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Re: bragging right pin for reaching rank 5 epic? ++
Note #41254
posted on Ideas
Sunday, February 3, 2019 @ 14:17
Reply to: Note 41236 posted by Tryllus

>and get to a point where they feel YES finally rank 5 and have it 
>If just restring, anyone can always say I got to rank 5 and its actually
>a joke from your side *facepalm*

If all you want is "verifiable proof that you achieved", then you can use 
the Epics board (I'd like to see Castiel's suggestion as well, makes it 
easier to find someone's info). It says how many runs you've completed. 
Everyone can already see that you, Tryllus, have completed the following:

Epic      Normal   Hard   Extreme   Total
Inferno                                46
Icefall1       0     58        20      78
Icefall2                               16

It's nowhere near as quick or elegant as Castiel's suggestion, but it
does work accurately for now.

Hope this helps,
Re: Market Confirmation +
Note #41218
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 27, 2019 @ 00:22
Reply to: Note 41211 posted by Myth

>Or better yet, add support for commas, and enforce correct syntax.
>E.g. bid 450,000,000 - works, but bid 45,000,0000 - doesn't.

For MUSHclient users, I would recommend downloading Crowley's Auction 
Utilities plugin, which would let you use:
safe bid 123 45m

Re: aardwolfs own sport
Note #41217
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 27, 2019 @ 00:17
Reply to: Note 41215 posted by Reaven

>personally ive been seeing some kinda combination
>teeing off  like in golf    baskets to aim for like skeeball/basketball

Heh, no input on your idea at all, but you should check out an 8-show
series on Netflix called "For the Win".

Re: TinTin++
Note #7798
posted on Tech
Sunday, January 27, 2019 @ 00:11
Reply to: Note 7797 posted by Dragonfist

>I am trying to install TinTin++ on my android tablet.
>On a side note, I think we should have better guides on setting up and
>configuring clients so it will be an easier and better experience for 
>new MUD up playing MUD altogether.

Tintin++ is not really a good client for people who aren't already
MUD geeks. It's a great tinkerer's client, but not an "everyday user"
client. Ixle has done a great job of packaging up scripts to lower 
that "cost of entry" (many provided by Cheezburger), but it's still 
better for people who are comfortable mucking in Linux than for typical 
Windows, Mac or phone users.

For people newer to MUDs or scripting/tinkering, Blowtorch is a much 
better Android option. Shindo has created some plugins for "v2" of Blowtorch
that greatly extend its functionality.

>After extensive searching, i manage to understand that i need to download
>termus and do apt install tintin++.
>I did find the "packages" on github by theixle and downloaded the zip file.
>but there's no information on how to install, configure and setup.

Have you read the file in that zip named "README"? It contains "information
on how to install, configure and setup" those scripts.

I have nothing against tintin++...I similarly do NOT recommend my favorite
MUD client (the one I personally use) for 98% of MUDders out there, as it 
has a very similar level of usability as tintin++. It is the best for me, 
but it isn't for most people.

Re: Reduce Strangle Duration in PK +++++
Note #41202
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 19, 2019 @ 11:02
Reply to: Note 41198 posted by Tymme

>Not a fan of giving everyone yet another trigger to set up to reduce the 
>impact of the skill (like disarm).  Not that it can't be done now, but...

It's not actually reducing the impact of the skill. It's just no longer
preying on those who are ignorant of how the skill works. For disarm
trigs, sometimes you don't notice the disarm message, so having the trig
has a tangible reduction in the disarm's effectiveness. For strangle, 
you're acutely aware that you've been strangled (unless you're truly AFK),
so only people who don't already know to use "saf bad" would be stuck there
longer than necessary.

>>AddTimer ("wake_up", 0, 0, %1, "gtell WAKE UP!!!", 5, "")

Set to regular expression, set to send-to script.

Re: Blood fountains's feeding rates
Note #41154
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 5, 2019 @ 00:28
Reply to: Note 41152 posted by Yahmillay

>For the longest now, Blood fountains won't make you full on hunger
>but quench thirst..

Actually, they don't quench thirst. "Natural" blood fountains increase

Now that you can do custom fountains, though, the "word" for the liquid 
in a fountain doesn't have to be related to that word's natural properties. 
You can have a blood fountain that handles both hunger and thirst.

Re: Gquest timers
Note #41153
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 5, 2019 @ 00:23
Reply to: Note 41149 posted by Quarana

>As a new player learning the realm

Hi Quarana, welcome to Aard :-)
Sorry I "wrote a book", but I tried to get a lot of information into
this note.

I would like to make 3 observations/suggestions about your note, to
explain why I don't believe that it should be necessary to extend even
the 10-and-fewer GQ lengths.

>I tried joining the gquests with other players with more wins and 
>lost very quickly as I had finally found my first or second location 
>or mob. I waited to join the gquests that require 10 wins or fewer

First, I'd like to point out that you get QPs for each and every
kill that you make on a GQ, so I would recommend that you continue
to join even the unrestricted GQs. I would also suggest that you 
continue to kill the GQ targets even after the GQ is lost. Doing 
that will help you to learn where those targets were, for the next 
time you have them as a GQ target, allowing you to increase your 
QP/kill count as you progress in ability. You get better by
practicing. Campaigns are also great practice for GQs.

>nor do they know where they are going when they arrive,
>so we wander and hope to run into what we're looking for.

Next I would like to point out that this is not the right way to
go about trying to find or kill things in a GQ. Aardwolf has a ton
of resources available to you, so that you should not be wandering. 
When you run to the area with a target, use "where" to find the 
name of the room (and may want to use "the hunt trick" as well
help hunt trick). Once you're armed with the room name, head on 
over to the wiki (help wiki), click "areas" on the left sidebar, 
and scroll down to select the area the target is in. At the bottom 
of that page will be links to online maps of the area. You can use 
those to find the room whose name you got from the "where" command, 
and follow the lines to trace back to where you're standing.

>Maybe make the timer several hours if you're the only one in the thing?

As Redryn pointed out in his not, this would prevent any other newbie
from being able to take one of those GQs. As it is, though, the GQs
can already last close to an hour.

Redryn said:
>The timer (10 mins) resets every time you kill a mob, so it can actually
>be very long. 10 minutes should be plenty of time to find any mob

It's important to note that there are two separate timers involved in 
ending a GQ (ignoring "extended time"). There is an "inactivity" timer 
of 10 minutes. Something has to have happened (a kill made) in the GQ 
within 10 minutes or the GQ will be called off because the MUD doesn't 
know if anyone is trying anymore. As Redryn mentioned, if you're using 
online maps and such, even a totally brand new player should be able 
to get to a target within 10 minutes for the majority of cases.

But there is also a total GQ time limit. However, that time limit is
typically between 45 minutes and an hour.

Hope this helps,
Re: Allow Mobkills to be filtered by Mob Alignment
Note #41108
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 23, 2018 @ 18:09
Reply to: Note 41104 posted by Agailia

>This is a feature of the mobdeaths command that I really like. 

It makes sense for the mobdeaths command.

>If you're looking to kill mobs of a certain alignment, it makes it easy to 
>find them. Is there any way this can be added?

If you're looking for MOBs to kill, you should NOT be using the mobkills
command. Mobkills lists the MOBs that kill the most players. As in, MOBs
that are more dangerous to the average player, for one reason or another.
Those aren't the ones that you should go seek out to level on.

Re: Directional Sign in Aerial City of Cineko ++
Note #41072
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 17, 2018 @ 02:30
Reply to: Note 41071 posted by Throxx

>352 days into playing aardwolf, and NOW i find out about "find"!!!

Umm, the academy uses "find" the whole way through. While you're on the 
goal, going to the Academy Foyer yields:
>The receptionist says, "Greetings Yourname. Type 'find all' for a class
> directory."

In fact, find is part of the health lesson. To see the blackboard, type
"help academy-health".

Re: Gag / gameplay. ++++++++
Note #41055
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 23:23
Reply to: Note 41052 posted by Impurifan

>juictice here has always been on a reasonable efforts basis.

Freudian slip?

Re: Remove AFK command lockout. +
Note #41053
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 23:21
Reply to: Note 41051 posted by Impurifan

>this is a bad idea because it will make more people you AFK, get
>tagged, and make the mud look considerably less active than who
>command would suggest.
>That brings no good and only invites bad.

I disagree. I think that it gives a far worse impression the way
it is now. Now, players see the "who" list, think that there are
all of these active players, and then try talking to some of them 
and get totally ignored. Or they send a tell to players like me, 
who will send them back an immediate reply saying "Sorry, I haven't 
typed anything in ".

Re: Remove AFK command lockout. +
Note #41039
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 12:01
Reply to: Note 41036 posted by Crowley

I love the idea. It probably should've been changed 13 years ago (specific
date explained below).

>However, with that said, I don't disagree with the idea. At the very least,
>letting spellup spells bypass the lockout would be great. Back in the day,
>spellup scripts weren't allowed while AFK, iirc.

More specifically, automatic spellup scripts themselves were illegal back 
then. Spellup scripts used to only be able to queue up what to cast, and 
you'd have to manually invoke the script's command to get them to do the 
casting. They became legal on 2005-10-08.

From that point on, if you stayed online while AFK and had a spellup script
to keep you fully spelled up, if you did NOT use the flag you could hop
on the keyboard and play immediately at full power. If you DID use the flag, 
then you could hop on the keyboard and wait up to a minute for your spells 
to cast before being able to play effectively.

>Along with spellup spells, perhaps make it so the remaining "locked" 
>commands send, but remove you from AFK status.

In order for this change to really make the AFK status meaningful, you'd
also need to exclude look, glance, and all socials. Those are often used 
as anti-idle-logout actions (although those people SHOULD have their
timer/trigger just send a carriage return).

>It'd also be kind of cool to have an AFK timer shown in finger, to give 
>people an idea how long you've been AFK. There are several plugins for 
>it (I have one myself), but maybe makng it a MUDside option wouldn't be 
>a bad idea.

If this were implemented, it should only go by how long you've had the
flag activated, not how long since input was last received. The client-side 
ones know the difference between manually-typed commands and script-generated
commands, but the MUD itself does not. Also, the client-side ones are a
person's choice to activate (as is the flag).

Re: Problem With Czechs
Note #27717
posted on General
Friday, December 14, 2018 @ 22:33
Reply to: Note 27716 posted by Roume

>When I see something like this on my ftalk, it gives me grave concern.
>(Friend) Stormlord: 'hi roume :P sorry, but lately too busy for gqs :)'

Heh, Stormlord GQs by year:

Re: add "time until next quest" in questor's message. +
Note #41030
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 @ 00:23
Reply to: Note 41029 posted by VeryLongName

>One problem - for Milton 10 minutes would equal to 20 aardwolf hours...

That's not really a problem. All of the other interactions for quests give
the time in wall-clock instead of Aard time, so it's still consistent.

>The Administrator tells you 'Good luck, Magna. Return safely!'
>The Administrator tells you 'You have 59 minutes to complete your quest.'

Re: add "time until next quest" in questor's message. +
Note #41027
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 10, 2018 @ 18:46
Reply to: Note 41024 posted by Magna

>Oh.. this one:
>Milton tells you 'You're very brave, VeryLongName, but let someone else 
>     have a chance.'
>Milton tells you 'Please try again later.'

Ahhhh. Yeah, I agree. The text you proposed would be a fine solution.
>Milton tells you 'Please try again in 10 minutes'

It wouldn't impact me, but it also wouldn't hurt me any. It shouldn't
require much time to code, so it's not like it would be taking away
from any "more deserving" ideas.

Just my thoughts,
add "time until next quest" in questor's message. +
Note #41024
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 10, 2018 @ 18:30
Reply to: Note 41021 posted by VeryLongName

I'm confused about what you're asking about. The only time you're talking
to Questor and he is telling you something which could possibly contain 
"time until next quest" is when you are doing quest fail, or doing quest 
complete. In both of those instances, you know exactly what the time is 
until next quest. It's 15 minutes in the first case, and 30 minutes in 
the second case.

At first I thought that you misspoke and were really asking to have him 
say "time allowed to complete this quest", but that text is already in his

You mention "For people who don't use prompt & don't like too many miniwins",
so it almost sounds like you're talking about something which would keep
updating. But you're not interacting with Questor between quests, so what
"questor's message" are you referring to?

Re: battle typos
Note #16865
posted on Typos
Sunday, December 9, 2018 @ 22:03
Reply to: Note 16862 posted by Mique

>I just noticed a web damage message while fighting in fens
>Some reeds is trapped in your web.
>And just noticed  Some marshgrass is showing a few battle scars.
>Shouldn't that be are, not is? Is this a real typo or a area thing?

The first is a real typo, but the second one is correct.

MOBs on Aard can have "plural" set, so that the MOB will use plural-
matching verbs (are vs is). 

For why I believe that it should apply to reeds and not to marshgrass,
this is based on the fewer-vs-less distinction. Reeds are considered to
be a "countable" resource. Someone would be holding "a reed", "two reeds",
or "a few reeds". But for grass/marshgrass, unless you talk about "blades
of grass", the grass itself is considered to be a more/less uncountable/
numberless thing. Kind of like some sand is here, but some puppies are here.

help give
Note #16864
posted on Typos
Sunday, December 9, 2018 @ 21:53
Line 8 of "help give"
>        give  coins   : Gives a character gold.

This is incorrect (rather, incomplete) and inconsistent... 
should be .

Re: Socials: +
Note #41017
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 9, 2018 @ 17:39
Reply to: Note 41005 posted by Mendaloth

>I wonder how useful this would be in practice.  Some of the socials are
>quite **unique**, and I would say are pretty darn hard to categorize.  
>Given that, a lot of the categories will be so arbitrary so as to make 
>the category not very useful.

I could see this being implemented as a form of "tag cloud" system. A 
single social can be part of a dozen different categories, and would
show up when searching for any of those categories.

With "curse" being one of those categories, it would make finding or
maintaining the list of curse-only socials much easier. Currently you 
need to do socials command with and without nocurse toggled. That would 
give you the list of all socials and the list of all nocurse socials, 
which you then need to "diff" to get the list of curse-only socials.

Re: Wanted: Personal Note/Tell Notification
Note #40986
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 2, 2018 @ 15:39
Reply to: Note 40985 posted by Shala

>I idle a bunch and there are times when I wake up to a WANTED flag.  It would
>be nice to get a tell, or a personal note letting you know you've been set
>and who set you.

\\\AddTrigger("wanted", "^([a-z]+) has placed an outlaw bounty on your head[.]$", "tell shala %1 has set me wanted!", 49 , -1 , 0, "", "")

Paste that into your command line.

help confiscate
Note #16854
posted on Typos
Sunday, December 2, 2018 @ 02:37
From "help tp":
>2TP  - Confiscate carryable owned equipment from an offline/unavailable
>       player.  (No charge for divorcing spouses- see 'help confiscate'.)

From "help confiscate":
>Note: One confiscate will return all owned items to you.  You do not
>need to purchase multiple confiscates for multiple items.

I think that the wording of help confiscate should be changed to make
it clear whether "one confiscate will return all owned items from a single
player's pfile to you" or "one confiscate will return all owned items from
all other pfiles to you". The way it's worded now, it sounds like it
would be the latter, but I think it's the former.

Re: Alias for literal command in MUSHclient
Note #7790
posted on Tech
Friday, November 30, 2018 @ 17:28
Reply to: Note 7789 posted by Crowley

>For those who don't know, in z/CMUD, you could use ~ to
>bypass aliase use. For example, if you had an alias for drink, but you 
>wanted to bypass that alias for a goal, you would simply type ~drink 
>and it would send the literal command "drink".

Doesn't everybody just use " drink" to bypass aliases? Works to bypass
client-side and server-side aliases. The only time it wouldn't work is
if you had an alias which wasn't "beginning-of-line" anchored, which is
an unusual situation (but does happen for some reasons).

Re: Sorted Examine (by lvl)
Note #40837
posted on Ideas
Sunday, November 11, 2018 @ 08:45
Reply to: Note 40829 posted by November

>Idea: Could we enhance 'examine' to provide an optional argument
>to sort a container (or other) by level vs. the default?
> (which I believe is a FIFO queue)

Check out "help invsort". You can invsort  to get its contents
sorted by level (and other things). Using by weight is very handy before

Re: lbid search + market filter +
Note #40836
posted on Ideas
Sunday, November 11, 2018 @ 08:41
Reply to: Note 40827 posted by Sasuke

>i kinda like the idea of a filter
>often times i see myself scrolling and missing what i actuallly
>was looking to bid on
>like a light
>market search 
>or market search 

I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here. Those commands already

For the original idea:
>Can we have filter and search both work on lbid and market? One
>less thing for someone learning the mud to have to remember.

The only one missing is using search with lbid.
lbid filter portal   - works
lbid search portal   - does not work
market filter portal - works
market search portal - works

Re: Talsa Vegetable is flagged as key ++
Note #18146
posted on Bugs
Monday, November 5, 2018 @ 20:18
Reply to: Note 18143 posted by Tymme

>Aardscrabble pieces also have iskey and should probably just be alwaysloot

Interesting, they also have the coins keyword to listen to autogold. 
I agree now that we have a flag that doesn't rely on trickery to emulate 
"always loot", that's what should be used. At least the coins keyword
is closer to the truth, as they are a form of value/currency, rather
than something to unlock a door (admittedly iskey is less-restrictive
than type: key like the talsa items).

>I think there's an aardscrabble bag for sale somewhere?

Are you thinking of the aarch bag that the professor gives you?

>If not, make a 100% weight one (so it can go into another container) 
>for organizing rather than the keyring.

That's not quite how that works. You can put a container into another
container if it has multiplier of 100% AND is empty. Even with 100%
multiplier, if something else in the container you cannot put it into
another container, so it won't help with organizing.

Re: Error In Spelling
Note #16476
posted on Typos
Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 14:39
Reply to: Note 16472 posted by Chevalier

>Scientifically, there is no such compound as 'aluminum'.
>Instead, there is the compound 'aluminium'.

Well, scientifically, there is no compound 'aluminium'.

There is an element 'aluminium'. There are compounds aluminium sulfide, 
aluminium oxide, etc., but no compound aluminium.

>Please keep all spelling in accordance with scientific standards,

Please keep all scientific corrections in accordance with scientific 

Semi-joking admonition aside, scientifically, the element is correctly 
spelled either way, with the missing second "i" being the Merkin way.
My Chemistry teachers and professors were split pretty evenly for 
how they pronounced the word. uh loo mi num, or al yew min yum.
It seemed like the pronounciation of the second "i" always also went with the
"u" being changed from ooo to yew, and it also swapped emphasis syllables.

Re: Quiet pc systems +
Note #7592
posted on Tech
Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 13:45
Reply to: Note 7588 posted by Fiendish

Fiendish gave some ideas on actually making your machine quieter.

I'm going to take a different approach, and suggest an alternative
without changing your machine. Instead of making your computer
quieter, you can achieve the same impact to yourself by simply
not being near your computer. I've set up environments where the
computer is in a closet down the hall, while the keyboard, video,
and mouse are in the office. There are 2 main ways to accomplish this.
If you don't need to go too far, you can get high-quality cables which
will work OK to send the signal farther than the spec normally allows.
Alternatively, you can get adapters which convert the signal to be sent
across an ethernet cable with longer distances allowed. Note that because
these are translating signals, there is slight lag involved, so they 
wouldn't be good for graphical gaming. They'd be fine for MUDding, 
though, so it all depends on what else you use the computer for.

Re: SQL refreshing
Note #7590
posted on Tech
Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 13:38
Reply to: Note 7589 posted by Dexter

>- At the moment seeing thru w3resources, JOIN (inner,outer etc) are
>probably coming in a while.

I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but covers SQL.

Re: Working from home ideas?+
Note #379
posted on Misc
Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 13:15
Reply to: Note 374 posted by Mannec

>basically, anything anyone offers you will be bs or scam.

Well, only because you worded it that someone else is offering
it to you. More on that shortly.

>i do know a few folks who do things like tech-support or web development
>from home.  they had to hunt pretty hard to find employers, tho.

Technical fields do have work-at-home opportunities, but legitimate
ones will be ones where you seek out the opportunity rather than receiving
unsolicited emails telling how much wonderful cash you can make stuffing
envelopes and such.

Actual employer-based positions for work-at-home are pretty hard to come 
by off the bat. Usually the ability to work at home for an employer comes 
after you're already an in-the-office employee, after they trust your 
work ethic, etc.

The main way that work-at-home jobs happen is through freelance sites. 
If you can program or script, there are sites designed to help bring 
companies with a need together with people who can fill the need. Check 
out,,, (or just google 
freelance coding ;-).

Some of those freelance coding sites have a really wide range of jobs,
from a 10-minute simple one to pretty heavy complex ones. Because of that, 
if you're not a top-end coder, you can work your way up and build your
portfolio over time.

Finally, I've gotta throw in the option for Uber and Lyft if you drive
a fairly decent car. It's not "at home", but it's not "in the office"

bologna sandwich
Note #16467
posted on Typos
Sunday, February 4, 2018 @ 13:24
>| Keywords   : bologna sandwich                                   |
>| Name       : a balogna sandwich                                 |

>look bolo
>This balogna sandwich is begging to be eaten.

The keyword has the correct spelling, but the item's name and
description are wrong. This item is from Francois in Bluff.

Re: help cursing update / jokes board.
Note #27433
posted on General
Saturday, February 3, 2018 @ 18:33
Reply to: Note 27432 posted by Starling

>It doesn't apply to jokes board, certainly.

>20 |      Jokes |        YES  | Jokes (WARNING: May be X-rated

Should be OK there.

Re: Anti-farming suggestion +
Note #38939
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 29, 2018 @ 17:28
Reply to: Note 38922 posted by Starling

>Perhaps add a multiplier to the chance the item is an enhanced item based on
>the age of the mob. It would start with a base chance of whatever it is now,
>but the chance would increase favorably as the mob ages. It would never reach
>100% chance, maybe not even 25% chance, but it would possibly help deter
>constant farming and botting of certain items overall.

If it starts out with current chances, and just goes up from there, it 
would still be worth it to farm on every repop, for the same reason that 
shop items end up being better in practice than non-shop items, even 
though the RNG means that non-shop items have the *potential* to be better.

>The only time a variable 'drop rate' is acceptable is when that rate increases
>as the number of failures increases.

He was not talking about a change in drop rate for the item, merely the
presence of the "polished" and such enhancements.

>There is not, and never has been, any-thing wrong with farming 
>items/resources in a game; 

This is simply not true. Incessant farming can be a HUGE detriment to the
game, if not done "tactfully".

>if people are breaking the rules 

To be honest, here's my biggest issue with some of your arguments. You seem
to think that "not breaking the rules" (or irl "not breaking the law") is 
somehow equivalent to not being WRONG or a very bad thing. The line of 
demarcation between right and wrong is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 
the fuck to the other side of the "legal vs illegal" line.

We can point to some nuked players as perfect examples of how intelligent 
people can stay JUUUUUUST "this side" of legal, but still be "a very bad 
thing" (tm) for the game.

As a current example, is perfectly legal to go and kill a certain MOB in
Takeda every repop (manually)? Absolutely.

It is perfectly legal even to say "fuck you" to anyone who needs to 
kill Takeda as a quest or campaign target, and not be nice enough to
allow them the 30 seconds to kill him? Still Absolutely.

But while it isn't breaking rules, it still amounts to griefing for 
douchebaggery sake. Now I don't know if that's actually happening, but
farming the kai is enough "in the news" that it's the example I'm going
to go with.

Re: Requirements to OPK
Note #38904
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 28, 2018 @ 19:01
Reply to: Note 38902 posted by Unforgiven

>They wanted NoPK and now they want OPK because it has rewards? 
>Outcast and join a PK clan.

One of the core features for the OPK flag was exactly that it is 
wholly-unrelated to the clan system. It was designed this way from 
the start. It should never cease to be that way.

elemental focus/ward
Note #16448
posted on Typos
Sunday, January 14, 2018 @ 17:07
Help elemental focus and help elemental ward syntax section should
have another line each:
Syntax: cast 'elemental focus' [air|earth|fire|water]
Syntax: cast 'elemental ward' [air|earth|fire|water]

Otherwise, this doesn't work:
>Aseigan questions 'How do I change my elemental focus?'
>Kobus answers 'read help elemental focus'
as nowhere in the helpfile does it say anything about how to set/change
your doesn't even say WHAT the elements are!

quotes in aliases
Note #38517
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 13, 2018 @ 12:58
If I try to make an alias which has one single-quote in it, such as:
>alias ntoe echo don't do that! Spell Note properly!

The game responds:
>Mismatched quotes in alias. Cannot process.

Unless IMM aliases can be multiple words, the alias shouldn't bother
checking quotes, because there's no reason for quotes to be "special"
in the alias.

Re: Wrath of Gaia reset on death +
Note #17417
posted on Bugs
Monday, April 24, 2017 @ 11:42
Reply to: Note 17416 posted by Morn

>>When I die with Wrath of Gaia in effect, the cool off
>>timer remains at the time it had on death. Should'nt it reset
>>as though it had worn off naturally?
>No. This is a penalty of death.

Well, it's not a penalty of death so much as a closing of a loophole.

Death is so "easy" on Aard, that if recoveries were reset on death,
people would simply die intentionally to reset their recoveries rather
than waiting for them to count down, making the recoveries meaningless.

Re: linkdead opk bug? +
Note #17411
posted on Bugs
Thursday, April 20, 2017 @ 21:34
Reply to: Note 17410 posted by Arcidayne

>To clarify, and I may be remembering incorrectly, but I am almost certain 
>that Lasher put in code a while back that prevented PVP initiation with 
>linkdead characters.

Just a guess, but maybe that code wasn't implemented for OPK because OPK
doesn't leave a corpse.

Re: Wish totals +
Note #37105
posted on Ideas
Monday, April 3, 2017 @ 17:17
Reply to: Note 37104 posted by Dyers

>Just like instinct and mastery (and potential?), a wish totals would be nice.
>I wanted to know how much qp's I've invested on wishes, but found out that
>there is no way to do so.

The game does not have this information, and it cannot be
least not without having logs telling you when you purchased each of the 

This has come up when wishes have been changed or removed from the game,
and Lasher just has to decide on which approximation he's going to use
for a given wish's refund (often refunding base cost and considering 
adjustment to be "cost of having received the wish's benefit in the past).
Typically he tries to give a heads-up to people to stop buying a wish 
(or to buy it "with eyes open") if there are plans to drastically change
or remove it within months.

>can add the total adjustment cost to the base cost of each wish you have

This wouldn't tell you how much you have spent in wishes, as the 
adjustment cost changes with each wish you have, and it is cumulative.
If you have all wishes (with pockets 1-3), and got them all inascending-
adjustment order, then you would have paid 186,350 gold for them. If 
someone else got them in descending-adjustment order, they would have
paid 221,000 for them. But despite having paid 35k less for yours, both 
of you would have identical lists when you type "wish", as the wishes 
are just listed in "wish list" order, rather than the order that they 
were purchased. This is because the MUD only keeps "do I have it" bits, 
rather than "when did I get it" strings/dates in the pfile.

help telopts
Note #16128
posted on Typos
Monday, April 3, 2017 @ 12:06
In "help telopts", in the Controlling Mud Settings section, options
6 and 7 both have a bit in parenthesis pointing to a helpfile. In
both of those cases, it uses an extended character to offset the
help  part. This should be changed to a regular character.

Re: opk qsitting +++
Note #37093
posted on Ideas
Friday, March 31, 2017 @ 21:55
Reply to: Note 37090 posted by Vespar

>and those times I do get attacked I can just recall. PK is easy to avoid 
>no matter what you are doing or what level you are (besides SH that would 
>suck OPK)

Heh, I think you're backwards on that one. SH is even easier to get away, 
since you are more likely to have some HPs to be able to weather a few 
more rounds. At non-SH, many lowtier or nontier players are pretty much
one-shotted by T9s, so they can't necessarily escape from a PK attempt 
within normal reaction times.

Re: opk qsitting
Note #37088
posted on Ideas
Friday, March 31, 2017 @ 21:43
Reply to: Note 37086 posted by Hwuaijijal

>When an opk player goes to quest, show this message:
>INFO: Hwuaijijal went to quest! ! !
>or even more evil:
>INFO: Hwuaijijal went to quest in Oceanpark! ! !

You can get that for all my characters by following my twitter feed ;-)
(Magna's not OPK, but Biker and Abelinc are)

This sounds like it would belong more with hardcore than with OPK, though.

Carry-over from Bugs: Epic Areas and explored ++
Note #37071
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 @ 16:46
Reply to: Note 37066 posted by Lasher

>Extremely unlikely to happen at this point. There were early plans for 
>some goals to be repeatable but none were ever written that way.

None except Gilda...can't forget Gilda!

tax inequality in america ++++++
Note #160
posted on Misc
Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 03:29
Reply to: Note 159 posted by Samsung

>where to begin withbyou...

You could begin with "Oops, I generalized and was mistaken", but that's 
probably not going to happen ;-).

>first, I will correctly restate thatvyour deductions were wrong.
>personal exemptions reduce income.  things that reduce income are 
>deductions. dont believe me, check merriam, wikipedia, oelr even the 

For this particular discussion, the last one is the only source which 
matters. And it agrees with me in using the terms exemption and deduction 
as expressly-different things. That's why there are different lines on 
forms for exemptions and for deductions.

>second, contrary to your latest note it DOES matter whether he itemizes.

I didn't say that it doesn't matter whether he itemizes.

It matters whether he itemizes as far as whether he'll pay more or less 
taxes while itemizing vs taking a standard deduction. But his choice to 
itemize or take the standard deduction would not significantly change 
whether being married would be a help or a hindrance to the total tax 

>becaubc the low earner cannot take the standard deduction and contributes
>very little to itemized deductions.

It is correct that the low earner cannot take the standard deduction when
the spouse itemizes in the case of married but filing separately, but I
disagree with the assertion that this means that the low earner contributes
very little to itemized deductions for the scenario being described. The
low earner in this situation would have the benefit of the high earner's
expertise (and tax counsel), and the high earner would likely use the fact
that there is a spouse to his advantage in exercising some deductible

>third, i doubt your example in latest note is even correct.

Feel free to calculate it yourself, the tax code agrees with it.
Heck, just for fun, TaxAct agrees with it as well:

So the married couple pays less in taxes than the well-off guy pays alone.
It actually calculates the waitress's single tax as $4 higher than I did
for some reason, despite agreeing that her taxable income is $24,650.

>dodyou account for the extra .9 percent owed on waitress
>income because the married couple is over 250k and it wouldnt be
>withheld by her employer?

There is no "extra .9% owed on the waitress income because the married
couple is over $250k". So since it isn't a thing, no, I most certainly 
did not account for it.

>fourth, you state no penalty if both incomes are under 75k.

For the general case, no, it is not wrong.

For quick checks at $25k, $50k, and $75k per person:
$5 cheaper married.
$6 cheaper married.
$12 cheaper married.

Certainly not as great as the case of the $275k and $35k people getting 
married, but still not a penalty. I didn't do any of my own calculations
for these, just modified the W2 I put into the system with rough numbers,
as well as toggling between single and married filing status.

>reaearch the earned incoke tax credit.

As I stated in my entrance to the thread, there are many factors 
for whether getting married will benefit or hurt a given couple's tax 
liability. And I mentioned a few of them, including the one which would 
have the most bearing on people for whom the EITC would apply. In the 
context of pre-marriage vs post-marriage and its implication on tax 
liability, this primarily would include people who, before getting married, 
were eligible to file as head of household rather than single.

>I admire your effort to learn, but you do yourself jo favors
>with the acrobatics trying to avoid being wrong.  your
>deductions were wrong.  end of story.  nobody
>restricted deductions to mean only standard deuction.  except you.

Not once did I restrict deductions to mean only standard deduction. 
What I DID restrict deductions to mean was deductions as defined 
by the IRS, based on the US tax code. And you did not restrict yourself 
to that definition. Well sorry, but in a discussion about the US tax 
code, that's the only definition which is valid.

Chasing conversations to debate. +++++
Note #37057
posted on Ideas
Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 02:31
Reply to: Note 37048 posted by Myth

>Some random idea - allow turning off channels for some specific
>amount of time, and make the syntax easy.

I like this concept.

>For example, there is a heated debate on gossip and someone
>gets annoyed with too much noise, they type "gossip -off 1 hour",
>and it's off for just that amount of time, back on automatically
>after 1 hour will had passed.

That's so often exactly how it happens with both gossip and Q&A.
I can't count how many time I've seen people comment "I forgot I
had that channel turned off", after it had been off for very long
periods of time.

Re: Newbie channel open till retier or 400 hours ++
Note #37045
posted on Ideas
Sunday, March 26, 2017 @ 17:40
Reply to: Note 37040 posted by Samsung

>how would it go unnoticed when the mud prompts at log in when
>a player has unread personal notes?

That's just one line in a wall of text to many players (it was 
on line 73 for me on my last connect).

Remember that we're talking about players who need to be reminded 
about the very existence of the Q&A channel, not experienced Aarders.

Some of us connect to Aard, hit "enter" a couple times to make
sure that we're at an active prompt, and then go on our merry way,
and the login/welcome/MOTD are just obstacles on the way to 
getting to play the game ;-).

Re: Rank Bug +
Note #17350
posted on Bugs
Sunday, March 26, 2017 @ 06:07
Reply to: Note 17349 posted by Lasher

While you're on the ranks and rosters:
>roster boot 4 (any of them, but 4 is usually used for clan maintenance)

>88 members counted.

>rank boot 2

> 161) Beladonna    Boot            70      6      657       0        12

I've always used roster 4 to look for inactives, etc., but half of the 
members in Boot's ranks don't show up in rosters at all. Luckily there
were only 2 such members for Chaos when I just checked (Amida and Barina,
in case that helps). Poor Wars was going through fingering everyone
from rank instead of using roster 4 when he was pruning Boot inactives.

NOTICE! pay attention to your note subjects
Note #17324
posted on Bugs
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 16:27
Please don't write personal notes with "revealing" subjects. There's an
issue currently that lets anyone see the subject of notes you write.

Re: Cannot max tpenchant solidified weapon +
Note #17322
posted on Bugs
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 15:17
Reply to: Note 17321 posted by Cytan

>The 2nd and 3rd points under TPEnchant mentions that if you solidify,
>only accounts for +4 and since I had +5, I couldn't do the last TP
>enchant.  Retracting this as bug, but think it should be added to help
>tpenchant and/or help solidify, as the current help file doesn't
>include this.

It is incorrect to say that the current helpfile doesn't include it, 
although it doesn't give the exact number.

PRE that change, what you described is exactly what you would've
seen. That you would reach 140/145 and be locked out of further
tpenchanting, because it's the higher of hr or dr which needed
to remain below the max number. That is why, prior to that change, 
it was always advised to tpenchant BEFORE solidify, because 
getting a solidify would reduce the amount that you could tpenchant.
The fact that you could go higher than that is explained in the last 
sentence of the help tpspend paragraph on weapons:

>The max is a little higher if the weapon has a SOLIDIFIED flag to 
>allow for the additional damroll potential from Solidify.

nohelp and score tags
Note #17318
posted on Bugs
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 09:21
When you use "score" with the "nohelp" config option set to allow
you to see the extra info, that extra info is only shown if you
do NOT have tags score turned on.

I could see the hints being outside the score tag, but I think that
they should still be shown.

Re: swho 14. Goals
Note #36957
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 09:14
Reply to: Note 36955 posted by Vasrysn

>should add goals to swho.

The other swho options are all public information, visible in
whois and rankings. Goals done is not a public figure. IMO,
it should remain a private value, unless there is an option to
hide it.