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Re: Your top 1 or 2 ideas to balance classes.
Note #41432
posted on Ideas
Monday, March 4, 2019 @ 04:23
Reply to: Note 41428 posted by Lasher

I just wanna throw it out there, Avenger is great pupclass, decent pvp-class
(if we don't take account RA), because it has passive damage (ToF) and an extra
cooldown based nolag spell (flay) and passive bonus (holy reprisal). I would
like to have class based passive bonus and then sub-class passive bonus that
are beneficial in pvp/pve combat. 

Another example is Navigator, while there is no passive bonus such as ToF, 
Navigator itself has passive bonus in way of timeshifting which allows you
to cast spells more often, both timeshifting and holy reprisal are sub-class
passive bonuses, technically timeshifting needs to be refreshed (I assume
the reason for recasting is because it's less effective based on your stats)

There are more sub-classes with similar passive bonuses, but not all of those
passive bonuses are useful to same degree as ex. timeshifting/holy reprisal

Random example - Ninja, Hand to Hand bonus damage, it could literally just be
functioning similar to ToF dealing passive extra damage per round with your
kicks. Or simply add nolag  cooldown based, it doesn't have
to deal massive damage, but could function as daze/stun. I can't help with fact
that anything unharmed based benefits are not all to useful to high end SH

I really like idea of having paladin/avenger flay as nolag bonus damage,
I think this area could be explored to add more nolag cooldown based
spells/skills that share same cooldown but do different combat based 
mechanics such as daze/stun/damage/blind, it gives us an option and not
just add flay to your main spell alias. Flay and nolag small cooldown based
spell is as close I've experienced the feel of typical MMO, where 30% of your
abilities are doing exactly that, have small cooldown and on command use.

Off-topic is there any chance in future to actually see % base for hit roll
converted into critical strike chance? Similar to instincts, what are reasons 
why we can't see it? I feel like if you know it and some other folks who have
found it out in testport, why can't general public not know it? Generally 
those things are very clearly shown to help players understand where to invest
because they get to see how much numbers weight in, I guess better word for it
statweights. I really like the fact that we get to see bonus for sanctuary
(wisdom) in aard wikipedia.
Re: Gears Diversity
Note #41261
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 4, 2019 @ 13:34
Agree that hitroll should be more effective stat, I would still like to
get somekind of feedback how effective for ex. 1200HR is, I find it odd
that we can't get any actual information how useful X amount of hitroll is.
It's same to instincts, instead of letting testers to find out and keep it
secret amonng themselves you could just give us % shown, I don't see why you
need to hide it.

Anyway I went bit off-topic, I don't agree with pvp-oriented gears.
in my experience, every game that has opted to give pvp-oriented gear
in an open-world environment has failed terribly, if you suggest this
gear to be thing in only PvP environment such as 1v1's or wargames,
sure that's fine, but if we are talking about open-world pvp engagement
it will further on create extreme imbalance.

I would also like to understand in which environment are you suggesting
this gear to be used? Because it's pvp oriented, are you suggesting that:
Player A wears PvP gear attacks Player B who pups without pvp gear should
get advantage with pvp gear? So Player B should be pupping with pvp gear
to avoid being in disadvantage?

Even worse scenario, taking 1% example, 1mil pups player who wears pvp
gear, attacks player without pvp gear and with 1/4 of pups, in this
scenario attacker basically has maximum advantage of lockdown through
as you suggested help from pvp gear and massive advantage from instincts.

I also remember Lasher mentioning that epic gear doesn't effect
player strength 'that' much. And I agree if we are talking about 1 single
piece of item. But entire collective set of best epic eq, you cannot be
more wrong. Full epic eq vs. no epic eq is worth easily more then ~300k+ pups.

I would much more rather Lasher spend his time balancing current
classes in pve/pvp. Pvp gear creates another very hard to balance layer,
no thanks.
Re: Kingsholm Goal +
Note #41214
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 26, 2019 @ 07:42
Reply to: Note 41209 posted by Myth

What annoys me slightly more is getting those keys.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 14:43:52
Once you done the goal it would be nice to very least not
get those keys, yes very much would like ability to
actually use "next" on later part of mobs too.
This has been brought up at least few times in past.
It would be simple quality of life improvement for those
have completed goal.

Also it would eliminate randomly and unintentionally blocking
someone on quest or CP without goal.
Icefall hidden items
Note #41109
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 24, 2018 @ 11:49
I don't understand why items with "S" run requirement continue to go
back to hidden state, is there reason for that? Seems like pointless
inconvenience, I have opened them multiple times with "S" rank runs.

|?????? ???? ???    |S rank goal one to reveal this weapon. |      500,000,000|
Everyone knows what this item is called after 100 runs, I never never tried,
but can it not be bought in hidden state? Or what's the deal.
Re: GQ concept to defeat SnD /scripts ++
Note #41070
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 16, 2018 @ 21:16
Reply to: Note 41068 posted by Lasher

S&D was the whole reason I explored pretty much every pre-SH area,
and created mapper cexits. I don't think re-exploring same areas over
and over would been fun, so S&D made CP's easier, took over the chore part.

Heh, by not making hunt-trick work during GQ's, you pretty much hand no-contest
wins to veterans, because hunt-trick&SD is way too slow for competetive GQ's.
For sure you will complete/win GQ's solo or against another slow joe.

Some areas have more then 10 same named mobs, and among those you need to know
which mob-key is right one, if you attempt to ht against veteran, this mob is
long dead before you even get to it. I don't think twinking ht is needed.

Hunt-trick is great for lazy mode, but eventually to win competitive GQ's.
Newer players over time will find faster mechanics.
Rank5 IF1 Wrists forsale
Note #49551
posted on Forsale
Sunday, December 16, 2018 @ 06:26
| Keywords   : slick cuffs rank5wrist                             |
| Name       : (_)==Slick's Cuffs==(_)                            |
| Id         : 1969964618                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   211           |
| Worth      : 5,000                     Weight :    30           |
| Wearable   : wrist                                              |
| Score      : 700                                                |
| Material   : platinum                                           |
| Flags      : unique, invis, magic, nosell, held, burn-proof,    |
|            : nolocate, nosac, nosteal, heroonly, V3             |
| Found at   : Icefall                                            |
| Stat Mods  : Hit roll     : +20      Damage roll  : +40         |
|              Strength     : +5       Intelligence : +5          |
|              Dexterity    : +5       Constitution : +5          |
|              Hit points   : +300                                |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +45      All magic    : +45         |

Icefall Points:      [   506]

I'm mainly looking to sell wrists and double, if you happen to want
to double wrists, I can give you approx. 20% off deal, mainly
looking for gold, but can also deal with donations.

Icefall1 wrists FORSALE!
Note #49531
posted on Forsale
Saturday, December 8, 2018 @ 13:36
| Keywords   : slick cuffs rank5wrist                             |
| Name       : (_)==Slick's Cuffs==(_)                            |
| Id         : 1969964618                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   211           |
| Worth      : 5,000                     Weight :    30           |
| Wearable   : wrist                                              |
| Score      : 700                                                |
| Material   : platinum                                           |
| Flags      : unique, glow, hum, magic, nosell, held,            |
|            : burn-proof, nolocate, nosac, solidified, resonated,|
|            : illuminated, nosteal, heroonly, V3                 |
| Owned By   : Khannon                                            |
| Found at   : Icefall                                            |
| Stats Added: 5                                                  |
| Stat Mods  : Hit roll     : +20      Damage roll  : +46         |
|              Strength     : +5       Intelligence : +5          |
|              Dexterity    : +5       Constitution : +5          |
|              Hit points   : +300     Wisdom       : +9          |
|              Luck         : +3                                  |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +45      All magic    : +45         |
| Enchants:                                                       |
| Resonate   : Luck +3                  (removable by enchanter)  |
| Solidify   : Damage roll +6           (removable with TP only)  |
| Illuminate : Wisdom +4                (removable by enchanter)  |

Enchants are not included, the item will come raw. PST
Looking mainly for gold, but can also deal with donations.
I also need just few more runs to fetch runcount, so you can grab
Re: epics
Note #40950
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 @ 11:04
Reply to: Note 40936 posted by Domain

I don't think repop timer changes much for epics like Genie and Inferno,
however combined with lower player requirement, it might just do it.

Between 12-15 players epic run, the power each player brings in is very
far apart. I guess if you generalize the power requirement and don't care
for stronger players being able to stomp on easier mode, then it's fine.

Also agree on easier modes should have less chance to pop top items.

For if1/if2 separation, I would like also if1 requirement being removed to
run if2, but then we could possibly have problem why run if1 at all.

I don't think we should have mode below 12-15 players for bigger epics,
the ones under discussion.

No points should be transferred over from all pts to if2 pts, if there
was option in table to run if2 with 30 blacksmiths again, I believe most
of us who never got chance for it, would do it. Easiest money you earned
in this game for sure.

For merging items, no thanks, aard already has enough power creep that.
I don't wanna think of merging items worth of hunderd(s) of bucks neither.
If we didn't have almost indefinete power creep through i/m/p -- and equipment
was main source for power, I would agree to merging system.
Small incentive to join Epics?
Note #40904
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, November 21, 2018 @ 13:26
I propose an idea when an epic is successfully completed such as Inferno,
Icefall and Genie, all players who stuck for an entire run, get perhaps
an hour long buff to gain maybe 10% extra XP for killing or perhaps gold? 
It should be death-proof buff. For Icefall the buff is only given if the
run is at least hard mode, maybe extreme. Since IF2 can only be run
after IF1 and it's extreme mode already IF2 successful run could maybe
either extend the duration of buff by 1hr or increase buff rate.
The buff could also come in form of token so you can use it later on, 
buff cannot be stacked.

I feel like this would give small incentive to everyone to attend.
Note #40828
posted on Ideas
Saturday, November 10, 2018 @ 05:06
While there has been recent nerfs to both long time reigning king of PvM
sub-class blacksmiths as well quite long and very dominent soldiers for
PvP, warriors seems to be quite weak spot now, I don't know about any
planned changes for future, but I would like to suggest couple following
skills, redesigns for barbarians, when I first started Aard, my first
class/subclass was barbarians, unfortunately the sub-class felt very
weak at the time compared to blacksmiths(pre-nerf, nerf, nerf version).
And it still is very weak in my opinion, it feels to me like it's 
not complete version of sub-class, I know we have more of those too.
I don't want another auto-attack bot type warrior, I would love to see
barbarians to utilize warriors skills in more then one way.
Sub-class: Barbarian


More powerful version of push, only available for barbarians subclass.
Allows you to throw (movable) mobs from current room to nearby room.
Minimum of 2 mobs, up to 6 mobs. 
Str - increases amount of mobs you will be able to throw so expect only 
SH's to throw up to 6 mobs. 
Dex - will determine success vs. higher level mobs. 
Con - reduces chance for backlash if you fail to throw, mobs have 
chance to not attack you.

Movement ability that does low damage if used, dazes all mobs in room
for 1-3 rounds. (ex. if Knights Charge does 4k, Leap would do ~600)
Str - damage modifier, 
Dex - daze effect modifer.

Redesign Ironfist skill.

Short cooldown based ability (1/2-3min?). All melee damage increased against
dazed. Big damage bonus to stunned targets.

Redesign Enrage skill.

When barbarian is low health, for SH standards 20-30%(?), barbarians gain an 
ability to enter enrage, increasing all damage done and gaining extra attacks
per round. Enrage fades if you are healed above 50%(?) health or if you die 
or Enrage ends. This is not am automatic skill, it needs to be used manually. 
Cooldown based skill. This is more designed towards PvP situations.

Insanity feels little weak too, the massive loss of resistances is often not
desired. Obviously situational, lowering resistances backlash would go
long way.

I still like idea of Insanity and Enrage sharing same Rage pool, as long they
are short so they can be used often, Enrage for more defensive purpose or 
turn the odds and Insanity to apply pressure early.
I've have excessively tested Hand to hand bonus, extra attacks when not
dual wielding weapons, I guess this is another point of not really sure what 
direction this sub-class was headed, they are both very underwhelming,
I honestly would rather see all of this turned around to utilize damage 
modifers: daze, stuns. Deal more damage against dazed targets and more to 
stunned targets, something that gets you excited to actually utilize them
and pay close attention to combat flow to exploit your strengths and
opponent lazy eye. That being said, daze and stun effects would need some 
sort of dimishing returns in pvp situations so you can't just spam stuns 
and do more damage.

Currently Hammering Blow has chance to daze target, my vision is that daze 
is soft modifer, multiple daze attacks will lead to target getting stunned
which leads to massively increased damage period, but also completely remove
daze and stun affects which lead to stuns going to dimishing return and daze
being able to be applied again to sort of reset the cycle.
WTS Shadow's Silhouette
Note #49180
posted on Forsale
Saturday, August 11, 2018 @ 12:33
| Keywords   : icefall shadow shade silhouette rank4back          |
| Name       : Shadow's Silhouette                                |
| Id         : 1982369981                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   211           |
| Worth      : 5,000                     Weight :    30           |
| Wearable   : back                                               |
| Score      : 790                                                |
| Material   : ather                                              |
| Flags      : unique, glow, hum, magic, nosell, held,            |
|            : burn-proof, nolocate, nosac, solidified, resonated,|
|            : illuminated, nosteal, heroonly, V3                 |
| Owned By   : Khannon                                            |
| Found at   : Icefall                                            |
| Stat Mods  : Hit roll     : +14      Damage roll  : +56         |
|              Strength     : +7       Intelligence : +7          |
|              Dexterity    : +7       Constitution : +7          |
|              Hit points   : +350     Luck         : +5          |
|              Wisdom       : +4                                  |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +45      All magic    : +45         |
| Enchants:                                                       |
| Resonate   : Luck +1                  (removable with TP only)  |
| Illuminate : Luck +4                  (removable with TP only)  |
|            : Wisdom +4                (removable with TP only)  |
| Solidify   : Damage roll +6           (removable by enchanter)  |

Without enchants.
Asking 1.36B+reown, PST if interested!
Re: Daily Quest idea +++
Note #40179
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 @ 13:09
Campaign currently requires, find target, kill target. There was something
 to do with finding items too? I don't remember, anyway irrelevant right now.

It offers QP reward and can be repeated every 2-hours. It doesn't offer alter
native to pupping, it's not supposed to anyway, why I mentioned Daily Quest
should take more time to finish is so that you can complete it throughout day,
not all at once to request it again like campaign.

I think having set of objectives that are not only finding target and killing
it is already different then campaign. Not to mention different incentive to
complete daily quest, QP's technically don't increase your SH powers as rapidly
instincts through pupping does. That's why some players choose not to do CP's
Re: Daily Quest idea +
Note #40176
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 @ 12:09
Reply to: Note 40175 posted by Tymme

if you sit SH long enough, even without SnD, CP's are not time consuming,
but tedious for sure if you have to navigate certain area parts that take
most of the time, not killing the target.

Not seeing whole a lot of CP'ing at SH level even with 'SnD' for same
reason mentioned above, navigating certain area parts can end up taking
more time end doing most/rest of CP.

CP's are still repeated basis, I don't know if they were always like this.
CP's also take time away from pupping, the reward of 1 CP without TP
or first CP of day bonus can be neglected by sheer amount of pups done
with this time duration.

Convert gold made from pups into value between pups qp's earned from CP.
This is obviously not true for those 1%'s who got quicker ways to complete
CP's even if they come with multiple mobs in difficult part of areas.

Daily Quest is more of alternative to pupping or at least something that
players can do once a day to gain little bit of power and not doing that
in 2-3 areas that are best for pupping.

Why I mentioned similar to CP/Quest because you are encouraged to go
areas and complete set objectives, only similarity beside some objectives
require killing mobs, that's why I brought up multiple objectives examples.
Daily Quest idea
Note #40174
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 @ 10:39
Had this idea for long time, so I will try to lay it out as good I can.

I feel like there are lack of enganging activities which you can do for SH.
I'll try to list most of things most of us are doing while sitting SH.

  - Pups.
  - CP's every 2hrs.
  - Quest every 30min.
  - Goals.
  - GQ's random pop-up.
  - PK.

From this list only pupping is constant, most has downtime, I'm not
suggesting to change downtimes, just bringing it up. I would consider PK'ing
extremely situational. Goals too are very situational and one-time only.
Both PK'ing and Goals are probably lowest on list of per-day activity.
More then 1 CP a day is probably very rare too.

  - Pups.
  - Epics (5-player to 40 player).
  - PK.

Pupping again is only constant from this list. Epics require mostly cooldown 
exceptions Titan/Terra 5-player. PK'ing is very situational and extremely rare.

At this point it's safe to assume that Pupping is majority of end-game 
activity which can be done solo or in group. Because it's constant and 
increases your power slowly, but surely.


To the idea itself now, Daily Quest.
We have a lot of areas in Aardwolf that are not used much else then CP/Quest
/GQ targets. There's many reasons why it's so, but they could be used for 
Daily Quest too.

 Daily Quest
 * Can be requested once per day.
 * Similar function to CP/Quest/GQ.
 * To complete it fully, it should take few hours.

Objectives involve killing small amount of mobs in areas, kill certain mobs 
and collect certain amount of items needed (quest only). Use  on mob,
it makes mob stronger and you have to kill the mob. Save innocent mobs from
group of mobs holding them as prisoners. Collect quest only items from 
. Help  to make his way to certain room in area.


I don't think reward needs to be main incentitive to do this quest, as long
it roughly equals gold/train gains for time spent doing this quest it would
offer more engaging and interesting gameplay then repeating same ol' pupping
as only outlet for power. One of keys for such quest is to keep player engaged
throughout other actitivies in game non-pupping. 

For sake of it, you can add extra layer for this quest, easy/normal/hard/epic.
Rewards and difficulties based on which mode you requested, as well time it 
takes to complete. Easy being good entry level for new and weak SH's, each 
difficulty can require certain amount of stats to be even requested, this 
is aimed mostly for players to complete solo, so we don't have new and weak
 SH's dragged through epic for example. The objectives does not need to 
differ so much between different modes, but should be much more difficult.
 -- I don't really know how difficult it would be to code all this, 
    but I personally think it would make good amount SH's more active 
    per daily basis.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 17:45:28
The Dungeon of Doom
Note #40170
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 @ 08:26
tracker [Repop] dundoom @@ 15:26:54
it's 100 rooms area, mob density could really get a little work on.
I realize it's aeons old area, and building rules were probably different then?
But for 100 rooms, it really has poor mob density, just saying.
Avenger, Test of Faith, castable in combat.
Note #40079
posted on Ideas
Saturday, June 30, 2018 @ 20:31
It's long cooldown, that is recastable just after it's off cd for SH.
It would be great quality of life if it's castable in combat. I cannot
refresh it pre-emptive to longer fights, because of cooldown.
I don't see it as buff to it's current state, just a little conveniance
in longer fights where it's very hard to impossible to recast it.
lbid 88276 - +3DR raid bonus back!
Note #49068
posted on Forsale
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 @ 19:11
| Keywords   : 291back dark wings taboo                           |
| Name       : Dark Wings of Taboo                                |
| Id         : 251772878                                          |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   291           |
| Worth      : 111,800                   Weight :     0           |
| Wearable   : back                                               |
| Score      : 745                                                |
| Material   : adamantium                                         |
| Flags      : unique, glow, hum, magic, burn-proof, nolocate,    |
|            : solidified, resonated, illuminated, V3, lauction   |
| Clan Item  : From Retribution                                   |
| Stat Mods  : Strength     : +7       Intelligence : +5          |
|              Wisdom       : +9       Dexterity    : +3          |
|              Constitution : +11      Luck         : +8          |
|              Hit roll     : +3       Damage roll  : +44         |
|              Hit points   : +145     Moves        : -290        |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +16      All magic    : +13         |
|              Slash        : +1       Pierce       : +1          |
| Market Item Number    : 88276                                   |
| Item is being sold by : Khannon                                 |
| Current bid           : 100,000 gold (Fenix)                    |

Great piece for fresh t9, good stats spread across.
Only epic back from Icefall is better. :P
Re: Soldier +
Note #40043
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 @ 12:11
Reply to: Note 39950 posted by Mondaine

We still haven't gotten answer is precision supposed to BYPASS all
class DODGES too? Seriously 1mil pup Soldier can annihilate you in
~14 rounds combat without using any other form of offensive skills.

There's another factor which is how mastery works and what a suprise
it also scales superbly well with precision, because all those hits
are buffed by X% mastery you have.
Turning 10% seasonal buff Wire melee round dealt from low 4k up to 5k+
With shield on, without shield earlier, they were close to 6k.

I'm not complaining about dying to him, but how effortless it is
because there's no combat lag caused by need to use offensive spells.
If he dealt same amount of damage with melee+spell, it would not
be so stupid damage for player who is technically maxxed out for
offensive instincts.

Avenger is supposed to get uphand when enemy attacks him/her, but
soldier can still just completely run over avenger, even though
with similar instincts the damage potential is quite close, obviously
only with Holy Reprisal+Righteous Anger, Avenger still has to cast
damaging spells to win or equal the rounds of damage, which means
when we enter stage of healing, avenger by default loses the fight.

Losing a fight so hopelessly with soft damage boosting passive,
plus another castable/CD based passive and on top having to cast
primary nuke spell, how is this considered balanced? Or did Wire bribe
imms to farm up to 5k PK's to put it as an achievement?

T9 soldier is even worse at redo, you can literally run over anybody
with 1/2 melee hits, since redos don't care so much for levelling
speed, it's another case where easy PK's can be farmed by same class.

It would be really great to have input about precision function, it
was buffed back sometime to help soldiers levelling better and pup better
not destroy everyone in PvP.
Re: Soldier
Note #39959
posted on Ideas
Thursday, June 7, 2018 @ 14:52
Reply to: Note 39945 posted by Castiel

IMO, barbarian problem lies in trying to make it 'Luke Cage'.
I have not seen one barbarian movie where barbarians are shown as
fist fighters.

They are fighters who generally excel using heavy two-handed weapons.
Could work with shield/weapon too, this all fist fighting theme is just
so blant and off the theme for me.
Sure fist could be alternative let's say barbarian turns into hulk and
just smashes everything, but really the damage output for SH standards is
just too little. There's no actual skillset specialized for fists except
just some bonuses passively.

If Barbarian could be sword'n'broad fighter. Add couple weapon+shield themed
skills, something like "Shield Slam", maybe even an opener something like
"Bull Rush" that works similar to charge except it only works to mobs in same
room you are in, deals average area damage, dazes all mobs for couple rounds.
Shield slam could be alternative for hammering blow. Chance to Stun and deal
significant damage. I guess any rework on barbarian is not planned for long
anyway though.
Since Guardian for paladin guild looks much worse shape, with staves nerf
other classes are not so much hurt by average pup speeds if you exlude
Blacksmiths in titan.
tracker [Repop] masq @@ 22:00:34
Re: Soldier +
Note #39955
posted on Ideas
Thursday, June 7, 2018 @ 13:31
Reply to: Note 39954 posted by Rauru

I think we could use response from Lasher how he intended to precision work.
Precision was buffed sometime ago, I figure the instinct for precision was
set to place before that to make it stronger then, but after the buff I think
kill very least instinct should been removed too.

Was precision supposed to work vs all and everykind of dodges?
It's easier to understand how to tone it down if we know intention behind
it's design, it's obviously way too strong. But just point blank nerfing it
weakens soldier for pups too, probably not that much, but enough to have
another reason to just classchange blacksmith.
EIther way if vs. most classes with 3/4x more pups I have decent change to
escape, vs Soldier it's matter of very little timeframe with shield up.
tracker [Repop] pompeii @@ 20:32:33
Re: Soldier
Note #39946
posted on Ideas
Thursday, June 7, 2018 @ 11:29
Reply to: Note 39945 posted by Castiel

Was there not bug/issue with precision to not work with
class dodges, it was supposed to only work against base "dodge"?
Soldier with very good pups hits way too hard with just melee
rounds indeed.

I think whole warrior's guild needs little redo.
Blacksmith is currently the best overall pup class.
Soldier is overall best PvP globally can still do
tracker [Repop] snuckles @@ 18:26:18
decent pups with good pups.
And then there's barbarian, superly garbage, no other way to put it.
Barbarbian feels so illogical to me the way his setup works.
I guess the biggest issue with warrior guild is that
they rely on eq/instincts/mastery and those all scale very well
for blacksmith/soldier for their main purpose.

Re: QP Sales Ticket
Note #39868
posted on Ideas
Monday, May 28, 2018 @ 06:59
Reply to: Note 39866 posted by Wire

tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 13:56:16
Yes please, though I think QP sales ticket should be consumed.
For bigger donations it should be added automatically. It should
not be reownable item.
So Player A donates 50USD, gets 1 QP sales ticket for free.
Decides to sell 5k QP in market with ticket. Ticket is consumed
when QP is sold.
Player B has 50k QP collected wants to sell QP in market.
Donates 10USD marks reward QP sales ticket, instead tp's/qps.
WTB - Boots of the Efreeti
Note #48918
posted on Forsale
Friday, May 11, 2018 @ 12:30
Rank4 Inferno boots, Boots of the Efreeti
Weekend only, not looking for overpriced deals.
Starting offer 250mil+reown. 
WTB rank3 Inferno earring
Note #48892
posted on Forsale
Friday, May 4, 2018 @ 11:22
150mil+reown, weekend only.
a Demon's Shriveled Eye (211)
Re: There's something wrong with epics. +
Note #27511
posted on General
Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 07:06
Reply to: Note 27505 posted by Wire
Timezone is one of bigger issue for many more casual
players which is not solved in Aardmud, while in many
others MMO's it's solved, even with 1000x lower playerbase
there should have been separated reset timer for EU/US.
This does not mean that player can run it more often players
can still be limited to run it only once per reset timer period.
It may be difficult to code, but timezone is huge factor and
it's completetely overlooked.

For IF2? I don't think it can be fixed anymore.
It's so large epic and requires a lot of strong SH's.
Even more so, you can't ignore the fact how BS's broke
the entire difficulty settings and it was ignored completely
by area creator and immortals until BS's groupswing got nerfed
You just took away powercandy you let run rampart for good half a year
So many players quit within 2/3 months after they got gear and smith

Why it's too late to fix IF2 now?
Considerable amount of players have bought IF2 items from those who
ran easy mode IF1/IF2 extreme with 80% blacksmith group. No offense to
those people they put in effort, but they were right time on right place
and just like in life it can make you rich for rest of your life.
People who have already invested largly in getting IF2 gear you won't
be seeing them run 70/130 IF2 at least most of them. People who
sell gear now are mostly the ones running it because of extra pts.
It's hard truth, but beside fixing obtaining of IF1/IF2 portal I don't
think fixing IF2 has much of point anymore, Yowza has not been very keen
finding solution to decreased playerpool and significantly harder time
without blacksmith zerg.
I still remember that day when I saw you/him change from navigator to
blacksmith, I don't understand still how was IF2 not closed when 80%
run was blacksmiths...
I's fair to ask players to spend time and find new ways to run IF2,
but no, it's not players fault they used power carrot at the time,
it's completely unfair to ask more casual/newer players to spend
such hours in epic that was run by a lot of strong SH's/hardcore
players with big power carrot (blacksmith)

Because scars can be sold for massive price, it brings attention
to people with run count to play lottery, nothing wrong with that.
I would not personally not have time or will to run it from 2017
to 2020 to get enough runs to get scars.
Simple answer it takes WAY TO long to rank up considering
how many runs you will miss if timezone is bad for you.
Another epic who could use double reset for EU/US but
cannot be run more often by player then reset timer.

Who though making another completely run count based epic was great idea...
I really did sort of like Genie, but my free time is simply worth more then
spending so many hours just to get chance of getting decent loot?

Such loot obtain design is such decline for casual gamers, I understand
you generally aim to keep your old timers interested in game though.
Not very good if your trying to grow as game though which is main goal
for most games.
 I swear I would never run single epic if the gear was obtainable
alone with different activities, my main interest in aardwolf was to
break away from playing WoW for nearly decade high-end raiding.
That's solid 4-6h long progress raids every day, but it was fun
engaging and there was loot to be had "within" a month.
So when I heard the best gear in aardwolf is locked behing epics that
require time investment in group activity I almost wanted to just
quit the game.. :p
it's really not a place to say, epic gear is not that good.
It's just is and if you put it collectively together as whole kit.
Good god. Let's go test port right now, you with plain raiding/clan
gear vs. full epic kit player. Sure I/M/P still overall have greater
impact, but again player with full epic kit vs non epic kit will just
ran over if I/M/P are similar.
Nice 201 weapon in market. save your QPS!
Note #48464
posted on Forsale
Monday, January 29, 2018 @ 03:47
lbid 84051
Lot of stats, 24 DR, some resists, 579 avgrage dam,
that's just 21 avg dam lower then 200 aard weapon.
At very least it's great sub weapon for slash vuln
Run count boost ring for IF?
Note #38892
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 28, 2018 @ 04:46
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 11:45:45
 costs 1bil? Rewards +1 run count, no extra pts.
Treat it as expensive catch-up mechanic, say you've got
gold rings, you obtain 11pts per hard IF1 run, but you just started.
You will have mountain of points at ~ 50 runs, but can't buy single
epic item, I find it really odd design. Currently gold rings just
boost the greed to sky's limit, while run count ring would strike the
balance back to maybe somewhat closer to what it was when IF/IF2 were
spammed. Also not everyone can run it those timezones, so they will
gain more value out of 1 run they can join a week. This ring should only
function up to 130 run count.
Daily blessing token for latest change
Note #38544
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 15, 2018 @ 15:38
Add chance to get daily blessing token of random enhancement
that was brought in with last update. Can only be applied to
gameload eq, because why not?
WTB Scars from Inferno
Note #48352
posted on Forsale
Sunday, January 14, 2018 @ 08:57
PST if your selling.
Re: RTS recommendations
Note #366
posted on Misc
Sunday, January 14, 2018 @ 05:00
Reply to: Note 364 posted by Escobar

Not sure if you heard but new RTS - They are billions.
It's about 20 bucks on steam, early access, really fun
Alternative ways gaining pups/trains.
Note #38401
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 5, 2018 @ 04:02

The idea is daily activity based, lots of SH areas are dead or
only visited during Q, CP or GQ. Not gonna go into reasons why 
not relevant.

Once per 24h duration a player is able to take a daily activity.
I guess better name would be a quest at this point. This quest will
want you to go to certain area, kill X amount of Y mobs not just few or dozen.
More like 100 to 200? so you stick around in zone for little while. 
The reward for quest can be simply trains, since it can be completed once in 
24h duration I believe up to 500 trains is not that much, equal to roughly 
~100pup. For obvious reasons all epic areas IF/Titan can not be part of quest.
That's the core idea, I don't think it's that hard or time consuming to 

I think at very least it will give another reason to login for some players.
It will help a bit for weaker players to gain some pups without being a 
massive drag (:>). Perhaps create some PvP action too.

Oh man this just reminded me almost entire world PvP only existed in WoW 
around daily quests zones typically.

PS: I feel like similar idea has been suggested already
I'm sorry in that case.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 11:04:05
Re: Winds of Fate
Note #38197
posted on Ideas
Monday, November 27, 2017 @ 06:51
Reply to: Note 38196 posted by Redryn

I also heard about 56 cards and possible rank5 eq reward,
I haven't visited it yet, but since it spams all over epic
board, I dont think difficult it up to standard for rank5 eq nowdays.
At the rate and amount of players who run it right now I agree
with rank3-4 being reward.
Typically you could maybe tinker furthermore and add extra modes
so rank5 eq could still be built out of it.
Say the current level of difficulty can be done by mediocre or even
lower sitting SH, then hardest difficulty requires not more then 5-6 people
or something along the lines.
Re: Epic rewards rant ++
Note #38107
posted on Ideas
Monday, November 13, 2017 @ 15:32
Reply to: Note 38106 posted by Lasher

The prices prior to IF2 collapse, were almost half of what they
have become today, because of those old folks who regulary run IF1
now with IF2 run count are filling pockets with mountains of gold.

Is there a particular reason why this issue have not been looked into?
There was some discussion earlier just as IF2 collapsed for possible 
IF changes, but nothing was done, it seems to be forgotten and you
sorry to be blunt seem to be fine those oldies leeching off poor design
that have numerous ways to stop bleed or apply temporary fix, I understand
value of your time and if I remember correct area creator should be one
fixing issue, but this stupid leeching system really needs fixing or an update
if there has been at least discussion on fix.

tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 21:40:25
Removing run count requirement as second reward gating system for IF should
be last resort, but for Inferno it should really be removed or lowered
considerably. You are not gaining new epic bodies fast enough to keep up
with old standards.
I hate the fact that for me personally only way to gain best possible eq
is to buy them, I wouldn't make single donation less to aardwolf, but for
difference reasons.
WTB IF 250pts eq for 100USD
Note #48130
posted on Forsale
Saturday, November 11, 2017 @ 13:00
Re: Adaldar / An elvish priest. ++++
Note #16300
posted on Typos
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 @ 11:11
Reply to: Note 16299 posted by Starling

Not really slowing down scripts, further on experienced
CP'ers already know which mob/room to look for, it does
slow down speed a little, but at cost of making it much
more inconvenient to players without any experience
Speaking from personal point of view, those keyword
changes don't change much to me and I do use S&D. When
mob comes up with similar situation I already know where
to go.
Re: LF Epic EQ from Titan, Inferno and possibly IF too.
Note #47999
posted on Forsale
Sunday, October 8, 2017 @ 07:30
Reply to: Note 47995 posted by Khannon

Also considering buying ice rocket portal from IF.
The baseline price is 250USD, you can PM
if your interested selling.
LF Epic EQ from Titan, Inferno and possibly IF too.
Note #47995
posted on Forsale
Sunday, October 8, 2017 @ 05:02
I've asked around some people already, but just in case.

From Titan - I'm now looking rank5 greaves, I'm paying in
donations, I'm looking to make predeal for next donation

From Inferno - I'm looking for scars. same deal paying in donations
I'm looking for predeal before next donation period.

For Titan and Inferno pieces, I'm open for price negotiations
I have no fixed price in my mind.

I'm also looking for IF1 eq predeals. Not more then 1 maybe 2.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 11:18:59
I wont break budget over IF items though, 100USD will be max for

Scars and Greaves are my primary interest for pre-deals.
Please PM if you wish to negotiate prices and make a deal!
Alternative rewards for donations
Note #37995
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 @ 13:38
Much like there is already TP instead QPs.
It would be great to have option for more trains instead qp.
I think it would be decent to have alternative route for
people who cant spend hours on pupping or redos.
I dont know good amount for trains though
Re: Weapon damtype mastery +++++
Note #37977
posted on Ideas
Friday, September 29, 2017 @ 06:40
Reply to: Note 37973 posted by Wire

it doesnt matter if Im qp rich or not, I dont blow my cash
to uncharted waters. Currently Light mastery is probably most popular
for active puppers. Just to test other classes with your mastery which
is benefical to mud too, I have to pay high cost?
Because mastery changing is expensive, it limits a lot of group
activity too, because your stuck to your pclass.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 12:42:20
Many games for such reasons, have brought in secondary if not more
saved sets.
You wanna go have fun at your full force, not considering high cost to
gimped fun.
One of mastery type examples from recent WoW expansion.
Artifact power was long term investment, changing it cost you almost half
a week of grind, that didnt last very long, bad business model.
I like how classchange has CD now, I think its great model, I just dont
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 12:52:21
understand why say mastery cant have same or at least cut the cost of changes
from somewhere.
If you wanna stuck with how things were back then, maybe we should
start going reverse future see if that makes players happy or mud more alive.
History is proven in most cases it doesnt, forget the old, consider new.
I spent my entire lunch on this, because how expensive mastery is, its just
so f.king illogical to me, no game would last with current model for it.
Remove Myth from T0 GQ range ++++++
Note #27161
posted on General
Monday, June 26, 2017 @ 23:14
T0 GQ's should have cap, your no longer in learning part past 1k wins.
However Myth and Lasher both are right about fact that T0/<10 wins GQ
ranges are quite inactive, my t0 run was slowest and I learned a lot
while until up to 200 wins, at this point I had done goals, gotten
portals and decent amount area knowledge, t0 GQ's were just free QP
kill this point forwards with mostly nobody being taking part of them.

It's quite interesting though how do you stay active within 24h
duration. Your at around what ~30+ quests per day average right now?
Anyway, t0 GQ's cap could easily be 500 and nobody but leecher(s)
will be hurt by it. 

Off-topic, I wonder who's alt are? You straight out chose the class
sub-class that's most benefical for GQ's as t0. Clearly from day on
you were not meant to be in t0 range. Wether you are actually
botting is up to IMM's to decide, but the topic point removing you
from T0 ranges is right, you shouldn't be able to free leech it.
Re: IF2 ++++++++
Note #37611
posted on Ideas
Thursday, June 22, 2017 @ 20:22
Reply to: Note 37610 posted by Akhenaton

The biggest issue is probably the amount of people with adequate stats.
I'm sure if IF2 had 5-10 edition it would work out the way it is now.
The same very reason WoW eventually ended up with 20 million different modes.
You simply can't maintain the numbers, motivation for big group runs,
let alone if they need to be run 70+ times for before you are rewarded.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 03:26:04
I could never grind something for year to get couple pieces of loot.
Taking account aardwolf playerbase 5-10 people epics are most suited.
Generally MMO's that force you to have 25+ people to kill something
is simple is tactics/mechanics, so you could get as many bodies do it
Aardwolf seemed to be mostly about solo player designed, yet the best
gear in game requires dedicated group efforts. Or well a lot of gold.
WTS Lvl 1 Aardgears, Aarcheology pieces, Poker cards!
Note #47703
posted on Forsale
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 @ 12:19
level 1 - Breastplate, Aura, Gloves, Bracers, Ring (+1 str).
For Aardgear looking for ideally original value ranges.
Aarcheology pieces - wide selection, 4mil+turnin, PST.
Bunch of poker cards, 750k piece.
If I missed your tell, please send me note.
Spell hits, melee hits pre-SH
Note #37565
posted on Ideas
Friday, June 16, 2017 @ 06:20
Really simple fix spellhits to always hit x3 at 100, x4 at 150+.
As t9 redo I find it quite frustrating that my spelldmg with mastery included
hit less then my melee dmg. This is mostly case when you keep hitting x2.
I guess this will somewhat clash with sorcs power projection, but fixing
spellhits will generally speed up spellcasters levelling vs. say blacksmith.
As blacksmith the same deal is with melee rounds, I would hit between 1k-7k
around 150+ levels. This is insane variety of damage dealt per round.
I'm talking about PvM here obviously. Typically melee rounds should have
little more static hit ranges, I guess they are for SH, but pre-SH
it's so random.

It the intent of spellhits between x2 and x4 for pre-SH was the feel of
somekind of critical hit then I guess it serves it's purpose, but I still
think fixed ranges would be great. Those ranged could also ignore tiers
so t9's or higher tiers can't benefit from it too early, I'm totally fine
with it, I'd just be happy to hit 3/4x as much as possible past 150.
5 Unique Aarcheology pieces in market with B/O
Note #47684
posted on Forsale
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 @ 09:55
 78449 (Aarchaeology) An Old Rope     1 *Gold             1    0   5d 23:49:34
 78450 (Aarchaeology) Unknown Eleme   1 *Gold             1    0   5d 23:51:34
 78451 (Aarchaeology) Picture of a    1 *Gold             1    0   5d 23:52:39
 78452 (Aarchaeology) An Ancient Ga   1 *Gold           501    1   5d 23:53:31
 78453 (Aarchaeology) Ivory Tusks     1 *Gold             1    0   5d 23:54:39
I have wide list of Aarch pieces, but I love to sell them overpriced! :P
WTB IF pts with donation/gold/tp/qp - PST
Note #47683
posted on Forsale
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 @ 09:52
Even if you don't have points as of yet, but close to.
Contact me anyway if your looking to sell. Can make predeals.
Gears for donations
Note #47661
posted on Forsale
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 @ 13:05
if you got points to spend or something in stock still.
Re: Tiers
Note #37425
posted on Ideas
Monday, May 22, 2017 @ 18:09
Reply to: Note 37411 posted by Castiel

My problem is not with tiers, but increased XP per tier.
I liked smooth flow on low tiers, I could do 10x more tiers then aardwolf
have with 3-4k TNL, hence I decided to rush t9, not for pupping or epics, but
chance to get that XP tnl back, sure if I CP I gain less, but game
feels smoother again.
It's seriously depressing to grind 10k tnl for 201 lvls, the gain is nothing
the hope is it'll end eventually. I think I would be fine with say 100 lvls.
At least you can form more groups then. Currently with 201 lvls
there's to many people scattered around different ranges.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 01:10:11
I normally love end-game, but being honest here aardwolf in 10h grind mode
rewards nothing at all compared to MMO's/RPG's I've played in past.
Generally you stack a lot of useful materials, get couple extremely valuable
items or generally ton of gold to choose what to do, doing calculations here

the only actual gain is gold and trains. Which I wish I could almost buy
with RL cash. Waiting for that donations period!
MMO's normally plan their game around stages, mostly it's end-game focus.
I think aardwolf have reached the point where end-game focus and improvements
should be priority. it's also a lot more easier to balance game around same
default power (tiers).
Anyway I don't expect any changes with tiers to happen, but just wanted to
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 01:20:13
say as one of newcomer still to game seeing same mistake in here that have
been made in many MMO's I've played in past. And some of those mistake you
can't recover ever, so you soften them over time or bleed on. Lifespan of 
tracker QUEST TIMER!
WoW is great example how crucial game changes are needed to stay alive, if
that of course is in interest here. I know this is Lasher hobby and demanding
changes would be overhead.
I'm clearly never gonna get into notewriting! :p
Re: Changing weapon damage types ++
Note #37360
posted on Ideas
Sunday, May 14, 2017 @ 13:24
Reply to: Note 37359 posted by Quadrapus

70% of my QP is invested to weapons of one damtype, and one mastery.
Desipe the fact I'd like to try out other classes, I'm not interested to
just throw away my massive investment or alternative pay incredible high fee.

I don't think it's healthy for MUD to block potentially more colorful
class/subclass choices behind quite high fee across.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 20:27:30
Yes i'm also min-maxxer type. It's really unfortunate with recent changes
there's nothing yet for this topic, It's been discussed in past too.
I'm all in for change, what's really the downside for lowering costs
or changing the design or adding more acceptable alternative?
Aarchaeology forsale
Note #47575
posted on Forsale
Monday, May 1, 2017 @ 02:25
NB: I don't typically generalize costs.
If you are interested PST.
The (Aarchaeology) Collection Satchel contains:
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) A Golden Leaf (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Moon in a Bottle (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) A Rusted Cleaver (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Wings of a Harpy (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) A Ring of Thandeld (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Picture of a Forest (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) A Dragon's Tooth (1)
( 4) (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) A Dinosaur Bone (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Lost Binoculars (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Petrified Tree Branch (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) A Golden Cross (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Pirate's Hat (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Wilted Rose (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) A Wedding Ring (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) A Biblical Textbook (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) An Old Rope (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Percival's Retired Crown (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Ivory Tusks (1)
( 2) (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) An Ancient Game Token (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Skeleton of a Goblin (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Brick from a Castle (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Photo of an F1 Tornado (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Dorothy's Lost Earring (1)
     (K)(M)(G) (Aarchaeology) Chunk of an Iceberg (1)
Lvl 200 +3DR raidbonus back with B/O, lbid 77450
Note #47574
posted on Forsale
Monday, May 1, 2017 @ 02:23
| Keywords   : 200back drabani bolers Bul armor                   |
| Name       : .oOo.Drabani Bolers Bul .oOo.                      |
| Id         : 1170266260                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   200           |
| Worth      : 46,500                    Weight :     0           |
| Wearable   : back                                               |
| Score      : 550                                                |
| Material   : steel                                              |
| Flags      : unique, glow, hum, magic, burn-proof, nolocate,    |
|            : solidified, resonated, illuminated, V3, lauction   |
| Clan Item  : From Romani                                        |
| Stat Mods  : Strength     : +21      Damage roll  : +29         |
|              Hit points   : +100     Moves        : -200        |
|              Wisdom       : +5       Luck         : +3          |
|              Intelligence : +1                                  |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +11      All magic    : +8          |
| Market Item Number    : 77450                                   |
| Item is being sold by : Khannon                                 |
| Current bid           : 1 gold (No bid yet)                     |