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Re: please give paladin shieldblock and fortitude ++
Note #39200
posted on Ideas
Sunday, February 18, 2018 @ 12:06
Reply to: Note 39196 posted by Dyers

I would rather see new skills/abilities than moving existing ones around that
are essentially a nerf or buff to a class.

E.g.: Guardian: Guard - for next 30 seconds, take 50% reduced damage
Ninja - for next 30 seconds, double all dodges' effectiveness
Enchanter - Globe of True Invulnerability - for 15 secs, immune to all damage
Re: Blending Aard Items. +++++++
Note #39180
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 15, 2018 @ 23:15
Reply to: Note 39179 posted by Mannec

I don't think either gloves or bracers effect can be blended since it's
Not actually an affect.
Re: Augmentation bug?
Note #17755
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 @ 22:36
Reply to: Note 17746 posted by Nasus

There's some sort of mix up between the OPK timer and augmentation, at least
on testport:

c augmented
You are filled with vigor!

You are recovering the following abilities:
  Augmentation             : 21:36

opk remove
You cannot remove OPK for 21:30.


opk remove confirm
INFO: Redryn has removed himself from the (OPK) victim pool!

You are not currently flagged for open PK.
You have no timeout on setting the Open PK flag.


You now have the (OPK) flag and can be killed in any room
by other PK or OPK players. While you are in OPK mode you will 
receive 10% more experience and bonus quest/campaign rewards. The OPK
flag cannot be removed until you remort or 3 days have passed.
INFO: Redryn has entered open PK (OPK) mode!

You are recovering the following abilities:
  Augmentation             : 2 days and 23:59:59

You cannot remove OPK for 2 days and 23:58:43.
Re: Blending Aard Items. +
Note #39147
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 13, 2018 @ 20:26
Reply to: Note 39146 posted by Mannec

I would certainly use it, would it have any slot or level
limits though? 

I imagine sanc aura is something that many people will blend
immediately, as sanc is practically a necessity, and the aura
lacks end game stats.
Re: time. and how it affects the mud.
Note #39138
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 13, 2018 @ 03:21
Reply to: Note 39133 posted by Norton

As interesting as this idea sounds, it seems practically not feasible, since
you would need to build mirror copies of areas of every area for each iteration
of "ruins" or "wasteland" (with the relevant descriptions etc).
Re: Augmentation
Note #39135
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 12, 2018 @ 20:04
Reply to: Note 39130 posted by Crowley

I'd rather see this as an alternative sharing the same cooldown.
Re: reboots +++
Note #39123
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 12, 2018 @ 06:03
Reply to: Note 39121 posted by Turie

If this is implemented I would like a refund on my pockets wishes plz, could've
just bought a few extra manor rooms.
Re: holy mirror
Note #16479
posted on Typos
Sunday, February 11, 2018 @ 00:39
Reply to: Note 16478 posted by Tymme

'forces of light and holiness'? 
New mechanic: Channeling
Note #39090
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 21:16
I would like to suggest a new mechanic to be implemented, which could be used
in a wide variety of things - Channeling.

Currently, the only mechanic we have to prevent skills from being spammed is
lag, i.e. execute a command and thereafter have (usually) 3 secs of lag where
you can't do anything else.

I would suggest a new mechanic where this is inverted:
1. You execute a command, and begin to 'channel' an ability or action. No lag
is actually added, but there is a timer on the channel.
2. After X time (i.e. the length of channel) an action or ability is
automatically executed.

Channels can be interrupted, which may result in variety of things such as
ability or action backfiring, or simply not occuring, depending on the act to
be channeled. What causes an interruption could depend on the ability or

- Brewing could be a channeled ability. Channel for 15 secs to make a triple
brewed spell. Interrupted if you walk out of room, sleep, or quaff. Would allow
players to still chat while doing brews, as opposed to the current process
where you basically stack a ton of brews and then can't do anything for a

- Mining/crafting as suggested in the 'professions' thread could be a channeled
ability, where you take X time to mine an ore or similar.

- Combat - allows for more powerful and strategic spells to be added. E.g. a
mega damage spell could be channeled for a few rounds (casting other spells
would interrupt it, but up to you if you want to cancel it). But other party
could also interrupt the channel with certain skills, e.g. landing a stun. 
With a mix of recoveries on interrupts and powerful abilities, it would be
more of a game of feints/strategy to decide when to utilize your spell - wait
for them to use up their interrupts before using your best spell? Channel a
spell when they start channeling one? And if we add abilities that are short
term counters (e.g. reflect magic), then players may also want to cancel
channels or bear the brunt of their own abilities.

I think there could be a lot done with this mechanic.
Re: OPK Removing - Revenge on ++++
Note #39078
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 08:05
Reply to: Note 39077 posted by Akhenaton

I think Liber's suggestion that opk can only be removed in safe room
makes sense thematically and would be a good solution to the issue.
Re: OPK Removing - Revenge on +
Note #39073
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 05:17
Reply to: Note 39069 posted by Liber

I believe the proposal is to prevent toggling OPK off while a revenge flag
is running. Revenge lasts for 10(ithink?) minutes or so, so I'm not sure 
what "new set of abuse scenarios" you're referring to.

In contrast I'm not sure it's a good idea to allow toggling it off while
you've been attacked and are trying to escape - that seems more open to
abuse since you can toggle on, enjoy your bonuses (especially since being
attacked is kinda rare, easily more than 3 days), and if anyone does try 
to hunt you, turn it off.

Though I suppose a case could be made that 3 days is long enough, and people
should hunt each other more frequently if someone's doing that.
Magical pocket
Note #39066
posted on Ideas
Thursday, February 8, 2018 @ 02:31
In line with mudinfo note #1836, I would suggest that the magical pocket from
Stormhaven also be made melt-drop.
Re: Working from home ideas?++
Note #377
posted on Misc
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 @ 23:23
Reply to: Note 376 posted by Tymme

Social media "influencers" seem to have no real job and permanently on holiday,
please let me know if you figure out how to get in on that!
Re: NPC Keywords +++
Note #39039
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 6, 2018 @ 19:50
Reply to: Note 39038 posted by Rhuli

Maybe I'm missing something, but why do you need repeated
considers? Is it that hard to remember your next target?

Assuming it is somehow necessary though, I don't think the
"it encourages botting" is a good argument against the
idea. It's fairly trivial to make a bot remember all mob
names on consider or on look.
Genie rank3 earrings
Note #48510
posted on Forsale
Monday, February 5, 2018 @ 07:44
| Keywords   : rank3 genie ear                                    |
| Name       : ~~Genie's Magical Earring~~                        |
| Id         : 1920458786                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   211           |
| Worth      : 5,000                     Weight :     0           |
| Wearable   : ear                                                |
| Score      : 250                                                |
| Material   : energy                                             |
| Flags      : invis, magic, nosell, held, burn-proof, nolocate,  |
|            : heroonly, V3                                       |
| Owned By   : Redryn                                             |
| Found at   : A Genie's Last Wish                                |
| Stat Mods  : Damage roll  : +25      Hit roll     : +25         |
|              Moves        : +400                                |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +20      All magic    : +20         |

Have a few of them. Great for bumping up moves for IF north slope!!
Selling at 10m + reown, send tells or notes.
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system ++++++
Note #38994
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 @ 01:04
Reply to: Note 38988 posted by Muzmuz

| ----------------------
| If you want to improve PK, maybe start with suggesting
| something that would add skill to the fight. E.g. bring back
| dispels. Add more maledictions. Add counter skills. Add short
| cooldown based skills usable mid combat.
| ---------------------
| Can be discussed, but seems to aim just the tactics
| of PK. This might make the battle more versatile, but
| how would it solve the problem i am talking about ?
| In fact, the problem, that the result of the uninterrupted
| battle is predetermined ?
Have you never seen other games where players who are outclassed in all
stats (i.e. weaker gear, weaker stats, etc), still beat manage to beat
stronger players because the stronger players didn't know how to utilise
their skills properly?

More dynamic combat = greater ways to optimise your own fight, and even defeat
an opponent who is on paper stronger than you.

As for your opinion on 'referee' errors - I think the universal consensus
is that it is better if they are eliminated. That's why you see modern sport
employing videos etc for better calls. I cannot agree with anyone who thinks
that such errors add rather than subtract to a sport.

Look at games like chess for example. A grandmaster could give you handicaps
(e.g. less time to think, start with less pieces, etc) and be on paper the
weaker player. But he could still win, because he has more skill.
Re: Polished, Enhanced eq. ++
Note #17731
posted on Bugs
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 @ 09:50
Reply to: Note 17730 posted by Crowley

|   There are some items in the game considered 'bad' (usually cursed
|   items) and imms there is a flag that imms can set to exclude them
|   from the bonuses, so if you get a bonus on one of these items please
|   post it. Items with noremove are automatically on this list so no
|   need to report those.

noremove and nodrop are separate flags. Terra/titan are nodrop, so I guess
nodrop gets bonuses but noremove doesn't. I suppose whether that should
be the case is a separate issue though.
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system ++++++
Note #38980
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 @ 09:40
Reply to: Note 38979 posted by Muzmuz

In my view, improving the PK system is not by adding random chance to it, but
making it more skill based as opposed to reliant on predetermined stats.

SH PvP atm is pretty much just  or . There's
not much skill or knowledge involved. Consequently, if your stats are inferior,
there's very little chance that you can win (because you both just spam damage
and one side will always come out on top).

Adding a chance for one side to kill the other side randomly doesn't add to
it. Boxing, football, tennis, don't have a rule which says: "Referee flips a 
coin and one side will win automatically". Everyone would hate that rule.
(It doesn't matter if it only happens 1 in 100 matches. When it happens,
everyone will say its lame and stupid win).

If you want to improve PK, maybe start with suggesting something that would add
skill to the fight. E.g. bring back dispels. Add more maledictions. Add
counter skills. Add short cooldown based skills usable mid combat.
Re: Report stats
Note #38911
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 28, 2018 @ 19:59
Reply to: Note 38898 posted by Gritznakka

alias report report;report stats, boom done.

(I prefer more granularity so I won't personally make that alias)
WTS rank5 inferno neck
Note #48447
posted on Forsale
Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 10:51
| Keywords   : Fire Burns Scars Heat Rank5Neck                    |
| Name       : Scars from the Heat                                |
| Id         : 1920431646                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   211           |
| Worth      : 5,000                     Weight :    28           |
| Wearable   : neck                                               |
| Score      : 500                                                |
| Material   : fire                                               |
| Flags      : invis, magic, nosell, held, burn-proof, nolocate,  |
|            : heroonly, V3                                       |
| Owned By   : Redryn                                             |
| Found at   : Journey to the Inferno                             |
| Stat Mods  : Damage roll  : +30      Hit roll     : +30         |
|              Strength     : +5       Intelligence : +5          |
|              Dexterity    : +5       Constitution : +5          |
|              Hit points   : +300                                |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +45      All magic    : +45         |

Send notes/tells with offer, buyer pay reown. Will sell for donations or gold
Re: suggestion #1 to PK system ++++
Note #38874
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 04:25
Reply to: Note 38873 posted by Muzmuz

Reducing pk to randomized instant death is just going to result in many lame
deaths and general lack of fun for everyone.

Negating novorp wish in PK was suggested before, and this is really no
Re: Race Idea: Shapeshifter ++
Note #38851
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 25, 2018 @ 07:28
Reply to: Note 38850 posted by Mcgregor

> This can avoid if race change is with something like auto-free-rebuild.

Because free rebuilds every 24 hours isn't op?
Re: Race Idea: Shapeshifter
Note #38843
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 25, 2018 @ 00:42
Reply to: Note 38842 posted by Wars

Seems overpowered. So every 24 hours I shift to the race with -1 or -2 in
the stat I intend to train next? If I get +1 in something that matters, I
just don't train anything for 24 hours. 

Also at SH with max stats that means I have control over which skills and
resists I feel like having that day with 0 downside.

Re: kingsholm level range +
Note #16455
posted on Typos
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 @ 03:16
Reply to: Note 16453 posted by Trurien

Help areas

Level ranges are a general guide,
but do not always represent the level of every monster in the area.
Re: Possible PK restrictions. ++
Note #38781
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 @ 03:02
Reply to: Note 38780 posted by Ylar

1 per 1 hour.

(Maybe 2 per hour).

I think if you're getting murdered every 20 minutes that borders on either (a)
griefing or (b) that person doesn't really care and is just feeding kills.

Or how about this: After being killed once an hour, you take 20% less damage,
multiplicative, for every additional successive death (1 hour resets on every
death). So for newbies, they begin to increasingly have a chance to escape. For
griefers, it becomes increasingly difficult to kill. For people who don't
really care about feeding, it becomes increasingly hard to die (Even the rem
all equipment thing isn't going to help, if it takes ages for you to die and
you're just stuck in combat for 5 mins)
Re: Building rules / equipment
Note #38748
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 22, 2018 @ 07:32
Reply to: Note 38747 posted by Redryn

Oh, and I would also suggest that the restriction of tier eq be lifted, and
that they be obtainable from mobs that are of the level of the eq (+- 10
levels). Max 1 per area.
Building rules / equipment
Note #38747
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 22, 2018 @ 06:57
Not sure if many people are aware of this, but building rules on equipment
are currently as follows:

  *  If your area has a Masterpiece item, you are allowed either one
     additional Masterpiece item, or two objects of max object affects.
     No matter the amount of goals in an area, all future areas shall meet
     this rule.
  *  If your area DOES NOT have a Masterpiece item, seven objects of 
     max affects.
  *  For every max piece of equipment created (Masterpiece and Max 
     objects included), you are required at least five objects of 
     mediocre eq (less than 1/2 the max stats) and 3 negative or no stats
     eq. Remember, all this equipment must be useable.

I think lots of people really like gameload eq and the opportunity to get
something cool with the new added stats mechanic. Perhaps it might be time
to consider whether the rules ought to be tweaked (and maybe old areas
re-looked at)? I'm not entirely sure what the rationale for creating mediocre
or negative/nostat equipment is, especially when it's supposed to be 'useable'
(I don't think anyone actually uses any of these).
I also don't think this rule is particularly enforced or checked

I would suggest that independent of Masterpiece items, areas can have max of
2 max objs resetting on normal mobs, with up to 1 reset per 20 mob resets in
area if they're placed on more difficult mobs (i.e. sanc or buffed mobs).

At least (rooms/10) eq with points equivalent of open clan max, five
mediocre (80% points) and three poor (60% points).
Re: setwanted cost ++++++
Note #38736
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 22, 2018 @ 02:14
Reply to: Note 38735 posted by Wars

I think it would be more useful to get clarity on mplaying rules and setwanted.

I think the issue Wire is raising is where people create alts who farm
daily blessing (it's virtually no work to log on once a day and grab blessing)
and slowly amass tps/other stuff from that. And if you annoy the main, is it
multiplaying if they log on the alt to setwant?

If that's illegal, then the cost of setwanted is moot.
level check +++++++++
Note #38668
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 20, 2018 @ 00:01
Reply to: Note 38667 posted by Fiendish

Because removing level check will basically be a buff to tiers and other
high stat players? I don't think the power gap needs to be widened. I'm
surprised you seem to think otherwise?
Re: Enhanced
Note #17704
posted on Bugs
Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 22:34
Reply to: Note 17702 posted by Gritznakka

The average dam was boosted though, which still seems useful
Re: level check +++++++
Note #38655
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 22:27
Reply to: Note 38653 posted by DjVoltron

A level 1 t9 can already attack a level 50 t0 no problem. The only reason
it's not done more is because the levelcheck will at least give the t0 a fair

Level is a stat just like everything else, I don't see understand why it should
be treated any differently.
Re: level check +++++
Note #38650
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 22:21
Reply to: Note 38648 posted by Toneloc

So that a level 1 t9 will be able to pk a level 50 t0? Sounds like a great
Re: scry ++
Note #38649
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 22:19
Reply to: Note 38639 posted by Bauer

Gag it, or go somewhere where you can't be scried?
Re: New Epic Currency? (Epic Emblems?)
Note #38626
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 18, 2018 @ 20:16
Reply to: Note 38621 posted by Castiel

The problem I see is that people will quickly decide which
is the most 'efficient' epic, and run only that. Other epics will quickly
become dead, and people would also likely hoard some points once
they've gotten everything. Then new epics will also become impossible to
introduce and/or run.
Raided 200 eq on lauction
Note #48383
posted on Forsale
Thursday, January 18, 2018 @ 06:31
Num    Item Description             Lvl  Type Last Bid      Bids Time Left
------ ---------------------------- --- ----- ------------- ---- -------------
 83707 <*><*> Rune of Glamour <*><* 200  Gold             1    0   6d 23:58:19
 83708 -=*)A White Dragon Skull(*=- 200  Gold             1    0   6d 23:59:15
 83709 -=*)White Dragonscale Boots( 200  Gold             1    0   6d 23:59:48

Re: Gameload eq overhaul ++
Note #38601
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 @ 23:07
Reply to: Note 38596 posted by Escobar

I think perhaps the instead of adding higher stats to items as their base
in existing areas, the request is more for better 'intelligence' to the
enhanced item system?

It seems like there's significant weight to adding DR already, which is
one of the popular stats that people look out for. This works great
on items with existing stats, not so much for those with virtually no stats.

In general, 'good' eq design tends to be for an item to have the points
dumped into 1 stat + either hr or dr (usually dr).
That usually allows people to swap out items if they need more of a certain
stat more easily.

I'm not sure exactly how the system currently works in terms of rolls (I
just understand there's some form of successive rolls), but maybe something
along the lines of the following:

If an item has < open clan eq points, then have X% chance to roll for a
'base points' item, base points being equivalent to open clan (or maxed
gameload?) points.
(Because lets face it, if it has less than open clan points, it's almost
certainly going to be considered junk no matter how many points were added on
top of default)
Base points will randomise either roll or stat focus, so it will max out either
stats or roll points (based on default max points), then dump the remaining
points into one of the other. E.g.:
151 has 20 point / 15 stat or roll claneq max. So you would do either 15 stat+
10 hr or dr, or 15dr(or hr) + 12 stat or 15hrdr + 5 stat.
If the obj already has some stats but below base max points, weight added
stats or rolls to be added to existing stats/rolls.

Thereafter you have successive Y% rolls to add some random stats or rolls on
top of that.

X could be say 10%, and Y 50%, so for a 151 eq you'd see something like:
10% 20 points
5% 21 points
2.5% 22 points
1.25% 23 points ...

(I don't know to what extent this is being done already... maybe it's just an
issue of weighting the point distributions more).
Re: Auction-minimum-bid-increase +
Note #38600
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 @ 23:04
Reply to: Note 38599 posted by Trurien

You could just set a minbid of 10k if you want, not sure that a code change is

(10k is also more than the cost of potions which people sometimes buy...)
Re: Auction. ++
Note #38580
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 @ 04:50
Reply to: Note 38566 posted by Myth

Auction is also used for lower value items like potions when people need stuff
in a pinch, so if any changes maybe either an option to have extended time or
allow buy-outs.

Alternatively, perhaps remove the 100k listing fee for lauc?
 - There aren't that many players
 - If you want to use up limited lauction slots selling junk, not a big deal
 - People can filter now so it's not particularly hard to find something.
Re: quotes in aliases +
Note #38519
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 13, 2018 @ 14:01
Reply to: Note 38518 posted by Mordist

You can apparently create multiword aliases with quotes, although they don't
seem to work.
Would consider it more of a bug though.
Re: specialty skills and cooldowns +++
Note #38514
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 13, 2018 @ 10:50
Reply to: Note 38513 posted by Crowley

A reset command that would save your current cooldown and re-apply it upon
leaving the war/duel/whatever wouldn't be abusable
Re: Thief skill ideas
Note #38473
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 21:36
Reply to: Note 38472 posted by Castiel

I would suggest tweaking blade barrier / veil of shadows as follows:

Activate (usable in combat) for a 15second or so (5 rounds) affect granting
immune allphysical. However, take 2x damage from allmagic attacks.

Vice versa for veil of shadows (immune allmagic / vuln allphys).

Some other suggestions while on this topic...

Bandit: A backstab in an entrapped room will cause a stun of up to 10 seconds.

Ninja: Allow backstab while in combat on targets who are not in combat to
hit the usual amount of times.

Assassin: 5% chance to instantkill mobs on backstab (i.e. like deathblow).

Venomist: Apply damage over time poison, dealing ~1k damage per round for
1 minute (20 rounds), stacks up to 3x.
Re: OPK bonus exp per tier +
Note #38442
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 03:04
Reply to: Note 38441 posted by Noegel

My concern with this is that the bonus (especially at low tiers) might be
considered 'too good' to pass up, with the result that low tiers turn on
opk just for the bonus with no intention to PK. Then we'd be in the same
position as we had with PK clans, where people would clan to get the benefits
but whine about PK all the time.
social wimper
Note #16440
posted on Typos
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 @ 20:45
Unless this was intentional (doesn't seem like it), the correct spelling is
Re: Help trivia bonus mobs +
Note #16436
posted on Typos
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 @ 02:44
Reply to: Note 16435 posted by Biker

I've certainly disintegrated a lot, usually aggros which are slowing me down.

Probably at least 10000 mobs over the years. Never seen a tp mob. If anyone has
ever seen a tp mob from instant kill mobs i'll stand corrected though.

Help trivia bonus mobs
Note #16433
posted on Typos
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 @ 06:52
If you kill a monster flagged as a bonus mob, you will find yourself the
recipient of a trivia point, as if it was awarded by an Immortal.  This
occurs regardless of player alignment or noexp setting, and skills which
normally instant-kill a mob without experience or other rewards (such as
disintegrate) will still award the trivia point.

Unless I have been extremely unlucky, or unobservant, I don't think the 
portion in red is correct.
Crossroads of fortune - An indiscriminate flirt
Note #16429
posted on Typos
Saturday, January 6, 2018 @ 02:26
The mob 'An indiscriminate flirt' has neither flirt nor indiscriminate as part
of its keywords, probably should add at least 'flirt'
Re: Jenny's tavern goal +
Note #16425
posted on Typos
Friday, January 5, 2018 @ 01:17
Reply to: Note 16424 posted by Anaristos

Even if the player should have latitude in what triggers the mprog, the
goal text itself should provide the grammatically correct version over the
Jenny's tavern goal
Note #16423
posted on Typos
Friday, January 5, 2018 @ 00:57
> Say 'lets do this' to Jenny to get back to the goal area.

Should be let's (presumably mprog trigger text needs to be changed too)
Increase powerup tnl
Note #38395
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 4, 2018 @ 21:27
Following from Mcg's note, I think it would be nice if SH powerup tnl was
increased to 10k or more. Of course, trains should also be increased

The reason is that individual pups are currently very inconsequential.
+5 trains to someone at SH isn't really going to make a dent on anything.
If it was 10k or even 100k tnl (50 or 500 trains on pup) it'd make completing
a pup more impactful. (And I think that there would be a psychological impact -
more of a dopamine hit, making pupping more addictive somehow).

It would also make other things more meaningful - e.g. daily bonus level up or
double trains on level, and exp loss on death (it's 400 tnl or 50% of exp
gained, so at 1000 tnl it's usually just 400 tnl or 4 mobs killed). Miracle
or lifechant would become more important too.

Don't know whether it might help system resources, since I believe Aard
autosaves a char everytime they pup, which might lead to a lot of unnecessary
saving every 30-40 secs...
Re: Add starburst to EQ-Illegalspells ++++
Note #38371
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 3, 2018 @ 22:51
Reply to: Note 38370 posted by Mcgregor

IMO it should be added to eq-illegalspells. Most combat spells are listed
there. I understand the reason that some spells are not in the list was
because these used to be the multicasting spells (that hit more than the
usual 4x max, I believe it went up to 8x?) and the damage they dealt were
lower than most other spells.
However, some years back the spells were reworked to standardise multicasting
and the damage was bumped up for these spells as well, but they weren't then
added to the helpfile as with other spells.

Insofar as Mcgregor is suggesting that change shouldn't be done because people
have taken advantage of it, I don't think that's a valid objection. Same
thing could be said about hammerswing before it was nerfed. And of course
there were the infamous crynn trains before melee attack rollover was added,
when people routinely did 6second pups.