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nosum override list, or nosum friend override option
Note #41490
posted on Ideas
Friday, March 8, 2019 @ 22:16
The idea is that you can have a list of players that you want to be able to
gate to or summon you regardless of the nosum setting.

possibly there could be an option like friendgate
that allows the player to gate to you regardless of nosum setting

if a feature like this were implemented it might be a good idea to seperate
allowing gate vs allowing summon.

I for one would have no problem with friends gating to me, but not sure
how quick I would be to allow anyone to summon me =P
Friend list returns level of players
Note #41489
posted on Ideas
Friday, March 8, 2019 @ 19:16
My idea is that the Friend list could also display character level.
I am often curious how my friends are progressing, so what I often do
is type "fr" to get a list of my friends
I then type "finger friendA", "finger friendB", "finger friendC", etc
Would be more convenient to see their levels right on the friends list

It was pointed out that I can use "who friend" or "swho 2 friend"
but neither of those help with offline players,
so you will still have to finger your friends

here is an example of the idea:
[ 85,W+6/T0] - FriendA      (Offline)
[189,W+6/T1] - FriendB      (Offline)
[ 23,W+6/T0] - FriendC      (Offline)
[ 95,W+6/T2] - FriendD      (Online)
[138,W+6/T3] - FriendE      (Online)
[ 22,W+6/T0] - FriendF      (Offline)
[201,W+6/T9] - FriendG      (Offline)
Re: Picture of google web fonts for the ASCII aardmap +
Note #7831
posted on Tech
Thursday, March 7, 2019 @ 17:09
Reply to: Note 7830 posted by Lasher

I ended up going with Source Code Pro Black 10p.
However I believe Anonymouse Pro 8p is also very very good especially for
lower resolution displays, because of how clean the font is at even 8 point.
I will likely have a button/menu to toggle between the two fonts

many years ince I have played so I am slowly refamiliarizing myself with stuff
here is my UI so far, still lots of work to do, but make progress every day:

ignore the oneway exits all over the middle of the map, those are from me still
working on perfecting the Mudlet code that maps using the GMCP data
Picture of google web fonts for the ASCII aardmap
Note #7829
posted on Tech
Thursday, March 7, 2019 @ 00:24
Tried various fonts (download from google web fonts) for the ASCII map
This picture shows my favorite 4: