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Yurgach followup
Note #17920
posted on Bugs
Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 14:11
I got some helpful tells after the previous post and the goal is now complete.
It may not technically be bugged but I think the method for getting him
to follow you is either not suggested anywhere and thus too obtuse or
the taskhint that mentions it is overwritten by the taskhint that you
are currently too evil.
The NPC also gives no output when following you, only detectable by looking
again after moving.
Yurgach goal, lost member of the Light order task.
Note #17919
posted on Bugs
Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 13:32
When I beckon the lost NPC I get...
"A lost member of the Light order starts to follow you." as expected.
But the NPC never actually follows me. If I move even 1 room,
The NPC fails to appear alongside me and disapears from the room it was in.
NOTE: I completed the 'bring lords head' task first, exploration second.
NOTE: On my first attempt to get the NPC to follow me, I was too evil.
If I wait around after moving 1 or 2 rooms, I get...
"The lost order of the light member stops following you" after 30-60s,
but if I run through as many rooms as possible I seem to recieve the message
Even when I have made it back to the task giver before the "NPC
stops following" message, the task does not register as complete.
I have tried logging out and in again.