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Re: hunt on guqests ++
Note #41495
posted on Ideas
Saturday, March 9, 2019 @ 05:17
Reply to: Note 41488 posted by Shindo

   Mob database has nothing to do with that change. With mobs db it is
much easier to kill mobs that have just single instances in area and 
stay in same room.
   This change prevents you from using hunt trick in GQ - so in fact 
it just nerfed hunter's huntmaster and to less extent fasthunt wish.
Also it boosted higher tiers in multi instance mobs - if target is 
20.oyster in Maelstrom - you may need to kill 20+ oysters to get 
right one. T9 will go to Maelstrom and kill every single oyster just 
in 1-2 turns, low tier will need more 3-4. 
   Before that change T0 and T9 would use hunt trick to find room with
20.oyster - so both had to kill just one mob - 1-2 rounds for T9, 
and 3-4 for T0. Now if both T0 and T9 go to area and fight 20 mobs to
get that right one - T9s will get their mob in 20-40 rounds and T0 in 
60-80. So that was quite clever way to highlight power gap.
   Also that change helps people using simple clients - if you use 
telnet to play aard then now you are able to hunt those single instace
mobs so you can earn extra qps for killing GQ mobs.
Btw. I would gladly welcome ability to hunt in CPs - hunting mobs in 
Gauntlet is way more annoying than getting to 20.oyster in cp without 
hunt trick.
v/^\a Fractal Rune/^\v - lbi 94167
Note #49683
posted on Forsale
Friday, January 25, 2019 @ 13:41

lbi 94167

| Keywords   : fractal rune titan                                 |
| Name       : v/^\a Fractal Rune/^\v                             |
| Id         : 1988028419                                         |
| Type       : Runestone                 Level  :   201           |
| Worth      : 0                         Weight :     1           |
| Wearable   : hold                                               |
| Score      : 0                                                  |
| Material   : plasma                                             |
| Flags      : magic, nolocate, V3, lauction                      |
| Found at   : The Titans' Keep                                   |
| Hold the rune then type 'enrune [item] [damtype]' to add some   |
| resistance of that damtype. Rune will be consumed on use.       |
| Cannot enrune the same item more than once.                     |
| Market Item Number    : 94167                                   |
| Item is being sold by : Trachx                                  |
| Auction will end in   : 6 days and 23:59:52                     |
| Current bid           : 1 gold (No bid yet)                     |

Private rooms inconsistency
Note #18103
posted on Bugs
Sunday, September 30, 2018 @ 11:36
There is a small inconsistency:

Your pets cannot enter a private room!
You make a high pitched whistling sound.
A dust devil called trx appears and runs up to you.

So after all they are able to enter a private room.
Re: There's something wrong with epics. ++
Note #27509
posted on General
Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 02:21
Reply to: Note 27508 posted by Rauru

Epics are now grind. At least mass ones - I do not think
they are super enjoyable for a player that just follows
leader's instructions - players join them to get ranked
eq or points to buy ores/items.

Shop gives non-hardcore players like me possibility
to buy rank 5 with their own efforts (I still can buy
those rank 5 just with QPs from other players without
joining any run). 

In case of current run conversion to points I think 
I could get maybe 250 points or so - just because I got 
so far 135 Titan runs and several Winds - as Titan and 
Terra are only epics that I am able to join on regular 
basis. I mean I do not join epic like IF/Inferno/Genie 
if I am not sure that I am able to be online through 
whole run. Because of that I was able so far to complete 
36 IF1 runs and 12 Inferno. And I join IF1 runs since 
they were introduced (some players got over 400 runs 
in that time).
I think maybe in a year or two I can get to rank2 or even
rank3 in Inferno and maybe in a year or three to rank 4 IF1.

Also considering that Winds is rather easy, and you can
sometimes just join for final fight - maybe this run
should reward no points or less points per run, but OTOH
it gives some players to earn their rank 5 relatively easy
Re: There's something wrong with epics.
Note #27506
posted on General
Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 01:50
Reply to: Note 27480 posted by Crowley

* introduce epic shop that will have all ranked items from all epics
* items are put into that shop 3-6 months after they were discovered
by 1st player, so new epic still need to be run at least till rank 5
* add a chance equal to (player_rank * 10)% that item you get from
epic is (Enhanced) or better, shop ones are stock (still best
stock in game)
* every epic gives you 1 point, whether it is AFK mass epic like IF
or demanding your attention like Terra or Titan
* rank5 item costs 130 points, rank4: 75, rank3: 35, rank2: 15
* upon introducing give player points equal to sum of their current

number of runs; some players will be able to buy 4-5 epic pieces
just because they attended 300 runs in Inferno and IF and Titan so
they will get 900 points at start, but they worked hard for it
also some players that attended 30 runs in every epic will get 
enough points to buy their 1st rank5 with their points (remember 
that you still can buy ranked eq from other player with no need to
join any epic); that will lead to price drop for "stock" R5, but
enhanced epic ones still will be expensive
* I think that (Enhanced) will keep players running epics,
if they choose to run just the easy one like IF - it will take them
a year of runs (with 2.5 run per week) to get single rank5 item ;
they still can do 130 Titan/Terra runs in a week or two but those
demand much more attention than other runs
Heroonly objlower
Note #39186
posted on Ideas
Sunday, February 18, 2018 @ 06:17
TL;DR allow objlower to be used more than 5 times on 
item, 6th use adds heroonly flag to item.
Considering that epic eq is reownable and that T1 player
can have better eq than T9 player clan eq we just need
to give them more powerful weapons.
Some players stay at T0/T1/T2 and comparing to T9 they
just lack maxstats (which they can get with potential)
and powerful weapon.
Allow to use "quest objlower" on weapons and other tier
equipment more than 5 times. However 6th use will add
heroonly flag to item (because of that flag 6th and 
subsequent uses should require a bit different syntax
like "quest buy heroobjlower ". Heroonly will 
prevent players from making too powerful weapons that
could be used while in levelling range.
Pros: low tier players will be more valuable group 
members and they will get reasonable amount of damage
especially once they got their epic eq (earned or 
reowned). That means it will give them more fun from
being 201, also some T9s that redo will be able to sell
them expensive stock T9 weapons :P
Cons: SH sitters will have no more motivation to gain 
tiers (though they still earn 25 extra maxstats per
tier and some stats from next tier pin - but for player
with complete eq set it is not so important).
Cost still should be 500 qps per objlower - so getting
T9 weapon to 201 will cost 90 level * 500 = 45k QPs.
Such players will still need higher tier weapons - as
T9 lowered heroonly weapon is useful only when you are 
201 (and while you level is is nice to use your 251 level
weapon at your 161 level if you're T9).
Venomist, green death and envenom
Note #17714
posted on Bugs
Friday, January 26, 2018 @ 02:21
Green death cannot be used on poisoned mobs. 
When you are venomist you envenom your weapons so
hitting mob auto-poisons it.
As that skill according to help is meant to be more 
potent when used by a primary-class thief and it 
is some kind of poison then it does not make sense 
that venomist cannot use it.
Change green death so it can be used on poisoned
at least by venomists. Or add non poisoning version
of envenom to weapons.

Subclass change recovery
Note #38539
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 15, 2018 @ 12:08
Lower subclass change recovery from 7 days to 3.
That change will allow to switch between epic and
pup mode - so like during week pthi can be 
assassin (for pups) and during weekends 
venomist (for epics).
Redo bonus exp
Note #38538
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 15, 2018 @ 12:04
Add bonus exp based on number completed redos:
redo 1-100 -  1% exp per redo
redo 101-300 - 0.5% exp per redo
max bonus at 300 redos = 200% (so tripled exp).
I think that will be quite natural and incentive
way to build up your char once you hit T9 (I
always felt that there should be T10 and more -
but then level 1 T29 player using L291 eq is 
just a bit too much).
When you level from T0 to T9 you gain power, which
eventually improves your 75 sec T0 pup time to
30 sec pup time, so like your exp was tripled.
Redos will do something similar but to T9s - more
redos means faster pups.
Game impact (according to rank 1):
at least 300 players with 1 redo - so 1% (or more)
41 players with 10 or more redos - so 10% (or more)
10 players with 20 or more redos - so 20% (or more)
5 players with 30 redos or more - so at least 30% bonus
3 players with 50 redos or more - so at least 50% bonus
1 player with 93 redos - so 93% bonus exp

Re: Tiers and instincts ++
Note #38467
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 15:59
Reply to: Note 38465 posted by Mcgregor

Add +1% exp per redo :)
So T9 with 40 redos will get extra 40% exp. Now, that is quite
incentive to gain more redos.
Re: Vote Pthief 2018 ++++
Note #38462
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 15:41
Reply to: Note 38458 posted by Zhalut

Bandit is useless, unless you are enchanter - then you
can steal some eq from shops decreasing cost of enchants.
Assassin earns more gold than bandit with pilferage.
Considering that pthi strongest attack is backstab then
you want to start fight with backstab. That makes ninja
pretty useless - in-fight backstab is just too weak.
Stealth is useful only vs players, as most mobs have
some kind of mobprog (like greet player) so they see
through stealth. I guess that class could be considered
as Hardcore killer due to its unique abilities (stealth
+ whereable hardcore).
Venomist has nice damage, but backstab recovery makes
it only useful during epics and PvP (but pthi quite
likely will lose anyway).
Assassin is pretty fast with killing mobs, but once you
kill mobs in 1 round - then you cannot improve your
pup speed in any way.
For all pthi subclasses it would be nice to change
how enhanced backstab works - maybe just add lucky extra
+1 - +3 hits on top of what it gives now (with instinct 
or just high luck).
That could sometimes kill mob just with backstab.
However if all pthi subclasses were to benefit from
that extra hits - that would require that those lucky 
+1 - +3 hits would remove backstab recovery like quickstab.
Also removing recovery on mobs killed with spiral would
be nice - now if you're pthi you cannot use spiral
more than once per fight (unless you know that fight
will last for more than 1 round) - if you kill mob with
spiral you get recovery - so better wait for 2nd round
and kill with melee.
Honestly I doubt that those features will ever be 
considered by Lasher as that could lead to overpowering
Re: evict idle hardcore players from safe rooms
Note #38285
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 17, 2017 @ 06:37
Reply to: Note 38284 posted by Level

To earn those bonus qps on quests and cps they need to leave safe location.
Not only hardcore stay in safe rooms. Same applies to OPK.
And OPK also get bonus qps on quests and cps.
So maybe just teleport hardcore and OPK every 5-10 minutes if they are idle?
And by idle I mean they have not killed at least 1 mob per minute.
But then, why some powerful T9s sit at 201 and win all GQs ?
Maybe force them to redo.
Or just let them play the way they like.
Re: Stat bonuses for the classes +
Note #27383
posted on General
Friday, December 15, 2017 @ 03:34
Reply to: Note 27379 posted by Crowley
No other class (ie except Psi) has an additional bonus, unless that 
other class is Paladin.
R7 Paladin bonuses are:
                Str    Int    Wis    Dex    Con    Luck   Total
-------------  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----  ------  -----
Class Bonus   :    5      5      5      5     10       5     35
Help paladin : The paladin's primary stat is INTELLIGENCE but 
primary class paladins also get a bonus to CONSTITUTION.
Re: Allow transfer of donation rewards
Note #38235
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 3, 2017 @ 15:10
Reply to: Note 38234 posted by Pumpkin

Re: Winds of Fate ++
Note #38209
posted on Ideas
Monday, November 27, 2017 @ 15:01
Reply to: Note 38203 posted by Mendaloth

TL;DR Winds is balanced.
Nice part about Winds of Fate is that you can do that solo.
However even nicer part is that once you were in solo/small
group run you realize you want to run in bigger groups.
For most part of that epic I think you can be also AFK (if
group is willing to drag you) and do equivalent of "join 
late" (just get a portal, enter portal, nod and so on).
Now comparing to IF - IF is AFK epic. 135 normal runs will
earn you 810 IF points. And that will get you 2 rank5 wrists
and 1 rank4 back. 15 more runs and you get another
rank4 - hold. So approx 75 hours is required to get
4 ranked items (2 * rank5, 2 * rank4).
Even if you get rank5 (if there is one) item after 56 runs
- that will be just single item and will require similar
amount of game time that other runs (however you can be very 
lucky and always solve obelisk with 1st try). Still that 
epic requires more effort from players than just be able to 
follow run leader directions.
Comparing to Titan - average run is 25 minutes, you need
approx 300 runs to get rank5 item. That means that after
125 hour of gameplay you will get rank5 (+bunch of trains).
Basically after 60 days (playing 2 hours per day) you
can get your rank5.
Collecting 56 Winds cards will take at least 70 days (if
you're extremely lucky and always get unique card). 
If you get cards from other players then you can get your
ranked item even faster (but that is true for any epic
item - just have enough $, gold or qps and you can get
it from other player).
L171 Bard eq set forsale
Note #47986
posted on Forsale
Thursday, October 5, 2017 @ 13:05
Forsale level 171 1armor set for 5 tps.
Mostly Bard open clan gear + some duplicated slots.
All pieces got:
 +6 DR from solidify (if solidified) 
 +4 wis from illuminate (if illuminated)
 +3 luck from resonate (if resonated)
The Malevolent {chaos} Luggage contains:
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Amethyst Encrusted Silver Helm (171)
( 2) (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) the Uraeus Collar of Tutankhamun (171)
( 2) (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) the Bracelet of Nefertiti (171)
( 2) (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Paint-Stained Cuffs (171)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Side Pouch of Art Equipment (171)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) A Bag of Tattered Scrolls (171)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Goliard's Escape (171)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) A Playwriters Script (171)
( 2) (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Calliope's Poetic Presence (171)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Torn Stockings of a Devout Actor (171)
( 2) (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Black and White Piano keys (171)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Heart of a Forsaken Poet (171)
( 2) (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) A Travelling Bard's Scarf (171)
( 2) (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) A Muse's Lullaby (171)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) }: Mask of Tragedy :{ (171)
     (K) (Magic) (Glow) (Hum) Midnight Oil (171)

Enhance restored spells/skills proficiency
Note #37883
posted on Ideas
Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 12:54
Please save and restore practiced skill % at R7 201.
So once you got 100% in some skill you will always
get it back at R7 201.
Please also save and restore practiced subclass
specific skills when you change your subclass.
For those with scholar wish maybe that does not change
too much, but for 85% you still feel a difference
between 85% and 100% (for example quickstab).
I know we now get % practiced after remort 85%
or 95% - so although through last remort most of
those frequently used skills get to 100% anyway,
yet it still will give me more joy to have restored
not only my stats but also skills/spells proficiency.
New market filter options
Note #37881
posted on Ideas
Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 09:57
Please add more options to market filter:
market filter notmine - that will list items you have not bid on
market filter buyout  - that will show items that have buyout.
market filter maxbid XXX - only items up to XXX price
I use market filter trash to filter cards and usually set
a proxy bid on most of those cards. However quite often there are
over 10 cards at a time on market - so when I have a bid on 10 of 
them and then new items are added - well it is a bit 
inconvenient to find items I have not bid on (for this also adding
someting like maxbid XXX would be useful - that will just show 
items with current price no higher than XXX as usually I won't bid
over some specific price, so I am not interested in those items).
Also useful for cards - it is much easier to see a short list of 
5 cards with  buyout set than just go through whole list and check
item by item - I mean I usually do "market filter trash" - that 
opens a list of for example 27 items, then I do look in 3.lug
that will lists inventory of my bag with cards - because those 2
lists (market and inventory) are quite long I need either scroll
several times to market list then compare it to inventory or 
send multiple "market filter", "l in 3.lug".
I do that comparision because I want to find whether there are
cards with buyout on market that allow me complete a set of cards.
Immhomes incorrect explorable room count
Note #17525
posted on Bugs
Friday, July 21, 2017 @ 14:54
TL;DR solution: mark An En Suite Bathroom, The Honeymoon Suite
and On the Balcony as explorable
There was a recent change in flags to imm homes rooms, which
caused incorrect number of total explorable rooms:
This area has 6 explorable rooms.
You have explored 3 (50.00%) rooms in this area.
Aardwolf has 32055 explorable rooms.
You have explored 32052 (99.99%) rooms of Aardwolf.
Those are rooms avail to players in imm homes:
~~~ 1   The Aardwolf Plaza Hotel  (26151)    {?}
~~~ 2   The Luxury "Suite"    (26152)    {?}
~~~ 3   Contest Entry Room    (26188)    {?}
~~~ 4   The Arena             (26190)    {?}
~~~ 5   The Honeymoon Suite   (47165)    {?}
~~~ 6   An En Suite Bathroom  (47166)    {?}
~~~ 7   On the Balcony        (47167)    {?}
~~~ 8   What a Punderful Day!  (-1)    {?}
Before recent change rooms An En Suite Bathroom, 
The Honeymoon Suite and On the Balcony were explorable and 
counted up to explored rooms.
Now those are marked with "noexplore" flag.
If I cast eye of discovery on me:
c 'eye of discovery'
Your eye of discovery shows no unexplored rooms.
after "explored resetarea":
This area has 6 explorable rooms.
You have explored 0 ( 0.00%) rooms in this area.
c 'eye of disco'
Through your eye of discovery, you see a glimpse of Immortal Homes
The Aardwolf Plaza Hotel (G)

Re: Hammerswing group revivial. +++
Note #37141
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, April 11, 2017 @ 14:41
Reply to: Note 37136 posted by Escobar

Just turn on previous blacksmith code - *if* fight was started with charge.
That way - leading paladin will be quite desired group member.
Or maybe limit number of mobs affected by hammerswing - yet if led by paladin
all blacksmiths in group attack multiple mobs with hammerswing (limited to some
reasonable amount like 5 or so - but through whole fight they target 5 mobs).
Re: fix pk
Note #36480
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 7, 2017 @ 10:21
Reply to: Note 36470 posted by Numenor

Penalty for being PK-ed? I think now OPK serves mainly
as source of victims to be killed by pupped players.
If those penalties are to be introduced, I guess OPK
pool will decrease - I treat OPK as just 10% more exp
and I do not mind dying twice a day, though when I drag
other person it is pretty annoying (especially during 
So maybe just give OPK bonuses to players that are in PvP
subclasses? Ie:
Thi - Venomist, Psi - Mentalist, Ran - Hunter,
Pal - Avenger, Cle - Harmer, Mag - Sorc, War - Soldier 


Re: Class remove feature +
Note #36455
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 3, 2017 @ 12:13
Reply to: Note 36454 posted by Impuritan

It is for fun. While you are lower than T9 and still levelling - you
are not bored - and even though 10k is pretty tiring - then you see
your target - hit T9 and enjoy T9 power.
Once you hit T9 - you can either pup endlessly (which is just killing
mobs in 1-2 areas over and over) or redo.
For me redo is fun for first week or two, but then I miss my T9
power and mindless pupping.
So far I completed 15 redos - and it seems that next 15 I will just
repeat the same scheme - redo PThi then remort psi/cle/pal/ran and 
so on (my previous redo I started with PPal but at R2 I was so
unhappy with that - so I decided to spend 4k QPs to classchange
back to Pthi.
If you are sitting lower tier - you still may enjoy that feature - 
because removing last class and returning back to R7 is pretty fast 
comparing to whole tier/redo - and it is a diversion from sitting.
With that feature I would probably just repeat removing my pclass
and cycle through all 7 primary classes - just a week to gain
removed class as last one, week-two at 201, then again remove pclass
and enjoy new skills.
However also it is quite likely I would remove my last class once
or twice per month and just repeat last remort.
Class remove feature
Note #36443
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 3, 2017 @ 11:31
Add new feature:
class remove  confirm 
which simply removes given class from player's classes. 
No recovery, small cost like 500-1000 qps.
There are 2 cases:
1) remove secondary class - after that you have your classes
except that removed one, so you can remort into that class 
2) remove primary class - that causes change of primary class,
your new primary class is next in order you remorted
For example a player with remort order:  
Thi/Psi/Cle/Pal/Ran/Mag/War -> remove Thi and then player has:
Psi/Cle/Pal/Ran/Mag/War -> remove Psi and then player has:
Cle/Pal/Ran/Mag/War and so on.
After removing Thi player could remort into Thi and gain Thi
as his last class (no need to remove Thi and Psi at the same
time - just remove Thi, remort Thi - you are back R7, then
remove Psi, remort Psi).
Also allow removing multiple classes - so basically you need
to repeat 2 remorts.
Why? For fun. Redo / tier can be quite time consuming, but if
you are bored with pupping - remove one of your classes and
in a week or so you are back R7 201.
Although that feature allows changing primary class - this 
is quite different from classchange - as one cannot change his
pclass to any class easily (unless you remove several classes).
For example:
Thi/Psi/Cle/Pal/Ran/Mag/War - remove Thi,Psi,Cle - and you are
primary Pal with 3 remorts left to complete - you can change
order of remorts if you wish so.
If you want get back to PThi - you need either remove remaining
classes (so can be like basically just remove your PClass and
remort into it - so you are starting with R6) or
tier/redo if you are R7 or classchange.
Change Questor's trains price for SH
Note #36432
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 31, 2016 @ 11:55
Allow buy trains from questor at 1 QP/train at 201.
That will allow players to gain trains for instinct 
(stats/hp/mana/moves) in more interesting way than 
pupping in 1-2 areas.
Also add a restriction - minimum buy is 10k trains 
- so newbies will not make any mistakes with getting 
trains instead of more useful things.
So you can buy any amount starting with 10000 trains.
I do not think that it will overpower players buying
trains in any way - in good day on redo I can get 
1.5k QPs or so which is equiv of 300 pups. 
I can get those 300 pups in 3 hours or so, but 1500
QPs takes me much more time - yet I spend that time
in more interesting way than just killing IF mobs for
3 hours.
So it is still quite expensive to buy trains at rate
1QP/train - yet it will promote activity and add
one more way to build up your char.
Food with Combat Mind spell
Note #17161
posted on Bugs
Sunday, December 25, 2016 @ 05:10
In Northstar, South East Market Square shopkeeper Wendel
  2     83     2000  ---  some Rare Spice
which contains Combat Mind ppsi only spell.
| Keywords   : rare spice                                         |
| Name       : some Rare Spice                                    |
| Id         : 1731279986                                         |
| Type       : Pill                      Level  :    83           |
| Worth      : 2,000                     Weight :    10           |
| Score      : 0                                                  |
| Material   : food                                               |
| Flags      : magic, V3                                          |
| Spells     : 1 use of level 65 'line of protection'             |
|            : 1 use of level 65 'barkskin'                       |
|            : 1 use of level 65 'combat mind'                    |
Note #47161
posted on Forsale
Thursday, December 15, 2016 @ 13:43
I want to sell 100 TPs at 130 QPs/TP - so 13000 QPs.
Trade involves trade item worth 500 QPs (aardweapon - 
you can sell it back to questor for 500 QPs). 
So total 13.5k QPs - I've put on market trade item with
lbid 74185 - buy that sword for 13.5k and TPs are yours.
However I'll also transfer those TPs to the winner
of that auction if price is >= 12k QPs.
So either get it instantly with buyout or bid at least
12k QPs and win auction to get TPs.
Classchange - redo reward
Note #36338
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 5, 2016 @ 13:18
Change classchange cost formula to reward redo players.
Classchange cost = classchange cost - (200 * number of redos) QPs,
with minimum cost = 0.
Minimum free classchange time 7 days - so player with 50 redos 
will get free classchanges, yet if he choses to classchange before
7th day since last classchange he has to pay 2k QPs.
Player with 10 redos just after changing his class will have
classchange cost 10k - 200QPs * 10 redos = 8k, after waiting
100 days his cost will be 2k - 200Qps * 10 redos = 0 QPs.


Re: closed clan eq
Note #36306
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 @ 10:55
Reply to: Note 36305 posted by Vinatia

Is not that rule enough (help cm-eq-tier):
If the vnum is changed more than once a year, the following cost will
apply:  EQ Cost + (re-uses * 100mil)
Re: One Balancing change only.
Note #36289
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, November 15, 2016 @ 12:42
Reply to: Note 36218 posted by Lasher

1) Change hammerswing - add optional "whistle" that irritates
mobs and makes them switching attack to blacksmith (unless
already aimed at whistling blacksmith) - so after 3 turns
all mobs aim blacksmiths. That way Paladin Knight could be
a born leader again (or just change help Paladin) and 
having more than one blacksmith in a group would be still
2) Increase heal rate (potions, spells) of all group memeber 
if they are grouped with primary cleric - just for PvM -
make it like 1.5x - 2x.
3) Merge bandit and ninja.
4) Make spiral damage increasing each round - that way pthi 
could be more useful in epics.
5) Give ranged attack to pthi - that will target whole room
and will sleep/poison/blind all mobs in that room.


Re: Stats restore in 1-199 range ++
Note #36131
posted on Ideas
Thursday, October 20, 2016 @ 11:26
Reply to: Note 36125 posted by Raijin

Maybe you both are right. For pre-redo player it 
will take out all fun from trying different builds.
However I still think that for redo player it is quite
nice idea - considering that you will need 2-3 redoes
to get max stat - that change will affect no more than 110
players or so (just check myrank Vale 1 - after Vale
there are no more players that have completed 4th redo).
Probably even less - because a lot of those 110 players
are inactive.
For me it would be more amusing to have max stats through
whole redo - I do not really find any pleasure in
retraining stats using always the same scheme/being
overweight before 10 (sure I can get more bags/pockets) or
unable to cast full spellup before level 50 without 
quaffing (sure I can train higher int just to get enough
mana for that spellup, but I prefer to use trains for stats
that increase my kill power instead).
Or maybe instead of restoring hp/mana/moves - just record
number of trains spent on hp/mana/moves in range 1-199 - and
make it cumulative.
Then when you're level 1 next remort just your base hp/mana/
moves will be increased - that would be quite tempting for
hardcore - with 10k hp or more at level 5 maybe I would 
be able to survive 1st melee and flee (certainly max
stats for that also would be useful).
Stats restore in 1-199 range
Note #36122
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 @ 11:43
Can we have stats and hp/mana/moves restore in 1-199 range?

All stats and hp, mana, moves will be saved and restored individually.

Stats are saved for remorts+level, hp/mana/moves for levels.
So when you level up to level X + 1 there are saved:
- your stats for level X, remort Y - they will be restored 
once you hit next tier/redo level X, remort Y.
- your hp/mana/moves for level X - they will be restored once 
you hit again level X (so next remort/tier)
Each stat will be saved individually - so when you hit level X then 
- for hp/mana/moves) - if current hp or mana or moves + level gain
  > saved then use current + level gain else use saved
  so it is possible that your hp will be restored (because saved was
  higher) and mana/moves get new value from level gain
- for stats - just restore stat if saved higher than current -
    so for example restore str/dex/int and keep current wis/con/luck
    because saved were lower
For non-redoers that will result in increase their stats so once
they hit T9 - they will be probably max-stat or close to max-stat 
through whole remort/tier.
For redoers - I expect that 3 or so redos will result in maxing stats.
As your hp/mana/moves every tier are higher than previous one - then
I just expect that usually one would need to spend trains for hp/mana/
moves to benefit from hp/mana/moves restore - anyway, that will be
quite nice to be able to cast T9 R7 spellup at level 1 without need
to quaff several times.
For redoers - after maxing stats - I guess those extra trains will be
spent on instinct - so that is one more bonus for redo. 
Re: Allow T0s to Resell their Odd Level Aard items
Note #36069
posted on Ideas
Monday, October 10, 2016 @ 10:58
Reply to: Note 36067 posted by Akhenaton

Or allow replacing aard item with stock item that is lower level:
you have amulet level 36 - so you do:
quest replacelower amulet confirm and you get amulet level 30,
repeat it and you get level 20,
repeat and you get level 10,
repeat and you have level 1 item.
No need to limit it to T0 - and as you always get stock item just lowered
by up to 10 levels (to closest lower multiple of 10 levels) - 
so you cannot really abuse it as you always get item with lower stats than
previous one.
Re: Revemping aard ++
Note #36064
posted on Ideas
Sunday, October 9, 2016 @ 12:14
Reply to: Note 36063 posted by Arcidayne

I like idea of such epic tasker. That way even players are unable to attend 
epics due to RL or just prefer solo gaming will be able eventually get 
rank 5 eq.
I think that current epics - Genie, IF/IF2, Inferno, OC lack trains/gold 
reward. Epic activities should be more profitable than pupping - so even 
if you are not  really encouraged to attend 135 runs to get rank 5 EQ - you 
still could attend an epic to earn more trains/gold than just from pupping.
That would also attract players that got their rank 5 eq from epics - simply
joining epic will be more profitable than not joining it.
For example - normal IF run takes around 30 minutes - at 40 sec/pup you can
get 40-45 pups and 4-5 mil gold - so set a reward for normal run like 
250 trains and 5 mil gold. Also if there was a small chance like 1-5% to 
get a mastery/potential/instinct point , 5-10% to get DB reset and 10-20% 
to get Q reset, area reset or double mobs - I am quite sure that would 
increase a lot interest in epics.
Personally I gladly join runs whenever possible - this year (so 9 months) 
I was able to attend about 12 IF runs, 6 IF2 runs, 4 Inferno runs - 
considering  those numbers it is pretty obvious to me that I'll get rank 5 
in IF1 in 10 years and rank 5 in IF2/Inferno in 20 years. 10 years seems 
quite a lot,  not to mention 20 years - and I really try to join all runs 
when possible (but I do not join them if I am not sure that RL allows me 
to complete them).

Re: Untemper
Note #36035
posted on Ideas
Sunday, October 2, 2016 @ 01:31
Reply to: Note 36034 posted by Avandar

Or just allow temper already tempered weapon.
New temper will replace old one - just add "confirm" option to temper.
Re: thieves +++++++
Note #35999
posted on Ideas
Sunday, September 18, 2016 @ 13:24
Reply to: Note 35995 posted by Hwuaijijal

+1 for more stealth. Just give pthi real stealth that will work on all mobs 
so something like extra hide/invis from mobs. Ninja's stealth is mostly for PvP
because most mobs have some kind of mobprog like "Guard greets you warmly".
And such mobprog breaks ninja's stealth.
Re: thieves +++++
Note #35988
posted on Ideas
Saturday, September 17, 2016 @ 13:22
Reply to: Note 35987 posted by Fiendish

Exactly. I do not see any reason to give a pthi AOE - what for?
Backstab deals most damage of all pthi skills, so you always want to 
start fight with it. Using AOE just stops you from using backstab.
Basically there are 2 types of gameplay: AOE-rs and pthi. If you try to
AOE as pthi then you will be much slower than any other class.
End of tier/redo reward
Note #35979
posted on Ideas
Friday, September 16, 2016 @ 17:24
Give 7 points that can be allocated into any instinct to a player 
reaching R7 201 (end of tier/redo).
Those points could be just allocated like:
instinct allocate sanctuary confirm
and your sanctuary instinct is increased by 1 free of charge.
It will decrease a bit power gap - as you will be able to increase
expensive instinct faster especially if you are slow pupper.
However that will also remove gold sink - but if you are slow pupper
then your gold is not really big anyway.
Re: Auctioning 3, $10 Aardwolf donations.
Note #47015
posted on Forsale
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 @ 12:37
Reply to: Note 47013 posted by Amazing

I'll pay 100M for each $10.
Re: Necrotic Touch change to aoe combine theif subclass
Note #35901
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 @ 14:33
Reply to: Note 35899 posted by DeadMan

To make pthi more enjoyable just merge Venomist and Assassin.
Or give Quickstab to Venomist. 
Now Assassin is pup/level subclass and Venomist epic subclass. 
At SH Venomist is 10% or so slower than Assassin - even though 
Venomist deals 20% more damage.
Assassin is pretty quick with killing because of strangle and 
quickstab while Venomist deals reasonable amount of damage - 
so good vs mobs you fight many rounds like Titan or Terra epic 
(also necrotic and sometimes balor is useful then).
As pthi you want rather start fight with backstab so I doubt
that making necrotic AOE will make Venomist more attractive.
However it would be nice if necrotic affected all already 
engaged mobs (balor too).
Re: power gap ++
Note #35655
posted on Ideas
Sunday, July 3, 2016 @ 01:51
Reply to: Note 35652 posted by Lasher

I do not like idea of diminished/increased trains from pup. 
Now I can use number of pups to compare self to other players - because 
pup gives average 5 trains. So I know that a person with 100k pups earned 
around 500k trains. If you change pup rewards then seeing a person 
with 100k pups - you won't be able to tell whether he got 1 mil trains 
because he was pupping only on "bonus" trains or maybe just 300k trains
because he was doing 3k pups daily and his rewards  were diminished.
If you want to have increased/diminished returns for pupping do it
by altering player's TNL.
So for first 100 pups (or "complete 5 quests to earn 100 extra pups") you 
have your TNL set to 500 exp - that is equal to doubled trains reward.
If you want diminished returns - then after 500th or 1000th daily pup
you change TNL to 1250 exp/pup or 1500 exp/pup.
If you do it that way then I can still compare my pups to other player 
I think that also epics rewarding trains like Titan or Terra should also 
increase number of player's pups. 
Re: Martyr Instinct Spells
Note #35601
posted on Ideas
Saturday, June 25, 2016 @ 04:02
Reply to: Note 35600 posted by Tsunwu

I think to make martyr more enjoyable recovery for heavenly 
smiting should be halved or reset when you move - that way one 
could  use heavenly smiting as his primary AOE. Now if you are 
fast then after clearing room you need to use other AOE 
skill in next room.
Also it would be nice for cleric to have one more spell similiar 
to Voice of God but dealing light or holy damage - it seems to
be quite reasonable that cleric can fight using those damage 
Archaeology master of history
Note #46764
posted on Forsale
Thursday, May 26, 2016 @ 01:05
150 mil, send a tell / post note if interested.

| Keywords   : archaeology master of history                      |
|            : collectedallthepamphlets aarchaeology              |
| Name       : (Aarchaeology) Master of History                   |
| Id         : 1661695048                                         |
| Type       : Armor                     Level  :   200           |
| Worth      : 0                         Weight :     5           |
| Wearable   : finger                                             |
| Score      : 0                                                  |
| Material   : diamond                                            |
| Flags      : unique, glow, hum, magic, held, burn-proof,        |
|            : nolocate, keepflag, nosac, solidified, resonated,  |
|            : illuminated, nosteal, V3                           |
| Clan Item  : From The Wolf Administration                       |
| Stat Mods  : Damage roll  : +31      Hit roll     : +1          |
|              Dexterity    : +10      Intelligence : +10         |
|              Wisdom       : +4       Luck         : +7          |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +11      All magic    : +8          |
Re: Lasertag Practice
Note #35149
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 @ 10:52
Reply to: Note 35136 posted by Trurien

However better just allow to start lasertag like you can start a war -
do not limit it to 1 per / X hours - there is not too many lasertag
players anyway.
Re: balance is hard
Note #26413
posted on General
Thursday, March 10, 2016 @ 07:08
Reply to: Note 26380 posted by Hwuaijijal

I've tried to play ninja, venomist and assassin. So far assassin was fastest
for me - a bit above 40, venomist around 45 sec/pup , ninja more like 55.
I am not sure whether I play that class right, but it seems that it is 
strongly 1v1 because of backstab damage. So as assassin I strangle,
backstab and spiral single mobs and wait till end of fight. 
As venomist I backstab and wait till end of fight.
As ninja - I used AOE and backstab in-fight + spiral - but that does not seem 
to be a good approach - because of much slower pups than other 2 subclasses.
With same stats blacksmith was around 42sec/pup - I was slowed down mostly 
by too much heal quaffing.
Re: Dtrack problem
Note #16701
posted on Bugs
Friday, March 4, 2016 @ 02:46
Reply to: Note 16700 posted by Trachx

I've incorecctly summed number of my hits 7+6+3 = 16 (not 13). 
So my average damage was even worse: 871.56 (not 1072).
Dtrack problem
Note #16700
posted on Bugs
Friday, March 4, 2016 @ 02:39
I think there is a bug in damage tracker if you open fight with backstab.
Below is a log from fight vs 1 mob. 
I dealt: 5 backstab hits, 7+6+3 light damage, 1 venom. BS damage was 16433, 
light: 13945, venom: 453. Average damage from dtrack is 1743.12 which 
is 13945 / 8. However as you can see I've dealt 13 hits of light damage 
for a total 13945 - so my average damage was 1072.69. 
dtrack clear
Damage tracker data reset.
[  55199/81449hp 20559/24940mn 24550mv 463tnl ] > 
back dus
You attempt to bury an Axe of Aardwolf deep into Doctor Dusk's back!
[5] Your backstab does UNBELIEVABLE things to Doctor Dusk! [16433]
[Fighting: 55199/81449hp 20559/24940mn 24500/24650mv 463tnl Enemy: 43% ]> 
[7] Your light does UNBELIEVABLE things to Doctor Dusk! [5050]
[1] Your venom -<[=-+-=]<:::<>:::> GLACIATES 
   <:::<>:::>[=-+-=]>- Doctor Dusk! [453]
[1] Doctor Dusk's slice ** SHREDS ** you! [94]
[Fighting: 55105/81449hp 20559/24940mn 24500/24650mv 463tnl Enemy: 24% ]> 
Doctor Dusk shivers and suffers.
--> TICK <-- (Hp: 67%, Mn: 82%, Mv: 100%, Qt: 5)
[6] Your light does UNBELIEVABLE things to Doctor Dusk! [5158]
[1] Doctor Dusk's slice -= DEMOLISHES =- you! [88]
[2] Doctor Dusk's colour spray -=- VAPORIZES -=- you! [115]
[Fighting: 54987/81449hp 20686/24940mn 24650/24650mv 463tnl Enemy: 7% ]> 
[3] Your light does UNBELIEVABLE things to Doctor Dusk! [3737]
Doctor Dusk is DEAD!!
You receive 131+14 experience points.
You get 4,333 gold coins from the corpse of Doctor Dusk.
Stendarr gives you 110 gold coins for the corpse of Doctor Dusk.
Damage tracker: 
Rounds      : [       3 ]
Swings      : [      22 ]     Swings Per Round  : [   7.33 ]
   Primary  : [      16 ]        Primary        : [   5.33 ]
   Secondary: [       6 ]        Secondary      : [   2.00 ]
Hits        : [       8 ]     Hit Percentage    : [  36.36 ]
   Primary  : [       6 ]        Primary        : [  37.50 ]
   Secondary: [       2 ]        Secondary      : [  33.33 ]
Misses      : [      14 ]     ( Missed: 8, Dodged: 6, Other: 0)
Damage      : [   13945 ]     Damage Per Hit    : [ 1743.12 ]
   Primary  : [   10448 ]        Primary        : [ 1741.33 ]
   Secondary: [    3497 ]        Secondary      : [ 1748.50 ]
Tracked Skill (Backstab):
Hits        : [       5 ]     Damage            : [   16433 ]
Average     : [ 3286.60 ]
Damage tracker: 
Rounds      : [       3 ]
Swings      : [      22 ]     Swings Per Round  : [   7.33 ]
   Primary  : [      16 ]        Primary        : [   5.33 ]
   Secondary: [       6 ]        Secondary      : [   2.00 ]
Hits        : [       8 ]     Hit Percentage    : [  36.36 ]
   Primary  : [       6 ]        Primary        : [  37.50 ]
   Secondary: [       2 ]        Secondary      : [  33.33 ]
Hit Breakdown:
Primary Attack: [       3 ]
Second Attack : [       2 ]
Third Attack  : [       1 ]
Fourth Attack : [       2 ]
Fifth Attack  : [       0 ]
Sixth Attack  : [       0 ]
Dual Wield    : [       3 ]
Second Dual   : [       1 ]
Third Dual    : [       2 ]
Haste Attacks : [       4 ]   (Instinct    1)
Lightspeed    : [       2 ]
Knife Attacks : [       2 ]
Unarmed       : [       0 ]
thief suggestions ++++++++
Note #34781
posted on Ideas
Thursday, March 3, 2016 @ 15:47
Reply to: Note 34778 posted by Mannec

I have to admit I have not too much experience with SH pthi. 
So far my feeling is that in 1v1 fight started with backstab it is
better not to use any skill. In such fight usually I will kill mob 
in next 2 turns. If it happens that fight is like: backstab, 
weapon hit, weapon hit then my lag is 0. If I use backstab, weapon hit, 
spiral, weapon hit then I am hit with spiral lag. So I prefer just to 
wait instead using spiral.
Of course if 2nd weapon hit is not enough to kill a mob then there will 
be one more turn - however so far it seems that it is more profitable 
not to use spiral (I need more time to confirm whether it is true or
Comparing to other classes at SH I was unable so far to achieve similar
pup speed. I kill faster but lag between fighs makes pupping slower. 
Yet it may be just due to my inexperience with pthi not to class itself.
thief suggestions ++++++++
Note #34777
posted on Ideas
Thursday, March 3, 2016 @ 14:24
Reply to: Note 34397 posted by Abelinc

I think thief really lack a power before SH. I've played pthief twice - 
last redo and as my T0 alt. For redo I've observed that mobs I was usually
killing as other classes at 155 (pran/pcle/pmag/pwar/ppal/ppsi) as a pthi I 
am able to kill 5-10 levels later (depending on remort). At lower levels
it is not as bad - still using backstab is not an option - because of long
recovery - so it is much faster to use just "kill mob" instead of "backstab
mob". As T0 R1 I chose to switch to ppsi around 140 level - even with aard 
weapons pthi was pretty weak and after switching to ppsi it was much easier 
to progress to 201.
At SH thief seems to deal enough damage but it is not really as fast as 
other classes (however maybe it is because I am used to aoe classes while 
pthief is strong 1v1). Now if I open fight with backstab then I try not to 
use other skills like spiral - because it will cause lag after killing mob. 
So backstab and wait till fight is over (or use necrotic / balor if they 
are available as they are no lag).
So it would be nice if spiral is no-lag when it was dealt in last round.
Also it would be nice if backstab lag was decreased by 0.5 - 1 sec - maybe
just connect it with knife fighting instinct - the higher instinct the
lower backstab lag.
Re: thief Awesomeness. +++
Note #34776
posted on Ideas
Thursday, March 3, 2016 @ 14:02
Reply to: Note 34581 posted by Cirion

It would be nice it thief class had access to ranged attacks. Give it an 
ability to throw darts - those do not really need to be like an archery - 
more like sleep dart / poison dart / weaken / disease.
Also it would be nice for a thief to have a smoke bomb area skill - that one
would cause blind + awe on blinded mobs (so useful for multi aggro rooms or 
when you casted one area attack too many).
It would be nice if stealth worked on more mobs. I think now there are too 
many mobs that see through stealth - I understand that AQ/goal related mobs 
should see through stealth - but I do not see why for example Dullurd soldier
in Ahner is such mob. Also it seems that all Titan's keep mobs also see 
through stealth - but I do not think that L1 mobs are goal related (yet I
honestly do not know that, so maybe they are). Though I can understand why a 
mob "Nothing can hide from this mythical wolf." can detect stealth.
Re: Get rid of campaign misspelling. ++
Note #34626
posted on Ideas
Saturday, February 13, 2016 @ 09:29
Reply to: Note 34625 posted by Mercutio

It is just enough to send random room UID in GCMP info to break 
most scripts / automation.
It won't probably hurt players that do not use mapper or similar feature.
So if you are on campaign, quest or global quest - you just are given false
room uids.