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Remove Wish Adjustment Costs
Note #38424
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 8, 2018 @ 15:12
Do away with wish adjustment costs.  It complicates things
unnecessarily in my opinion.   Refund qps to those that have already
dealt with it.

Just have the wish cost what it costs...why should it matter what order
you bought them in?   I just don't see the point.


Mute Friend logon/logoff messages when ftalk is off
Note #38362
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 2, 2018 @ 22:28
Re: Loyalty Wish
Note #38355
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 31, 2017 @ 22:17
Reply to: Note 38350 posted by Wars

I like this, but worried about potential abuse.
Re: Easier Manipulation of Aardwolf Gear
Note #38354
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 31, 2017 @ 22:17
Reply to: Note 38349 posted by Codex

I may have suggested this before but I think you worded it better...

Re: New skill -- Barricade +++
Note #38315
posted on Ideas
Friday, December 22, 2017 @ 01:06
Reply to: Note 38240 posted by Wire

"Will this skill allow someone to pup on icefall slopes with worrying
about being attacked in pk rooms?" -- Wire

I think that is for the imms to decide.  That would at first glance seem
overpowered to me.  *shrugs*

Re: New skill -- Barricade +
Note #38239
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 4, 2017 @ 05:24
Reply to: Note 38238 posted by Redryn


No.   It is not meant to be a pk skill.   To answer your second question,
I'm not sure how you would counter it as a hostile maneuver.   It is meant
to be an essentially defensive maneuver.  I guess the powers that be/imms
could tweak that to their liking.

And to address your last point...I agree.   If they can't get into the room,
that prevents the PK situation at least temporarily.

I would like to add that I do not feel this should not stack with Flank.

Thank you very much for the reply, Redryn.
New skill -- Barricade
Note #38233
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 3, 2017 @ 13:46
"Barricade" --  Lvl 70

Block one exit so others can't get in.  Works on both mobs and players.
This is different than Flank, because Barricade  prevents them
from getting IN, not getting out.  For instance, if you barricade s
nobody from the south will be able to go north to where you, and
your group members or whoever is at.  They could still get in through
other exits, from the west, east, north, up, down.   Not sure about
cexits, but I assume it would take too much work to be able to
barricade a custom exit.

Soldier subclass only.  Lasts about 2 minutes at lvl 70 with average
stats/low tier.  Lasts maybe as much as 7 to 10 minutes at lvl 201
with good stats/tiers.  Cannot purchase instinct in this skill.
Has a big cooldown timer.   Maybe one hour at lvl 70, 45 to 30
minutes at lvl 201.

Costs moves, maybe 400 to 500 at lvl 70, then 300 at lvl 201.

Primarily affected by Con, Str
Also influenced by Luck.

I think this would be a nice boost to Soldier, especially in
PK and grouping.  May be unusuable on epics such as Icefall, Titan,
Genie, OC, and perhaps the new one.  Other than that, should be
usable in all terrains, indoor, outdoor, in any non-epic area.

Perhaps some limitations on doing it in newb or goal areas.


Ignore list
Note #38093
posted on Ideas
Friday, November 10, 2017 @ 12:31
Please allow us to ignore more people -- at least 10 more would be nice. :)
Market mine
Note #38083
posted on Ideas
Saturday, November 4, 2017 @ 07:43
Forgive me if this is already a thing...but how about a command
"market mine" that shows all the items you're currently selling, and
the highest bid.

Herbal Remedy
Note #38070
posted on Ideas
Monday, October 30, 2017 @ 10:38
Give Rangers Herbal Remedy.   It makes sense with their theme.
Re: Scry suggestions - obfuscate, tracking, duration
Note #38062
posted on Ideas
Friday, October 27, 2017 @ 18:43
Reply to: Note 37958 posted by Syndom


I agree with all your ideas, and I would add a tiny chance for scry to fail
more often on players with showscry.


Allow clannies to "where" OPK clannies
Note #36542
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 9, 2017 @ 17:59
See title :)
Campaign reward based on amount of time to complete +
Note #36094
posted on Ideas
Saturday, October 15, 2016 @ 15:19
Reply to: Note 36074 posted by DjVoltron

Definitely not suggesting a bonus for taking longer...I can kind of see
your argument about promoting botting, but botting is already policed
so just deal with those that do it on an individual basis?

restore hp/mana/moves on lvlup
Note #36083
posted on Ideas
Friday, October 14, 2016 @ 12:13
title basically says it all...when someone gains a level, give them a
free restore.   this would not apply to pups.

Re: Campaign reward based on amount of time to complete
Note #36073
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, October 12, 2016 @ 16:33
Reply to: Note 35991 posted by Qogir

+1 I have suggested something like this in the past.
Gaia's focus
Note #36072
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 @ 16:58
Change gaia's focus so that it is more like power projection and also
enhances the damage done by gaia's revenge.   This would make the
class more scalable at high levels where they are simply outdamaged.

Flying Citadel Key
Note #36017
posted on Ideas
Friday, September 23, 2016 @ 17:44
Could the key on the werewolf (large hammer) be made into a key type
instead of an item?   As it stands you need autoloot on to get it,
autokeyloot will not grab it.

Note #35937
posted on Ideas
Sunday, September 11, 2016 @ 23:14
I feel like titles that try to goad people into PK should be outlawed...
For instance, people that put (WANTED) or (HARDCORE) in their
title...I realize you can pkoff and whatnot, but I feel like these titles
are in poor taste, and should be illegal.
Re: Let's Bring Back Raiding +++++
Note #35936
posted on Ideas
Sunday, September 11, 2016 @ 21:43
Reply to: Note 35935 posted by Wire

Wire, that's a very good point and well-stated.   I should say that I am
not so much worried about not getting the extra + to EQ or even about the
stronger clans having it (though that is a consideration)...I just feel
like it won't change anything.   Crimson, Light, Ba'al will still be
unraidable, and everyone will still go after Amazon and the other small just seems like it rewards the strong needlessly while doing
little to change the dynamics.    While it may make raided EQ more
lucrative, like you said, people can still do epics, and everyone is...
Are there really any people that are planning to avoid epics altogether?
Re: Let's Bring Back Raiding +++
Note #35933
posted on Ideas
Sunday, September 11, 2016 @ 21:34
Reply to: Note 35932 posted by Wire

Boosting EQ for time unbreached is only going to increase the power of the
"unbreachable" clans...which I think is a large reason why everyone was
getting bored in the first place...
Herbal Remedy
Note #35915
posted on Ideas
Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 19:32
Rangers should get herbal remedy before anyone....
Duel Observation Room
Note #35887
posted on Ideas
Friday, August 26, 2016 @ 22:44
Create an observation room that allows you to watch players duel.
You would see the combat messages as if you're in the same room.
Re: 'Reset' individual skills/spells
Note #35686
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, July 6, 2016 @ 22:27
Reply to: Note 35685 posted by Citlalin

This is probably a moot point, but in this scenario would you still get
xp from the skill you reset when it goes back up the second time?
New Mentalist Ability: Mind over Matter
Note #35667
posted on Ideas
Sunday, July 3, 2016 @ 20:43
Using his/her mindpower, the experienced Mentalist is able to ease the
burdens of physical encumberance.

Effect:  Reduces weight of all items in inventory, or reduces a % of
total weight (whichever is easier).

Note: When spell wears off and weight goes back to normal, you will not
drop anything if you are overweight.

Cons:  Does nothing to solve item capacity problems (we already have
pockets wish for this anyway).
Enchant Armor suggestion
Note #35634
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, June 29, 2016 @ 13:19
Add a way to track how many times the enchant armor spell has been cast
on a piece of armor.   This could also apply to reinforce.

Re: New clan activity
Note #35627
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, June 28, 2016 @ 07:49
Reply to: Note 35612 posted by Nightbird

That's a cool idea but I think it would be inclined to reward the clans
with the most activity more...
Re: author should be able pay to remove own old graffiti
Note #35535
posted on Ideas
Monday, June 20, 2016 @ 18:01
Reply to: Note 35481 posted by Fiendish

This makes sense to an aside, what happens to graffiti when
the original author is deleted/nuked/or gone for some other reason?
Re: Ranger skill idea
Note #35533
posted on Ideas
Monday, June 20, 2016 @ 12:56
Reply to: Note 35407 posted by Kratos

Could call it "herd" or something :)
Mute Ftalk login/logout messages when quiet
Note #35532
posted on Ideas
Monday, June 20, 2016 @ 10:51
I don't see any reason to see
(Friend): Tormat has quit.

when I have quiet on to mute channels.   Please remove these messages, or
at least make it toggleable.

Re: Duel/Pvp Ladder
Note #35524
posted on Ideas
Sunday, June 19, 2016 @ 14:36
Reply to: Note 35283 posted by Quadrapus

Re: Linkdeath in Group
Note #35523
posted on Ideas
Sunday, June 19, 2016 @ 14:34
Reply to: Note 35276 posted by Mortivorous

That's a good idea, but that might get spammy if it happens on multiple
mobs....might be better to just have it report once on grouptalk
(Group):  Playername went linkdead.

then have that option be toggleable for those who don't want to see it..
Re: group accept
Note #35518
posted on Ideas
Saturday, June 18, 2016 @ 23:56
Reply to: Note 35181 posted by Dolt

+1 love this idea...this is especially helpful when you can't spell
the person's name who invited you or the invitation was from a while
ago and you don't wanna scroll through pages of text to see who it was from.
solidify disenchant typo
Note #15726
posted on Typos
Saturday, June 11, 2016 @ 00:48
 Solidify on this item has not been previously disenchanted.     |
| Because you are an enchanter, this first solidiy disenchant     |
| will be free of charge.

last solidify is missing an f :)

MUSHClient -- accessible for the blind?
Note #7072
posted on Tech
Wednesday, May 25, 2016 @ 18:35
Are there any packages for MUSH that help blind players?
Note #8626
posted on Games
Thursday, May 19, 2016 @ 20:46
This is a trivia contest sponsored by the great folks at (+)Cabal(+) 
with special thanks to Rumour!

I will be asking a series of 12 questions on the subject of rare and 
controversial artifacts.

Of course, no one knows the true story of how these historical treasures 
came to be, and if we did, we wouldn't tell anyone!

gametalk The questions will be asked on the gametalk channel, and the first
person with the correct answer will score a point.

Spelling will not count, as long as it's close.

The top 3 winners will receive an (Aarchaeology) piece!

The higher the score, the better the piece!

There may also be a dice-roll involved...

So come and join us Saturday, May 21st at 12 noon EST!!!

Re: Raiding tweak
Note #1025
posted on Raiding
Wednesday, May 11, 2016 @ 22:55
Reply to: Note 1023 posted by Quadrapus

Good idea!
Giant strength
Note #15594
posted on Typos
Saturday, April 30, 2016 @ 19:11
When giant strength wears off it says "You no longer feel so YUGE."

Mebbe this is intentional, if so, disregard.

Swho by total pups
Note #35128
posted on Ideas
Saturday, April 9, 2016 @ 23:46
Could we add an option to swho by total pups?

Aardwolf Mixed Drink Contest!!!
Note #8553
posted on Games
Wednesday, March 9, 2016 @ 18:23
Aspiring part-time bartenders and full-time alcoholics unite!
(+)Cabal(+) is hosting a mud-wide contest to see who can
come up with the best mixed drink!    

To make a "mixed drink", find 2 different potions and then tell us what
they would look like if they were combined together!

For instance:
-=Shogun's Viagra Shot=-    +
:::Angel'sBreath:::         = Viagra Breath

**Please do not combine 2 different kinds of real life alcohol, for
instance, Vodka and Rum...just boring imo.   Using 1 alcohol in your combo 
is perfectly fine.

Manor potions are fine, but do not create new potions strictly for 
the purposes of this contest.   

The kicker here is you must actually bring me the 2 potions you used to
prove they exist.    

As you bring me the potions, send me a tell or a note on personal telling
me the name of the combo you created.   I will be sitting 2s of recall 
in Phoenix Square.

**One entry per person!!!!

-- Contest will be held Saturday, March 12th at 1PM EST --

Whichever submissions I like the best will win!   I will be considering
mostly humor, creativity, and cool factor.   

First prize:   3 TP
Second prize:  2 TP
Third prize:   1 TP

I hope this is something that people of all levels and affiliations can
enjoy, and look forward to some great drinks!   

Someone might have to carry me back to the clan hall after this is all
over :)

(+)Cabal(+) 2016 (+)Cabal(+) 2016 (+)Cabal(+) 2016 (+)Cabal(+)
Selling lvl 1 set -- 2 TPs
Note #46235
posted on Forsale
Tuesday, January 5, 2016 @ 01:35
     (K)(M)(G)(H) Lasher's Little Princess towel (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G)(H) a Trench Coat (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G)(H) (+)Magica Elemental(+) (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) A Bamboo Bracer (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) the best skipping stone you've ever seen (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) a protective cloak skinned from a parent (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) a protective cloak skinned from a scraggly weed (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) the Crest of Wood (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) (Ring of Eternal Strength) (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) (+) Cyclone Blast (+) (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) (+) Cooling Zephyr (+) (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) (+) Howling Tempest (+) (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) (+) Swirling Current (+) (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G)(H) Ring of Eternal Strength (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) (+) Magica Elemental (+) (1)
     (K)(M)(G)(H) A Flamethrower (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G)(H) ]::[Kevlar Vest]::[ (1)

Please send tell or note if interested..the ring and the towel are rare pieces.

Re: Mental Hotline
Note #12
posted on Jokes
Friday, December 25, 2015 @ 18:37
Reply to: Note 11 posted by Roebart

Love it!
Allow abbreviations in claninfo
Note #34078
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 21, 2015 @ 23:34
If I type claninfo retri I am expecting to get claninfo on Retribution, but
this is not the case.   Seems like just about everything else in the MUD can
be abbreviated, why not this? 

Re: Enhanced retreat for Soldier +
Note #34071
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 21, 2015 @ 12:30
Reply to: Note 34067 posted by Wire

Ever tried it?

Re: Yet another alternate experience idea ++++
Note #34070
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 21, 2015 @ 12:21
Reply to: Note 34035 posted by Abelinc

Honestly, I think it should have been noexplore in the first place.
People joining just to get explored % is annoying imo.
Re: Perceived goal difficulty
Note #34069
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 21, 2015 @ 12:01
Reply to: Note 34031 posted by Cleff

+1  Only problem would be people trolling/typoing but thinking that would
come out in the wash with a large enough dataset.

Re: Teamed War/Arena ++++++
Note #34068
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 21, 2015 @ 11:57
Reply to: Note 34026 posted by Khazala

+1 to Khazala's Arena Points idea.   Still not sure on whether to give
gear as rewards as I feel this is already one of the major areas of
disparity on Aard.

Enhanced retreat for Soldier
Note #34066
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 21, 2015 @ 09:10
Just an idea to make Soldier more playable...this would affect retreat from
both mobs AND players...don't think it would imbalance anything tbh.

Enhanced retreat:
Discretion being the better part of valor, the experienced Soldier draws
on his/her survival instincts to gain a 5% benefit when retreating from

Re: Yet another alternate experience idea ++
Note #34027
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 19, 2015 @ 11:17
Reply to: Note 33999 posted by Morn

+1 on scaling the lasertag maze according to the # of players.
Re: New life to raiding? ++++++
Note #989
posted on Raiding
Saturday, December 19, 2015 @ 05:06
Reply to: Note 988 posted by Tsunwu

Thanks a lot for the input, and I think the Youtube videos are a good idea.
I also definitely applaud the fact that you volunteered to make one.

I wanted to add that in addition perhaps it would be good to include some of
the more frequently used "ease-of-life" websites such as
and perhaps the AardWiki (not sure if this is already mentioned).

Sorry for the over-wordiness of this post, it's very late :)

Allow goal messages for Clanonly
Note #33987
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, December 16, 2015 @ 18:15
I would like a way to see goals that my clannies complete, without having
to see goals from everyone else.   

For instance, I don't need to see the 20 random people that complete
Kimr's Farm every day, but I'd like to be able to support/applaud my fellow
clan members when they complete a tough one :)