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Add BONUSLOOT to autolist
Note #41494
posted on Ideas
Saturday, March 9, 2019 @ 04:22

My idea is to add the bonusloot command to what you see when you type autolist.

You get a message about it when you type "autoloot" but I had no idea it
existed until then!  Also my idea is to change the description of the keylist
command in autolist to read like, "Always loot keys," so it doesn't sound as if
having it on will negate bonusloot or anything.  ^^

re: Illuminate bug
Note #18320
posted on Bugs
Thursday, February 28, 2019 @ 14:32

After thinking about it, I really don't know.  :<  I don't know anything about
how enchanting and disenchanting work to say.  I hope this helps somehow

| Flags      : unique, glow, hum, magic, held, burn-proof,        |
|            : solidified, resonated, illuminated, V3, precious   |

and "disenchant helm illuminate" says:
Aardwolf Helm of True Sight does not have any removable illuminate stats.

The only other detail I can think of (without understanding how it works!) is
that it added the "glow" flag after I removed it from a subsequent attempt to
illuminate it before I was told it's bugged.

I'll try to learn more about how it works and maybe I just misunderstood stuff!
Illuminate bug
Note #18315
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 @ 15:05

I ran into this bug too just now.  It happened to my new Aardwolf Helm of True
Sight!  I don't know much about enchanting so I asked for help, and then went
and used the "setflag" thing to add invis and remove the hum and glow on it and
a few other Aardwolf quest items.  I gave them to the enchanter and she was
able to add illuminate for +3 wis to it, but offered to toggle and try again so
I said sure!  After that, she said she failed the illuminate and handed it
back, so I used "setflag helm glow" and turned the glow flag off again, but it
retained the "illuminated" flag it seems.  I think her trying to add illuminate
again and finding that out made it glow once more too, which wasted the TP from
setting the glow flag off before.

Hope this helps somehow!