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wtb donation for QPs
Note #49515
posted on Forsale
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 @ 15:57
offering 50k QPs plus 40 qreset tokens for 270$ donation
Re: wts QPs for donation ++
Note #49507
posted on Forsale
Monday, November 26, 2018 @ 15:34
Reply to: Note 49504 posted by Muzmuz

due to the massive amount of incoming offers, i gonna refine:
asking 250$ donaation for 43k QPs plus 40 qreset token ! :)
Re: wts QPs for donation +
Note #49504
posted on Forsale
Sunday, November 25, 2018 @ 10:19
Reply to: Note 49502 posted by Aeb

How many Quest Points are you offering?
As few as needed.
270$ Donation = 27000 Quest Points + 27 Resets + 13500 Trains
The 27 Resets alone have the chance to pop a mastery, potential, 
Yes, those are the known rewaards for donaations.
Understandable that "inquiries about rate" are frowned upon... 
lol, but 270$ isnt exactly a small amount for most people.  What's 
youre rate?
I do not have a fixed rate in mind. It would surely make it easier 
for you to hear a rate in advance, but there are several reason why 
it doesn't make sense for me to name a number in advance.
Whoever wants to deal here with me has to sacrifice 13500 trains and
27 daily resets for a specific amount of additional QPs. It depends 
on the player how much value he ascribes to 13500 trains and daily 
resets. Just as example, an additional point of potential from DB is 
worth way more for someone who already has 300 potential compared to 
a supernewbie. So no use to name or offer a mudwide conversion rate. 
additionally i think no common player can give exact numbers on 
chances on getting potential or whatever from a DB.
Besides that, taking QPs for donations goes along with the need to 
remort. And once again, different players mind the obligation to 
remort at an individual extent. One does not mind at all, another 
one would not remort for less than a million QPs.
So after all, i think it is understood than an amount of 27k QPs or 
less is ineligible in advance. And when you whois Muzmuz, you will 
find out that i carry a bit more than 40k QPs. Thus you can conclude
that the reasonable rate i have in mind is somewhere between 27k and 
And hence, i plan to sell to the one who asks the least. So bring in 
your honest offer, or just don't worry about my note :P
Crimson greetings,
wts QPs for donation
Note #49501
posted on Forsale
Sunday, November 25, 2018 @ 09:22
looking for 270 $ donation,
make offer ONLY if you look for trade.
requests "just to hear a rate" are frowned upon
Note #40599
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 @ 16:12
what does curse last 20 minutes or more while most malediction
does only up to about 2 ?

suggestion: also adjust curse to other malediction
daily rankings past midnight
Note #18117
posted on Bugs
Monday, October 8, 2018 @ 08:29
from 00:00 to 01:00 daily rankings show nothing, because first entries
are made at 01:00. maybe can display the score of previous day instead
of empty pages ?
Re: Ranks not ordering correctly
Note #18116
posted on Bugs
Monday, October 8, 2018 @ 08:28
Reply to: Note 18114 posted by Cooler

yes, that happens if a player has quit since last hour
then his score is updated, but not his rank - so he might
end up with higher score on lower rank
winds cards
Note #49288
posted on Forsale
Tuesday, September 4, 2018 @ 10:43
i have those in excess
if you need some and have caards to trade, holler

( 2) (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Original Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Domain Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Tirica Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Ruiner Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) TrEz Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Chuft Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
( 2) (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Vanion Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Cartman Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Craven Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Ani Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Dagonet Fantasy Series Collector's Card (201)
Re: special daily blessings +
Note #40312
posted on Ideas
Monday, August 27, 2018 @ 05:36
Reply to: Note 40311 posted by HaveToDoThis

i don't know why one would create multiple chars just to grab daily
blessings, because whatever such a char gets, only that very char may
profit from it.

so in particular, how would for example muzmuz benefit from one or even
masses of DB-fetching alts ?

sure, possible way to abuse would be if i and a mate have 100 alts and
our mains enjoy the DB-mudwide double exp from one another
but, for one i do not think that is actually abused and for another,
my idea would no have any influence on this.
thus i do not really see the argument in there.
Re: special daily blessings +
Note #40307
posted on Ideas
Sunday, August 26, 2018 @ 06:50
the concerns about abuse account even more for
daily blessings in general for you can create a char
more or less just for getting daily blessings
the exemplarily mentioned granted potential point in case you
grab DB each day over a full year is most likely less
than you get from the 365 required DBs themselves
and, if you get a free potential point on a char that
you just use to grab DBs, this potential point values less than
200 QPs.
thus, unlikely that someone invests a full year of effort just
to get something of that value.
i just see it as a nice gesture to reward game acitivity while
the reward shall be something of real value, but nothing
game changing
special daily blessings
Note #40298
posted on Ideas
Saturday, August 25, 2018 @ 18:26
For the aim of daily blessings is to motivate players to
at least log in on a daily base, i think that effect can even
be enhanced, like an enhanced reward if you actually did
log in daily for a number of days in a row.
So for example a slightly enhanced reward if you grab daily
blessing each day in the last month, a better one if each
day the last 3 months, an even better if the last 6 month,
up to a superb one if you grab it each day the over a full year.
Superb might mean for example a granted free potential point,
a platinum chaos portal or whatever would bring a big smile
onto one's face.
How to measure ?
Have a counter how many daily blessings were taken within
a number of days. Extra daily blessings from daily blessing
reset tokens or from donation may not count, of course.
group invite
Note #40255
posted on Ideas
Monday, August 13, 2018 @ 01:00
for now, when you get invited to a group but are already
grouped, the invitation is autodeclined and the inviter needs
to send another invite after the invited one left his former
group. can the invitation be kept valid even if the invited
is in another group so it doesn't need another invite ?

(Radiant) Titanic Ground
Note #49110
posted on Forsale
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 @ 11:11
| Keywords   : titanic ground earth201 aspect radiant             |
| Name       : (Radiant) Titanic Ground                           |
| Id         : 1969138947                                         |
| Type       : Weapon                    Level  :   201           |
| Worth      : 16,500                    Weight :    33           |
| Wearable   : wield                                              |
| Score      : 3127                                               |
| Material   : gem                                                |
| Flags      : unique, invis, magic, held, burn-proof, melt-drop, |
|            : nosteal, V3                                        |
| Found at   : The Titans' Keep                                   |
| Weapon Type: polearm                Average Dam :    653        |
| Inflicts   : earth                  Damage Type : Earth         |
| Specials   : vorpal                                             |
| Stat Mods  : Damage roll  : +26      Luck         : -5          |
|              Wisdom       : +7       Strength     : +11         |
|              Constitution : +10      Intelligence : +1          |
|              Dexterity    : +2       Hit points   : +20         |
|              Mana         : +80      Moves        : +60         |
|              Hit roll     : +12                                 |
| Resist Mods: Pierce       : +20      Earth        : +10         |
|              Energy       : +10      Mental       : +10         |

make your offers, currency is donations only
pendant from barrick - bonusloot
Note #40013
posted on Ideas
Sunday, June 17, 2018 @ 14:40
pls add that item to the alwayslootedones

if it is not clear who/where barrick is,
it is located in indrael
partroxis keyitems bonusloot
Note #39865
posted on Ideas
Monday, May 28, 2018 @ 02:04
pls also make the needed items for partroxis keys alwaysloot
Re: Nerf Request +
Note #39855
posted on Ideas
Sunday, May 27, 2018 @ 06:40
Reply to: Note 39854 posted by Akhenaton

In my opinion, if you follow the AQ yourself, creating the bomb is balanced 
when you consider the time and effort you put in, BUT if you get to buy one
of  the necessary key components from someone else, it makes the bomb
OP. People who know how to make the bomb would understand what I mean
here. Other necessary items can be grabbed each time the area pops. Since
you are already pupping there, you just need 3 commands to access the other
component within 4-5 secods of time. 

Your point here is, that is easier to make progress if you have someone
Else helping you - here in terms of getting ingredients. Yes, that is true,
but how much faster does it make you pup in long term ?
If a considerable boost due to help of others was a problem in the mud,
then wow about dragging ? What is the leveling time of a newbie in the
region 186-200 ? I remember my leveltimes as supernewb going alone,
which was about 30 mins. For extable for mitigated, they may need about
15 mins per level. Dragged by a strong dragger, they go rather 1
up to 1 ½ mins. So a boost of 1000 - 1500 %. And besides level-dragging,
pup-dragging a new SH also boosts the low one by a factor of 4 or more
(2 min solopup, 30 secs dragpup) - and that over hours and hours. A
bomb, when you got it for free, values about 1 minute of pupping. So
why make such a buzz about it while other ways to boost another player
has much more effect ? When the ingredients have an actual value, the
market can and will take care of that. And if someone is willing to hand
out ingredients for free, it is his choice as also drags for free are rather
common in this game. And, how about donations then ? Donating 10$
gives you 1000 QPs or 10 TPs plus 500 trains, while the last ones are the
yield of about 95 pups. And it is even possible to buy donations for gold
or other things. Wouldn't that be much more OP that buying ingredients
for the bomb ?
So i have to ask, what ist he actual problem here ?
Re: Nerf Request +++++
Note #39831
posted on Ideas
Saturday, May 26, 2018 @ 11:26
Reply to: Note 39820 posted by Koala

| I'm not convinced it's particularly OP or gamebreaking. But if the general
| consensus is otherwise, I've already made some suggestions in my earlier
| note #39791. 

So am i, but there does not need to be a concens, it can simply
be experimentally proven.
For those who still think the bomb was overpowered:
I can offer to make the ultimate test of it -
I pup in titan3 for 1 hour without usage of any bomb and
we see how many pups i can yield. Without quest break and dbls,
my pace with be about 110-120. Then, anyone else has one
hour to make the bombs and use his bombs then in titan3. In the
end we find out, who of us made more pups. Me straightly 
pupping or the competant with his bombs. I am fully convinced
that i will make the race.
And if so, the presumption that the bombs was overpowered
was proven false.
Re: Hammerswing + staves
Note #39823
posted on Ideas
Saturday, May 26, 2018 @ 04:39
Reply to: Note 39806 posted by Vilgan

can be done, if at least the last nerf of hammerswing gets undone.
if you just want to suppress staves, you tak eout the only reason
if you just make hammers 2handed, you leave hammerswing as an inferior
alternative to staves in big rooms, for hammerswing does less damage
than staves. and without hammerswing, blacksmith is not reasonably
keep in mind, that even i with my good pve-build can be outpupped
by another class - at least by a player that is compareably well built.
so that blacksmith is unbalanced as it is implied by some, is just not
true. my long term pup times are about 30 secs, which is way less than
most of you assumed. if 30 secs means overpowered, then ok - but then
other classes would need similar nerfs. but i doubt, that 30 secs
are really deemed as overpowered
Re: Nerf Request +++++
Note #39822
posted on Ideas
Saturday, May 26, 2018 @ 04:02

Ok, maybe I was wrong and the item doesn't just set mobs to 1hp. Maybe it only
does 50% damage to every mob. Mobs at that level have how much HP? 20-40k? I
honestly don't remember. But let's call it 20k - so that's 10k damage per mob
in the room. That's 10k damage times 40-50 - because you only use these when
you have that many mobs in the room. That's 400-500 THOUSAND damage for
dropping an item you can farm every repop with very little effort.

Yes, you are right - and the accurate damage on each mobs is about 13k
which leads to a total possible damage of 600 or even 700k
but the effort to drop the bomb and stay alive until it explodes
and when the mobs die is only a small part of the total effort.
It is like saying that Usain Bolt gets millions for just 10 seconds of work.
the real effort is in making the bombs. so if it is just that,
the same arguments came against blacksmith generalls.
other classes fight big groups and maybe make 1 pup each 30 secs.
blacksmiths' fights rather work like start fight in big room,
long time no pup, but the pups cumulate at the end of the fight,
leading to very-few-seconds-pups or even instapups. then, the crowd
complained about instatpups for blacksmiths while others dont
have them.
but, to make a fair evaluation, you have to take the total combat time
and the total amount of pups, and suddenly, the advantage of
blacksmiths is very small or even nonexistent.
that means, when you spend your time you need to make bombs on
pupping, you might make even more damage than the bomb would do.
so the use of the bomb and its vast damage is just the reward for
a much longer work than the fight in which you use the bomb.
similar to run epics, where you get the rewards at the end.
one could argue, that in 1 heartbeat you get millions of gold,
epic items or whatever. but, this is only the paytime for a
previously invested effort.
i don't see the point in forbidding the collection/cumulation
of damage, as long it is just a cumulation and not a dramatic
multiplication - which is obviously implied, but actually not
 true. As like i said before, i am not sure if the bombs make you
pup faster at the end.
Re: Nerf Request +++
Note #39807
posted on Ideas
Friday, May 25, 2018 @ 18:48
Reply to: Note 39799 posted by Mondaine

| I love large rooms, I'd rather see them stay than go, but truly
| the real OP factor lies in the room size. No classes had any real
| insane pup speeds until IF and Titan. some groups could sustain
| some really nice speeds, but individuals never really attained
| sustained 20-25s pups.

sustained 20-25s pups means 144-180 pups per hour
i do not knoy anyone who can go this speed solo,
only know one who get close to that and that one
is neither blacksmith nor fighting superbig rooms...

so, what is the actual thing to complain about ?
is it just the room size ? or is it the assumptive
pupspeed ? if latter, we should rather stay with
the real situation before we go on to request or even
set actions

if it is just the roomsize (like one single player
just shall not fight more than 20 mobs at once,
the idea of the supermobs that give more exp could solve
that, if the exp output stays the same.
if not, the solution is just not attractive and ppl
have no motivation to fight those mobs.
blacksmith is built for fighting big rooms, and
the bigger the rooms, the more a blacksmith can
make use of his benefits. fighting an 8 mobs sized
room is just ineffective, and if room sizes just got
limited to 8 mobs, blacksmith class became obsolete
in the means of pvp and pve

if you think there should be a maximum sustainable pupspeed,
one needs to specify what the maximum pupspeed shall be
and how it can be reached - and keep in mind that, once
that maximum speed is reached, there is hardly
motivation in further pve-build
Re: Nerf Request
Note #39797
posted on Ideas
Friday, May 25, 2018 @ 02:55
Reply to: Note 39773 posted by Icecool

| For i am probably the most intense user of the said
| bombs, I think I should clarify some things, because
| there are many haft-truths cruising around.
| Yes, the number of mobs in titan3 can be vast, yet the
| Usual room size does not exceed 20 mobs
| In very rare cases, 55 or even 60 mobs can happen, which
| Deal a load of damage that hardly anyone can stand solo,
| and if so, only with intensive use of inco pots - and even
| then the chance of a quick death is unneglectable
| But now to the bombs:
| I can understand that people get envious when half the
| Screen turns reds from 10+ instapups and think that is
| way overpowered
| but, that is only one side of the medal. No one perks up
| when there is no line on info channel from pupping
| and people tend to make the naïve assessment of the
| situation as 10 instapups (within 3 seconds) give 180 pups
| per minute, 10800 pups per hour, and so on
| but, this is as wrong as assuming all the world was in
| a catastrophic state, only because the news are full
| of either bad or catastrophic news. Also there, the content
| of the news is not a statistically relevant sample of the
| reality, as little as the 10+ instapups are
| So, what is the real power of the bombs ?
| To clear a room, you need 2 bombs and each bomb takes
| 1.5 rounds to explode. When it explodes, it takes about half
| the mobs' HPs (and minor damage on oneself), so after 4
| rounds the room is clear (bombs themselves do not kill).
| But, for these bombs are rare, I only use them in very big
| Rooms and 90% of them during dbls.
| And, you may not forget that you take loads of damage
| During these 7 rounds so you are highly recommended
| To spamquaff dbl incos or trivia incos to stay alive and
| Even then you might die from the mobprogs when the mobs
| Die. So the said "easy wipe out of any room" is just untrue.
| And, it is also not possible to do that over a period of time
| without corresponding preparation time which you have
| to invest instead of pupping.
| To evaluate the "real power" of the bombs, you may less
| put your attention on the number of possible instapups, but
| rather on the possible long term pup speed using them.
| And there, the effect of the bombs is rather neglectable, I am
| not even completely sure if it is positive at all.
| You may not only count the benefit, but also have to consider
| the costs of making the bombs and I think it is quite possible
| that if you just pup on instead of taking your time to make the
| bombs, you might end up with a larger number of pups done
| than with those bombs.
| So in the end, the bombs are a nice feature, but their effect
| in the meaning of use is way over estimated.
| Once may also consider why the use of those bombs was not
| more intense as it actually is..ppl here make use of quite
| any possible way to make the progress faster, and if the
| bombs were really that great as some people think, anyone
| would be busy making and using them. But that is obviously
| not the case and you may find out, why.
IF balloon set (excet midnight)
Note #48924
posted on Forsale
Sunday, May 13, 2018 @ 09:25
selling for 90$ donation
Re: Avengers....
Note #39623
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, April 25, 2018 @ 02:02
Reply to: Note 39597 posted by DjVoltron

i see the concern, yet i see following problem in case of a war
last remaining couple, an avenger and a non-avenger
if avenger starts the fights he doesnt get revenge, so
he does not start
the opponent knows if he starts the fight, the avenger gets
revenge and he'd lose
so both combattants have good reason not to start the last battle
Re: Hammerswing Instinct +
Note #39319
posted on Ideas
Saturday, March 3, 2018 @ 08:09
Reply to: Note 39313 posted by Muzmuz

wondering about the imms' opinion on this topic
Re: Hammerswing Instinct
Note #39313
posted on Ideas
Thursday, March 1, 2018 @ 15:20
Reply to: Note 38953 posted by Nasus

usually the (or at least a) main instinct of a subclass
is instinctable
for blacksmith, hammering blow was chosen to be instinctable,
but that skill is not of much use and no one becomes blacksmith
to get the benefit of hammering blow
the core of blacksmith is hammerswing, thus this is the skill
that should be instinctable
group invite
Note #39071
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 04:13
if you get invited but are already in a group,
the invitation is autodeclined - resultung in
the need of another invitation after leaving the
previous group
suggestion is to keep the invitation valid
until explicitely revoked, denied or accepted
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system ++++++
Note #39013
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 1, 2018 @ 01:59
Reply to: Note 39005 posted by Impurifan

sounds like a very interesting idea !
it both targets personal skills but also
has an element of luck, which makes the outcome
somehow unpredictable
like sports or many games like card games (poker, e.g.)
the more skilled one will win more often in long term
but it is quite unpredictable who will win the very next
suggestion #1 to PK system ++++++
Note #38996
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 @ 02:11
Reply to: Note 38994 posted by Redryn

Have you never seen other games where players
who are outclassed in all stats (i.e. weaker gear, weaker
stats, etc), still beat manage to beat stronger players
because the stronger players didn't know how to utilise
their skills properly?
For example: ice hockey, 1980, USA versus Soviet Union.
Tennis, 1989, Chang versus Lendl.
The most epic and memorable battles are exactly those.
And, do exactly those kind of battles where the underdog takes
the victory make a game now more or less attractive ?
I see the optimum where it is the rule that the stronger one
wins, but not the strict law. Who is attracted by a football game
brazil versus tuvalu, which might end 35:0 ?
But, the aim is not just to raise the chances of underdogs.
It is rather to expand the range of players you can challenge
with an unpredictable result - while unpredictable does not
mean totally equal odds (2:1 could be such an example).
More dynamic combat = greater ways to optimise your
own fight, and even defeat an opponent who is on paper
stronger than you.
Yes, will make the fights more skillful. But will that attract
more players ? Will it increase the number of participants ?
As for your opinion on 'referee' errors - I think the universal
consensus is that it is better if they are eliminated. That's why
you see modern sport employing videos etc for better calls. I
cannot agree with anyone who thinks that such errors add rather
than subtract to a sport.
The referee errors are similar to lies or bitter medicine.
No one likes bitter medicine, but sometimes it is essential to
take it to survive. So as lies - nobody likes them, but a human
society without lies (so everybody tells the complete truth
at any time) would tear apart immediately. But ask people if
they liked lies or bitter medicine, nobody would say that he
liked them and especially most would say "a world with less lies
would be a better world" or even "a world without lies would
be a perfect world". No, it would not.
Lies and bitter medicine do no exist to be liked, they are simply
necessary to survive.
Sure, there are kinds of lies that are just destructive, but I mean
the connect of not telling always the complete truth in general.
Look at games like chess for example. A grandmaster could
give you handicaps (e.g. less time to think, start with less pieces,
etc) and be on paper the weaker player. But he could still win,
because he has more skill.
Yes, and that is also the point of handicap in golf, and some
car race series burden winners with additional weight for the next
races. All those measures have the common aim to make the
result of a contest less predictable. If you want to suggest such
a strategy for PK here, just shoot ! I am curious to hear a feasible
suggestion #1 to PK system ++++++
Note #38995
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 @ 01:31
Reply to: Note 38991 posted by Trurien

 Let's see about that. I'll create a series of polls.
Good, yet as for all polls, the particular question
has to be well considered.
 As am I. I was speaking of players with lower stats
than their opponents. Sure, Lasher recently stated that
level is a stat, but I mean those stats which you can train
as you level.
Yes, but for my point, it is irrelecant if you consider
level as a stat or not. Important for your odds is your build,
which includes stats as str, int, etc.but also level,
class/subclass, equip, and personal skills.
Then why did you bring them up? 72.4% of statistics
are invented to fit a story.
Like >90% of words are used to fit what one wants to
say. So what ? Both have the use to transport information.
If you got my point, all is ok and it is understood why I
brought them up.
This will result in more deaths of fatally optimistic
players and is just the attitude many have for a lottery.
How do you know ? And if so, what would be so bad
about it ? If that was the case, PK lives obviously up, due
to be more attractive. But, optimistic in what way ? The
critical hit may strike themselves as well as their
opponent. So it is definitely not like a lottery where the
aimed win is millions, while the calculated loss only a
few bucks. 
As it should be.
In your opinion, maybe. I do not consider safaris as
a fair or attractive battle and safarimen not as brave.
They use their gained superior powers on the
inferiors. Or would you call someone who fights unarmed
people with a gun as attractive, heroic or exemplary ?
Point is, what do the people here want - and if some
want the possibility of safari, then the question is if that
shall be the only way SH-PK turns out to be here in aard.
If you want enclosed rooms with no
chance of escape, you can duel or war, or use the combat
mazes. PK is a little more than that.
Yes, but this is not what I addressed - and for this
opportunity already exists here, no need to mention.
Well, yes. It is what it is, and I'm fine with it. Let me
experience sub-SH PK to be able to compare - until then
I hold my opinion.
Yes, you may be fine with it, but that is not the actual
point. The point is rather, does the PK system attract you ?
And considering your record (6 PK victories and 45 losses
within 14 years), it does not seem like you are attracted.
See, I personally am fine with PK as well. I do not seek it
and I am strong enough to hardly get challenged. So as
I already stated, I do not do the suggestions for personal
reasons. I just see that PK is not very attractive for SHs
and I search for a way to make it more attractive. And
"I am fine enough with it to not object, but I don't participate"
seems to be the common attitude here.
Thus, shall PK be like that ?
suggestion #1 to PK system ++++++
Note #38988
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 @ 16:24
Reply to: Note 38980 posted by Redryn

Everyone would hate that rule.
Maybe, like everybody hates paying taxes. Doesn't mean
it is generally bad. Same about the influence of simple luck in
sports or generally in life. Who would agree that success in life
or in sports SHALL be influenced by luck ? But exactly that is
what makes life or sports interesting for all involved. We work
or train to better our odds, not to determine our success.
This "hate" can support passion as it does in sports.
It doesn't matter if it only happens 1 in 100 matches. When
it happens,everyone will say its lame and stupid win.
For this point, yes. But is that bad ? If the inferior team wins
because of pure luck or because of a wrong referee decision,
the people do not probably say that was lame and a stupid win.
But notice: people talk abot it ! People remember that, people
discuss and debate it ! Such occasions promote the interest in
the topic, they support passion !
Who remembers or talks about a match some day in the past,
that the stronger one has just won it fair ?
And fort hat, it is essential how often such occasions appear !
If it is too often, the whole concept of sport is ridiculous. If it
never happens, it is just boring. Some somewhere between 0
and "too often" is the optimum which hast o be found.
If you want to improve PK, maybe start with suggesting
something that would add skill to the fight. E.g. bring back
dispels. Add more maledictions. Add counter skills. Add short
cooldown based skills usable mid combat.
Can be discussed, but seems to aim just the tactics
of PK. This might make the battle more versatile, but
how would it solve the problem i am talking about ?
In fact, the problem, that the result of the uninterrupted
battle is predetermined ?
suggestion #1 to PK system ++++++
Note #38987
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 @ 16:24
Reply to: Note 38980 posted by Redryn

In my view, improving the PK system is not by adding
random chance to it, but making it more skill based as
opposed to reliant on predetermined stats.
Ok, and how to realize that ? And how would that break
a strict pecking order ?
SH PvP atm is pretty much just 
or .
Erm.this is not exactly what i experienced here. Rather,
that the stronger attacker focuses on immobilizing his prey
by web, curse, blind and other class specific malediction while
the prey tries to unblind, dissolve and retreat or word. Only
when the prey is immobilized well, then now and then attack
spell. Healing is of not much use for the victim for it might
extend the fight a bit, but does not raises his chance to survive
very much.
There's not much skill or knowledge involved.
Yes, but this is another point, which can be discussed at some
Other place. My point is rather that as PKer, amongst all possible
opponents, on only a few % of them the winner of the
uninterrupted fight is not predetermined.
Consequently, if your stats are inferior, there's very little chance
that you can win (because you both just spam damage and one
side will always come out on top).
Here i totally agree and this is exactly the problem i talk about.
Less important if it are the stats, personal skill or whatever,
if the chance to win quickly get neglectible if you are only a bit
weaker than your opponent, the whole thing is
predetermined, hence not thrilling and hence not
Adding a chance for one side to kill the other side
randomly doesn't add to it.
If there was a better way to even out the odds, just
shoot. I couldnt find a better way, but if there was, would
be glad to hear one.
Boxing, football, tennis, don't have a rule which says:
"Referee flips a  coin and one side will win automatically".
No, but in sports, some referees make false, but game
deciding mistakes. Or a gust of wind drags the golf ball
away from the hole or directly into it. Or a boxer slips on a
drop of sweat, falls over and hurts himself. Or an athlet is
just sick or has a bad day. All matters of luck which, per
definition is not fair, but makes sports more interesting by
making less predictable.
Remember the world soccer championship 1986 (or read
Info about it, if you are not old enough). What was the most
memorable moment ? Was it the end oft he final ? was it
the game deciding goal of the final ? Curious what you find
Point is, if you always get exactly what you deserve or work
for, all is completely fair. But on the other hand, boring.
And do we want a totally fair, but boring PK system ?
So, also here you should discriminate between a minor
Influence of chance and a lottery. I am talking about a few
Percent of chance of a lucky hit, you illustrate it like the lucky
strike would be suggested as the main component of PK.
This is just not true. be continued.....
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system +++++
Note #38979
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 @ 06:14
Reply to: Note 38957 posted by Trurien

How would you define SH PK as "it is supposed to be"?
As the people here want it to be, generally.
And from the fact, that only few SHs participate deliberately
in PK, I conclude that it is not very attractive.
Sub-SH it seems to be more attractive, for way more do
I agree that options are limited if you are a weaker
player, sure. 
You talk about "a weaker player" obviously having 
generally low players in mind. That is not what I am
talking about, I am talking about "the weaker" combatant
in the battle. So my aim is not to take care about low
players in general, I focus on the process of a battle.
And there I see that a battle is the more thrilling, the more
balanced the odds are. And the odds are the problem that I
face in our system. You only need to be slightly stronger than
your opponent, and the odds quickly get away from being
even. Demonstratively spoken, you need to be only 5%
stronger than your opponent to win 29 out of 30 battles.
If 10% stronger, you will 30 out of 30.
Do not nail me down on these numbers, but I think the
Message is clear. Each SH will hardly find any opponent,
where the odds are about even, so there is a more or less
strict pecking order PK wise with little motivation to match with
But I feel a random chance at an instant kill is not "striking
back as well as possible"
What else would be "striking back as well as
possible" in your opinion ? I do consider it as "striking back as
possible" because you need to stand your ground for it and try
to stay alive as long as possible hoping for a lucky strike. Yet
knowing, also your opponent can land such a lucky strike
as well as you do. But, as weaker you could then decide whether
you just want to run (like you only have this opportunity now)
or maintain the risk of "normal" PK death or even as lucky strike
of your opponent.
and I haven't been the only voice
speaking out against this idea.
Yes, but as well without offering alternatives or even stating
that the PK system was exactly as it should be in your opinion.
I think the tiny hope of instantly killing a stronger player is
exactly the kind of thing you wanted to avoid. A lottery.
If a small element of chance would turn a system into a
lottery, then whole aard would be just a lottery. We roll how
many trains, HPs, mana and moves we get at level, we have
hitroll, damroll, a roll on success of a spell (the rolls on web,
blind and such decide mainly now wherer the victim can escape
or not, which is no less a lottery), a roll on how many QPs we get
out of a quest or CP, and so on.
Not everything that has odds is a lottery. If something is a lottery
or not is the degree of the influence of luck. And, at the suggested
rate of about 0.5% chance of a lucky strike (or in that range) each
combat round, that degree is very low, yet existing. You cannot
rely on it or aim it as well, but is it existent.
Remember, we even have a stat that is called luck ! (:
How would you define SH PK as "it is supposed to be"?
Coming back again to your question, for me personally,
PK is supposed to be like a boxing, football, tennis or even
spelling contest. Similar combatants fight their combat to the
end and the better one wins. And who is "better" is a result
of building/training. The possibility of the inferior to
flee shall still exist, but fleeing shall not be the only opportunity.
As it is now, PK is rather like a safari. Some people have guns,
drive into habitats and chase the wild animal without any danger
for themselves. This I name, as someone already used the
attribute in this debate, as rather lame, especially as it seems to
be the only way PK works right now for SHs. And instead of just
complain about it, I search for a solution. (:
Re: Hammerswing Instinct
Note #38977
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 @ 03:09
totally agreed.
and the point is not to make blacksmiths just stronger,
but to give them opportunity to improve their "main skill"
by instincting it like about all the other subclasses
can already do
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system +++
Note #38930
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 29, 2018 @ 08:34
i do not see it as my "problem" that i consider
PK as a sport-like combat, but rather as my view
i compare it with sports, and i do think it is reasonable
we build our characters like sportsmen do train,
we enter contests and seek for trophies, and fame
and the joy from winning. if someone does not like
PK at all, there are enough ways to stay out of it -
be it not playing aard at all, not joining a PK clan,
not going opk, stay out of PK-rooms and so on
what is PK for you, if not a competition ?
anyways, if YOU "sometimes" want to just get away,
that is fine for you and not the issue, i consider the 
actual PK situation of the whole mud, yet focussing
SH level, for i see PK for sub-SHs works better
and i see less urge to change anything in that
the points i want to handle and to ask "the mud"
in general are
1. is PK (especially at SH level) lived as it is supposed
to be, both in quality and quantity ?
if all or at least the vast majority is happy with the system,
the topic can be closed, but:
2. if not, what are the reasons ?
3. how can the reasons be treated ?
so if you personally are happy with the situation as
it is does not mean the problem i see would not exist
and, if you are happy with getting away, you still can
do so even if the suggested change is conducted
but, my point is that it is a flaw in our PK system
that the weaker one has no use in striking back
as well as possible, his options are to run away or to
die and this limitation of options does not support PK
thus, I seek to make PK more thrilling and the best
way to do that is to keep the result of a PK combat
uncertain as much as possible without making it
random - just like in sports. No one is interested in
a contest where the winner is determined before,
but on the other hand a contest may not be a lottery
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system ++
Note #38918
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 29, 2018 @ 04:18
Reply to: Note 38914 posted by Gritznakka

ok, and how does your "ideal PK battle" look like ?
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system +
Note #38917
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 29, 2018 @ 04:12
the idea is not just to "help the weaker"
the point is rather to avoid exactly the situation you
mentioned - you confessed, all you try is to AVOID 
the battle instead of fighting back and the question of 
the whole thing is just "can you escape" instead of 
"who kills who"
and that is my main aim - PK shall not look
like a strong attacker seeks to kill and
the other one seeks to escape, but rather
induce real battles
ask yourself, what boxing (or kick box, karate, etc)
fight is more interesting -
both for participants as well as for spectators:
two fighters that fight till the end or one
fighter tries to hit the other while the other
one uses all his energy to run away ?
suggestion #1 to PK system ++++++
Note #38879
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 06:40
Reply to: Note 38878 posted by Redwood

Your statement: This idea you have that some players can
never be defeated is unfounded.
Well, then tell me the last time high PK-built players like
currently Bonjour, Kane or Wire have been defeated in a
simple 1:1 battle  or who is willing to challenge them this
way facing the current PK system.
Your statement: Players in the top echelon are the ones so
consumed with pupping that they aren't out there harrassing
or bothering with small players.
I do not see a relevance of this remark for the topic. Yes, it
is true that some of those players do not take part in PK.
Weaker players do not dare to attack them and they are 
probably not interested in just harvesting cheap PKs.
But, if they are not interested in PK anyhow, mentioning
them here is obsolete. But if they could be interested in PK
generally, that would be rather an argument for a change
in PK system than against it.
Your stamement: | I don't know where you got this idea
in your head that this is the solution to the stagnant
situtaion pk is in. It's not.
I never said "it is the solution", i just saw a problem and
a possible, plausible way to solve it.
I don't know where you got this idea in your head it
could not work. How often have you tried it ?
And even if it was not the solution, keeping the system
as it is, surely is neither.
The random kill itself is random and thus does not
reward anything. But, the longer you fight, the higher
your chance to land such a critical hit - and of course the
also the chance for the stronger one to land a critical hit.
So you are help to make yourself stronge to extend the
battle. And, you are given an alternative to just trying
to escape. Right now, when a stronger one attacks you,
your opportunities are just to try to escape or call friends
to aid you. Is that really better ?
The aim is to keep the outcome of a battle not random,
but at least uncertain until it is fought out.
Right now, the question in a PK battle is not "who wins
at the end ?", but rather "can the weaker one (which is
clear before the battle starts or at least after the first
few rounds) escape or not ?".
Do we really want PK to be like that ?
And, for PK should rather be like sports than like wars,
it is essential that the result of a combat has to be
determined during the combat, and in best case not
before its end. Not at its beginning and even notter before the
combat even started.
And yes, it is somehow similar to vorpal, but not identical.
Vorpal chances of many attackers towards a single victim
add up, while my suggested critical hit adds up AGAINST the
manifold of opponents, not for them.
As you may have noticed, i personally stay mainly out
of PK. This should remind you that i do not seek to gain
personal profit (more kills or less times being killed) out
of my suggestions. In opposit, my relative distance to PK
while i am still involved enough to have experience 
allows me to evaluate the situation quite objectively
and reasonably.
That, at least i think
My aimed outcome is to induce a bigger adrenaline rush
to the stronger one in battle because he can not be sure
he wins the battle, and also a glimpse of hope for the
weaker one until the battle ends. 
suggestion #1 to PK system ++++++
Note #38877
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 05:06
Reply to: Note 38876 posted by Redwood

didn't you read the lines
" Sure, the result may not be totally or even mainly random.
| The stronger one shall win in most cases, but when he can
| never be defeated, the battle is just an execution.
| And what can be even lamer than that ?"
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system +++++
Note #38875
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 04:56
Reply to: Note 38874 posted by Redryn

What you call "lame" is just "lucky". What i call lame is to
enter PK without any risk for one self or a sport where
the winner is determined even before the battle starts.
So ask youself, how much fun and how alive is PK here,
especially at SH level ?
Which sport is more interesting ? The one where the favorite
always wins or the one where the outcome of a battle is
uncertain ?
Sure, the result may not be totally or even mainly random.
The stronger one shall win in most cases, but when he can
never be defeated, the battle is just an execution.
And what can be even lamer than that ?
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system +++
Note #38873
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 04:16
again you mistunderstood something, redwood
i already clarified anything needed in note #38858
on this board. no need to spam the board with
basically the same info again, just because you 
did not understand it right yet.
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system +
Note #38871
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 03:43
Reply to: Note 38862 posted by Redwood

it seems like i couldn't clarify the problem i perceived
as well as my intended solution and the mechanism
to you, redwood. if you want i can explain to you
separately, but wouldnt want to spam this board for that
wtb winds cards
Note #48443
posted on Forsale
Friday, January 26, 2018 @ 17:32
25 M per, pst
wts titan sigil sets
Note #48442
posted on Forsale
Friday, January 26, 2018 @ 17:31
30 dbl inco pots (pots, not scrolls!) per set, pst
suggestion #2 to PK system
Note #38859
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 26, 2018 @ 15:04
I also suggest to restrict the possibility of perpetual PK of the same
player by the same attacker. Seldomly, but still it happens that one
terrorizes the other and tries to even kill him 10 times in a row if
his victim doesnt hide in his manor or elsewhere.
To treat this, i suggest of a damage mitigation of the PKer on the
victim he recently defeated more than once depending on the
times he already killed that player recently and the time passed
since his last kill.
I think about a damage nerf of 20% for that very attacker on that
very victim (the nerf does not apply to other possible victims and
other attackers of the victim) starting after the second kill within
the last 24 hours for one hour and 10% for the rest of
the day. Each additional kill within the observed period reduces
the damage on that victim by further 10% of unnerfed damage
base. Any kill on the victim more than 24 hours ago does not
count anymore. This means theoretically after some recent PKs
you cannot damage that victim anymore, but practically
it will become harder and harder, the more often you
killed that victim causing a natural end of the attacks
The nerf gets halved, if the victim manages to kill the
basically stronger attacker. And, the nerf in the opposit
direction hits in as well, of course.
This modification shall for one keep players from 
terrorizing single players with perpetual PKs and also
empower seeking revenge when you got PKed more
than once by a slightly stronger player recently.
suggestion #1 to PK system
Note #38858
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 26, 2018 @ 15:02
My suggestion #1 is an end of the possibility of both "free" and
"impossible" PK kills. When you are reasonably stronger than
your opponent, you can attack him without any risk as long as he
doesnt get support from other players. Worst thing that can
happen to you is that the victim escapes. On the other hand, the
weaker one will never start to attack the stronger player alone for
he has no chance at all to get the kill (of course, assistance of other
players exlucded again). This problem reaches its top when a strong
gank-group is founded. It can totally risklessly terrorize any
reachable victim.
How to change that and encourage PK additionally ?
Suggested solution: In addition to the combat damage already dealt
in PK, let there be a minimal chance of own instadeath each round you
are inflicted in a PK fight. If this happens, the kill counts as PK-kill of
your opponent. The chance should be about 0.5 % for a fight SH vs SH
and significantly higher for sub-hero fights for those fights are much
faster. This chance leaves the stronger one still the way better cards
in the battle, but still gives the weaker one at least a glimpse of a
chance. And, this enables a third possible outcome when a strong one
attacks a weak one (he can kill the weak one - high probability, the
weak one can escape - high probability, the weak one gets the kill -
low probability).
This, i think, gives all PK participants an additional adrenaline rush and
will probably induce additional PK battles.
Another side effect is that the weaker one has a reason to extend the
battle as long as possible because the longer the fight, the higher his
chance to get the kill by an instadeath. Right now, when you are the
weaker one and see yourself unable to escape, it would be logical to
remove your eqiup and die as fast as possible fort he faster you die,
the earlier you can go back to what you were about to do before
you got attacked.
Further, even as 10th member of an uber-PK-gank group,
you still have a minimal risk to die. And, if you are attacked by
a big group of 5 and each one of the 5 has his 0.5 % chance of
death, so about 2.5% that at one of the 5 attackers dies.
If you can survive 10 rounds before you die, you have at chance
of about 22-23 % that you took one oft he attackers with you
before you die. 
Short summary: the stronger one shall still stay clearly stronger,
but the weaker one shall get at least a low chance instead of no
chance at all as it is right now.
hammerswing damage
Note #17690
posted on Bugs
Friday, January 5, 2018 @ 04:35
The helpfile of hammerswing says

   - The longer you are in uninterrupted combat, the faster your hammer 
     will swing and do more damage. It doesn't have to be the same target, 
     so you should see the damage slowly increase while fighting multiple 
     targets assuming you remain in combat the entire time. Maximum bonus 
     from this is reached at 75 rounds.

According to this, the number of rounds of uninterrupted combat is what
counts regarding the hammerswing damage. However, experience showed
that it is not the rounds of uninterrupted combat, but rather the number of
rounds of uninterrupted hammerswinging.
If hammerswinging is interrupted (by manual stop or by getting disarmed)
and started again although the combat was not interrupted, the
hammerswing damage is low again.

Is the error in the helpfile or in the skill code ?
WTB IF balloons
Note #48316
posted on Forsale
Thursday, January 4, 2018 @ 07:51
paying several hundred Ms per, depending on color
wtb fractal runs of resistance from titan
Note #48307
posted on Forsale
Friday, December 29, 2017 @ 09:37
either for gold or trade for essences of resistance
wts orbs of resistance from titan
Note #48306
posted on Forsale
Friday, December 29, 2017 @ 09:27
19 M per, pst
rank2 hold, enchanted
Note #48283
posted on Forsale
Friday, December 22, 2017 @ 07:01
| Keywords   : Demons Dessicated Diaphragm Rank2Hold              |
| Name       : a Demon's Dessicated Diaphragm                     |
| Id         : 1788659853                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   200           |
| Worth      : 2,000                     Weight :     4           |
| Wearable   : hold                                               |
| Score      : 430                                                |
| Material   : leather                                            |
| Flags      : unique, glow, hum, magic, nosell, held,            |
|            : burn-proof, nolocate, solidified, resonated,       |
|            : illuminated, heroonly, V3                          |
| Owned By   : muzmuz                                             |
| Found at   : Journey to the Inferno                             |
| Stat Mods  : Hit points   : +250     Constitution : +10         |
|              Hit roll     : +25      Damage roll  : +31         |
|              Wisdom       : +2       Luck         : +3          |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +30      All magic    : +30         |
| Enchants:                                                       |
| Resonate   : Luck +3                  (removable with TP only)  |
| Illuminate : Wisdom +2                (removable with TP only)  |
| Solidify   : Damage roll +6           (removable by enchanter)  |

christmas occasion, only 25 M +reown !