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Re: Weapon damtype mastery +++++
Note #37977
posted on Ideas
Friday, September 29, 2017 @ 06:40
Reply to: Note 37973 posted by Wire

it doesnt matter if Im qp rich or not, I dont blow my cash
to uncharted waters. Currently Light mastery is probably most popular
for active puppers. Just to test other classes with your mastery which
is benefical to mud too, I have to pay high cost?
Because mastery changing is expensive, it limits a lot of group
activity too, because your stuck to your pclass.
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 12:42:20
Many games for such reasons, have brought in secondary if not more
saved sets.
You wanna go have fun at your full force, not considering high cost to
gimped fun.
One of mastery type examples from recent WoW expansion.
Artifact power was long term investment, changing it cost you almost half
a week of grind, that didnt last very long, bad business model.
I like how classchange has CD now, I think its great model, I just dont
tracker [Repop] emerald @@ 12:52:21
understand why say mastery cant have same or at least cut the cost of changes
from somewhere.
If you wanna stuck with how things were back then, maybe we should
start going reverse future see if that makes players happy or mud more alive.
History is proven in most cases it doesnt, forget the old, consider new.
I spent my entire lunch on this, because how expensive mastery is, its just
so f.king illogical to me, no game would last with current model for it.