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Re: Blending Aard Items.
Note #39149
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 13, 2018 @ 20:40
Reply to: Note 39139 posted by Lasher

Would there be a level restriction on use? If not, it will probably increase
resale value of bad-level aarditems. If yes, all the mega-rich sitting T9 SHs 
will at least spend another whatever qp to get T9 pieces that they haven't 
bothered to get. I haven't decided which scenario I prefer.
Re: Quiet pc systems +++++++
Note #7599
posted on Tech
Monday, February 12, 2018 @ 14:28
Reply to: Note 7598 posted by StarsOscar

General Hospital? ->
Re: Quiet pc systems +++++
Note #7596
posted on Tech
Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 14:31
Reply to: Note 7595 posted by Tymme

I'm going to take a different approach, and suggest an alternative
without changing your children. Instead of making your children
quieter, you can achieve the same impact to yourself by simply
not being near your children. I've set up environments where the
children are in a closet down the hall, while the keyboard, video,
and mouse are in the office.
Re: Quiet pc systems ++
Note #7593
posted on Tech
Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 14:26
Reply to: Note 7592 posted by Magna

I swear I thought you were going to suggest making the rest of the environment
noisier so that the computer noise wouldn't be noticable anymore.
It was really funny until it was wrong.
GMCP char.status.state wrong at MOTD if state not 3
Note #17745
posted on Bugs
Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 13:50
If your state would be 3 at connect, char.status.state will report 2 at the 
MOTD prompt "[ Press Return to continue ]". This is good.
But if your state would be anything else, like 4 or 11, those are reported
instead of 2. This is bad.

Currently using GMCP to detect ready-to-command is unreliable.
I don't know if this changed at some point or if I'm just not good at
noticing things.

Telopt 100,X appears to work correctly.
Re: SQL refreshing
Note #7591
posted on Tech
Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 13:33
Reply to: Note 7589 posted by Dexter

I don't have a good answer for you here, but I want to just add to your
list of things to know that SQL is usually not portable between different
environments. Writing for an Oracle DB will not be quite the same as writing
SQLite, which will not be quite the same as writing for MariaDB.
(SQLite lacks certain kinds of joins, for instance)
Re: EQ Creation Contest!
Note #29
posted on Games
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 22:34
Reply to: Note 27 posted by Kobus

I didn't read it yet, but I wanted to be the first person to write in to tell
you that I think your note is very pretty. I sure hope the content stands up.
Because your style at least has set a high bar for the rest of us.
I'm sure that some people will think that I am being sarcastic, but I'm not.
Re: Error In Spelling
Note #16473
posted on Typos
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 19:14
Reply to: Note 16472 posted by Chevalier

Aardwolf follows US spelling.
Re: NPC Keywords +++++++++
Note #39086
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 16:31
Reply to: Note 39083 posted by Mordist

> Adding an additional feature does not interfere with anybody else's 
> enjoyment of the game

Ah, perfect. Then I petition for a command to give free levels whenever I want.
It won't interfere with anybody else's enjoyment.

Re: Working from home ideas?
Note #375
posted on Misc
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 @ 21:04
Reply to: Note 373 posted by DjVoltron

I know someone who conducts phone interviews for Karat.
Note #41
posted on Jokes
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 @ 20:16
I keep seeing announcements like "WARFARE: A Class war has been declared..."
But when I join I end up on the same side as people with a lot less gold than I
Re: NPC Keywords ++++++++
Note #39062
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 @ 19:10
Reply to: Note 39060 posted by Xyndor

The fact is that this idea serves no function whatsoever other than to devolve
Aardwolf leveling into such a mindless state that you would no longer need to pay
any kind of attention at all. And that is true whether automated or not.

To people suddenly jumping on the "do it for the VI players" train, please 
stop. This isn't the thread for it. If you want to help make the game 
accessible, think of ways to transmit information better instead of finding
ways to severely devalue cognition.

Re: Quiet pc systems
Note #7588
posted on Tech
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 @ 14:08
Reply to: Note 7586 posted by Tymme

As Koala says, liquid cooling is not the same as fanless. Fanless machines do
exist. Larger slower fans also exist (more CFM from low RPM).
There's a large commodity market for quiet computer building, considering
everything from more efficient heatsinks to acoustic insulation and padding.

Re: Creepin on Aardgirls gift exchange!
Note #23
posted on Games
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 @ 03:44
Reply to: Note 21 posted by Codex

This was a joke, right?
Re: NPC Keywords
Note #39047
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 @ 03:31
Reply to: Note 39032 posted by Xyndor

While it's true that a previously bad idea is not necessarily still bad, this
particular idea is exceptionally bad. 

Here's a good general rule to follow: Does your idea or script make it so that
players don't have to think? Then it's bad. 

Does your idea or script make it so that a player can advance literally without
even knowing what the text says? Then it's bad.

- Fiendish
Re: Possible PK restrictions. +++
Note #38836
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 @ 16:49
tldr: I think we must answer the question: Is it reasonable to believe that 
avoiding multiple repeated PK within a short timeframe is easy unless 
you just aren't trying? And if you aren't trying, should you get bonuses?
(My answers are "Yes. No.")

I'm going to preface this by saying that I think Mcgregor is right that this
entire thread is bonkers and off the rails until we actually know the goal
of Lasher's proposal. If the goal is "improve OPK" rather than something targeted, then
it becomes important to talk about what the actual purpose of the OPK system is.

Reply to: Note 38814 posted by Pwar

There are two parts of OPK.

1) The objective: To get more players to participate in PK on Aardwolf.
2) The carrot: Increase XP as enticement to fulfill the objective, on the premise
that the objective is necessarily onerous.

Now some people here are treating these backwards. Some people seem to
think that being PKable is the penalty for getting more free XP. But that's 
wrong. Aardwolf doesn't need more free XP. Giving you more free XP isn't the 

As far as I can tell, the above is indisputable.

Now we come to the part where we define what it means to participate
in PK. If you attack me and kill me repeatedly because I don't bother trying
to avoid you and don't bother trying to escape and don't bother trying
to get help, am I participating? I think that's questionable.
(I also think that anyone who keeps targeting me in those circumstances probably
needs a hug and a shoulder to cry on, but that's a subject for another time.)
PK is more than what happens after combat begins, and PK combat is likely
easy enough to avoid such that repeated deaths are due to either negligence
or not being ready to participate yet.

PK, especially OPK, also means proactive defense. And if you aren't doing it, then
perhaps the carrot or the flag should be removed because you aren't fulfilling
the obligation to engage the objective.

This brings us to a potential dilemma about incentives. I speculate that 
certain groups are less likely to be PKed. Powerup-heavy superheroes and T9s
on redoes come to mind. They shouldn't be getting the same bonuses.

- Fiendish
Re: Possible PK restrictions. +++++
Note #38806
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 @ 12:10
Reply to: Note 38804 posted by Robbo

> Kicking the targeted player out of OPK mode only fixes issues where a 
> player is allowing themself to be killed intentionally.

Are you saying that PK is difficult to avoid?
Because otherwise any instance of repeated deaths in a narrow time window
is by some measure the player allowing themself to be killed.

If you say that PK is hard to avoid, I won't argue.
Re: Possible PK restrictions. ++++
Note #38803
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 @ 11:51
Reply to: Note 38802 posted by Daak

> I don't care about the deaths because that's part of the risk. I accept
> that. It's a tax.

If you don't care about the deaths, then maybe they're not enough of a tax.
Re: Possible PK restrictions. +
Note #38776
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 @ 00:59
Reply to: Note 38775 posted by Fiendish

I do think, though, that PK grace should allow you to bypass ignore. It
crosses beyond antisocial into malicious to have someone ignored but then also
kill them. So maybe killing someone should mean that they get to talk to you.
It seems like a reasonable trade to me.
Re: Possible PK restrictions.
Note #38775
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 @ 00:16
Reply to: Note 38752 posted by Lasher

> You cannot PK {player} more than {X} times in {Y} hours.

Escobar's comments got me thinking about OPK deaths again, and his intervention
has shifted my perspective. I found this part compelling:

> My issue with it is, when you opt into PK / OPK / Hardcore, you have to realize
> you've now made yourself a target. Whether it's a bored T9 on a redo, or just a
> bored tier in a dying clan that trolls Ideas board, it doesn't matter - you've
> put that on your back. You need to learn how to adjust your playstyle to better
> suit that.

I think this paragraph really gets at something important. If a player is
activating OPK, perhaps they should be expected to adjust their playstyle
in a way that makes them not die so much.
And if they don't, perhaps their OPK flag should just be removed temporarily.

It might make more sense to negate a player's OPK flag for {z} days if they
get killed more than {x} times in {y} hours, where x is relatively low.
Just a temporary negation, mind; nobody should be penalized more than a few days
for dying a lot. But maybe they don't need the benefits either if the deaths 
aren't worth avoiding.

- Fiendish
Re: setwanted cost +++
Note #38714
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 21, 2018 @ 10:07
Reply to: Note 38713 posted by Wire

> As of now it's very easy to ... setwant people for the fun of it.

As opposed to...?
r1955 hits latent notepad corruption bug in MUSHclient
Note #7584
posted on Tech
Saturday, January 20, 2018 @ 22:14
Reply to: Note 7583 posted by Fiendish

This should now be fixed in r1956
Re: BoXern's Boxes +
Note #38670
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 20, 2018 @ 00:13
Reply to: Note 38669 posted by Codex

Yeah sure. I like boxes and also gifts.
level check +++++++++
Note #38667
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 23:48
Reply to: Note 38663 posted by Kobus

I can see that the opposing position is that a t0 50 can't otherwise survive against
a t9. But a t0 1 also can't survive against a t9, and none of you seem to 
be worried about a t9 pking them. So I'm left wondering why that specific
scenario was introduced. t0 50 is basically the same as t0 1, and they _should_
probably die in pk to just about anyone.

level check +++++++++
Note #38662
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 23:29
Reply to: Note 38660 posted by Kobus

I've read all the notes. But a t0 1 isn't protected by any advantageous level checks. 
Where's the outcry there?
t0 1 and t0 50 may as well be the same thing as far as leveling is concerned.
Re: level check ++++++++
Note #38659
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 23:15
Reply to: Note 38655 posted by Redryn

| A level 1 t9 can already attack a level 50 t0 no problem. The only reason
| it's not done more is because the levelcheck will at least give the t0 a fair
| chance.

I just don't understand where you're going with this. A level 1 t9 can also 
attack a level 1 t0. Is that power imbalance less of a problem?
Are we worried about the t9 or about the t0 here?
Re: scry
Note #38638
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 16:28
Reply to: Note 38637 posted by Bauer

Why is this coming up now and not in 1997?
Re: r1955 hits latent notepad corruption bug in MUSHclient
Note #7583
posted on Tech
Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 13:09
Reply to: Note 7582 posted by Fiendish

Update: I think I've fixed the bug and I'm waiting for the changes to be 
pulled into the mushclient repository.
r1955 hits latent notepad corruption bug in MUSHclient
Note #7582
posted on Tech
Thursday, January 18, 2018 @ 14:36
If you are using my MUSHclient package and depend on the client's built-in
notepad or recall features, you may encounter a latent bug in the client
code leading to corruption of the contents of the notepad. This is most
likely to impact VI players. As far as I know, the bug is somewhere in the
mushclient code and may also be responsible for periodic random crashes
that people sometimes experience when using MUSHclient's notepad.

Until the bug is found and fixed, I suppose the only real temporary remedy
is to roll back to whatever version happens to work for you, since it's
almost certainly dependent in part on whatever happens to be placed in exactly
the right/wrong spot in RAM by the OS.

If you have more information, please report it at:

- Fiendish
Re: Privacy wish for individual slots
Note #38607
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 @ 07:33
Reply to: Note 38559 posted by Syndom

This change would probably get me to buy the privacy wish.
method for requesting invdata of a container by keyword
Note #38606
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 @ 07:03
I believe it's only possible to request invdata for container contents
by container id. I'd like that to be extended to work also by keyword.
Re: buying from shop/max items
Note #38436
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 @ 14:34
Reply to: Note 38431 posted by Fenix

In the meantime, this should work in MUSHclient:

SetVariable("just_purchased", "%2")
EnableTrigger("limited_purchase", true)

local can_carry = tonumber("%2") or tonumber("%3")
local item = GetVariable("just_purchased")

EnableTrigger("limited_purchase", false)

if can_carry then
Execute("buy "..can_carry.." "..item)

Re: Remove Wish Adjustment Costs
Note #38429
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 8, 2018 @ 19:45
Reply to: Note 38424 posted by Flak

Counterproposal. Do not remove wish adjustment costs, because I like that
something requires care and planning.
The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack
Note #7580
posted on Tech
Monday, January 8, 2018 @ 13:38
For all you nostalgic old people and/or hipster kids.

Now you can MUD in _real_ style.

- Fiendish
rimshot social
Note #16431
posted on Typos
Sunday, January 7, 2018 @ 19:38
I just learned that the thing that the rimshot social is describing is not
actually a rimshot. My whole life I'd thought it was until just now. I feel
very lied to. Anyway, it should be renamed to "sting" for accuracy.
Re: Donation rooms +++++
Note #38419
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 7, 2018 @ 00:15
Reply to: Note 38418 posted by Trurien

> The donate/gdonate messages show if you used the clan or the global donation
> room.

I disagree. The gdonate message says you use the global one, but the donate
message does not say that you don't. So if you're using donate thinking that
you're actually gdonating, you'll never know about your mistake because it
doesn't say anything about clan.
Re: Donation rooms +++++
Note #38412
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 6, 2018 @ 17:34
Reply to: Note 38411 posted by Wars

> Maybe it would get better use if it had something in place where items with a
> low score for there level will rot quickly and items with a good score for 
> its level would rot much slower.

I like that.

> But probably the biggest reason donation rooms dont get used is open gear 
> is so readily availible. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Hmm...No. I think we all know that there's definitely something wrong with it.
Re: Donation rooms +++
Note #38409
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 5, 2018 @ 23:20
Reply to: Note 38408 posted by Aphelion

_I_ know. But I just had a conversation with someone that went like this.

You tell XXX, 'Quick question. When you donate something, do you use donate or

XXX tells you, 'What's the difference?'

If your clan has a donation room, the message you get when donating to your
clan's donation room doesn't indicate that there's a difference.
Re: Donation rooms +
Note #38406
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 5, 2018 @ 23:04

By show of hands, how many people in clans know that they need to use gdonate
instead of donate because your clan secretly has a donation room?
Because I know that a lot of people don't know that there's a difference
right now, so you can't actually evaluate the effectiveness of the donation
rooms as they are without possibly resolving that little problem first.
Re: Donation rooms
Note #38404
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 5, 2018 @ 22:56
Reply to: Note 38403 posted by Gritznakka

The donation rooms once a long time ago were actually useful. What changed?
influential nominations limits
Note #27410
posted on General
Friday, January 5, 2018 @ 21:24
(removed my first post so nobody gets confused and posts again)

 This is the list of players who cannot be nominated because they already have
 whatever this card thing is, so everyone knows:
  .   o   \ o /  _ o        __|    \ /     |__         o _  \ o /   o   .
  .  /|\    |     /\   __\o   \o    |    o/     o/__   /\     |    /|\  .
  .  / \   / \   | \  /) |    ( \  /o\  / )    |   (\  / |   / \   / \  .
  .       .......................................................       .
  . \ o / .     Alessandrew      Domain         Original        . \ o / .
  .   |   .                                                     .   |   .
  .  / \  .     Alhena           Evie           Quadrapus       .  / \  .
  .       .                                                     .       .
  .  _ o  .     Androg           FatesDagger    Rafaele         .  _ o  .
  .   /\  .                                                     .   /\  .
  .  | \  .     Ani              Galinthas      Rau             .  | \  .
  .       .                                                     .       .
  .       .     Bejito           Gren           Rezit           .       .
  .  __\o .                                                     .  __\o .
  . /) |  .     Blurp            Hank           Rocky           . /) |  .
  .       .                                                     .       .
  . __|   .     Bonjour          Hiroki         Ruiner          . __|   .
  .   \o  .                                                     .    \o .
  .   ( \ .     Cadaver          Jennie         Saartje         .   ( \ .
  .       .                                                     .       .
  .  \ /  .     Cartman          Leaf           Speedster       .  \ /  .
  .   |   .                                                     .   |   .
  .  /o\  .     Chuft            Linoge         Stormlord       .  /o\  .
  .       .                                                     .       .
  .   |__ .     Cordelia         Lumina         Tirica          .   |__ .
  . o/    .                                                     . o/    .
  ./ )    .     Craven           Madcatz        TrEz            ./ )    .
  .       .                                                     .       .
  .       .     Curi             Madrox         Trollemite      .       .
  . o/__  .                                                     . o/__  .
  .  | (\ .     Dagonet          Majic          Vanion          . |  (\ .
  .       .                                                     .       .
  .  o _  .     Dave             Marauder       Whisper         .  o _  .
  .  /\   .                                                     .  /\   .
  .  / |  .     Demonspawn       Marc           Wojmil          .  / |  .
  .       .                                                     .       .
  .       .     Dereliction      Moolb          Yowza           .       .
  . \ o / .                                                     . \ o / .
  .   |   .     Dexter           Ninja          Zolstead        .   |   .
  .  / \  .                                                     .  / \  .
  .       .     DjVoltron        Oladon                         .       .
  .       .......................................................       .
  .   o   \ o /  _ o        __|    \ /     |__         o _  \ o /   o   .
  .  /|\    |     /\   __\o   \o    |    o/     o/__   /\     |    /|\  .
  .  / \   / \   | \  /) |    ( \  /o\  / )    |   (\  / |   / \   / \  .
 And this is the list of "past and present immortals of aardwolf":
 |Aaeron, Aarioch, Aerianne, Althalus, Anaristos, Arlinn, Arthon, Belmont |
 |   Broud, Cadaver, Citron, Claire, Dadrake, Dahr, Delight, Demonspawn   |
 |  Dirtworm, Domain, Dreamfyre, Eclaboussure, Elvendar, Euphonix, Filt   |
 |  Flat, Ghaan, Glimmer, Guinness, Halo, Ikyu, Jaenelle, Jernau, Justme  |
 |   Kharpern, Khy, Kinson, KlauWaard, Korridel, Kt, Lao, Laren, Lasher   |
 |  Lumina, Madcatz, Maerchyng, Mordist, Morrigu, Neeper, Obyron, Oladon  | 
 |OrcWarrior, Pane, Paramore, Penthesilea, Plaideleon, Quadrapus, Rekhart |
 | Rezit, Rhuli, Rumour, Sagen, Sarlock, Sausage, Shen, Sirene, Styliann  |
 | Takihisis, Tela, Terrill, Timeghost, Tripitaka, Tyanon, Tymme, Valkur  |
 |  Vilgan, Vitae, Vladia, Whisper, Whitdjinn, WindJammer, Wolfe, Xaade   |
 |                      Xantcha, Xeno, Xyzzy, Zane                        |
Re: OPK strikeout
Note #38389
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 4, 2018 @ 18:57
Reply to: Note 38386 posted by Wire

> It gives an avenue for players to escape the OPK system
> if they accidentally opted in without being aware of its
> implications.

Luckily it's trivially easy for anyone to toggle OPK back off if they want to.
I think we all know that this note has nothing to do with helping newbies, 
Re: Game of Monopoly
Note #27404
posted on General
Thursday, January 4, 2018 @ 11:03
Reply to: Note 27403 posted by Wire

I don't get it
Re: darkness? brightness? ++
Note #17689
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, January 3, 2018 @ 23:15
Reply to: Note 17688 posted by Redryn

> Did you happen to check the time?

I think so, but my scrollback cuts off, so who can say now. :\
I guess it's possible that my vigilance caused me to hit the precise moment
when the sun was rising mid-step, but what are the odds?
Re: darkness? brightness?
Note #17687
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, January 3, 2018 @ 17:37
Reply to: Note 17686 posted by Fiendish

> wear hal
You light a hallowed light and hold it.

[ Oasis of the Swift Death ]         <---- Now you see it

> rem hal
You remove a hallowed light, making the room a little darker.

[ darkness ]                         <----- Now you don't. Good.
> w                                  <-- I move west   
You see nothing but darkness...

[ darkness ]

> drop hal
You drop a hallowed light.

[ The Great Eastern Desert ]        <-- Light the west room.
> e                                 <-- I move back east
You see nothing but darkness...

[ darkness ]                        <-- Still dark. Good.
> w                                 <-- I move west to the lit room
The Great Eastern Desert
  The sand gives way to bare rock covered with salt.  Large cracks in the
ground make travel very dangerous.  A salty smell fills the air, almost like
you were at sea, but there is no water anywhere in sight.  

[ Exits: north east south west ]
     (G) A small ball of light rests here.

[ The Great Eastern Desert ]
> e                                 <-- I move east again.
You see nothing but darkness...     <-- good...

Oasis of the Swift Death (G)    <-- ...what...
  Finally!  Palm trees forming shadows and water, plenty of fresh water. 
But wait, something is not right here, it seems the water itself is alive,
resenting your intrusion...  

[ Exits: north east south west ]

[ Oasis of the Swift Death ]        <---- what?
darkness? brightness?
Note #17686
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, January 3, 2018 @ 17:01
[ Oasis of the Swift Death ]   <---- This is my prompt. It shows the room.

rem all
You remove ...blahblahblah...
You remove a hallowed light, making the room a little darker.

[ darkness ] 

wear helm
You wear Aardwolf Helm of True Sight on your head.

[ darkness ]

You are not affected by any skills or spells

[ darkness ]

You see the grey moon rising in the east.
You see the white moon rising in the west.

You see nothing but darkness...

[ darkness ]                     <---- what happened between here...

info -h pk output...

[ Oasis of the Swift Death ]     <----- ...and here?
config all is missing nowar
Note #17680
posted on Bugs
Monday, January 1, 2018 @ 21:12
Confirmed by Metria
I see no mention of 'nowar' under 'config all'. 
There's only nowarinfo, which is something else.
PK aggressor should have rsocials turned on briefly
Note #38352
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 31, 2017 @ 01:44
It's no fun to die to someone and then not be able to social them after.

- Fiendish
Re: Aardwolf G.O.A.T. Examination.
Note #18
posted on Jokes
Sunday, December 31, 2017 @ 01:04
Reply to: Note 12 posted by Wars


I guess I'm just a C student.
Re: Oz, Mess Hall
Note #16408
posted on Typos
Friday, December 29, 2017 @ 22:05
Reply to: Note 16406 posted by Xyndor

> Room Desc
> charred roast something-or-other
> Should be
> charred roast something-or-the-other