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Incentive to OPK
Note #38931
posted on Ideas
Monday, January 29, 2018 @ 12:35
So, amidst the "discussion" that happened last night with Unforgiven going off
on his stance on OPK, another player, Exotabe, brought up an interesting point
that I thought about for 15 minutes, then forgot about it, went to sleep, woke
up, took another nap then got back onto Aard and decided to write a lengthy
note about. Enjoy!

During all that, Exotabe said there was "no incentive to go killing" and that
really stuck with me. I'm not talking about Toneloc's idea about "rewarding a
player with a TP for getting a PKill" or whatever his note said, but another
idea that could make OPK a bit more interesting and fun. Granted, it would need
to make minor changes to the overall PK system, so it wouldn't be heavily
abuseable(sic, I know), but... well, here's my idea.

What if, whenever an OPK kills another player - OPK or not - they were given a
'point' that, as those points accumulated, they would get increased rewards for
completing quests and CPs? I'm not saying, 1 kill = 1 point = immediate rewards
because that would be broken. This is what I was thinking.

0-9 points = No rank.
10-29 points = Rank C - +1 train per quest / cp completed, low chance of +1 QP.
30-59 = Rank B - +2 trains per q / cp completed, low chance of +2 QPs.
60-99 = Rank A - +3 trains, low chance of +4 QPs.
100+ = Rank S - +5 trains, low chance of +5 QPs.

You'll notice, it would take awhile (and a lot of luck) to get good rewards,
but the first thing I thought about what how could this be abused and my first
thought was the whole Cackle-Fiendish interaction. So, the first thought I had
was, limit the amount of 'points' a player can get from another. I decided that
players can only 'give points' to another every so often. I'll list it below.

From 0 to 1 - obviously no wait, whenever you kill them, you get it.
From 1 to 2 - 24 hour wait. This way the player can't farm the same
person repeatedly.
From 2 to 3 - 72 hour wait. This would encourage the hunting of
other players.
From 3 to 4 - 1 week.
From 4 to 5 - 2 weeks. At that point, you could not get any more
points from that player until you died & lost progress.

I forgot to write that earlier, I'm bad at this. When you die, you lose the

So, you might have gotten here and said "Ok, but this just makes it easy for
T9es to get stronger". This is where adjustments would need to be made for this
system. I'll use two players as examples for this - Robbo and Tymme.

Tymme, a T3 lvl 40 player is killing mobs. Robbo, a bored T9 lvl 50, comes
across Tymme and one-shots him.

Tymme's counter / rank would not go away. Robbo's would not increase.
The system would work as follows: x-2 < x < x+ , where X is your tier. I hope
I did that right. Basically, if you're T5, you will only affect scores of
others that are 2 tiers below you and any tier above you. So, in the case
above, if Tymme had killed Robbo, Tymme's score *would* improve and Robbo's

Also Robbo would've been outcasted from HooK.

I was thinking, of maybe making it x-1, so lower tiers had a better chance,
so that could always be changed. Also, if the player you kill is 3+ tiers above
yours, maybe it would give 2 points instead of 1? That's some food for thought,

Sorry, this is a really long note. And it's probably garbage that's gonna get
flamed, but I think it's something to think about, to get people to engage in
OPK and enjoy the player killing aspect that I believe OPK was intended for.