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Annnounce - #1327 Backstab / Quickstab ++++
Note #27861
posted on General
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 @ 13:56
Reply to: Note 27860 posted by Uuna

Just a few random thoughts-
I generally agree with ninja and assassin mixing together- basic themes/ideas
are probably the most similar.
I like thieves in most MMOs; it's okay here since I enjoy it more for the
abilities and not worring about getting that extra 4 damage a round.  Some
general thoughts/ideas, to tweak and put whereever is desired:
* Snare - like ambush but player isn't in room, webs the target.
* Ranged combat - Bow and arrows.  Throwing stars.  Poison darts that can have
  different thief poisons added.
* More maladictions- should be thief's bread & butter, not just venomist.
  * Numbing aggents- numb legs make it harder to flee or dodge, numb arms can
    lead to missed attacks, numb hands could cause weapons to slip, etc.
  * Choking- some poison causes coughing fits, any spell is miscast that round.
  * Short-term toxin that reverses effects of healing

* Thief evasion - SHould be higher chance to break free from web, higher dodge
  chance than other classes except maybe pwar (beyond the built-in bonus from
  having high Dex).  Also something like smoke bombs- flee multiple rooms, like
  mist form but only usable during combat.
Plenty more, I'm sure.  Just a few things to make this less of a 'set it and
forget it' kind of class, which is why I moved away from some of the other
Re: help frenzy
Note #16941
posted on Typos
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 @ 13:34
Reply to: Note 16940 posted by Rainydayas

Target is appropriate, since frenzy can be cast on a target.  Can understand
it being confusing, though; maybe 'the frenzied player will be easier to hit'?
Re: ASCII map, N S E W good, Up/Down need love
Note #18371
posted on Bugs
Sunday, March 10, 2019 @ 20:02
Reply to: Note 18369 posted by Kazuma

I think there's two or three sector types that use it, but how about an even
bigger visual cue with < and > for closed up/down and ( and ) for open? or
Re: Add BONUSLOOT to autolist
Note #41500
posted on Ideas
Sunday, March 10, 2019 @ 19:48
Reply to: Note 41494 posted by Iocaste

'config all' will show bonusloot.  I'm guessing the general idea is this would
be on by default and rarely need/want to be toggled, so it's not on the more
fluid list of options config will show by default.
Few years back or so, I suggested config categories- 'config loot' would list
just the eight or ten config toggles related to looting/corpses (like autoloot,
bonusloot, keyloot, autosac, etc).  Probably on the 'nice to have but why waste
time on it' category.
Re: Current Number of Items Carried
Note #18367
posted on Bugs
Friday, March 8, 2019 @ 10:02
Reply to: Note 18366 posted by Zoot

>Saved,  Str: 218, Dex: 215
>Before, Str: 202, Dex: 182 
>After,  Str: 202, Dex: 218

I'm guessing this is an all-or-nothing (either uses both saved stats or none).
Your dex went above saved, so you use current stats; your str was just lower
and didn't make up the difference gained from the higher dex..
Smart hubs
Note #6
posted on Misc
Friday, March 8, 2019 @ 09:38
I recently received a Google Home Hub and a Chromecast Ultra.  While I know
what these devices can generally do, I definitely feel like I'm not getting the
full experience out of them that others who have purchased them would have.
So, if you have these kinds of devices, how do you make use of them?  Is anyone
at the "couldn't live without mine" stage, and what got you there?  Or is it
more of a novelty at this point and doesn't get much use after the initial
Re: Aarchaeology 2.0 ++
Note #41479
posted on Ideas
Thursday, March 7, 2019 @ 17:33
Reply to: Note 41471 posted by Mondaine

Two aarch pieces in each dual-worn slot?  Doesn't sound overpowered at all!
Maybe if acfter you complete the first time, pieces are owned and only owned
pieces could be turned in for another item?  Otherwise it's just spending 500m
(or less) to get that much power.
I think most don't contiunue after the first or second ring, since the reward
reqfor an upgrade is miniscule compared to the effort required.  Don't want to
add too much power creep, but wouldn't even need a 2.0 if it was worth it to
keep going with collected pieces.
Maybe a pamphlet and an existing ring could add a small amount of +resist to
the ring?  Like Pompeii item could add +3 fire resist with an existing ring.
It'd take a while to find specific pamphlets and get a decent reward out of
them, but not mean you get another 30 stats in a new slot or whatever.
Re: Spanish as first language. +
Note #4
posted on Misc
Thursday, March 7, 2019 @ 17:29
Reply to: Note 3 posted by Mannec

Quiero lanzar misiles magicos!
Re: Aardwolf needs a cat race!
Note #41462
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 @ 09:55
Reply to: Note 41457 posted by Starling

-2 dex, -1 int, -1 wis, nightvision, and 70% chance to ignore any game command
entered and take a nap for 2 to 40 ticks instead.
Re: Your top 1 or 2 ideas to balance classes.
Note #41454
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 @ 12:41
Reply to: Note 41428 posted by Lasher

HoT/DoT abilities, with gradient effects rather than binary flags (e.g., web
mechanics now vs how it used to be).  Multiple casts can add additional damage
or healing or ahtwever effet with diminishing returns.
Stat caps- increase from 400/600 to 800/1000 or something, where people can't
just sit with four or more stats at max.  Keep the absolute best for 800/1000,
stretch the other amounts (instead of 550-599 being 8% and 600 being 10%, 1000
is 10% but 8% is now 800-999) to allow lower players to still get close without
sacrificing everything.
Two other things that are closer to copies of existing mechanics:
* More (sub)class-based temporary eq changes, like elementalist being able to
  set dtype fire on a weapon, cleric sets holy, etc.; could do similar with
* Archery replicas- mages launching fireballs, clerics shooting beams of light
  into adjacent rooms, thieves throwing daggers, and so forth
Re: change ownedwhere output +
Note #41435
posted on Ideas
Monday, March 4, 2019 @ 08:41
Reply to: Note 41427 posted by Throxx

It already exists with 'owned 7'; make an alias?
Re: Trivia Token Mass Convert
Note #41411
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 25, 2019 @ 22:11
Reply to: Note 41410 posted by Unforgiven

Would also be nice to have for 'q buy trivia'  Require 'confirm' for both when
working with multiple ('q buy trivia', 'q buy trivia 50 confirm') to reduce
chance of typo.
Re: help envenom +
Note #16935
posted on Typos
Sunday, February 24, 2019 @ 16:03
Reply to: Note 16933 posted by Dillon

The wording is correct- the poison weapon flag is added.  The poison or disease
damage types can be added, which is referenced in the next paragraph.
Re: Superhero Loud Queue System +++
Note #41404
posted on Ideas
Sunday, February 24, 2019 @ 15:53
Reply to: Note 41400 posted by Aeb

| The intent was not to beat a dead horse.  I would just like to see
| players not sitting at 200 twiddling their thumbs and spamming to beat
| the next level 200 so that they can continue to play the game.
(It's lioke this argument has been made before or something.)  Then SH silent.
If they're waiting for loud to get the bonus trains, just remove that bonus,
since an antire mort's worth of trains arewaioting already anyway.
If it's to give more double, then you're being nice by choice and get to wait.
Re: asking npcs for directions +
Note #41386
posted on Ideas
Friday, February 22, 2019 @ 13:44
Reply to: Note 41385 posted by Rhuli

It would be nice to allow builders to set find rooms in their areas.
'find palace' in knossos to take you to the gates, 'find manor' in masq, etc.
I guess it could check the path for maze rooms and not work through them to
prevent abuse without 'You can't find your way there' responses for anything
past a maze.
Re: Potionsmaster Wish +
Note #41322
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 @ 13:02
Reply to: Note 41316 posted by Redwood

This seems excessive, espec with tier bonus to use better/stronger potions.
Espec if it applies to everything, like incom healing too.
Allow clans to use the same tier key range (-65 to -67) to be able to make pots
instead, so it's some kind of tradeoff.
Re: QP Savings Account +++
Note #41310
posted on Ideas
Monday, February 11, 2019 @ 14:35
Reply to: Note 41305 posted by DjVoltron

> I did it for wishstat, pockets2-4
Yep, total waste of time.  Write an alias or script to prevent it.. so there's
time for Lasher to write code for what Dj can't be bothered to write a script
for himself, instead.
(Not meant as personal to djv, just to his responses in note thread 41166)

I thought this was already in di-quests with as often as it's come up, but it
apparently isn't?  Should probably be tehre.
Re: Academy Portal
Note #41299
posted on Ideas
Saturday, February 9, 2019 @ 11:21
Reply to: Note 41295 posted by Zengo

There's a lesson about adding keep to something in the academy, iirc.  If it's
not the portal, maybe just add a line when given that says 'Remember you may
want to 'keep' this item so you don't lose it'.
Re: Kingsholm Goal ++
Note #41256
posted on Ideas
Sunday, February 3, 2019 @ 15:02
Reply to: Note 41253 posted by Crowley
Guardians/whatever start with no detects and add some as you get deeper into it.
Basically none > one > other > both, IIRC.
Originally, there were just 5-10 copies of the seals sitting in each room.  So,
you just did 'op ;' instead of 'next', but had the exact same
effect- you still dealt with the aggro on mobs that could detect (those were
not changed).  Melt-drop was added so keys didn't just sit around and 'next'
was added to prevent the "tactic" of killing the key mobs in gq, etc.
Would it be nice if the guardians all didn't have aggro?  Sure.  It'd also
be nice if you didn't need to remove melt-drop from the cross in Damned, could
get into Sahuagin without being vis, not pay to get transported in Talsa,
skip the collection part in the city to get to the castle in Knossos, etc.
'next' is still more convenient than no solution at all, which is why it was
Re: Rank 17 issue?
Note #18257
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 @ 00:26
Reply to: Note 18256 posted by Ixultar

This is covered in 'help rankings'- the data is always up-to-date, but the sort
is only done about once an hour (when the "Info: player rankings..." message
Re: Healing over Time spells +
Note #41226
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 29, 2019 @ 16:51
Reply to: Note 41225 posted by Ylar

There, just not visible (to you)... sneaky bastids.
It would be interesting to have moar DoTs!!!!  Like a version of fireball that
burns over time, or spasm wracks you for physical damage over time.  And of
course, thief poisons that do more damage than just plain poison effect.  I'd
even like to see the ability to shoot these poisons with darts via the current
archery system...
Re: Market Confirmation ++
Note #41216
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 26, 2019 @ 13:44
Reply to: Note 41212 posted by Daresia

Similar arguments appeard in the past for rauction qp, and the general response
is "buyer beware".  Don't see why this should be any different, espec when you
have the extra protection of depositing gold into a bank to prevent it from
being used on lbid.
Re: cabal +
Note #18253
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 @ 10:56
Reply to: Note 18252 posted by Redryn

It does show (I) or (Invis) if you don't currently have detect invis.  If you
eqs with detect on and it falls off, though, it may be confusing.  Maybe invis
should show regardless of current status of detects?
Reduce Strangle Duration in PK +++++
Note #41198
posted on Ideas
Friday, January 18, 2019 @ 17:59
Reply to: Note 41197 posted by Unforgiven

Not a fan of giving everyone yet another trigger to set up to reduce the impact
of the skill (like disarm).  Not that it can't be done now, but...
Three ideas-
1- Pthief only isn't horrible.
2- Cut remaining strangle time by 75% or more if the attacker leaves the room.
3- Each cast/skill on a strangled player reduces time of strangle by an
   increasing amount- drop 1-2sec first spell, 2-3 second, etc.- can still get
   some casts off if unsuccessful or trying to increase %web, but only so far.
Note #16901
posted on Typos
Monday, January 14, 2019 @ 17:34
Not exactly a typo, but OPK flag does not show in any color with xterm on in a
client that does not support it.  Every other flag (advisor, helper, hc, etc)
still defaults to a visibly different ansi color.
Re: More PK Rankings +++
Note #41183
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 14, 2019 @ 17:24
Reply to: Note 41177 posted by DjVoltron

> Just repeating the answers I've seen given in the past.
Sounds like someone didn't take five seconds to think about an idea or the rest
of the suggestions given with it before shooting it down.
Rank 11 can be abused same way; going to cmaze and setting opk and hc are all
choices that're made and not forced.  Don't see a reason not to allow those
to be tracked, along with hc levels (if it could track more than 201).
Re: Instinct/Mastery totals
Note #41167
posted on Ideas
Saturday, January 12, 2019 @ 16:07
Reply to: Note 41166 posted by DjVoltron

There's already I/M/P reporters to show the breakdown, which makes a lot more
sense than showing a single number.  What does "I have 100 mastery" mean?  Do I
have 20 points in 5 skills, 100 in one skill, 50 in two, 50/20/30, 50/40/5/3/2?
And in what skills?
Even showing trains invested has same ambiguity- have I nevested 1,250 trains
into five points in one skill or some other combination?  (That one may be
easy to extrapolate, but when it gets higher, it's again more ambiguous.)
help card games
Note #16895
posted on Typos
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 @ 17:47
>Welcome to the card game poker, which is very different from help poker.

Yep, card games are way different from help files. :P  "This is a version of the
classic game of poker using the collectable cards explained above, rather
than playing the game against others (see 'help poker')."
It would be nice if the hands and rewards were on the same line- e.g.
  Royal Flush  (50 Quest Points):
to condense the entire list and make it easier to view at a glance.

At the bottom of the help file:
>** You do not need to have autoloot toggled on, these will be looted
>   automatically from a corpse as long as you get exp from killing it.
>   You must also have the capacity to carry the card, if you are over
>   weight or item count, the card will not be looted.
This should be up under 'The deck:" section since it pertains to the cards,
not just poker.  Also  could use a few changes to the paragraph:
** Cards will be looted automatically regardless of autoloot and other
   settings, provided you received experience for the kill that generated
   the card.  Normal inventory limits still apply- you will not loot cards
   if you are    over weight or item capacity limits.
Also, 'help aardpoker' as an alternative keyword, for those of us that still
remembered it as such, would be nice
giant slug, gauntlet
Note #16893
posted on Typos
Monday, January 7, 2019 @ 10:43
A giant slug is here spitting acid about, better watch out.
Some punctuation needs changing, but the whole thing feels awkward anyway-
maybe just "A giant slug is spitting acid; better watch out!"
who and subclass
Note #41163
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 7, 2019 @ 10:16
Two possible ways to address-
1 - swho 14, lists subclass on the side like swho 9/12/etc.
2 - Change X+ in who to subclass- Bs7, Or3, Nvg, Nj4, whatever.
backstab & enhanced weapon
Note #16892
posted on Typos
Friday, January 4, 2019 @ 19:55
Yajan attempts to bury a (Wondrous) a Wickedly Curved Dagger deep into a Swythian knight's back!
                       ^            ^

I don't know if 'bury a' should just be 'bury' or if enchanted flag should wipe
a/an/the from the beginning.
your future self, shalindrael
Note #16891
posted on Typos
Friday, January 4, 2019 @ 17:17
     - (G) Your future self
(G) Your future self is here, trying to guide you to success!

>l sel
You don't see that here.

'future' works, but 'self' seems like an important keyword to be omitted.
Re: Manor room flags +
Note #41148
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 3, 2019 @ 20:47
Reply to: Note 41147 posted by Rhuli

I thought I had covered this in my original note, but must've deleted it-  if
you are within three rooms of someone's porch, you've already paid 60tp for a
manor at some point.  If you put in another investment of 250qp and 5m gold (or
less with discount), you've got an area exit to Aylor and access to at least
eight different bank-flagged, max-heal/mana, etc., rooms within four rooms.
Manor room flags
Note #41145
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 3, 2019 @ 17:14
From help mu-rooms,
No upgrades (other than name/description and shopkeepers) may be added to 
manor porches.
Why not?  Allow porches to be customized with anything in the mu-rooms list
except cmaze and linking to other rooms/etc.
Re: Thief ++
Note #41143
posted on Ideas
Thursday, January 3, 2019 @ 10:26
Reply to: Note 41135 posted by Garfield

Merge assassin and ninja, since they both have pretty similar skillsets.
I like stealth (surprise?) over stalk, bs in combat but no quickstab.  Not
what else to marge from which.
Give archery to bandit as well, so that bow users aren't limited to one sub-
class.  Add something for bandit like an arrow snare (archery+web), and allow
certain pclass abilities to be added to arrows (a few thief poisons or ranger
elemental spells).
Re: Uncurse wish almost useless (repost) +
Note #41142
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, January 2, 2019 @ 18:27
Reply to: Note 41141 posted by Robbo

I got a vault that can hold over 100 items now; this renders the last pockets
wish I got (pockets3) useless.  So, let's remove and refund pockets3-6.
And popularity because the 120 friends I used to have are mostly idle a year
or more, so that's not useful any more, either.  Wipe that one as well.

I never expected to change to Triton in my Aard career so now that I have, my
gills wish is also useless.  Moar free qp back plz!
help history10
Note #16890
posted on Typos
Wednesday, January 2, 2019 @ 18:20
11th May 2003: Notes reworked to have fixed numbers. Mobprog resets re-arranged.
               Char list is double linked - watch out for mob related bugs. Asearch
Not sure what asearch is, and stray semicolon.
25th Jul 2003: Taunt skill added. Noprivacy toggle added for the wish. 
               Checkname command added for imms. Sh silent reduced to 800qp. Who
               'p' syntax added.
Quote should be in front of who-  'who p'
pkstats- expand pkable info
Note #41134
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 @ 12:15
You can be PKed; watch your back.
Change to be a bit more specific- normal PK clan, opk, hc, wanted.
* You can be PK'ed in any PK-flagged room.

* You are in Open PK (OPK) mode and can be killed by other OPK players.
* You are (HARDCORE) and can be killed by anyone.
* You were set (WANTED) by  and can be killed by anyone.
Idea also includes the person that placed setwanted in case it was missed.
Re: Shop Item Restriction ++
Note #41133
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 @ 11:54
Reply to: Note 41132 posted by Redryn

If you only want what the shop sells regularly, there's also 'list inv'.
Re: Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
Note #27740
posted on General
Tuesday, December 25, 2018 @ 16:29
Reply to: Note 27739 posted by Icecool

> The Watchmen open clan hall will eventually have a plaque installed
We've got a warehouse still full of sweatarrrrs.  If you need some extra back
hair for that plaque, just let us know.

Otherwise we'll just light them up and huddle around them for warmth in the
comin' winter months.
Re: Allow Mobkills to be filtered by Mob Alignment ++
Note #41111
posted on Ideas
Monday, December 24, 2018 @ 15:32
Reply to: Note 41110 posted by Agailia

Use the lastkills command to adjust your search.  If you're level 100 and lastk
said the last mob was 105, try mobd 110 110 instead.  Mobkills is probably more
skewed towards accidental encounters (like remort lvl 10 accidentally going to
a level 150 zone and killed by an aggro) vs. a more "balanced"/challenging
fight you'd find vs a mob a few levels higher than what you were fighting.
goupillion flail, vlad(?)
Note #16881
posted on Typos
Saturday, December 22, 2018 @ 14:07
Found on floor in vlad, didn't ID to ensure it was from area tho.
     A strange 3 headed flail has been left here.
Re: lets update our Aard EQ
Note #41096
posted on Ideas
Friday, December 21, 2018 @ 11:06
Reply to: Note 41095 posted by Limunious

The general focus of the game is moving away from 'run to a shop to buy the
best equipment'; this seems to be exactly that concept.
I'm not a fan of "make us into every other MMO" but I'm pretty sure the idea
of reward points to buy from a pool of items has been brought up before.  A
larger reward for epics and some way to earn a smaller amount through solo/
small group activitiers could allow those that can't/don't want to participate
in epics still get a chance at these items.
Don't think that it should be quest points though.
Re: red/blue flowers, fayke +
Note #16879
posted on Typos
Thursday, December 20, 2018 @ 08:26
Reply to: Note 16878 posted by Rhuli

That's the board I'm on, isn't it? :P
"screams as the flames engult it" should be "scream as the flames engulf them".

I think it was just regular weapon attacks w/ flame damtype.
red/blue flowers, fayke
Note #16877
posted on Typos
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 @ 17:05
Wild flowers screams as the flames engulf it!!
Wild flowers screams as the flames engulf it!!
These should have plural flag.
Also short descs aren't supposed to have color codes, afaik.
Re: Aardwolf Logo Tattoo. ++
Note #27733
posted on General
Sunday, December 16, 2018 @ 16:29
Reply to: Note 27729 posted by Lasher

Next week on Miami Ink!
Ami: Yeah, I don't really feel comfortable using this image just like it is.
Lasher: It's okay, I own it.  I can show you.
*snip to mid-tattoo*
Ami: So what's this about?
Lasher: It's a symbol of the struggles I've gone through for the past 20-plus
  years, from creation to blossoming into something beautiful.
Ami: With some rough spots, I'm sure.  Was it a son, daughter...?
Lasher: Text-based video game.
Clan eventinfo: SH message
Note #41066
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 16, 2018 @ 14:45
If not fully customizable by anyone at a cost, allow clans to set an eventinfo
to replace the 'HEAR ME, FOR I HAVE CONQUERED' part of the SH loud message.
clani 2
Note #41065
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 16, 2018 @ 14:16
I think I've posted before, but if not, it'd be nice to be able to do this for
any clan... especially now, but just in general.  It's not like entry messages
are '$n runs 2s18es3w4sd;op w;w to get into the clan hall" or something.

(PSA: speedwalk unverified)
Re: Directional Sign in Aerial City of Cineko
Note #41059
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 23:48
Reply to: Note 41058 posted by Agailia

I've suggested before, make the 'find' parts of runto more of a framework for
builders to use in any area if they want.  Nice for large city areas or other
sections of bigger areas (like the castle in siege, etc.).
I guess if it was something like 'csatle' for a keyword, you'd need a way to
specific runto-this-area-find-keyword vs runto area-keyword, but not like that
takes a lot of extra work.
GQs & CPs
Note #41046
posted on Ideas
Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 15:55
Drastically cut rewards from GQs and CPs after a set amount, similar to t9 redo
per-day drop.  Maybe something like 200 GQs and 500 CPs total.
This allows people to still get some use out of [having their mapper] learning
the MUD layout, etc., with CPs and eventually maybe win some GQs.  Also reduces
the worry of having S&D and using it for evil.
Keeping them around allows the ranks to stay for those that want to continue to
"compete", and get a minor reward for doing so, while still offering an
alternative to sitting in a room and typing brandish or 'k l' 10  times to
level if they were removed entirely.
Maybe even some absolute cap, since there's no way to abuse sitting right below
the cap with current limitations.
If you've already "invested" so much time to getting golden cps, tricks to
get through areas faster, etc., well, congrats, you'll still win that GQ, just
like the others you have already won with that investment.