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Gameload eq overhaul
Note #38587
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 @ 15:50
So this adding stats system is really good, I feel like it's on the right track
for allowing players to have more options other than open-clan eq. That being
said, there's still a lot of crap EQ out there that this system doesn't really
do much for. Take a look.

| Name       : (Sparkling) a pair of Sunset gloves                |
| Stat Mods  : Wisdom       : +1       Dexterity    : +1          |
|              Luck         : +4       Hit points   : +60         |
|              Mana         : +80      Moves        : +40         |
|              Hit roll     : +6       Damage roll  : +16         |

It looks really pretty if you want a lot of HR/DR, but other than that, it's
really not a viable replacement for lvl 91 gloves, if you need raw stats.

What I suggest is simple - allow players to "nominate" eq in certain areas
that should be updated. Basically, the piece would get changed to open-clan
eq numbers, have the item be enchantable by 2 of the 3 spells (Resonate, 
Illuminate, Solidify) and have its chance to drop rate lowered. Think of
the eggtooth earring in Goblin Fortress - you can get the non-stat lvl 81
earring that sucks or there's a small chance of getting the earring with
stats. Then, it would have another chance of being "polished", so we'd have
some pieces that were actually viable and good.

Let's be 100  honest with ourselves for a moment - raiding is dead & the
chances of it being resurrected are slim. People are trying, I commend them
for that, but unless raid time becomes less than an hour and the rewards
are ramped, no one will really wanna participate in it, when they can just
run epics instead.

A system like this, where we had better gameload eq out there, could help
players get stronger, better gear.

A few notes:

* Players wouldn't determine stats. They would just find a piece that
  caught their eye and would send an Upgrade note to Imms. Yeah, this could
  get a bit spammy early on.

* 1 item per area. Once an area has been "assigned" an upgraded piece, then
  every note thereafter with that area would be an immediate rejection.

I'm probably missing another few points I wanted to make, but this is getting
long to read, so... yeah!