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Finishing Paladin Subclasses
Note #35735
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, July 13, 2016 @ 11:51
I had some ideas for rounding out the Paladin subclasses.  Knights would
be the "group" specialists, and one would be an asset for any epic run,
pup train, or raiding/defending group.  Avengers remain the defensive
PKers. Inquisitors remain the utility subclass w/ extra attacks.


Direct Assault - Syntax: Direct  - Cooldown - 5m

A knight has the ability to command members of his group to automatically
attempt to instantly re-aim at a target. It only effects members of the
group that are engaged in combat (autoassist on). Does not work for
blinded party members. Persons without the aim skill have a low chance of

The message could be like, "At 's urging, you refocus your attacks
at Target!" and a room message of, "Target is under attack by 's

Tactics - Syntax: Tactics 

Spellup skill that provides a range of possible advantages. Offensive
would be something like extra weapon swings, evasive could be a boost to
dodge/parry, aggressive could be +dam or test of faith on the 
non-paladins in the group, defensive could be a resists boost. The
strength of the benefit depends on the number of groupmates in the room
when it's activated. Like for defensive, +20 resists per group member
up to 15.

It cannot be activated if the Knight is on their own. It should be able to
be activated mid-combat. The effect should be significant, but balanced
with a short duration (5-10 minutes) and need regular refreshing. A second
or third Knight would be useful in keeping the boost going if the cooldown
timer is long.

Give Knights access to shield block? Or fortitude? Paladins could use a
little help defensively tbh - as stats get spread thin.

Merge Guardian into Avenger.
Righteous Fury: Work on (Wanted)/(Raider) characters like it's implied in
the Avenger helpfile?

Rescue/Safeguard: Temporary +dam bonus activated when rescuing?  The
equivalent of a level of frenzy/berserk, 15 second duration. (So there's
some benefit to Avenger outside of pk.)

Bonus: Have an Avenger gain revenge as well when a group member in the
same room is attacked. Or, at least, if the subject is safeguarded.


Flay: Improve the flay skill to be equally as convenient as autoswing.
Currently, in order to be used efficiently you'd have to enter it every
4th round of combat (12 second cooldown for me) and it just breaks the
flow of combat. Knight charging is more efficient pupping, but
Inquisitors/Flay does have value in long fights (pk/epics or areas where
charging isn't possible or ideal). But it's a hassle. If an Inquisitor is
equipped with a whip, they should just flay when they can automatically.
Maybe it could use the autoswing toggle to turn it off? It could use a
damage comparison review after hammerswing is adjusted. Maybe it could
have a chance to daze/stun or damage wisdom?

I always pictured Inquisitors as being the witch-hunting anti-mage
counter, and I was wondering if they could be reworked in that way?
Tortured Vision is a start, but an equally statted Sorc will wreck an
Inquisitor with raw damage. How about a cursing spell that's the reverse
of Power Projection - less spell casts while in effect? It could be like
"Seal Magic".

Interrogate - include mob keywords in the information - honestly this is
just so I can learn the specific keywords for evil imm mobs.

Cheers, thanks for reading.