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Remove Myth from T0 GQ range ++++++
Note #27161
posted on General
Monday, June 26, 2017 @ 23:14
T0 GQ's should have cap, your no longer in learning part past 1k wins.
However Myth and Lasher both are right about fact that T0/<10 wins GQ
ranges are quite inactive, my t0 run was slowest and I learned a lot
while until up to 200 wins, at this point I had done goals, gotten
portals and decent amount area knowledge, t0 GQ's were just free QP
kill this point forwards with mostly nobody being taking part of them.

It's quite interesting though how do you stay active within 24h
duration. Your at around what ~30+ quests per day average right now?
Anyway, t0 GQ's cap could easily be 500 and nobody but leecher(s)
will be hurt by it. 

Off-topic, I wonder who's alt are? You straight out chose the class
sub-class that's most benefical for GQ's as t0. Clearly from day on
you were not meant to be in t0 range. Wether you are actually
botting is up to IMM's to decide, but the topic point removing you
from T0 ranges is right, you shouldn't be able to free leech it.