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New skill -- Barricade
Note #38233
posted on Ideas
Sunday, December 3, 2017 @ 13:46
"Barricade" --  Lvl 70

Block one exit so others can't get in.  Works on both mobs and players.
This is different than Flank, because Barricade  prevents them
from getting IN, not getting out.  For instance, if you barricade s
nobody from the south will be able to go north to where you, and
your group members or whoever is at.  They could still get in through
other exits, from the west, east, north, up, down.   Not sure about
cexits, but I assume it would take too much work to be able to
barricade a custom exit.

Soldier subclass only.  Lasts about 2 minutes at lvl 70 with average
stats/low tier.  Lasts maybe as much as 7 to 10 minutes at lvl 201
with good stats/tiers.  Cannot purchase instinct in this skill.
Has a big cooldown timer.   Maybe one hour at lvl 70, 45 to 30
minutes at lvl 201.

Costs moves, maybe 400 to 500 at lvl 70, then 300 at lvl 201.

Primarily affected by Con, Str
Also influenced by Luck.

I think this would be a nice boost to Soldier, especially in
PK and grouping.  May be unusuable on epics such as Icefall, Titan,
Genie, OC, and perhaps the new one.  Other than that, should be
usable in all terrains, indoor, outdoor, in any non-epic area.

Perhaps some limitations on doing it in newb or goal areas.