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Plunko Game
Note #18200
posted on Bugs
Thursday, December 13, 2018 @ 08:49
Been playing myself to death on Plunko trying to win a TP.
I finally did!

A game assistant steps in and gives you 300,000 coins and a Trivia Point Token!

Yet, there is no token on the ground or in my inventory.
This actually happened to me 2 days ago as well, but I didn't notice until
hours later when I check my inventory. I thought maybe I had dropped it,
or was left on the ground and somebody else got it.
This second time confirmed my suspucions.
Hunter subcless, new skill/spell ideas
Note #40885
posted on Ideas
Monday, November 19, 2018 @ 14:16
So, I been playing as a Hunter for some time now, and just wanted to put some
ideas out there I have had that would be neat for the class and make it
a little more specialized.

1 - Crafting our own arrows. Of course would have to be wooden,
or some form of material craftable.

Crafted arrows would be of the level of the corpse, and be p[lain old arrows.
Idea goes a bit further to give us a spell that would then add a random
damtype/flag to the arrows which could only be cast once and give the item a
Magic flag.

2 - Using arrows in combat.
Just would be nice. Maybe a "triple shot" skill that uses up
 3 arrows and attacks 3 mobs already in combat with you?

Currently you have to be one room away from a target to shoot at it.
If that was changed so you can target and shoot a mob in the same room
as you to initate combat. Target another mob and shoot at it (after cooldown)

Just some thoughts, love this class, will always play it.
-Vyndalas, Marksman of Hook
Pirate Day War Celebrations
Note #27303
posted on General
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 @ 13:49
ARRRR ye scurvy Land Lubbers!!
I ask what day to commemorate the dawgs o the sea would be complete
without a little bloodshed?
Start at 20:00 System Time I will be running a series of wars, to whom the
winners of said bloodbaths shall be awarded a Trivia Point Token!

1. If it is a Race/Clan/Class war, because this is in honor of bloodshed,
  the person with the most KILLS gets the Trivia Point Token.
2. Genocide, winner receives Trivia Point Token.
3. Alcohol IS permitted (nay encouraged!) but BYOB.

- Midshipman Vyndalas
aka HooK Clan Mascot