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Spell hits, melee hits pre-SH
Note #37565
posted on Ideas
Friday, June 16, 2017 @ 06:20
Really simple fix spellhits to always hit x3 at 100, x4 at 150+.
As t9 redo I find it quite frustrating that my spelldmg with mastery included
hit less then my melee dmg. This is mostly case when you keep hitting x2.
I guess this will somewhat clash with sorcs power projection, but fixing
spellhits will generally speed up spellcasters levelling vs. say blacksmith.
As blacksmith the same deal is with melee rounds, I would hit between 1k-7k
around 150+ levels. This is insane variety of damage dealt per round.
I'm talking about PvM here obviously. Typically melee rounds should have
little more static hit ranges, I guess they are for SH, but pre-SH
it's so random.

It the intent of spellhits between x2 and x4 for pre-SH was the feel of
somekind of critical hit then I guess it serves it's purpose, but I still
think fixed ranges would be great. Those ranged could also ignore tiers
so t9's or higher tiers can't benefit from it too early, I'm totally fine
with it, I'd just be happy to hit 3/4x as much as possible past 150.