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New Socials Added Since September
Note #27367
posted on General
Sunday, December 3, 2017 @ 19:28
The following socials have been added since Sept 2017, for a while there
was only one so I waited!  

<1> - You try to say morning but somehow you utter 'mornig' like a
Swede or sumting.
<2> -  is uttering the gutteral 'mornig' to no one in
<3> - You try to say good morning to  but it comes out
<4> -  whispers 'mornig' to . You wonder what it
<5> -  tries to be friendly to you but what the hell is
<6> - You think you're practising your Swedish and say 'mornig' three
<7> -  emigrated to Sweden but doesn't realise 'mornig' isn't
Swedish at all...
Created by : Broud

Social output for frenchpress.
<1> - You try to figure out your French press.
<2> -  is mumbling something about caffeine.
<3> - You dreamily use your French press for .
<4> -  makes  a wild cup of coffee.
<5> - You swoon at  coffea arabica aroma.
<6> - You find yourself alone with your French press on a Friday
<7> -  is making odd noises at  coffee machine.
Created by : Brigid

Social output for omoe.
<1> - You mutter something like 'omoe wa mou shindeiru'.
<2> -  mutters something like 'omoe wa mou shindeiru'.
<3> - You shout 'omoe wa mou shindeiru' at , to which they
shout 'NANI?!?' as they die.
<4> -  shouts 'omoe wa mou shindeiru' at , as 
dies shouting 'NANI?!?'
<5> -  shouts 'omoe wa mou shindeiru' at you. NANI?!?
<6> - Does 'omoe wa mou shindeiru' work on you? Wait! NANI!?!
<7> -  kills self by shouting 'omoe wa mou shindeiru'
at self.
Created by : Korridel

Social output for rockingchair.
<1> - You rock back and forth slowly in an old rocking chair.
<2> -  rocks back and forth slowly in an old rocking chair.
<3> - You glare at  from your rocking chair and mutter
<4> -  stops  rocking chair and glares at ,
muttering "Youngins..."
<5> -  is glaring at you from  old rocking chair. You
suddenly feel much younger.
<7> - The creak from  old rocking chair is getting
Created by : Fiendish

Social output for selfie.
<1> - Do you really need even more selfies? Get a life!
<2> -  is sending you to Selfies Anonymous.
<3> - You can't make  stop taking selfies. It's an addiction
you know.
<4> -  is begging to stop  to make even more selfies
of self.
<5> -  is reminding you vanity is a sin.
<6> - No one sane takes selfies anymore.
<7> - Oh no,  is taking selfies again. Beat him with the
Created by : Broud