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New war type
Note #41591
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, March 20, 2019 @ 16:44
New War type: Chaos
-Instead of last (wo)man/team standing, the war lasts for a given time, say 10
 minutes. During this time, any player that dies is healed to full hp/mn/mv,
 and dumped into a random room in the arena.
-Each kill gives 1 point, and each death you lose 1 point. Highest score at the
 end of the time limit decides winner.
-Also would be fun to track damage dealt/received, healing done/received, etc.
 No reason to score it(Or maybe you can, if you want), but would be fun to be
 able to see during this war who is doing what.
Re: Incursions +
Note #41577
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 @ 09:22
Reply to: Note 41572 posted by Sindayne

"so an area in essence, where you can level/pup without any chance of getting
 attacked by anyone and could just run non-stop? would have to force it to
 remove opk/hardcore or neither flag allowed and rewards same exp as killing
 mobs in the area before the difficulty increase. otherwise remove the rewards"
Taken from the original post I made: 
-Mobs in the instanced area do NOT reward experience or gold. Instead, you are
 rewarded upon leaving the area(Whether via exit, death or completion). The
 reward should scale based on # of mobs and difficulty chosen.
Reward: Tokens that can be spent in a shop in Aylor for gold, experience, QP,
        daily blessing tokens, etcetc. (Can be anything, really)
So not sure what OPK/Hardcore is doing for you here, or what turning it off
is going to change in an Incursion. Additionally, Aardwolf isn't balanced
around PVP. Why would content start being balanced around it now?
However, instead of just trashing an idea because of one aspect like people on
here like to do, I will throw out an adjustment to the original idea. And that
is to allow a group of the same size(To prevent 8 vs 2 ganksquads that are so
popular today) to attack an already active Incursion. Attacking an Incursion
will allow you to attack any players within and them to attack you, but the
attacking group is unable to attack any mobs. If you die to the defending
players, your death counts as if they killed 10 mobs, and you cannot attack
another Incursion for the next 10(or so) minutes.
Note #41571
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 @ 00:05
TLDR: Allow for a command to be entered at the start of any area, that
      transfers you and your group to a scaled up version of the area. Clear
      all mobs for rewards.
Idea  : Incursions
Desc  : New command at the start of any area that spawns a new instance of the
        area and transports the player and any group members into the new
        instance. They must then clear it of all mobs to get rewarded.
Syntax: Incursion . Example: Incursion 5
Reward: Tokens that can be spent in a shop in Aylor for gold, experience, QP,
        daily blessing tokens, etcetc. (Can be anything, really)
Limits: Player level must be above level 100.
Ranks: Would be fun if group and time were stored for each area, to have some
       kind of rankings for bragging rights.
Additional Notes:
-Once inside, players are able to do 'Incursion details', which will show how
 many mobs are remaining. To 'beat' the area, the group must eliminate every
 single mob.
-If a player has to leave they may 'Incursion ', which will opt
 them out of the run and reward them based on the current mobs killed vs left
 alive. This is on a per player basis, and mobs do not get scaled down if a
 player leaves, making the run that much harder for the rest of the group.
 (This can also be used to end a run early by having all players exit, but at
 lesser rewards for an incomplete run)
-Difficulty # has no limit, or a very, very high limit.
  -Each # raises the mobs level to +# above the groups highest level, up to a
   maximum of +50. Example: A level 170 starts a difficulty 31, then the mobs
   created are level 201.
  -Each # also raises the mobs stats(health, damage, resists, etcetc). No
   limit on this.
-The instanced area does NOT repop.
-The instanced area is flagged so that quaffing, eating pills, portals and
 recalling won't work. You can't get in once an instance is created, and the
 only way out is via the incursion command, death or completion.
-Dying in the instanced area will act as if the player typed incursion exit.
 Meaning you will still get rewarded, but for a partial run. You cannot "join
 late" if you die/exit early.
-If no players are left in the instanced area for whatever reason(death, exits
 or completion), it is closed and removed.
-Mobs in the instanced area do NOT reward experience or gold. Instead, you are
 rewarded upon leaving the area(Whether via exit, death or completion). The
 reward should scale based on # of mobs and difficulty chosen.
-Some areas should be exempt from this command(Such as epics, clan halls,
 Aylor, etcetc)
Rank bug?
Note #18386
posted on Bugs
Monday, March 18, 2019 @ 11:10
Bug with ranking?
Num    Name         Clan         Level Total Qp  Kills  Deaths  Total   Mort 
-----  ------------ ----------- ------ -------- ------- ------ ------ ------
  141) Dora         None           200   -13456     729      5    443    443

Found using 'yearly' ranking data.
Re: gqs +++
Note #41527
posted on Ideas
Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 07:33
Reply to: Note 41526 posted by Starling

My 2 cents on the general thread:
There's nothing Lasher can do to prevent plugins. If someone wants to script
something, they will. No amount of in-game "tricks" will stop them. In fact,
adding in-game "tricks" (Such as no hunt, scrambling mob names, duplicating
mobs but with varying vnums, etcetc) does nothing but hinder an actual player.
A scripter will take x time and "fix" the trick, then never be bothered by it
again while an actual player has hurdles to jump through to compete.
This is why I think designing anything "around" a scripter is the wrong
approach(I was against scrambling mob names and also against clone mobs for
this exact reason - it hinders normal players WAY more than scripters).
Instead of trying to implement "problems" for the scripter(Which will screw up
an actual player way more than a scripter), why not focus coding attention on 
more important aspects to the game(Such as new features, new skills/spells, 
etcetc), and let imms do their jobs of enforcing the rules. If you think
someone is breaking a GQ rule, report them. Have a little faith in the higher
ups instead of thinking you know better and everyone that beats you is a bot.
Re: Your top 1 or 2 ideas to balance classes.
Note #41429
posted on Ideas
Sunday, March 3, 2019 @ 21:47
Reply to: Note 41428 posted by Lasher

If I could make "one" change to Aardwolf skills/spells that aren't new
additions/framework/etc, it would be to add instinct to all the subclass
specific skills/spells. If the skill/spell is restricted to a subclass, it
should be instinctable(Such as Power Projection, hexes, Elemental Focus,
Timeshifting, Wraith Form, Pure Faith, etcetc)
Some spell ideas
Note #41421
posted on Ideas
Friday, March 1, 2019 @ 23:24
Spell: Neural Link
Class: Mentalist
Recovery: 5 minutes.
Desc: The Mentalist links their mind to the target supplied for a short
      duration(~1 minute). During this duration, any healing affects that are
      cast on the target are also cast on the Mentalist(If in the same room)
      at whatever value they hit the target for. Ex: If the target gets healed
      by a 3rd party for 550, then the Mentalist also receives 550 health.
Spell: Corrupted Essence
Class: Necromancer
Recovery: 5 minutes.
Desc: The Necromancer is able to corrupt the magical essence within the target
      for a short duration(~1 minute). During this duration, any healing
      affects used on the target will deal damage to all other available
      targets(Of the Necromancer) for whatever the heal amount was divided up
      by the number of targets hit. (Example: 1000 healed, 5 targets, each
      target takes 200 damage). This damage does NOT trigger aggro, but if it
      kills a mob then the Necromancer receives the exp/gold as if they killed
      it. (If the Necromancer is in the room, of course)
Thief suggestions
Note #41403
posted on Ideas
Sunday, February 24, 2019 @ 14:05
Here are some ideas to improve Thief(In my eyes):
Quickstab: Change it so it gives a flat 50% chance for no lag, no matter
           level or stats. In its current state, it has the potential to
           break the game balance(Most noticably in groups).
Enhanced Backstab: Give it instinct, so that at 0 instinct it adds +2 hits
                   to backstab and at 200 instinct it adds +5 hits. Also,
                   make it Assassin subclass only.
Backstab: Give it instinct that increases damage, scaling the same as any
          caster spell.
Ninja: They can currently backstab while in combat, but still get blocked
       by awareness. I think a Ninja should bypass Awareness entirely,
       allowing them to backstab each round of combat. 2 hits from backstab
       while in combat is sufficient if it can be used every round.
Venomist: Give Venomist the ability that when they deal extra damage from
          melee envenom hits, it adds a short 15sec debuff. This debuff
          deals poison/disease damage every 3 seconds, based on the damage
          dealt from the envenom hit. If the target is already affected by
          this debuff, then additional hits refresh the timer and increase
          the damage, up to a maximum of (average weapon damage * 5).
 Example: I have a 100 dmg weapon, and envenom hits for 25dmg. Debuff gets
          added that deals 25dmg every 3sec for 15sec(5 total hits for a
          total of 125 dmg). I get an additional envenom hit for 25dmg, but
          the target is already affected. So the debuff is refreshed to
          15sec, and dmg is increased to 50dmg every 3sec. Fast forward a
          bit in the fight, and assuming the debuff didn't wear off, they
          will eventually be taking 500dmg(weapon dmg * 5) every 3sec, for
          a total of 2500dmg over the full 15sec duration.
    Note: These numbers are subject to change, of course. I just picked 5
          because it's the equivalent of landing an extra 5 melee hits a
          round if you fight the Venomist long enough. Considering it has
          a build up time, I figure this is a good stopping point.
Entrap: Make entrap a bit more useful to Bandit by giving the Bandit a
        noticable buff to damage dealt/received while fighting in a room
        they have entrapped(Or perhaps any pk flagged room). I'm thinking
        something along the lines of +50% damage dealt, -25% damage
        received. OPK flag has no affect, only whether in a PK flagged
        room. Works on mobs as well as players. Also, perhaps reduce the
        recovery on entrap so that they can always have 1 room flagged(aka
        it's usable by the time pk flag wears off)
Enhanced Backstab
Note #41378
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 @ 15:31
Would be super nice if 'Enhanced Backstab' had instinct, and the higher it
is the less chance you'll see 3 hit backstabs. At 200 instinct, you'll never
see 3 hit backstabs again!
Note #41319
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 @ 01:22
TLDR: Make Hunter more about kiting a target than a "volley gimmick and run if
      it fails" class. Also make them more useful at SH and in groups.
Skill: Volley
Desc: Change volley from a 'spam alias skill' to a shot that hits all mobs and 
      players(If applicable, of course) in a given direction multiple times.
      Example: Volley n. You hit all mobs in n, 2n and 3n.
Recovery: ~15sec
New skill: Entangling shot
Desc: Entangles the target in a snare(~6sec), doubling the lag on movement
      commands on a player and preventing recall/entering portals, or if used
      on a mob, completely immobalizes the mob for the duration.
Recovery: 12 seconds.
New skill: Trap 
Desc: A hunter may place a trap in a given room that lasts for 1 minute. The
      type of trap supplied will determine the affect it has. A trap is
      triggered when your target(See help target) walks into the room, and only
      one trap can be active at a time.
Recovery: 30 seconds (Only if it hits an enemy)
Types of traps:
 -Explosive: Hits the target and all other available targets in the room.
 -Shock: Hits the target and immobalizes(Can't move/recall/portal) them for
 -Disorient: Hits the target and applies a "Confuse" debuff for ~6sec. This
             buff will randomize movement commands. Ex: If you enter n, you may
             end up going s, or u, etc.
 -Ice: Hits the target and applies a "slippery" debuff to anyone in the room
       and anyone who enters the room for the next ~6sec. This debuff will
       have a high chance of the target "falling"(Set to sitting status) when
       a movement command is entered.

New skill: Disengage 
Desc: Kicks the Hunter out of combat and moves them up to 3 rooms in the
      direction supplied. Follows the same web/etc checks as retreat.
Recovery: None.
New skill: Threefold
Desc: The Hunter is able to hold 3 arrows in one hand, allowing them to fire
      3 shots in rapid succession(Hunter only inputs one command though). Each
      shot would be the equivalent of 3-4 melee hits in damage.
Recovery: ~15 seconds.
Re: Gears Diversity
Note #41247
posted on Ideas
Friday, February 1, 2019 @ 11:00
Reply to: Note 41246 posted by Wire

Some other alternatives:
1. Allow hitroll to 'pierce' resistances. Perhaps every point above a certain
   threshold(Say... enemy dex*2) reduces enemies effective resists.
   Example: Enemy has 100dex. You have 250hr. 100dex means you need to break
            200hr to start reducing resists. You have 250hr, so 50hr is being
            used to reduce resists. Lets say each hr reduces resists by 2
            (random number off the top of my head), so your 50hr reduces enemy
            resists by 100. Yes, this can make them go into negatives, and yes,
            these are purely made up numbers and are subject to change!
2. Allow gameload enhanced gear to load with +skill/spell benefits. This could
   also be a way to diminish the effectiveness of instinct, since a lot of
   people complain about it ruining the game. If it's possible to get +600 in
   any given skill, +200 instinct is less meaningful. This also covers things
   like boosting curse/web/etc.
3. Introduce tier(211-291) gameload eq.
4. Open a new 'forge' in Aylor, that allows a player to combine two of the same
   item AND enhancement (Destroying both copies) for a reroll of the same item
   and enhancement with a small(5% or so) chance to go up an enhancement. This
   also raises the level of said item(if that option is chosen) by 10, up to a
   maximum of 291. (Alternate way of getting tier(211-291) enhanced eq.
combine helmet nolevel confirm
You break down 2 * (Radiant) a Sunset helmet.
You forge a brand new (Radiant) a Sunset helmet!
combine helmet confirm
You break down 2 * (Radiant) a Sunset helmet.
You forge a brand new (Wondrous) a Sunset helmet with +10 levels!
bragging right pin for reaching rank 5 epic? ++
Note #41242
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 31, 2019 @ 15:24
Reply to: Note 41241 posted by Tryllus

I have no problem with the essence of the idea(Achievements), but disagree
wholeheartedly with any tangible rewards(Such as stats). Most games offer
"Achievement Points" as a reward.
As for an actual pin that has no stats and can't be enchanted, I have to
question how it'd work. Do you get a new slot+pin for every epic? Or only if
all epics are rank5? Does it get removed upon a new epic entering game if it
requires all epics?
Also, why do you need a pin for an activity most people afk/join late through?
If you want proof of this, remove follow during rat maze or reduce join late
mechanics so that only 3 or so ppl can join late during a section. I have a
feeling a lot more epics would fail cause of afkers/etc. It's because of this
I don't understand the "Prestige" people associate with epic run counts.
Instead of having a pin, why not offer an epicinfo  command, with
a layout similar to this: (Would require counters on playerfile though)
epicinfo castiel
                         [ EPIC COMPLETIONS ]
Total Epics : [  21]  
Inferno     : [   1]  Icefall     : [   4]
Genie       : [   2]  Winds       : [   5]
Titan       : [   3]  Oradrin     : [   6]
Re: bragging right pin for reaching rank 5 epic? +
Note #41233
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 31, 2019 @ 12:59
Reply to: Note 41232 posted by Srykr

"Give those who put ing years to get rank5 have a boost over
 those just buying the eq from them..."
So the multi-billion gold or 30k+ QP per item you sell isn't
a big enough boost for you? You want additional stats too,
just because you started playing/doing epics before newer
players? ... I have no words on that level of greed.
Re: Cabal eq
Note #18249
posted on Bugs
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 @ 19:10
Reply to: Note 18247 posted by Quarana

It does take you to the cabal shop. runto cabal, type list.
Copy and Cauldrons
Note #41122
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 31, 2018 @ 06:57
It would be neat if an Enchanter could 'copy' a scroll they have already
created or was given to them.
Syntax: Scribe copy 
-Copies item(scroll) supplied onto the item(blank scroll) worn.
New spell: Cauldron
Desc: An oracle(Since they get the bonus to brewing) is able to conjure a
      simmering cauldron into the room that anyone can use. A cauldron can be
      the target of the brew command, allowing anyone to create potions within
      the cauldron with the same success chance as if brewing your own potion
      on hand.
 -Anyone can target the cauldron with the brew command. Example usage:
   brew cauldron 'incomplete healing'
 -Adding a spell to the cauldron has the same success rate as if trying to brew
  it on your person. A failed attempt will empty the cauldron of it's contents,
  forcing a 'restart'. (Cauldron still works, it's just reset to no spells)
 -A cauldron holds enough contents for 5(+ with instinct?) potions. To create
  a potion from the contents of a cauldron, the user simply holds an empty
  vial and 'fill vial'.
 -The duration of the cauldron is based on stats of the Oracle, with 100% up
  time(Recovery == Duration) at max stats.
Re: epics +++
Note #40948
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 @ 10:15
Reply to: Note 40946 posted by Srykr

"If add easy hard mode for the random pops epics (inferno/genie)
 Then reduce the pop % chance for those.
 Shouldn't make it easier to pop items."
If done correctly, it would be the same difficulty, if not harder. (I'm looking
at you, Inferno split). More players actually makes epics easier, so if
anything, the higher player count the lower the drop chance!
Re: epics
Note #40941
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 @ 09:10
Reply to: Note 40936 posted by Domain

In my opinion, an ideal epic world would have:
 -Personal timers like Winds has, with the area repopping every 90min or so.
  -Easy(5 players)
  -Normal(10 players)
  -Hard(15 players)
  -Extreme(20+ players) difficulty scaling. 
 -I know this is not mentioned, but I think it should be. Stat ranges on epic
  gear, or some form of randomized bonuses similar to gameload. This is to
  keep interest in the epic even after you get the items you want, chase that
  "perfect" item.
With this setup, it allows people from all time zones to complete a run with
whatever amount of players they can scrounge up.
Note #40901
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 @ 15:08
Idea: Rebirth
Desc: Once a player reaches T9 7x SH, when going through the retier process,
      the player may choose to 'rebirth' instead of redoing. Choosing Rebirth
      sets the player's tier to 0, but affects nothing else. EQ, Total levels,
      goals, etc all stay the same. In order to rebirth again, the player must
      get back to T9 7x SH.
-Rebirthing players choose a stackable bonus during the recreation process.
 The available options could be, but not limited to:
 -Earn 10% additional experience.
 -Earn 10% additional gold.
 -Earn 1 additional QP on quests.
 -Earn 1 additional QP per campaign.
 -Get 20% better prices in shops. A limit of 80% when purchasing, no limit on
-You get 1 bonus with each Rebirth, and they stack with future Rebirth bonuses.
 Means it is entirely possible to Rebirth 5 times and get +20% more exp, 10%
 more gold and +2QP per quest(5 total bonuses).
Warrior stuff
Note #40866
posted on Ideas
Friday, November 16, 2018 @ 20:26
TLDR: Give Warriors 2 handed weapons and let Barbarian leap and shove enemies
      around, being in general a giant bully.
Idea: Two-Handed Weapon
 -Can only be wielded by primary class Warriors.
 -Wielding a 2H weapon removes dual weapon, hold and shield.
 -Wielding a 2H weapon stops 4th, 5th and 6th attack from firing.
 -Damage is increased by ~45-50% to compensate for the loss of attacks. (3/8
  attacks removed = 37.5% dmg loss, 6/11 attacks removed if you normally dual
  wield = 54.54% dmg loss. I picked in the middle(ish) of the two.)
New Skill: Shockwave
Syntax   : Shockwave 
Class    : Barbarian
Requires : 2H Weapon
Recovery : N/A
Desc: The Barbarian slams their weapon down with such force that it damages
      and knocks all enemies into adjacent rooms/walls.
-Enemies hit are pushed in the direction supplied(If able to be moved).
-If no room is in the direction supplied, enemies take additional(Double?)
 damage and have a high chance to become dazed.
-Enemies hit by shockwave become aggressive to the Barbarian if moved, and
 if possible will attempt to hunt and chase down the Barbarian.
New Skill: Leap
Syntax   : Leap 
Class    : Barbarian
Requires : 2H Weapon
Recovery : 6 seconds.
Desc: The Barbarian leaps into the adjacent room and slams their weapon down
      with such force that it damages and knocks down all available enemies
      in the room.
-Enemies hit have a chance to be "Knocked Down". Knocked down enemies won't
 fight back(Lose melee) for 1 round.
-Can be used in combat, but has the same success chance and limitations(being
 webbed/slothed/etc) as Retreat.
Thief stuff
Note #40864
posted on Ideas
Thursday, November 15, 2018 @ 14:51
Idea: When a Thief(All subclasses) is pulled into combat via auto-assist, they
      attempt to backstab automatically.
-If mob is aware due to a backstab attempt already, then normal melee(The way
 it works now) is started instead of a backstab attempt.
-Landing a backstab via auto-assist triggers a 3 second recovery that will stop
 auto-assist backstabs from occuring. This is to prevent multiple backstabs if
 multiple mobs die in one round. An Assassin affected by Quickstab should
 have a % chance NOT to trigger this recovery. The % chance should be what %
 Quickstab has.
Idea: Allow Ninja's in-combat backstab to ignore mob awareness.
Group exp
Note #40838
posted on Ideas
Sunday, November 11, 2018 @ 12:00
Since players pre-SH very rarely ever have the same experience needed to level,
perhaps a new group mechanic could help encourage players of different TNL's to
play together.
Idea: "Group" tnl.
How it'd work: Players earn experience as normal, but if a group member is in
               the same room and you earn experience that would have leveled
               you, then you hit 0 tnl and any remaining(and future) exp earned
               goes to the next(or 3rd, 4th, etc) player that is not at 0 tnl.
               Once all players have 0 tnl, everyone levels and your personal
               TNL's are set to whatever exptable determines.
Example scenario:
T9 R1 Redoer with 1k tnl groups with a T0 R2 with 2k tnl. T9 has 50xp tnl and
T0 has 500tnl. They both kill a mob and get 100xp. T9 is reduced to 0xp tnl and
has 50xp remaining. T0 gets reduced to 400tnl, but then also gets the 50xp
from the t9 remaining kill, and gets set to 350. They then kill another mob
worth 175xp. Since the T9 is already at 0xp, the t0 gets the 175xp he would
have earned normally, but also the 175xp the T9 would have gotten as well, for
a total of 350xp. This makes it so all players in the room are at 0 tnl, so
all players gain a level. In this scenario, the T9 goes back to 1k tnl and the
T0 goes back to 2k tnl.
Re: Sloth Effect removal at Clan/Manor/Aylor Healer +
Note #40807
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 @ 09:28
Reply to: Note 40806 posted by Torkin

" Currently, a mage on the defensive can sloth an attacker, move on to
 another area to xp/pup and, in most instances, not worry about being
 attacked again before the sloth cooldown expires (in which case, rinse and
This, imo, should be another reason to allow healers to heal sloth. No class
should be "unkillable" 1v1 if attacked. At SH, Avenger(For other reasons) and
Sorc are virtually impossible to kill if you attack them solo. No class should
be able to claim this.
With how long SH fights last, especially in a 1v1 environment, it is way too
easy to sloth and escape. Even as an overpowered soldier class, it was
all but impossible to kill a Sorc. Even if you landed strangle, then curse and
15 webs. They'd just wake up, sloth you, dissolve some of the web, then retreat
2-3 rooms away and uncurse and recall. Sloth has no counter, and you'll never
"catch up" to a Sorc before they can cure the ailments and escape.
imo, no class should be guaranteed safe from a 1v1 attack. Allowing sloth to
be cured at a healer would be a good way to prevent this usage of sloth as
well as stop gq abuse.
Holy Shield
Note #40798
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 @ 16:40
Currently, Avengers stand uncontested in the PVP aspect of the game. An
idea I had to help somewhat balance this is to modify Priest's 'Holy
Shield' buff. If a player is affected by Holy Shield and attacks an Avenger
then they will not trigger Holy Reprisal.
Since you need to be good align to be affected by Holy Shield, it can be
explained that the Paladin's deity would rather stay out of a conflict
between two 'Holy' beings.
Re: Sloth Effect removal at Clan/Manor/Aylor Healer
Note #40797
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 @ 16:15
In help gq rules, these two are listed:
* Remain grouped as long as the group is not attempting to
  influence the outcome of your gquest in any way. 

* Interfere with gquesters outside your own leveling range.
"Now some players are using sloth to interfere in gq to help their friends
 win gqs."
My only question is how does this scenario not fall under the spirit of
gq rules? It may not explicitly say that, but if someone not participating
in a gq does something to hinder someone in a gq to help a friend... To me,
that should be against the rules.
Re: Aard EQ +++++++++
Note #40702
posted on Ideas
Friday, October 26, 2018 @ 17:53
Reply to: Note 40700 posted by Redwood

"No one tries to disarm in pvp, that is literally a waste of rounds. Players
 either go dps, malediction/dispel, or outheal."
I would argue that they don't disarm in pvp primarily because it's so easy to
"fix" a disarm(re-wear/flag weapon nodisarm/wear bracers/anything else I
Although I disagree with removing any of the aard eq, it would be cool if
disarm worked in pvp, but instead of actually removing the weapon, it put a
flag on you that lasted a few rounds and treated you as unarmed, regardless
of whether you're wearing a weapon or not. This doesn't even need to be an
off/on flag, it could be variable. "Your weapon attacks are 72% less effective
for 6 seconds". Giving warrior/thief more of an impact when they disarm.
I'm all for bringing in MORE strategy in pvp, rather than just saying "hur-dur,
dumb idea newb!", why not take their intent and actually consider it and how
to make it work within the game.
7x SH
Note #40551
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, October 2, 2018 @ 23:14
Currently, at 7x remort you need to not be wearing eq and must not be affected
by anything to superhero.
With stats being saved at SH now, is there a reason for this? If not, can we
remove these requirements when 7x remort.
Re: New Feature - Fishing ++
Note #40522
posted on Ideas
Friday, September 28, 2018 @ 11:21
Reply to: Note 40521 posted by Tymme

I know your post was a joke, Tymme. But gathering resources, crafting and a
world large enough to warrant "fast travel" all sound like awesome ideas to me!
But if we implement graphics and stuff, we must not forget the monthly
subscription, as well as cosmetic microtransactions and full AAA priced
expansion packs!
Guardian ability
Note #40437
posted on Ideas
Thursday, September 20, 2018 @ 00:00
Spell: Divine Energy
Usage: Automatic
Class: Paladin (Guardian subclass)
Mechanic: When the Guardian takes damage or rescues an ally, they store up
          'Divine Energy' for a short period of time(~5min or so). Divine
          Energy is then used up in different ways.
          Terminate: Consume Divine Energy to increase the max % needed to land
                     insta-kill. "Full" energy = 30% or lower.
          Heavenly Balance/Apocalypse: Consume Divine Energy to boost damage.
          Receiving Heal from any source: Consume Divine Energy to increase the
                                          amount healed.
Instinct: Increases the rate energy is stored and the max amount that can be
Seen in 'aff':
  Divine Energy            : 1,525 energy stored (05:00)
Casting Heavenly Balance:
You consume 1000 Divine Energy to enhance Heavenly Balance.
Your heavenly balance does UNBELIEVABLE things to a mob! [3084+250]
Your heavenly balance does UNBELIEVABLE things to a mob! [3184+250]
Your heavenly balance does UNBELIEVABLE things to a mob! [2884+250]
Your heavenly balance does UNBELIEVABLE things to a mob! [3284+250]
Note: Energy used is spread out over hits dealt.
Receiving heals(From self or other sources): 
The healing power consumes 550 Divine Energy.
A warm feeling fills your body. [550+550]
Note: Can not exceed the initial heal amount. Ex: If you have 2k energy
      stored and get healed for 550, then only 550 energy is consumed.
Note #40411
posted on Ideas
Sunday, September 16, 2018 @ 15:56
I've thought Avenger's skillset has been a bit off for a while now. Simply due
to the fact the class is called 'Avenger', but none of the skills are based
around avenging. It's all focused on revenge, which is something else entirely.
Perhaps a change of how mechanics trigger, would bring both the class and the
theme into the right place.
Holy Reprisal: Currently triggers at full affect if the Avenger is attacked
               and less(half?) if a friendly is attacked. Why not reverse this
               mechanic, and the Avenger gets half benefit if directly
               attacked and full benefit if a groupie is attacked.
Righteous Anger: Instead of boosting your damage on players that trigger
                 revenge on the Avenger, boost damage against players that
                 trigger revenge on the Avenger's group members.
Re: none sex
Note #40389
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, September 11, 2018 @ 21:32
Reply to: Note 40388 posted by Zoot

But what if you identify as an attack helicopter? If we start down this rabbit
hole, where do we stop?
Also, you're interchanging sex with gender. They are not the same thing, sex
is in reference to the reproductive functions whereas gender is in reference
to social/cultural roles. That's why people can say there's infinite genders
and technically be correct, but there can only be 2 sex's. Don't get them
confused! (Also note that Aard uses sex instead of gender, according to score!)
Assassin and auto-assist
Note #18063
posted on Bugs
Saturday, September 8, 2018 @ 02:05
It seems that Assassins that kill with a backstab disrupt auto-assist for all
group members that are not being aimed at by a mob.
Example: If Anymouse and Chewik both enter the room before me and both get
         attacked by 1 mob, if I then come in and backstab Chewik's mob and
         kill it, then Chewik is pulled out of combat until the next round of
         combat and auto assist officially kicks in.
Not a deal breaker, but it can get confusing if Chewik is leading and gets
pulled out of combat then moves ahead, dragging all but Anymouse(since he's
tanking the 1 mob) out of the room. This issue gets exacerbated in larger
groups in areas with a lot of aggro mobs that all attack different targets.
I know this has been reported before, but don't recall where this ended up or
how much info was reported.
Note #40264
posted on Ideas
Monday, August 20, 2018 @ 12:13
With raiding all but dead, alliances(and hostiles) aren't really meaningful
outside of appearance. So here is my suggestion: Limit grouping based on clan
-Neutral/Friendly/Allied/NoPK/Unclanned can all group with each other just
-A player that is Hostile/At War with anyone in the current group cannot join
 said group in anyway shape or form. It will fail with an appropriate message.
 Ex: Castiel cannot be invited due to a conflicting clan status.
     You fail to join  due to a conflicting clan status.
New group command: group epicmode
Toggles the group in/out of "epic mode". While in epic mode:
-No alliance checks are made. Anyone can join an epic group.
-Experience cannot be earned. All mobs killed will net 0 experience.
-A group cannot be toggled out of "epic mode" if there's a conflicting clan
 alliance in the group. It will not kick people out, that is on you. It will
 just fail to get out of epic mode.
Re: Enhanced Items and Builders +
Note #40212
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 @ 21:24
Reply to: Note 40210 posted by Tymme

| Builders can already do this- there are several goal rewards that are a
| certain base plus some random stats.
It can be done via mprogs, that is true, but why recreate the wheel for every
item you create? It'd be a far easier system to just pass the item through the
already in-game enhancement system(Or a Lua function, if Lasher prefers to go
that route. Although then you need mprogs for any mob that drops items with
increased chances of being enhanced) than having to create your own randomized
stat system via mprogs.
An additional benefit to this way over an mprog is that the head builder no
longer needs to vet your mprog, as the game will handle the stats already.
| The possibility of being able to add a regular enhance roll check was already
| an idea that was likely to be implemented
 being able to push that even further
| shouldn't be an option.
I'm glad to hear that this was already mentioned and is likely to be
implemented, but why is having the option to customize to some degree a bad
thing? Not like it'd take the item above and beyond the limitations of the
system, it would just be a guiding hand on what stats it 'might' choose to
add when passed through the system.
Having this kind of control allows for future area builders to have more
difficult mobs that have a higher chance than normal mobs to drop enhanced eq
that can be tailored to a specific stat(s) the majority of the time.
Enhanced Items and Builders
Note #40205
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 @ 17:10
Allow for builders to be able to manipulate not only the chance
for an item to be enhanced, but also prioritize(But not a
guarantee) what stats the bonus stats are aimed at.
1 : Load mob 'A mob' (area-0) in room.  Max 1 / 1.
   + Give item 'An item' (area-1) to mob. Chance 5000
     in 5000.
     + Enhanced chance 4500 in 5000.
       + Emphasis on Strength.
       + Emphasis on Dexterity.
So the above allows the builder to load an item 100% of the
time on the mob, and when killed the item has a 4500/5000(90%)
chance of becoming enhanced(Of any degree, from polished to
fabled, or whatever is max), with the system prioritizing
Strength, then Dexterity in the random distribution of stats.
Scrolls/Wanted stuff
Note #40184
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, July 25, 2018 @ 20:52
Have healing scrolls/etc fail when used on a player that is in combat with
another player. Otherwise, we might as well just allow potions to be usable in
Also, perhaps allow revenge to flag if someone heals someone you're fighting
when you're wanted. Kind of silly that a non-opk can heal someone you're
fighting if wanted and you can't do anything about the non-opk person because
revenge is never initiated(Due to your wanted flag).
Continents and Sailing
Note #40158
posted on Ideas
Saturday, July 21, 2018 @ 20:46
World map:
-I got bored and decided to print screen all the big maps and make it into one
 big world map. (Can obviously be expanded upon, more empty ocean if need be,
TLDR: Seperate continents, prevent walking over the ocean, add ships and make
      the world feel more lived in as opposed to the current emptiness that is
      just used to extend speedwalk durations.
Restructured continents:
-Open ocean is no longer traversable on foot/wings/etc. To travel outside of
 a continent will require a ship. Because of this, some things will need to be
 changed, such as the following(and more, I'm sure I'll forget something)
-Quest/cp targets are selected based on areas within the continent you're on.
-Each continent has a major city with its own recall point(4 total).
 -Aard amulet will have to be updated as well. Depending on the continent
  you're on, you get sent to a different room with n/e/s/w exits to various
  spots on the continent you're on and a down exit to that continents recall)
-Area portals(Including chaos/trivia) only function if you are on the same
 continent as that area.
-Add a major dock for each continent, as well as minor docking areas in
 various other positions.
-Adds a good excuse to rearrange and set up each continent to have areas for
 each range, so that a player can play on one continent from 1-201 if they so
 choose to do so. Also allows for some sense to be made on what areas are next
 to each other.
-Add random encounters on the continent map, as well as when sailing ships.
-Each clan can buy up to 4 total ships. If a ship is destroyed, it is gone for
 good and a new one must be purchased.
-Ships come in various sizes, requiring more crew(or a lot of running around)
 as well as allowing for additional cargo space and cannon/etc slots.
-Various NPC ships will dock and move between docks doing trades/etc. Players
 can purchase passage on these ships(Or sneak onto) to get between continents
 if they lack a personal clan ship. These ships pick and choose their own
 destination, the player may simply join the crew from one dock to another.
-All ships can be attacked, boarded, pillaged and plundered, etcetc. NPC and
 player alike. NPC ships will respawn after a short while, whereas player ships
 are destroyed and need to be purchased again.
-Ships may drop anchor anywhere within 5 "rooms" of land, allowing the player
 to take a rowboat out and reach land. This however leaves your ship vulnerable
 as it is sitting in the open water(Docked ships are immune to attacks from
 other ships)
-If a ship runs into land, it takes damage and risks being destroyed, dumping
 some(Some will be destroyed) cargo onto the ground.
-The wheel of a ship controls which way the ship is facing(n/s/e/w).
-Sails may be lifted(Rolled up) or dropped(Open to the wind). Depending on the
 wind, this can hamper or improve a ships speed based on the way it is facing.
 Ships may also(Depending on size) have more than 1 sail.
-The speed of a ship is based on the ship type, sail(s) open, current and wind
 all relative to the way the ship is facing.
-A ship not anchored and with no sail open will drift with the current.
-Cargo is extremely heavy(200+ per item), and inhibits movement(A player
 carrying any amount of cargo can only move 1 room per second and cannot use
 portals or the run command)
-Cargo can be sold at docks. Price of cargo is dependant on dock and type of
 cargo(Mangos, Wood, Stone, etcetc).
Re: The Purge
Note #40121
posted on Ideas
Monday, July 16, 2018 @ 11:42
Reply to: Note 40120 posted by Khaleesi

This idea just screams 'I can't kill anyone bigger, so flag all the little
ones opk so I have some easy kills to feel better about myself'.
If someone wanted to be OPK, they would be. Enforcing it on others, especially
little/new players, is an atrocious idea.
If you want more people to go opk, you need to reduce some of the power gap or
eliminate some of the downfalls of dying(Such as time regening, the +1 to
death count, the info message announcing your defeat, etcetc). Just flagging
any and all players OPK for 'the funsies', is just plain bad design.
So instead of opting everyone into OPK for a day, why not eliminate some of
the "bad" associated with PK.
-Remove PK deaths from whois.
-Remove PK info messages entirely, except perhaps during raids?
Re: Daily blessing, training sessions ++++
Note #40088
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 @ 11:35
Reply to: Note 40087 posted by Redryn

"Not really, I don't think it's good design to expect people to have to sit and
 farm daily over a period in order to participate in a pre-SH epic."
I agree 100% with this. Requiring daily farming to do content is not good
design. I was just talking about having the ability to get max stats would make
balancing content easier, not that they had to farm dailies.
"Also, there's a big disparity in the max stats of a t9 with potential and
 a t0."
Just like at SH t0 vs SH t9? :P And it's a lot easier to balance content vs a
general baseline for health/stats. Instinct is what throws off balancing by a
large margin due to damage reduction. As does epic items due to resists.
Re: Daily blessing, training sessions ++
Note #40086
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 @ 11:22
Reply to: Note 40085 posted by Redryn

"Imagine if everyone who sat at any level for a period of time quickly amassed
 thousands of trains and maxxed out every stat."
Would certainly make balancing pre-SH epics easier, if they were to become a
pendant from barrick - bonusloot +++++
Note #40055
posted on Ideas
Friday, June 22, 2018 @ 06:26
Reply to: Note 40052 posted by Trurien

| If you're going to log off and you need to look for an EASIER experience
| than Aardwolf, then bye.
Did you even read the rest of my note? I'm guessing not. But glad to know
you're so eager to lose players in an already small pool of gamers.
Perhaps you should look the definition up for turnover rates.
People will quit this game, it's inevitable. Life moves on. If you can't
attract the same number of people that quit(Minimum), this game will
eventually be left with no players. I have seen it happen to one mud
Also, just to be super clear since apparently reading comprehension is
lost on some. I never said Aard should be EASIER. I want it to be HARDER,
but FASTER. A challenge is good, but once again, time is not an
indication of difficulty.
Re: pendant from barrick - bonusloot ++++
Note #40028
posted on Ideas
Monday, June 18, 2018 @ 10:47
Reply to: Note 40027 posted by Srykr

| A 1 year old t9 sh without epic shouldn't even be in same
| realm as a 5-10 year old t9 character that put in his 60s
| pups for years to get huge.
This is the attitude that kills games. Infinite progression games are
double-edged blades. It's great to always be improving, but when a game is run
for as long as Aard has, it can actually work against the game. Just think
about it, start a new game and be told on day one it's going to take 5-10
years to be competative. I bet most would log right back off.
Also notice a lot of people associate time to difficulty. Just because
something takes a year to do doesn't make it hard. Idle/Clicker genre of games
has become popular because people like to always be improving. But no one is
going to classify an idle/clicker game as difficult just because it takes
| Faster Pots, Can't buy uncurse wish and loot, have to have it
| handed to me. Faster regens if i die... Lower xp on levels.
| Selling epic.... Wanting to sell epic without redo.
All of these(Except lower xp) are quality of life changes. Faster brewing,
faster regening, selling things without having to redo, being able to loot
important items doesn't make the game 'easier'. There's nothing hard about any
of those activities(Unless you're so old that bending down to loot a corpse is
hard work!)
Nothing short of learning a fresh epic(No walkthroughs!) or new goal is hard
on Aardwolf.
Pupping is easy. Questing is easy. Campaigns are easy. Leveling is easy. The
only reason people claim these are hard, is because it takes time. The actual
difficulty of any individual activity is borderline idle/clicker.
Hell, even PVP(Arguably the activity in any game with the highest degree of
difficulty) is easy on Aard. Curse, web, overwhelm(Via pvp class, stats or
# of players). There ya go, pvp in a nutshell.
Re: Regen Rates ++++++
Note #39971
posted on Ideas
Friday, June 8, 2018 @ 08:29
Reply to: Note 39970 posted by Redryn

I guess we have different definitions of free. To get 500% regen rates would
cost 8k qps and 80mil gold, and would only change healing from 6k hp and 8.5k
mana to 15k hp and 21.25k mana per tick. To get to full hp/mn per tick would
take roughly 2000% regen, unless my math is way off(Which is entirely possible)
2000% regen would cost 38k qps and 380mil gold. I guess one could consider that
'free full restores'.
I'd gladly pay 500k to fully heal hp and mana, that's MUCH cheaper!
Re: Regen Rates ++++
Note #39969
posted on Ideas
Friday, June 8, 2018 @ 06:24
Reply to: Note 39967 posted by Redryn

| What's the problem with taking 5 minutes to regen to full? Take it that
| 5 minutes is a negligible penalty for dying.
Personally, I feel that any game design that forces a player to 'do nothing'
for any sizable chunk of time is a terrible design choice. And to me, 5 min
is a long enough chunk of time that I'd just go play something else.
Additionally, I would ask the same question to you. What's the problem with
taking 30 seconds to regen to full? It's done the entire rest of the game
except at SH with max stats.
| If you say 5 minutes is 'too long', how much is in your view an appropriate
| time?
If someone is willing to pay upwards of a week+ worth of resources into
lowering downtime, I am perfectly fine with 30sec(1 tick) to get back into
actually playing the game instead of waiting.
| Don't forget you can also quaff potions if you want to get full faster. In
| one tick you can quaff something like 18 potions, which give you about
| 2k hp or 1.6k mana.
Funny, given notes #39944 and #39968. Isn't this exactly what you're trying to
fix? Which btw, I agree with that thread entirely. Spam quaffing isn't fun and
makes balance extremely difficult.
Re: Regen Rates ++
Note #39966
posted on Ideas
Thursday, June 7, 2018 @ 17:53
Reply to: Note 39960 posted by Tymme

| There's also casting incom or two or three a tick and sleeping to regen all
| that mana that was lost.  Only takes two or three ticks if you want to be
| proactive rather than sit and do nothing.
I already covered this in my original note:
| With 85k hp and 82.5k mana, it's going to take a minimum of 10 ticks to get
| full mana and ~60k hp after a death. Toss some incompletes inbetween ticks,
| and you're looking at probably 11-12 ticks to get to full health AND mana.
I capitalized the important word in what I said. It's not about getting health
back, but both health and mana back to full. Which, after dying, is a minimum
of 11 ticks(Being generous and assuming 1 tick to regen mana from incompletes)
11 ticks is 5min 30sec.
Regen Rates
Note #39953
posted on Ideas
Thursday, June 7, 2018 @ 13:26
At SH, in a 200 heal/mana rate room, with regen ring on and sleeping in a
trivia sleeping bag, I regen about 4-6k hp and 7-8.5k mana per tick.
With 85k hp and 82.5k mana, it's going to take a minimum of 10 ticks to get
full mana and ~60k hp after a death. Toss some incompletes inbetween ticks,
and you're looking at probably 11-12 ticks to get to full health and mana.
That's 5min 30sec to 6min to regen back to full from death. That is entirely
too long in my opinion.
Idea: Remove the cap on heal/mana rates that manor and clan rooms can get.
Since it costs gold/qp(Where applicable) to raise these rates, what's the
harm in allowing these rates to go much higher than 200? If I want to sink
8k qp and 80mil gold to get my heal and mana rate up to 500(Or higher, if I
want to spend more) in my manor, what's the harm in it?
Note #39945
posted on Ideas
Thursday, June 7, 2018 @ 11:27
Soldier in its current state is WAY overpowered. Anyone that has played as or
against a Soldier should confirm this statement. Keep in mind this is strictly
in PVP. In PVE, Soldier is 'meh' at best.
Landing a guaranteed 7+ hits every round in pvp while being able to do other
things such as heal/web/etc, is too much.
Possible solutions...
-Cut guaranteed hits down to 3-4?
-Prevent using other skills/spells while Precision is active?
Honestly no idea what's the best way to fix it, I just know it's way too
overpowered in its current state.
Arcane Secrets
Note #39937
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, June 5, 2018 @ 17:50
Help Keywords : 'Arcane Secrets'.
Help Category : Enhancement.
Related Helps : Enchanter.

Syntax: cast 'arcane secrets'
Spell Number: ###

A member of the enchanter subclass is so well versed in the inner workings
of magical items that they are able to take shortcuts when brewing potions
or scribing scrolls. By utilizing these arcane secrets, an enchanter is
able to reduce the lag and mana used during brewing and scribing by about

This spell will also add a small amount of intelligence, wisdom and luck 
to the caster, further increasing their ability to scribe or brew.

This spell uses the Augmentation recovery, with the time determined by the 
caster's intelligence and wisdom.

Spell available only to the Enchanter Mage Subclass.

Primary Stat: Wisdom, Intelligence.

Instinct Bonus: Further reduces the lag and mana, up to a maximum of 75%.

Enhanced Mobs
Note #39834
posted on Ideas
Saturday, May 26, 2018 @ 12:18
This has been suggested before, but in light of the recent item changes I'd
like to propose the idea again.
Idea: A percentage chance per mob repop that the mob becomes "Enhanced".
Enhancement  Mods
-----------  ----
Experienced    x2
Skilled        x3
Adept          x4
Expert         x5
Master        x10
Champion      x15
Renowned      x20
Famed         x25
Heroic        x30
Immortal      x40
Godlike       x50
"Mods" boosts health, damage, exp and gold. Additionally, perhaps resists and
stats could also be boosted, but on a smaller scale. 6,000 str/con mobs would
be a bit ridiculous.
Note: I think if a mob is boosted to Master or above, and there's only one
      instance of them in the game, they should be exempted from becoming
      quest targets until killed.
Note2: Additionally, I think any mob over 50k hp should be exempted from this
      % chance. That covers virtually all epic and boss-like mobs in the game
      from becoming boosted.
As a side note, there could also be multiple general mprogs created for each
race. Then one of the general mprogs is assigned to that mob at certain ranks
for even more difficulty and reward modifiers. Similar to how Diablo-style
games handle Champion/etc mobs, the same could be done here with mprogs.
Re: Nerf Request ++
Note #39828
posted on Ideas
Saturday, May 26, 2018 @ 09:48
Reply to: Note 39827 posted by Srykr

| Others did, we just chose not to all jump to the OP situations that
| arose.
| And don't get on a soap box, you lived in icefall till priest was changed
| Which was worse than titan. Nothing in icefall hits hard so you didn't
| even risk a death, or a possible PK zone.
I witnessed several Light's switch to priest and try to pup. Don't act all
high and mighty cause you couldn't figure out how to play the class. I
watched Kane and others run around using Voice of God instead of staves, then
shortly thereafter swap off of priest then accuse me of botting all day long
cause that's the only way I was out pupping them in their eyes.
And you're absolutely right, I did use priest. Why? Because it was the most
efficient class for the way I played(High volume area, non-aggro so I could afk
between rooms as needed. This is also why I didn't do slopes, it wasn't as you
guys liked to claim 'afraid of light', but rather don't want to afk in a
room with aggro respawning mobs. This is also why I don't spam titan all day
long and get even more pups than I did as priest).
Anyone that knew me knows I complained non-stop about staves and how boring it
was. Even mentioned nerfing it on imm on multiple occasions, the only thing I
didn't do was post a note. I was ecstatic when the nerf came, felt so trapped
as priest(I tried swapping twice and ended up back on priest shortly after
cause I was "losing" pups by not being priest)
As for IF being worse than titan, you're absolutely incorrect. The only setup
that surpassed a priest pre-nerf was a duo or more group in titan. Solo priest
was getting around 70 pups(non-opk), 77-80 pups opk per double(15min). Duo+
in titan breaks 70 pups easily, and i've seen up to 85 pups in a double
without opk flag on. With opk up, you're looking at close to 100 pups in 15min.
And that is without using the bomb, btw, and in a group there's virtually no
risk of death unless you're afk or low instinct.
| Blacksmiths in titan priests in icefall.  The # mobs in zone are the
| enabling feature.
I actually disagree with this statement, and would rather say the enabling
feature is the lack of alternative ways to earn pups. If it was more efficient
to kill a strong single mob that took 5min for 15k xp and 1mil gold, I would
place real life money that high density areas would all but be empty.
Re: Nerf Request +++
Note #39816
posted on Ideas
Friday, May 25, 2018 @ 22:17
Reply to: Note 39811 posted by Anymouse

There's a reason I said +friends. It's no secret you're friends with Koala, one
of the area creators. It's also no secret that you were in light. It goes hand
in hand that you'd share this knowledge with your clan, so saying Light knew
about it for longer doesn't convince me it was outside of the "Rhabdo+friends"
group. I'm sure you'll cry foul and deny deny deny, but it is what it is.
But I guess lets go with your story, and it's just coincidence that within
days of us figuring it out, that you just magically want this nerfed.
And FYI, I agree with you. It does need nerfing. It deals 14.5k dmg to every
single mob in the room, and is easily farmed. And there's no reason it can't
be used in groups, completely negating the solo death mprog. I just find the
timing of the nerf request hilarious.