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partial GMCP updates
Note #38423
posted on Ideas
Sunday, January 7, 2018 @ 16:14
I used to dev for another mud when gmcp was still in it's infancy and we
developed a system for partial gmcp updates instead of full ones being
sent all the time.
The way it worked is it would initially send the full gmcp update on
connect, then future gmcp updates only contained values that had changed
since the mud last sent you a packet update.
Most modern clients with gmcp implementations store the last received info
so they would simply update the new info as it's received and still always
have a complete dataset.
The benefits of this are fairly obvious as it would stop sending things
like group members mv and mana if they had not changed since the last sent
update. It would save a lot of overhead bandwidth in general and be
especially handy reducing bandwidth usage for mobile users.