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Deal or No Deal results
Note #2
posted on Games
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 @ 21:05
First, I would like to thank Quarana for sponsoring gold towards tonight's
Tonight's results are as follows:
Kiru played the first round, and did not want to gamble away his luck. He
walked away with 708,360 gold!
Mendaloth ran into trouble in the late stages of the game, and walked away with
2,000 gold!
Our big winner, however, is Daresia! He won the dice roll to play in the
25,000,000 gold game, and he picked his case correctly! Yes, he walked away
with a full 25,000,000 gold!
Congratulations to our three winners tonight! Watch Gametalk for more games,
spontaneous or otherwise! Never know fully what prizes will be offered!
Mr. Crowley
Deal or No Deal is BACK!
Note #1
posted on Games
Monday, March 25, 2019 @ 22:11
cast 64
Hey, fellow Aardwolfians!
Those of you who have been around for years may remember this, and those who
were around last night got to witness this... but Aardwolf's version of DEAL or
NO DEAL is back! That's right! The TV gameshow has come back to Aardwolf!
What is Deal or No Deal, you ask? For those who have never seen the game (on
TV, or on Aard), here's the down and dirty of it.
There are 26 cases, each with a different amount of gold, with a range based on
the host. Default range is from 1 gold to 1,000,000 gold. At the start of the
game, the participating player selects the one case they believe contains the
highest amount of gold. Then, through several rounds, cases are eliminated, and
their values removed from the board. At the end of each round, the banker will
make an offer for your case, based on the remaining values on the board. If you
feel your case contains a higher amount than the banker is offering, you can
reject the deal by saying "No deal!" and the game will continue. However, if
you decide the most you'll get is what the banker offers, you can "Deal!" and
the game will end.
The objective is to remove the lowest values on the board to increase the
banker's offer. If you make it to the final round, when there's only one case
left on the board, you will be given an option to switch your case, or keep the
value that's in your case.
It's a game that keeps people on the edge of their seats as they cheer you on
and offer advice. It's a game that's open to anyone, though it's only one
player at a time. The way the players are selected is through dice rolls done
on gametalk. The highest roll from *dice 1 100 after all potential players have
rolled will play the game.
I plan on running this game on a regular basis (probably weekly, depending on
my own funds, since I pay out every game), but be sure to catch the games
tomorrow night starting around 8pm MUD time!
Additionally, if anyone wants to contribute to the games with prizes, feel free
to send me a note, and we'll plan something together!
Mr. Crowley is not Howie Mandel
Re: My item limit is glitching out. ++
Note #18402
posted on Bugs
Sunday, March 24, 2019 @ 11:40
Reply to: Note 18401 posted by Starling

As discussed in our conversation, it's because your dex is exceeding your saved
stats, and thus the MUD is using your real stats (including spelled up/eq) as
the base for calculations rather than saved stats. It's "one or the other", not
"one from saved, one from real".
But perhaps that was not the intended behaviour, as it does create a drastic
drop if a spellup puts one, but not the other, stat over saved stats. If it is
intended, then perhaps an Ideas note can be written for it to change.
Mr. Crowley
Note edit: At least, that's what I've observed with previous notes and other
Re: My item limit is glitching out.
Note #18400
posted on Bugs
Sunday, March 24, 2019 @ 11:22
Reply to: Note 18399 posted by Starling

When you type 'weight', and it shows your items/weight limit, it also tells you
what your superhero stats were last, and that your item/weight limit can be
based off that.
I believe that if one or the other goes over the saved stats, then it just uses
your current stats as the calculation. So, for instance, say you saved 200/200
str/dex at SH. If your spellups or equipment put you at 201 strength, but you
still have 150 dex, then it's going to calculate it based off real stats, not
saved stats. That can be the reason why you suddenly drop in item capacity.
Maybe that's what's going on with you, and the fact it happens after cps is
purely coinicdental.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Icefall chutes broken
Note #18390
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, March 20, 2019 @ 14:55
Reply to: Note 18389 posted by Srykr

Wonder if that's a side effect of what happened last night when we were able to
clear north side in 42 seconds because no mobs aggro'd/spawned.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Rewrite needed for "help clan"
Note #16943
posted on Typos
Friday, March 15, 2019 @ 11:08
Reply to: Note 16942 posted by Kylia

>This is no longer the case.

This statement is false. It is still the case that a clan who chooses not to
participate in PK in any form can choose to have the NOPK flag.
OPK is an indiviaul choice, not a clan choice. If a person chooses to join a
NOPK clan, it's possible that they do not want to deal with PK at all. However,
a player can elect to go OPK without affecting the clan's status as a NOPK
If OPK isn't listed in 'help clan' (I haven't read it in forever), then maybe
it does need to mentioned in the help file that NOPK clan members can still
elect to go OPK.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Weaponmaster bug?
Note #18375
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 @ 20:19
Reply to: Note 18374 posted by Teleron

It's not a bug, but a feature. You get to use the skill as if it's 100%, but if
you keep it unpracticed, you gain all the little exp from skill gains.
Mr. Crowley
Re: gqs ++
Note #41518
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 @ 13:39
Reply to: Note 41517 posted by Deepstar

| Problem is,hunting during gquests kills snd.
| but it strengthens players who use mobwalks.
| it's either we get huntrick back in or move mobs around.
| i think if the mobs moved around,it would be more 'fair'
| i mean anyone can get a mapper from a friend.
| it would be nice if gqs were based on experience and not plugins.
When you start your note about how a change kills a particular plugin
(especially one that Lasher has never cared for since its creation), your
argument pretty much becomes null and void.
As far as it being nice if "gqs were based on experience and not plugins", this
will be near impossible to achieve. Your suggestion does not require experience
to beat. A plugin that can set the 'mapper where' command to the room found in
'where ' (such as S&D) will not be defeated by "moving the mobs around".
And since Lasher cannot remotely disable all plugins related to GQs (whether
they're mobwalkers, S&D, or even bots), there will not be a way to make GQs
about experience.
One possible solution to this would be to create a "GQ area" that has, say, 500
rooms, and the mobs in the GQ are cloned in the area. Every GQ, the area
changes, so it's never the same area twice, and the mobs are loaded into
different rooms. But that would require a lot of work, too. Just a thought,
Mr. Crowley
Condense 'where' header
Note #41501
posted on Ideas
Sunday, March 10, 2019 @ 21:11
Currently, as we all know, when you type 'where' in an area, you are initially
greeted with the following header information:

You are in area : Prairie Village Estates
Area created by : Domain
Level range is  : 0 to 0

That's three lines of information that crosses the screen before we get to the
information most of us are really after, and that's who is in the area. Nothing
inherently wrong with this, but I tend to like my stuff a little more compact
at times. Thus, I wrote a trigger to condense it all to:

You are in area : @x196Prairie Village Estates@x231 (@x1960 to 0@x231) @x051/ @x196Domain

It would be nice, however, if we could have a condenseheader toggle, or even
'shortheader' that would produce the same output. That way, those who thrive to
see the long information can, and those, like myself, who prefer shortened
versions, can toggle it on.
Just more of my two cents.

Mr. Crowley
Re: Your top 1 or 2 ideas to balance classes.
Note #41499
posted on Ideas
Sunday, March 10, 2019 @ 18:22
Reply to: Note 41428 posted by Lasher

One idea that I've thought about for the longest time, and might have mentioned
before is a polymorph spell, which would act in the below fashion:

When casting polymorph on a player or mob a higher level than you are, the
spell reduces the player or mob's "level" by half the distance (e.g. if there
is a difference of 8 levels, the player or mob's acting level is reduced by 4).
This does not interfere with learned spells or equipment, as those will
function normally. However, it does reduce all stats based on current stats. To

Whatever the percentage a stat is to max at current level, that percentage is
used at the reduced level. For example, if the stat max for the level was 200,
and the target's stat was 150, that's 75% of their max. Now imagine when
polymorphed, they dropped 5 levels and their new stat cap was 180 (not using
exacts, just examples). The target's new stat would be 75% of that 180, or 135.
The duration of the spell would be based off the caster's Int, and affected by
Luck. Might be given to all spellcaster classes, or just to mages or psis (as
psis deal with mind).

Additionally, I'd add some binding options for melee and spellcasting classes.
I'm sure anyone who has played a Final Fantasy game (or any JRPG) is aware of
'Silence', a maladiction that prevents a caster from being able to cast spells.
I offer a milder version, 'Muffle', which causes a reduction in the
spellcaster's spells, and I also offer up 'bind', which would bind a melee
fighter's hands and make their hits less effective.

The caveat with the bindings would be the effectiveness of the maladiction is
based on the target's primary class. If you attempt to muffle a warrior, it has
no affect, and you cannot attempt to bind them afterwards. Likewise, if you
attempt to bind a spellcaster, you cannot muffle them.
Food for thought, and I think would be an interesting addition to PVP, as well
as some epic battles.

Mr. Crowley
Re: Touchstone clan area exit change. ++
Note #27820
posted on General
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 @ 14:27
Reply to: Note 27819 posted by Lasher

The area exits in Touchstone have not changed in years. The last time they
changed any, it was announced. I've had the same mapper for several years, and
I've not directly gone to Touchstone to make any changes as far back as I can
Perhaps the change was made while you were on, shall we say, an extended
vacation from Aardwolf? It's the only reason I can think of that you didn't
receive notice about any changes to clan exits. Either that, or you missed
it/forgot to update the clan exits. I just checked them all to make sure, too,
and they all lead to the same places.
Mr. Crowley
Mprog ends PVP combat prematurely
Note #18361
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 @ 12:51
In Keep of Kearvek, room 29770, you can give gems to Coran to move to the next
section of the area if you have not done the goal. This seems to interrupt PVP
I had cursed and webbed Jyscal just briefly after he had given the gems to
Coran, and was in combat with him for 2-3 rounds before he suddenly
disappeared. He confirmed with me that he had given the gems just a second
before I attacked him, and he was transported to the new section and was able
to portal out.
Perhaps the mprog needs to do a final check before transporting the character
to see if the character is in combat, or that room may need to be marked 'safe'
to prevent further incidents, as being in combat generally prevents custom exit
movements, etc.
As a side note, I do not know if this works if already in combat and then the
gems are given, or even if, after having done the goal, you can escape combat
by saying kearvek, but it would be interesting to see if those produce the same
Mr. Crowley
Re: Aardwolf Clock, Version 2! +
Note #7828
posted on Tech
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 @ 11:34
Reply to: Note 7827 posted by Crowley

Ralyn just pointed out that when he tries to update, it crashes. It's very
likely because his version predates the functions that Fiendish added to
AardMUSH that allow the updater to work. I'm not sure which version had the
functions required, but I believe it's safe to say that if you have anything
that is still 18xx version (use checkversion to check), you will not be
successful in updating.
If this is you, you have two options: either update your client (you really
should use this option), or go to the link ( and
install it manually.
But again, you really should update!
Mr. Crowley
Re: Aardwolf Clock, Version 2!
Note #7827
posted on Tech
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 @ 11:24
Reply to: Note 7820 posted by Crowley

New update to the clock. For those who have it installed already, just type
'aardclock update'. For those who have not installed it, please refer to note
7820 in this forum.
The new update simply adds a GENERIC help file, and a new command: 'aardclock
time', which forces an update of the time. This is useful for when you've been
disconnected from the MUD, or a reboot happens, as the clock will get out of
sync then.
As always, if there are any bugs you find, or any features you'd like added,
please let me know, and I'll see what I can do!
Mr. Crowley
Please up shopkeeper start gold
Note #41451
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 @ 09:40
Please, have shopkeepers start with a good amount of gold (or endless, if
possible) for when reboots happen and you want to sell stuff after reboot. In
particular, this was a manor shopkeeper that inspired this note (though I know
others have come before). Shopkeepers cannot be killed, and therefore cannot
have the gold stolen from them, so it does no harm that I can see to, say, give
them 1 billion gold to be able to buy things from a player.
It seems mighty ridiculous that I can't even sell an item for 503 gold to my
manor shopkeeper unless I buy things first...
Mr. Crowley
Re: trivia tracker
Note #41402
posted on Ideas
Sunday, February 24, 2019 @ 12:45
Reply to: Note 41401 posted by Quarana

Quest points are tracked, whereas triva points are not, as far as I know.
Trivia points are also not an open stat that can be viewed by the public. I get
that you may want to know how many you've collected over the course of your
Aard life, but I don't think it's a valuable enough feature that time should be
spent on adding it to the MUD. At best, you'd get to see how many trivia points
you've wasted. At worst, you get to see how many trivia points you've wasted.
Mr. Crowley
Re: DSR, Angelina after Task 12
Note #16928
posted on Typos
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 @ 11:13
Reply to: Note 16925 posted by Crowley

MIssed this the first go-around, but also... "If would have been disastrous" --
Needs to be It.
Mr. Crowley
Aardwolf Clock, Version 2!
Note #7820
posted on Tech
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 @ 11:24
Hey fellow Aardwolfians!

For the longest time, I had a clock that would display the hour and whether it
was day or night in Aardwolf time (not real time, but what you see in 'time').
It was buggy, and required you to download the image files that came with it.

I've since upgraded it to version 2.x. And it comes packed with new features.
No longer do you have to download images, because the plugin now draws the
clock face. No longer is it bland and clunky, but rather smooth and rather
sleek, if I say so myself. Here's a list of the features:

* Analog clock that acts as a visual tick timer
* Displays the current season and the damage associated with it
* Displays when the current season ends
* Displays sunrise (yellow sun) and sunset (orange sun)
* Background and colors change to reflect day and night
* Has an easy-to-use update feature for future updates

These features mean you'll always know when it changes from day to night, or
vice versa, which is useful for some goals and some pesky mobs. Additionally,
you'll always be able to see when the MUD is just about to tick, so you can
sleep, or prepare to do whatever commands you were going to do on tick.

You can pick up the plugin at the tinyurl below, and here are two screenshots
to show the difference between day and night. As a side note, if you're using
the standard MUSHclient and do not have the image files that Fiendish includes
with Aardwolf MUSHClient, then the backgrounds will not look the same.
Additionally, if you experience any problems, please, let me know via a note
and I'll look into them. -- Day -- Night

To install, open the tinyurl link, Ctrl+A (or right-click and select all).
Ctrl+C (or right-click, select copy). Open up your favorite text editor, and
Ctrl+V (or right-click, Paste). File -> Save As, and save it as
'Aardwolf_Clock.xml'. Make sure you change the file types to either 'All Files'
or 'XML'. Once it's saved in a location (I suggest the plugin directory for
MUSH), Ctrl+Shift+P in MUSH, 'Add', and navigate to the plugin.

Hopefully, in the future, I'll add some new features (such as being able to
hide what you don't care to see, and maybe even forecasting the next season).
But until then, enjoy!

Mr. Crowley

P.S. Credit goes towards Fiendish for helping take it out of Beta!
Add safe flag to Lottery room
Note #41372
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 18, 2019 @ 09:36
Could we add the safe flag to the Lottery room in Aylor?
As an active purchaser of tickets, using the buy ticket   
format, it'd be a huge bummer to lose Hardcore flag or be PK'd by an OPK person
in the middle of a transaction, especially since buying 100 tickets can take a
bit of time.
Might consider adding it to any store rooms in Aylor that aren't currently
"safe", if there are any.
Mr. Crowley
DSR, Angelina after Task 12
Note #16925
posted on Typos
Sunday, February 17, 2019 @ 22:35
Queen Angelina exclaims, " I am pleased at the remarkable effort that you put
into permanently closing that portal.  If would have been disastrous if the
creatures had been released into our world!"

Comes from completing Task 12. Errant space at the start of speech.

Mr. Crowley
Task 12, DSR
Note #16924
posted on Typos
Sunday, February 17, 2019 @ 22:32
Task 12 : Tell Queen Angelina what you saw in the castle tower.

You have turned the eyes away from the center of Caspia! Return to Queen 
Angelina, and tell her what you did to stop the spread of the contamination 
in the castle.

You have prevented the eyes from opening a portal into another dimension, and
flooding Caspia with the denizens that live there. Return to Queen Angleina 
and say that you have turned the eyes away from Caspia.

Kind of redundant. The task hints should probably be rewritten to not say the
same thing twice.

Mr. Crowley
DSR, green eyes (part 2)
Note #16923
posted on Typos
Sunday, February 17, 2019 @ 22:28
After the task:

You grasp the green eyes, and turn them away from the center of town!
When you turn the eyes away from the window, a green burst of energy strikes
the wall of tower! The energy reflects off of the diamond wall and back at the
eyes, destroying them in a blinding flash!
 Not sure what to think here... is that supposed to be tower wall?
Mr. Crowley
swho 12 area
DSR, green eyes
Note #16922
posted on Typos
Sunday, February 17, 2019 @ 22:25
room id: 4838, look eyes

These eyes are each about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. They has a 
vertical pupils that are bright red, and burns with an internal fire. Both of
the irises are a sickly green color, with large, red vessels running through 
them. They turn to follow you as you move around the tower, as though they 
are not only sentient, but also watching your every move.
1. have, and remove the 'a'.
2. burn, subject-verb agreement ("they burn", not "they burns")

Mr. Crowley
DSR, Queen's speech
Note #16920
posted on Typos
Sunday, February 17, 2019 @ 21:59
Queen Angelina says, "Also, something has been corrupting the beautiful
diamonds in the upper levels of the castle.  It started as a few minor flaws
that were filled with some kind of green substance, but now the problems have
escalated to the point where It it has taken all of my energy just to prevent
it from spreading to the rest of the castle.  I sent a few guards, but none of
them returned, and since I have to remain here to prevent the spread of it, I
would like you to investigate what is happening and deal with it."
Errant word.
Mr. Crowley
swho 12 area
Re: weaponmaster bug?
Note #18273
posted on Bugs
Saturday, February 16, 2019 @ 22:05
Reply to: Note 18272 posted by Orruk

On testport, it was discovered that weaponmaster played a part in a bug with
the new mindflayer ability. I wonder if fixing it caused this. I don't have
weaponmaster myself, but yes, if you have weaponmaster, regardless of class,
you're treated as having 100% in that skill. Interesting.
Mr. Crowley
swho 12 area
Re: crithits
Note #41361
posted on Ideas
Saturday, February 16, 2019 @ 17:22
Reply to: Note 41360 posted by Mannec

... What's so "pesky" about them?
Then again, I guess someone will always find the smallest thing to complain
Mr. Crowley
Re: stalk/stealth and scry
Note #41352
posted on Ideas
Friday, February 15, 2019 @ 17:09
Reply to: Note 41351 posted by Dillon

In my opinion, you're not a very good ninja if someone can still sense that
you're watching them... Just food for thought.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Hunter ++++++++
Note #41338
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 @ 20:46
Reply to: Note 41337 posted by Wars

Well, best rule of thumb is you interpret the rules how you want, and if you
want to play on the safe side, great, all the better for you, and less chance
you'll get in trouble for it.
But this is getting off-topic now, so should probably return to the topic of
Mr. Crowley
Re: Hunter ++++++
Note #41336
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 @ 20:40
Reply to: Note 41335 posted by Wars

I'm pretty sure that refers to not being able to have someone say "door to me!"
and you automatically door to them, or your spouse says "reunion!" and you
automatically reunion. That's being controlled by another player via commands.
Someone scrying you is not remote control.

Mr Crowley
Re: Hunter ++++
Note #41334
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 @ 20:24
Reply to: Note 41332 posted by Wars

>Just like it's illegal to trigger recall off a scry.
It is? Never heard that rule before, not that I do it. But plenty of others do,
so when I catch it, I'm reporting it! Though I find nothing in the rules about
not being able to automatically recall when scried or volleyed (because I could
just link-dead and autorecall anyway)... And people do that when regular PVP
As for lower tiers surviving volley... I don't know how you did it (except
maybe combination of combat with whole room of mobs and your volley), but you
knocked down 3.6k and had 16 hits (if I recall correctly) in 1-2 rounds. Don't
get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the PK aspect of it at all. You get me,
you get me, whether it's with an overpowered volley or not.
I do agree, however, with the notion that any nerfing of volley itself should
reflect only on PVP, not mobs. And we're not saying "OMG, nerf it so it takes
200 shots to kill a player!". Maybe decrease it to 60% of the damage it does
now, and decrease number of shots by 25%? Something to that effect, maybe.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Hunter ++
Note #41328
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 @ 19:43
Reply to: Note 41326 posted by Ylar

cast 423
>> Reply to Wars' note:
>First off there is nothing wrong or broken with volley. It has its weaknesses
>pay attention and stop stacking. People are dying to it mainly because
>they dont know how to properly play against it.
When a majority of your pks come from volley because you were able to spam xx
amount of shots against a player in combat and they couldn't react in time to
defend against it, it's a bit overpowered. It has nothing to do with "paying
attention" and "not stacking". It has everything to do with in 1-2 rounds, a
hunter at the SAME level can volley a person to death due to how many shots
they can get off. I know because I had full health when you volleyed me once,
and I died after one round. Let's be honest - volley became a cheap way to PK
people without fear of dying in combat. You didn't kill them in the first round
or two? You probably don't stick around to see if they come find you to attack
you in normal combat.
Reducing the effect of volley, but adding specialty arrows would be pretty fun,
though. Snare your target in a net, then come fight them as you would any other
PK victim. Or poison your victim from afar (could even be a poison one can't
cleanse). Being able to set a trap for xx amount of time would be pretty cool,
too. You could even set it up to where it alerts you, no matter where you are
(so you could effectively leave the area so the victim doesn't know you've set
a trap there). In any case, the damage on volley, or the number of shots fired,
should be tweaked.
Mr. Crowley
Re: QP Savings Account +
Note #41314
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 11, 2019 @ 15:21
Reply to: Note 41312 posted by Zagyg

I simply don't see the need for this. Quest points aren't like trains, which
disappear when you remort/retier, so depositing trains then makes sense. You
ALWAYS have quest points. If you want to save up for something, depositing
quest points you can withdraw at any time won't help, either. You'll simply
withdraw quest points to make your desired purchase instead of saving up for
Just save your quest points. If you can, or know how to, write a trigger that
shows you have 100 quest points no matter what your quest points are so that
you are tricked into believing you don't have any to spend. But yeah, I see no
need for this at all, and I hate to agree with DjVoltron when he says no to
Mr. Crowley
Re: Starling
Note #27764
posted on General
Thursday, February 7, 2019 @ 23:35
Reply to: Note 27763 posted by Escobar

You're right. It is none of your business. I know the story, though. Long story
short, Lasher's a fair person. She wasn't banned for the emails, but something
else. Lasher thought about the ban, overturned it, and let her back. End of
As I said, Lasher's a fair person. He's always believed in the best of people,
even if it bites him in the ass. And if he feels a choice was made that may
have not been fair, he has the right to overturn it.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Sleep spell. ++++
Note #41268
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 4, 2019 @ 21:51
Reply to: Note 41267 posted by Nasus

>You can use 'strangle' in combat just not vs the player you are in combat with
Maybe you should learn to express your ideas a bit deeper instead of assuming
everyone can read your mind. See, the way it comes across is you want to be
able to cast sleep on the player you're in combat with, not other players who
may enter the room at a later time. As such, if you are able to strangle
non-attacking players, then I would agree that you should be able to cast sleep
as well.
Also, if his note DID make sense to other people, blame the addled mind due to
surgery and pain meds. But then again, it's Nasus, so it's really 50/50 if he
makes sense at all.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Sleep spell. ++
Note #41266
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 4, 2019 @ 21:44
Reply to: Note 41265 posted by Nasus

Why, though? To sleep an opponent so you can get away from PK, or call for
backup or heal up because you're getting your cheeks handed to you?
You make the point of strangle being fighter-class stats, and sleep being
spellcaster. You can't use strangle mid-combat, so why should you be able to
use sleep?
Mr. Crowley
Re: Sleep spell.
Note #41264
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 4, 2019 @ 19:55
Reply to: Note 41263 posted by Nasus

>casted during combat
See 'help angel breath'
Mr. Crowley
Re: Kingsholm Goal +++
Note #41257
posted on Ideas
Sunday, February 3, 2019 @ 15:24
Reply to: Note 41256 posted by Tymme

>'next' is still more convenient than no solution at all
I don't disagree with this. However, it serves no convenience when you're
forced to kill the mobs anyway. The single mort player without invis, after 6
rooms, do not get to use 'next' to get past the seals. Halfway through the
seals, you lose the ability to use 'next' with efficiency anyway. Also, if
'next' was added to prevent killing key mobs in gqs, it fails its purpose. As
for your last paragraph, those aren't "broken". The convenience of those
rewards aren't negated due to a game mechanic.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Kingsholm Goal +
Note #41253
posted on Ideas
Saturday, February 2, 2019 @ 21:17
Reply to: Note 41208 posted by Redryn

>I thought they don't see invis?
Apparently they do. At least, the later ones. I just tested it. Sneak, too.
Mr. Crowley
Re: bragging right pin for reaching rank 5 epic? ++
Note #41240
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 31, 2019 @ 13:46
Reply to: Note 41238 posted by Tryllus

>No, you havent participated one for a while so dont know.
Don't presume to think you know what I know and don't know. I'm well aware of
what goes on in Epics, even if I don't have time to participate in them.
There's a reason I made the social "afktantrum".
I did not say "too bad to other who worked for it". Don't put words in my
mouth. I said there's plenty of bragging rights already, so why do you feel the
need for more? Because you don't feel special enough as it is? Just curious why
you feel the need to be extra special. Again, restring. Better option because
you can do whatever you want then. :)
Mr. Crowley
Re: bragging right pin for reaching rank 5 epic? ++
Note #41237
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 31, 2019 @ 13:37
Reply to: Note 41236 posted by Tryllus

> Alright, you may not be able to use it because you may will never
> reach rank 5 in any epic. Its understandable that you shot down the idea.
I did not shoot it down because I "may will never reach rank 5 in any epic". I
don't care if I reach rank 5 in any epic or not. The idea isn't about me
reaching rank 5.  I shot it down because there is no need for it. It doesn't
encourage people to participate, getting a "nothing" badge just to say "I did
it! I got a gold star today!". But hey, if you want to go ahead with the idea,
make sure you name the badge "I <3 Epic AFKers!" because let's be honest, many
of the people who are rank 5 now haven't contributed anything to Epics but to
just sit there and AFK through 90% of it. So if you want to reward AFKers,
awesome. I'd have thought the items were reward enough, and also the Epic notes
posting how many runs each person has done, etc.
You already have bragging rights. Restring your own pins if you truly feel the
need for more.
Mr. Crowley.
Re: bragging right pin for reaching rank 5 epic? ++
Note #41235
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 31, 2019 @ 13:29
Reply to: Note 41233 posted by Castiel

Well, Castiel wasn't talking about your point. He was talking about the
additions that Srykr wanted to make. Don't be so defensive when it's not about
I don't care for the idea myself. If you want bragging rights, you can easily
restring your current pins (donation pin, builder pin, tier pin, or whatever
the last one is) and have it displayed there. Or just simply put it in your
desc. Why should anyone have to monitor who has obtained rank 5 legitimately
(rather than buying out)? Just pay for restrings.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Alias wish
Note #41221
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 28, 2019 @ 11:23
Reply to: Note 41220 posted by Huko

Wish granted. You now have up to 60 alias slots.
Mr. Crowley
Re: TinTin++ ++
Note #7802
posted on Tech
Sunday, January 27, 2019 @ 22:20
Reply to: Note 7801 posted by Dragonfist

Refer to Magna's point about "Tintin++ not being a really good client for
people who aren't already MUD geeks." He's not wrong.
People write guides assuming that if you're using Tintin++, you know the ins
and outs of Tintin++ already, as it's not what most people want/desire in a
client. If you really want to get started with Tintin++, read up on the actual
client itself, familiarizing yourself with its commands, how it works, and
other things you can find in Tintin++'s manual. Once you've mastered that, you
may find it easier to figure out what to do to set up anything
I must point out, though. Even though Aardwolf has garnered attention in the
mobile market, it is first and foremost a game more easily played from a PC.
That's not to discourage you from playing from a phone. Plenty of people have,
and still do. But starting out with a client you are not familiar with is not
beneficial to you at all, and will only frustrate you and possibly cause you to
quit. There are several people here who are willing to help on the tech
channel, for sure, but you'd have to catch them online.
Blowtorch (not the AardwolfRGP one, but the later edition) is definitely more
user-friendly, but if you're having trouble with that, as well, then you should
start writing notes about what you have tried that has not worked so others can
chime in and spot mistakes or offer guidance.
Mr. Crowley
Kingsholm Goal
Note #41207
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 25, 2019 @ 19:22
The goal rewards for Kingsholm are pretty nifty, being able to be escorted
around to different areas as needed as well as being able to progress through
the seals using 'next'. However, the second goal reward is rendered useless
just seven seals in when aggros attack you anyway.
The point of being able to use 'next' through the seals is to be able to
traverse them quickly instead of having to kill mobs for the key. If you are
aggro'd, you wind up killing the mob and getting the key anyway, so 'next'
becomes redudant.
I propose that the goal rewards be amended to make the seals more friendly to
the champions. Obviously you've already proven your skill over them, so no need
to do it a second time (or third, fourth, infinity). Please make this small
change, like the anthbeasts in duNoir (I believe they no longer aggro you once
the goal is completed).
 Mr. Crowley
Re: In Memoriam of Taeryn, of Druid.
Note #27752
posted on General
Sunday, January 6, 2019 @ 14:20
Reply to: Note 27749 posted by Myrddin

Such a sad day. I've spoken with Taeryn many times, even pk'd him a couple of
times, and he was always a stellar person. May he rest in peace, and thank you
for letting us know.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Uncurse wish almost useless (repost) ++
Note #41140
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 2, 2019 @ 16:56
Reply to: Note 41139 posted by Koala

Then I'm one unlucky person, as when I was actively pupping, I got it nearly
every 2-3 rooms. There was one time I had no less than 10 tendriils in my
inventory and I had only been pupping 15 minutes.

Mr. Crowley
Re: Uncurse wish almost useless (repost)
Note #41138
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 2, 2019 @ 16:54
Reply to: Note 41136 posted by Koala

Areas shouldn't be changed without builder's consent, unless it is something
that is breaking the game play mechanics. Cursed objects should typically
remain cursed. If there's an issue with an area being changed without your
consent, you probably should speak to the Imms about it.
As far as being easy to spam remove curse, have you ever attempted that pupping
in Titan? Unless it's changed, get those damned tendrils quite often enough,
and you don't really have enough time to spam remove curse before your group
leader (if you're grouped) moves you to another room. That's just one situation
where your thought doesn't make sense at all.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Uncurse wish almost useless
Note #18226
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, January 2, 2019 @ 16:44
Reply to: Note 18225 posted by Koala

1. This isn't a bug, but an idea.
2. Uncurse is still quite useful, especially since it can uncurse multiple
items at once. I find myself using it often enough. Many cursed objects in the
game, still.
Mr. Crowley
Dear Boot Clan
Note #16889
posted on Typos
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 @ 21:02
Please fix your recruitment message. You're missing punctuation after Daycare.
It makes me sad and triggered.
Thank you.
Mr. Crowley
Re: Allow Mobkills to be filtered by Mob Alignment
Note #41105
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 22, 2018 @ 09:27
Reply to: Note 41104 posted by Agailia

But why? mobkills shows the mobs that have killed players, not a list of mobs
to kill like mobdeaths. I'm just confused why you want this feature.
Mr. Crowley