 IF1 hard runs. 300 with blue ring, 263 red ring, 190 with gold
ring. (Actually maybe 10 less with 100/200 run bonuses). What we need is
more incentive for everyone who can attend IF2 - to do so. I think if it
started with a base reward of 15 or 20 IF points, it would make the time
commitment and hassle sunk into it to be worth it compared to just IF1
Hard. And somebody needs to step up and try getting a group for IF2 on
weekdays. (and maybe enough of these players would show for IF1 that
Extreme can be run again)

Genie - Honestly I don't know how to feel about preemptively making all
the Genie rewards start popping. A little cheated maybe. We've been
running it for a year and haven't gotten much eq to show for it.
Remove noreown on non-rank Icefall rewards
Note #36442
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 2, 2017 @ 21:29

I propose that we remove noreown flag on non-ranked IF gear. By that I
mean the weapons and the damage mitigating armors. Namely: the Staff,
Whip, Stiletto, Bomb Axe, Ruby Sword, Horns, Knuckles, Insulators, Shock
Absorbers, Shield, Gift, Wards, and Collector Card.

Basically it'd make them just as transferable as any other owned goal

It would give players who have already put in all the work and are retired
from participating the ability to cash in on their work.
It would give some deals to the players starting out on being epic. (you'd
have to run IF1 hard 20 times to pay for a stiletto)
It would spread out resources (ruby swords) to the group to make it easier
to run without complicated balancing on mobs/programs.

Reown costs 6 trivia points and not something that'd be used around
-too- lightly.
These items do not empower a player outside of the epic.

I suspect the shrewdest upcoming players or ones with connections would
use those extra points on bursts of illumination/ore.
Some may use the freed up points to splurge on theose uncommon pieces that
are only useful in one room.

People would still need to make it through 70/130 runs to get the rank eq.

Misleading lack of birthday prizes for sale!
Note #47195
posted on Forsale
Monday, January 2, 2017 @ 15:49
 74669 Birthday Prize #19             1  Gold     2,000,000    1   1d 23:50:55
 74668 Birthday Prize #15             1  Gold     2,000,000    1   1d 23:50:55

The prizes associated were already received and these are mementos only.
Disregard the descriptions on them.  (they were a trivia point token and
and silvery blank chaos portal, mudinfo 1698) I have those and you can't win
them twice.

Expand Bounties beyond Raiders
Note #36352
posted on Ideas
Friday, December 9, 2016 @ 00:29
Allow bounties to be placed on anybody who is in a pk clan or opk. You can
want somebody dead without them being a raider.

Do not allow bounties to be claimed through in-clan traitor flag kills.

pCleric Improvement Ideas
Note #36039
posted on Ideas
Monday, October 3, 2016 @ 11:02
TLDR I propose Merging Priest/Martyr (and augmenting augmented healing to
be a group-wide spell). Giving some enhanced combat spells to Harmer. And
giving Oracle an edge in gquesting and finding very rare treasures.

The core problem with pCleric's unpopularity is that players want a class
that can kill mobs efficiently and function well on their own. What would
it take to give up killspeed and independence? The unoffensive benefits of
playing a pCleric or keeping one in your group should be notable.

Augmented healing is woefully short. 25% more healing for 2-4 minutes w/
25-27m cooldown? I think this should be a group-wide effect. Epic runs
could really use a few people to take the hit and be a Priest for that
extra healing boost when things get rough.

Pray for absolution should be usable on other players - but only if they
consent the Priest or have it work in the Confessional Room in Aylor. Why
leave fast align switching as a perk for some clans? A cooldown or
additional gold cost can be added if it's used on other players.

Holy Shield's align restriction is really annoying - please remove it. The
only mobs that use Desecration in sizable numbers are in Titan and those
are good align so you wouldn't kill them while also good.

New Spell: Sanctify  - (separate post)

Bonus: Better Daily Blessings? (starts after tiering to exclude newb alts)

The extra experience from Humility is the only real perk to Martyr. They
can counter Barbarian's enrage (who aren't currently in fashion). I
haven't tested Sacrifice Life / Heavenly Smiting much, but evidently they
aren't all that game-changing. (I played a t0 pcleric, so I didn't do much
end game stuff and couldn't fight full rooms.) I recommend just merging
Priest/Martyr into one big healing barbarian-harmer countering entity.

Alternatively they could remain separate but Humility could be made a
group-wide spell to encourage stronger people to add them to their groups
and share the experience bonus that should make up for them not bringing
all the damage per round other classes could provide. (would a party-wide
Augmented Healing and Humility be overpowering?)

They tear through sanc, and that's their big trick. Desecration is up
2/3rds of the time. Outside of opening up killing more sanc'ed mobs for
exp, all their abilities are pk related. If boosting cleric spell damage
isn't on the table, perhaps they could self-heal and restore their mana
as they do their "harming"? They could also have access to more damtypes.

Pray for damnation - You need 19k hp to shift from +2500 to -2500 and
that's silly for non-superheroes. Just have it be a token 1900 hp, or at
least allow partway shifts. Could be made castable on other players -
using consent or maybe in "The Tenth Hell" in Aylor?

New Spell ideas -

Siphon - Negative Damage - 150s range - a higher level version of vampiric
touch should heal at about the rate of 1/2 a heal spell. Chance of success
for the healing part should have some sort of wis/con check, or smaller
chance to land in a pvp fight (harmers have enough advantage there).
Arcane Tear - Magic damage - 160s - slight chance of Dispel Magic
Nidhogg's Tooth - Poison Damage - 180s - Poisons
Pestilence - Disease Damage - 190s - Disease affect - could hurt con

Calamity - casts blind/curse/weaken/wither/poison/disease/soften in one
burst like a nasty epic boss. Cooldown 30 minutes.

Corrupt  - (separate note)

Bonus: Sacrificing a mob corpse will restore mana instead of producing
gold. Being a mana-vampire will help little Harmers level without giving
them more damage.

Oracle -
Oracle is pretty weak. Eye of discovery is only useful for the 0.01% of
the game population that cares about rankings 15. Focused vision is
somewhat useful for campaigners - but they're so much better off being
a Psi Navigator.

Eye of Passage: Could be improved by also telling what mob has the key
loaded. Possibly not if the item has nolocate flag? (1x clerics don't have
locate object until SH)
Focused vision: Allow it to work on gquest targets too. Perhaps castable
on others? (it has cooldown, so it would be a special gift)

Sense danger - How about an alert to the caster when a person in a
hostile/neutral clan enters the same area, or a specified room? Perhaps in
the form of an undetectable beacon/alarm left behind (generally the area

Brew bonus: Mention it on help oracle? (it's just on help brew)

New Skill - Fortuitous Warning - An extra dodge just for the Oracles.

New Spell - Divine Fortune - On casting this spell, the Oracle has a
vision of where a great and rare treasure may be located. It locates a mob
within exp range that possesses either a trivia point, a poker card,
aardwords tiles, or an Aarchaeology item. On a regular cast, it reveals
the area it is located in. It would probably be frustrating to go through
all of Nine Hells but it's a big clue.  On a lucky cast it reveals either
the mob or room name. 12 Hour Cooldown

New Spell - Sense Power - shows mobs level on scan or in room (saves time
for newbies having to consider rooms)

New Spell - Know Future - Oracles learn and start on gquest targets during
the preparation phase (no idea if this is possible) a few ticks before
everybody else. All names they see are jumbled until gquest start. 6 hour
cooldown. Oracles who share this information with others anger the gods
and will lose it.

General change -
Change Party Sanctuary to be castable during combat - that's something
regular sanctuary can't do. (for combat situations where the caster
might not have a sanc potion or own an aura)

pCleric Enchantment Spells - Sanctify and Corrupt
Note #36029
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 @ 22:21
New armor enchanting spells for Priests and Harmers.

Sanctify  - 3-5 resist added for either shadow, disease, or
negative damtypes. Adds blessed flag. 24 hour cooldown (so you'd be
staying Priest for weeks in order to work a full set for yourself or
somebody else). Doesn't work on items that already have blessed/evil
flags. Reversible?

Spell Component:
If the Priest is wearing an Emerald/Sapphire Shard reward from Oradrin's
Chosen - that is consumed and the boost could reach as high as +10.
Farming these rare-ish rewards could help with epic attendance.

A new spell for Harmers.
Corrupt  - Adds 3-5 resist of a random damtype on armor, however an
equal vulnerability to holy or light is added. Adds Evil flag. 24 hour
cooldown.  Doesn't work on items that already have blessed/evil flags. 

Spell Component:
If the Harmer is wearing a non-ranked reward item from Inferno - small
ruby rings/earrings/heat seared feet/demonlord's grace. That item is
consumed and the range of the resist/vulnerability goes up to 10.
(Alternatively the component could remove the randomness of what damtype
is chosen)

People need more reasons to choose pcleric and I thought we could
exploit many end-gamers' strange desire for perfectly enchanted equipment
and possibly get a few more bodies into Inferno and OC. The between the
two is fair because the Priest is only giving resists to a very select
number of 'evil' damtypes while the Harmer would have to struggle a bit
more to make a set that aimed at a particular damtype (say, mental or
electric and still they'd be more vulnerable to Holy/Light damtypes (net

-Arist (yes the names are a reference to the first light/baal cskills)
Pickpocketting Gypsy in Gypsy Caravan
Note #15978
posted on Typos
Sunday, September 4, 2016 @ 13:37
Pickpocketting Gypsy should be Pickpocketing, with one "t".

Showcase auction 71737
Note #46944
posted on Forsale
Wednesday, August 10, 2016 @ 21:05

The following showcase item has been posted for sale by Arist.

The auction is for Gold and will end in 7 days.

| Keywords   : Bronze Leggings 291legs                            |
| Name       : Bronze Leggings                                    |
| Id         : 1081388288                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   291           |
| Worth      : 2,000                     Weight :    37           |
| Wearable   : legs                                               |
| Score      : 640                                                |
| Material   : bronze                                             |
| Flags      : unique, glow, hum, magic, burn-proof, nolocate,    |
|            : auctioned, solidified, resonated, illuminated, V3, |
|            : lauction, savesupg                                 |
| Found at   : Journey to the Inferno                             |
| Stat Mods  : Damage roll  : +47      Strength     : +6          |
|              Intelligence : +10      Dexterity    : +10         |
|              Wisdom       : +3       Luck         : +2          |
|              Constitution : +1       Hit points   : +10         |
|              Hit roll     : +6                                  |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +16      All magic    : +12         |
|              Pierce       : +4       Bash         : +1          |
|              Slash        : +2                                  |
spamreduce epicfail
Note #35768
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 19, 2016 @ 12:52
In rooms that are morgue flagged - or epic areas in general - have a
toggle to make mob malediction failures not appear.

For example:
Asvarien, Lord of the Chosen fails to trap * in his web.
A starry owl fails to blind *
A frost drake fails to interfere with your healing.
Lugthurg fails to blind *

It's just not useful information. I already have triggers set to "omit
from output" these lines, but figured it'd help Aardwolf's bandwidth and
make epics more tolerable for people that don't know how to do that sort
of thing.

Finishing Paladin Subclasses
Note #35735
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, July 13, 2016 @ 11:51
I had some ideas for rounding out the Paladin subclasses.  Knights would
be the "group" specialists, and one would be an asset for any epic run,
pup train, or raiding/defending group.  Avengers remain the defensive
PKers. Inquisitors remain the utility subclass w/ extra attacks.


Direct Assault - Syntax: Direct  - Cooldown - 5m

A knight has the ability to command members of his group to automatically
attempt to instantly re-aim at a target. It only effects members of the
group that are engaged in combat (autoassist on). Does not work for
blinded party members. Persons without the aim skill have a low chance of

The message could be like, "At 's urging, you refocus your attacks
at Target!" and a room message of, "Target is under attack by 's

Tactics - Syntax: Tactics 

Spellup skill that provides a range of possible advantages. Offensive
would be something like extra weapon swings, evasive could be a boost to
dodge/parry, aggressive could be +dam or test of faith on the 
non-paladins in the group, defensive could be a resists boost. The
strength of the benefit depends on the number of groupmates in the room
when it's activated. Like for defensive, +20 resists per group member
up to 15.

It cannot be activated if the Knight is on their own. It should be able to
be activated mid-combat. The effect should be significant, but balanced
with a short duration (5-10 minutes) and need regular refreshing. A second
or third Knight would be useful in keeping the boost going if the cooldown
timer is long.

Give Knights access to shield block? Or fortitude? Paladins could use a
little help defensively tbh - as stats get spread thin.

Merge Guardian into Avenger.
Righteous Fury: Work on (Wanted)/(Raider) characters like it's implied in
the Avenger helpfile?

Rescue/Safeguard: Temporary +dam bonus activated when rescuing?  The
equivalent of a level of frenzy/berserk, 15 second duration. (So there's
some benefit to Avenger outside of pk.)

Bonus: Have an Avenger gain revenge as well when a group member in the
same room is attacked. Or, at least, if the subject is safeguarded.


Flay: Improve the flay skill to be equally as convenient as autoswing.
Currently, in order to be used efficiently you'd have to enter it every
4th round of combat (12 second cooldown for me) and it just breaks the
flow of combat. Knight charging is more efficient pupping, but
Inquisitors/Flay does have value in long fights (pk/epics or areas where
charging isn't possible or ideal). But it's a hassle. If an Inquisitor is
equipped with a whip, they should just flay when they can automatically.
Maybe it could use the autoswing toggle to turn it off? It could use a
damage comparison review after hammerswing is adjusted. Maybe it could
have a chance to daze/stun or damage wisdom?

I always pictured Inquisitors as being the witch-hunting anti-mage
counter, and I was wondering if they could be reworked in that way?
Tortured Vision is a start, but an equally statted Sorc will wreck an
Inquisitor with raw damage. How about a cursing spell that's the reverse
of Power Projection - less spell casts while in effect? It could be like
"Seal Magic".

Interrogate - include mob keywords in the information - honestly this is
just so I can learn the specific keywords for evil imm mobs.

Cheers, thanks for reading.

help animal friendship
Note #15768
posted on Typos
Saturday, June 18, 2016 @ 01:53
{helpkeywords}Help Keywords : 'Animal Friendship'.
Help Category : Followers.
Related Helps : Dust Devil, Animate Dead, Charm person.
Last Updated  : 2008-08-09 12:00:08.

Animate dead is resurrection nowadays

-Arist (obscure, but still a typo)
v3 boosts for the unpopular races
Note #34495
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 1, 2016 @ 14:15
I did a quick gamestat 3 a while back and was a little discouraged
about the lack of diversity the game population has. Everybody seems to
have sorted themselves into optimization for endgame pupping/pvp/ or
training stats. Most racial abilities lose their appeal after one remort.

How about some v3 updates for the bottom 9 races?

Troll: Hp regen greatly boosted (2% of max per tick in combat? 5%
out?) or half-duration Enrage or Flank or Fortitude skills.
Sprite: half-duration Stealth
Halfling: Pilferage or Shoplifting
Centaur: (half or quarter strength?) Charge
Ratling: Shoplifting or Pilferage
Dwarf: Temper (Blacksmith has plenty of perks going for it) &
hammer weapon type skill (for parry) or Fortitude
Lizardman: Envenom (venomist version w/ adjusted extra damage)
Half-grif: half-duration Precision
Dark-elf: Blindfighting
Quickling: A diminished version of Timeshifting

When I say "or" I just mean possibilities, not player choice.

Yes, I'm aware that di-level says players will only have one subclass.
I'm just suggesting one skill for the races that aren't optimized for
efficiency would make them more viable and create interesting character

I'd also like to point out that divas have Tame, a pranger-only skill.

                 [ Vampire      :  75    26.9% ]
                 [ Eldar        :  42    15.1% ]
                 [ Human        :  29    10.4% ]
                 [ Triton       :  26     9.3% ] 
                 [ Diva         :  19     6.8% ] 
If these become  [ Wolfen       :  17     6.1% ] Huntmaster?
unpopular they   [ Giant        :  15     5.4% ] Flank?
could be boosted [ Elf          :  14     5.0% ] Archery?
                 [ Shadow       :  11     3.9% ]
                 [ Troll        :   8     2.9% ]
                 [ Sprite       :   7     2.5% ]
                 [ Halfling     :   4     1.4% ]
                 [ Centaur      :   3     1.1% ]
                 [ Ratling      :   2     0.7% ] 
                 [ Dwarf        :   2     0.7% ]
                 [ Lizardman    :   2     0.7% ] 
                 [ Half-griffon :   1     0.4% ] 
                 [ Dark elf     :   1     0.4% ] 
                 [ Quickling    :   1     0.4% ]
Ironfist during combat
Note #30152
posted on Ideas
Saturday, July 26, 2014 @ 20:09

Currently the Barbarian's Ironfist ability can only be activated out of
combat.  I do not think this is appropriate.  Single-class Warriors only
get one spellup-like ability, berserk, and that's usable in combat.  The
other major subclass option of pwarrior, the Berserker, can Enrage or
Insanity during combat.  It seems out of place, and character, for a
Barbarian to have to be out of combat to recognize how awesome his or her
fists are.

I suppose you could contrast it with asking for 'power projection' to be
castable in combat, but this isn't a spellup spell.  I suppose I could
just set up a trigger, but it just seems out of place.

Dtrack dodges
Note #30056
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 @ 14:47
Dtrack is a really cool feature.  I was wondering if a similar process could
tally dodges & instinct dodges?  A further extension could count damage
received, amount blocked by sanctuary, amount blocked by sanctuary instinct,
pwarrior fortitude, etc.

Make Blacksmith's Hammerforge easily reversible
Note #29669
posted on Ideas
Sunday, June 8, 2014 @ 14:10
I think it's unusual for a skill and a burden to require spending TP to
make a weapon not completely useless after switching to another subclass
or classchanging - even with weaponsmaster wish.

I know it says the original weapon type is "forgotten" but there's an
obvious shortcut to that - keywords.  A Dagger of Aardwolf turned into a
hammer will still have the original keyword, and I propose that
hammerforge be reversible.

hammerforge  revert would change to the appropriate
wtype of a weapon according to the recognized first keywords of: Sword
Axe Staff Halberd Whip Dagger Mace Flail & Bow.

It would fail on weapons that do not have these keywords and ignore second
matching keywords (to avoid bugs).  It's primarily aimed at Aardwolf

I recognize that there are potential exploits - say, switching a sword
turned dagger back into a sword, but I think that rare occurrence is
clearly an acceptable perk that is appropriate for the blacksmith

Thank you.
If I Owned Aardwolf ideas
Note #28253
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 10, 2014 @ 03:25
I don't really have the dedication/patience/technical skill to run a mud. 
But in a parallel universe where I did and took over Aard, these are the
changes I'd make.

Pet peeves:

You can recall out of portal hub of Partroxis without doing the enter
ocean/enter partroxis bit.

SKD mobs give you gold before pushing you along.

Fens mobs stop giving tokens to people who have the tasks for them already

Reexamine mob damtype immunities on an area by area basis - Reasoning
should be obvious.  It shouldn't be a guessing game on whether "a group of
children" or "a Gwillimberry Maiden" is immune bash damtype.

Shopkeepers will always let you buy/sell if you're invisible/sneaking.

The group joining out of level warning message removed.  Newbs can figure
it out on their own when they group over/under 15.

Remove the auctioned flag.  (only needed in v1 with one auction item on at
a time)
Remove the v3 flag.  Remove tpupgrade command.
Remove the magic flag as well as 'major/minor create' item.  (useless)

Re-add guts severed legs/arms/tentacles code.

End/Epics Game:

Oradrin's Chosen - Change the Mark of Oradrin to be a counting item. 
Update that reward list to include useful items - ore, tp tokens, trains. 
Have a rank item always load on multiples of 25.

Add a lot of trains/million gold rewards just for killing epic mini-bosses
on the way to the end. 10-20 trains to everybody in the room.  It won't
match pupping speed, but it'd be a welcome bonus to walk away from a run
with 50-100 trains in your pocket.

More imm-run gquests involving far-flung obscure mobs that are
inconvenient to reach.  (fuzzy wittle bunnies, dark eight, yog-sothoth,
3rd part of partroxis maze)  Decent reward for the trouble though.

Superhero Areas to be written / commissioned:

A "heavenly" pupping area to balance out 9 hells or wyrm's volume.  Keep
in mind that even angels have teeth and so many can dance on the head of a

A no-magic pupping area for the pthieves and pwarriors to do their own
thing in. (one or two rooms with magic for spellups/healing).  Pk rooms
without web!  Make those pmages sweep their qmobs!  Perhaps make it a high
gold area - The Vaults of Auction Incorporated!


Damage 7 option is a new damage table based on % of damage done with each
combat line.  Need a good color/style designer though.  So you naturally
know by color scheme how much faster a mob is dying without doing the math
or looking at percentages.

Can freeze another player for one day for $50 donation.  (shielded if
they have donated in the past year)  Can log in if there is a raid on
theirs or an ally clan.

Autoskin - Rangers automatically skin at death, and automatically discard
skins that don't meet a value threshold.  (I posted this back when I was a
pranger and cared).  Can skin during combat.  New skins show the creator
in long desc or keyword.

Hammering Blow - Half of hammering blows are bash, the other half are the
primary weapon damtype.  (Similar to spiral)


Balance subclasses and use 'gamestat 10' as an indicator on what
subclasses need a boost.  Merge subclasses and/or boost existing subclass
skills to make them more appealing.

A blacksmith tempering their own weapon should get a slight bonus.
A blacksmith gets a skill to half-weight any armor item with a 2 week
cooldown.  (I play favorites)
Crafters get 400% better chance on skins landing stats.

Shamans and oracles can "q request" and "q complete" anywhere due to their
connection with the divine forces that grant qp.

Raiding: (I can't 'solve' raiding, but I'd like more defense options)

Interesting wolf-clan hall raid rewards tied to events like b-day or
half-bday.  Might want a counting item for this too - without benefits for
now.  No benefits for the counting, just a memento.  Might want to remove
raid-grace for multiple parties to form.

Implement benefits for defenders.  100k/250k gold looted on raider death. 
Raider suicides lead to gold being deposited to the clan account. (Morgue

Defending clan leaders can "release" defenders from jail.  Still activates
the time-out slot, but they don't have to suicide to get out - so no need
to heal or spellup or quaff a bunch.

Implement "counter-raid" bonus - raided clan gets 'Revenge' by adding a
reserved 13th raider slot when targetting the clan of one of the leaders
of the raid on them (within a week).  No counter-counter raid bonus if
such a member is in the party.  Can stack if multiple raids happen in a
short span.  It could help with the unbreachables.

In mazes - owned items on the ground can be sacced - they are relocated to
the room north of the donation pit.  Observers can clean up after the
raiders - and mazes can opt not to use air sectors in their design.

Clan guards can be all commanded to "AIM" at a specific raider by a clan
member in the room.  An observer is targetable if they do this.

Spellup command works on clan guards.  (yes, spelling manually works - but
pets get it already... so)

Incomplete healing works on clan guards - or they can be commanded to heal
themselves if they aren't in combat.

New command to allow a clan leader to "clanadmin shuffle" cportals
randomly in a room and save changes.  Costs the same as having an imm
alter the resets without having to write the note.  Obviously not 
accessible during a raid.

PK -
Longer pk-revenge timetable.  1 hour - but can quit after the 16 minute
mark.  Right to attack can be transferred/expanded with gold fee to
individuals/whole clan/allied clans/ outside assassins/bounty hunters. 
10M is *global revenge*


Whatevs, just some ideas.
Re: Your level is of no interest to me
Note #28113
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 @ 23:31
Reply to: Note 28110 posted by Arist
As an amendment: mobs in epic areas should still use battlecries that include
the targetted player's name.  We don't want a guessing game when rescues
are called for.

Your level is of no interest to me
Note #28110
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 @ 19:24
Mob exclaims 'Your level is of no interest to me Arist I will kill you

Okay, I get that there's a reason to have mobs that are aggro no matter
what level the player is - just to slow down the player or whatever.  But
this is kind of... un-immersive and ugly repetitive language.

I propose that instead of this default saying, one is randomly selected
from a list of options.  Including ones based on character race, pclass,
and clan.

"You!  You've killed a friend of mine!"
"I've always hated half-griffons."
"Human scum." (check mob race beforehand?)
"Stop!  Thief!"
"Treehuggers like you don't belong here."
"You look weak enough to kill." (noremorts/notier)
"You think you're tough?"
"I can make a chair out of you!" (to Diva)

Simple, right?

Missing Aarcheology in SKD
Note #14125
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 @ 14:16
A naiad crumbles as it is battered to death!!
You receive 117 experience points.
You find an (Aarchaeology) piece hidden in the corpse!
A naiad stops holding a golden comb.
You receive a golden comb from a naiad.
On The Shore

[ Exits: up ]
(I)(H)(R) The Sea King stands here, giggling madly at you.

SKD mobs transport you along before you loot gold from them and
wipe their own corpses.  I guess Aarch items disappear too.

Are you looking for an edge? Consider tempering.
Note #42544
posted on Forsale
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 @ 13:16
Attention Superheroes and people who kill lots of mobs:

Does your killing speed feel insufficient?  Do you find yourself wishing
you could hit harder?  Well, I've got a solution to your problem!

Tempering is the hallmark skill of the Blacksmith subclass - we turn the
ore found in various parts of the game into powerful temporary bonuses to
your weapon!

The benefits and duration of tempering depend on the level of the weapon
and the quality of the ore being used in the process.

For example - 

A 291 aardweapon & jet black ore.
| Temporary Effects:                                              |
| Tempering     : adds +40 average damage           (22:59:10)    |
|               : intelligence +14                  (22:59:10)    |
|               : wisdom +14                        (22:59:10)    |

The Bone Fossil Ore is the industry standard. 300k-500k market value

on a 231 weapon
| Temporary Effects:                                              |
| Tempering     : adds +47 average damage           (6d 09:19:58) |
|               : hit roll +14                      (6d 09:19:58) |
|               : damage roll +14                   (6d 09:19:58) |
|               : dexterity +4                      (6d 09:19:58) |
|               : wisdom +5                         (6d 09:19:58) |
|               : strength +6                       (6d 09:19:58) |
|               : luck +6                           (6d 09:19:58) |

on a 291 weapon.  As you can see some things are randomized
| Temporary Effects:                                              |
| Tempering     : adds +54 average damage           (6d 09:19:53) |
|               : hit roll +17                      (6d 09:19:53) |
|               : damage roll +17                   (6d 09:19:53) |
|               : luck +6                           (6d 09:19:53) |
|               : luck +5                           (6d 09:19:53) |

More powerful ore can be acquired from epic areas & some goals - but you
should probably leave that to the real powerhouses.

My current rate for 200-201s is 700k, but if no ore is provided will throw
in a 23 hour one of my choosing.  I will sell a bone ore from my stash for
400k.  (1.1 m total)

My rate for non-supers is 300k, and I'll provide a weakish 8 hour one.

Send me a tell if you want to do business!


Type 'showdesc arist' for some questions/answers.
Remorting for v3 - classchange option
Note #27644
posted on Ideas
Thursday, October 17, 2013 @ 23:20
Classchanges can run from 2000-10,000qp and it absolutely should be a
costly to switch from one class to another on a whim for a level range or
a raid or boredom.  However I think it would be beneficial and fun for
players to be able to switch fairly easily to explore their options as
long as they put the work in.

I propose that at remort, a character has the option to spend 500qp to
pclass switch to the next class they are remorting into.  I think it fits
perfectly with the original "rebirthing" concept and brings it to the
pclass/subclass era.  Standard remorting/classchange remains unaltered.

So you could hypothetically do a tour of all the pclasses (and a few
subclasses) in one tier, for 3000qp (in addition to the SH costs), and
decide what suits you best.  It might inconvenience the people that don't
opt to take their favorite last, but that's what original classchange is
available for.

Format would be:

Thanks for hearing me out,
tiny wand from Umari's castle
Note #13900
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, October 2, 2013 @ 16:57
| Keywords   : tiny wand                                          |
| Name       : a tiny wand                                        |
| Id         : 1113570369                                         |
| Type       : Wand                      Level  :   195           |
| Worth      : 500                       Weight :    60           |
| Wearable   : wield                                              |
| Score      : 0                                                  |
| Material   : wood                                               |
| Flags      : hum, magic, blessed, nolocate, V3                  |
| Spells     : 1 use of level 195 'translocate'                   |

Because it's worn wield, it can't be held and zapped.
(You punch with it worn.)

You get it from a mobprog, which is possibly why it was overlooked.

Oldschool ST:TNG Vertigo / Prosper's Island Portal
Note #42185
posted on Forsale
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 @ 15:33
lbid 31044
Skin improvement - tie with item "score"
Note #26068
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 @ 18:00
Would it be possible to make it so that skins below a certain quality were
automatically destroyed?

For Example - you'd type 'skin helm 100' and any helm below that score
threshold would automatically be destroyed.  Possible with the message -
"The skin did not meet your standards."

I know the "score" value is mostly for newbies using 'compare' and the like,
but I just thought it'd be useful for rangers who might be churning
junk items with every kill.