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Best April Fool's Joke
Note #26
posted on Jokes
Saturday, January 20, 2018 @ 11:18
@x007| Keywords@x007   : rank6ear Flux revenge egg prize                    @x007|
@x007| Name@x007       : Flux's Revenge@x007                                     |
@x007| Id@x007         : 1805116223                                         |
@x007| @x006Type@x007       : Armor                     @x006Level  @x007:   211           @x007|
@x007| @x006Worth   @x007   : 0                         @x006Weight @x007:     1           @x007|
@x007| @x006Wearable@x007   : ear                                                @x007|
@x007| @x006Score      @x007: 780                                                @x007|
@x007| @x006Material@x007   : ruby                                               @x007|
@x007| @x006Flags   @x007   : invis, magic, nosell, burn-proof, nolocate, nosac, @x007|
@x007|            : nosteal, heroonly, V3, lauction                    @x007|
@x007| Found at @x007  : Icefall                                            @x007|
@x007|@x006 Stat Mods  @x007: Damage roll  @x007: @x002+60@x007      Hit roll     @x007: @x002+30@x007         |
@x007|              Strength     @x007: @x002+7@x007       Intelligence @x007: @x002+8@x007          |
@x007|              Dexterity    @x007: @x002+7@x007       Constitution @x007: @x002+7@x007          |
@x007|              Hit points   @x007: @x002+400@x007     Moves        @x007: @x002+100@x007        |
@x007|              Mana         @x007: @x002+100@x007                                |
@x007|@x006 Resist Mods@x007: All magic    @x007: @x002+50@x007      All physical @x007: @x002+50@x007         |