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hardcore channel info
Note #18346
posted on Bugs
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 @ 14:03
There is Harcore channel for Hardcore info;
however, when you type: channels this particular new
channel is not on the list.
Not a bug, per se. But still

Re: Your top 1 or 2 ideas to balance classes.
Note #41450
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 @ 09:17
Reply to: Note 41428 posted by Lasher

I have been here for years and have noticed most of the changes
impact characters at high tiers and at SH. Pupping and what not.
This is understandable. But, in terms of general game enjoyment,
especially for new players and players who are not T9s,
it would be a nice idea to give each class a leveling subclass.
Thief and Warrior are fine, but it would be a great idea for all
players, especially new players, to be able to class change to a 
leveling subclass in their favorite class. This will keep everyone happy
and save great discussion among shopping around for the 'best' class.


Just and idea: instead of nerfing certain subclasses down, pick a sublcass
and build them up to a leveling class for everyone


restore at Ravi
Note #41245
posted on Ideas
Friday, February 1, 2019 @ 08:46
I think it would be a good idea to have the restore function
available at Ravi in addition to other TP related services.
This would mean there would have to be a default setting
for using Restore that would have to be changed per
person by an Imm, like swho is, to make sure it is 
not offensive. This would save time and effort on
both our parts and the Imms, especially if the Imms are
busy or not online.
Showcase auction 90047
Note #49277
posted on Forsale
Friday, August 31, 2018 @ 08:08

The following showcase item has been posted for sale by Ohm.

The auction is for Gold and will end in 2 days.

| Keywords   : daily blessing qreset reset token                  |
| Name       : Daily Blessing Qreset Token                        |
| Id         : 1450866587                                         |
| Type       : Treasure                  Level  :     1           |
| Worth      : 1                         Weight :     1           |
| Wearable   : hold                                               |
| Score      : 0                                                  |
| Material   : paper                                              |
| Flags      : glow, hum, magic, nopurge, burn-proof, nolocate,   |
|            : solidified, resonated, illuminated, nosteal,       |
|            : lauction, static                                   |
| Clan Item  : From The Wolf Administration                       |
| This token grants a single complete reset of quest time. It     |
| cannot be used while regular qreset is on. To use this token,   |
| hold it then type 'qreset self'.                                |
Note #7734
posted on Tech
Monday, August 27, 2018 @ 11:27
The bonus loot command helpfile references the config command.
however, you have to type 'config all' to see whether bonusloot 
is on or off.
a slight typo

- ohm
marriage timer
Note #30667
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 @ 14:00
When two people get married, it would be nice to have a time stamp 
attached to it, so that everyone can see how long they
have been married for.