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IAWnr anouncement (weekly episodes)
Note #16
posted on Jokes
Saturday, December 30, 2017 @ 20:37
As some of you may know, I released a new episode of
If Aardwolf Was Not Realistic yesterday.
This was the first episode in a while.
I want to keep posts as consistant as
possible,, so from now on, I will post one episode per week. 
Also, I may be adding a bit more vulgarity to the series.
I learned that you can get away with using vulgarity on the joke
board, thanks to Wars.
So, you may see a bit more cursing in the series from now on.
I hope you enjoy the changes to the series.
If not, reply to this note with your complaints and I'll sort it out. 
So until next time, keep on killing things.