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Revitalizing Necromancer (Cleric/Paladin boost too)
Note #38041
posted on Ideas
Monday, October 23, 2017 @ 12:18
Necromancer is pretty much a second rate Sorceror. It can mostly compete
with Sorc in spell damage output, but will always fall short because it
lacks the extra cast from power projection, and the timing on zombify in
large fights can get staggered and out of sync (especially in a group).
Meanwhile Sorc doesn't have to cast zombify every 4 seconds, gets power
projection, and has those hexes for PK. Since switching from Navigator to
Necromancer involves reworking mastery and instincts, you'd be better off
classchanging to Sorc. (I must admit it was exceptionally effective for
the resists changing Titan boss, though)

Here's my big idea - make Necromancer a support character by expanding the
undead damtype optimization of Strike Undead/Blast Undead/Necrocide to be
ubiquitous among "good" Paladin and Cleric spells. HEAR ME OUT. I know
Avenger/pCleric have been getting a lot of love lately. But it fits with
the general fantasy lore for Holy beating out the undead, and builders
already frequently set them to have vulns like that. If the mob has no
vulnerabilities? Nothing changes. Or at least, the weird situation where,
say, a skeleton set to be immune to light damtype gets hit by heavenly
balance and it goes through as bash or something.

Now if you bring necromancers in, and have them grouped with a
Paladin/Cleric, well, that's more that can benefit from all the
zombifying. That giant-race mob you are fighting becomes easy prey to your
spells once it becomes undead. Synergy!

There is a consequence of Clerics having a better footing when fighting
Vampires pvp, which I'm not sure is desirable balance-wise. (Paladins
already generally use light damtype anyway so there's no change there.)
Alternatively, vampires could be de-classified as undead, but be made
"zombify"-able, preserving the Necro edge. The only real concentrations of
undead mobs in the end-game are Icefall City and Terra L3, but given that
lately clerics are using Starburst Staves (light damtype) instead of Voice
of God, it will be unlikely to change all that much.

Cleric spells: Soulburn, holy rain, white flame, spirit bolt, dispel evil,
angelfire, light arrow, exorcise, purge, vengeance, spiritual disruption,
voice of god.
Paladin spells: holy fury, soul rip, condemn, holy arrow, wrath of god,
repentance, spirit strike, blazing fury, heavenly balance.

Other suggestions for Necromancer improvement:

New Spell: Mass Zombify - Just to make life less annoying for Necromancers
that can fight a whole room and cut down on recovery message spam
(seriously, every 4 seconds/3rd command is zombify). Useful
for faster fights/strong groups. Also a zero-lag room fight starter would
be nice bonus. Set the cost to like 80 mana and the recovery to like 15
seconds. Easy. (Death Field would be a better name but it's taken)

Remove room msg for zombify failure. Trust me. Nobody needs to see that
but the caster.

Remove the "xxxx is not undead" message. If it's all that necessary, maybe
a Gray [*] at the end of a combat line could indicate undeath is factored
into the casting. I get that it's probably there for newbies but still.

New Spell: Zombie Brute
Summons pet-type mob while in combat with better hp rates than
standard pets (sanc & maybe 1/5th of casters hp). They'd have a mobprogs
that automatically attempt to rescue the necromancer (safeguard?) when
summoned. Useful as a distraction for a dastardly necromancer to get away
or provide a permanent meat shield. Does not work in no-mob rooms or
wherever else pet spells don't work. Other summonings can follow.

Allow Necromancers to HEEL minions during combat. (as long as room flags
would have allowed new mobs)