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Re: Tiers
Note #37425
posted on Ideas
Monday, May 22, 2017 @ 18:09
Reply to: Note 37411 posted by Castiel

My problem is not with tiers, but increased XP per tier.
I liked smooth flow on low tiers, I could do 10x more tiers then aardwolf
have with 3-4k TNL, hence I decided to rush t9, not for pupping or epics, but
chance to get that XP tnl back, sure if I CP I gain less, but game
feels smoother again.
It's seriously depressing to grind 10k tnl for 201 lvls, the gain is nothing
the hope is it'll end eventually. I think I would be fine with say 100 lvls.
At least you can form more groups then. Currently with 201 lvls
there's to many people scattered around different ranges.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 01:10:11
I normally love end-game, but being honest here aardwolf in 10h grind mode
rewards nothing at all compared to MMO's/RPG's I've played in past.
Generally you stack a lot of useful materials, get couple extremely valuable
items or generally ton of gold to choose what to do, doing calculations here

the only actual gain is gold and trains. Which I wish I could almost buy
with RL cash. Waiting for that donations period!
MMO's normally plan their game around stages, mostly it's end-game focus.
I think aardwolf have reached the point where end-game focus and improvements
should be priority. it's also a lot more easier to balance game around same
default power (tiers).
Anyway I don't expect any changes with tiers to happen, but just wanted to
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 01:20:13
say as one of newcomer still to game seeing same mistake in here that have
been made in many MMO's I've played in past. And some of those mistake you
can't recover ever, so you soften them over time or bleed on. Lifespan of 
tracker QUEST TIMER!
WoW is great example how crucial game changes are needed to stay alive, if
that of course is in interest here. I know this is Lasher hobby and demanding
changes would be overhead.
I'm clearly never gonna get into notewriting! :p