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Re: To Funny Not to Share
Note #51
posted on Jokes
Wednesday, February 28, 2018 @ 14:47
Reply to: Note 50 posted by Wars

tells that were forgotten to be added to last joke...
28 Feb 14:32:19 - You tell Clan Wars 'so how did that work for you?
complaining about my pre title?'
28 Feb 14:32:51 - You tell Clan Wars 'you got me a free pre title change
and now its totally awesome, about a half dozen people told me so, thanks btw'
28 Feb 14:33:06 - Clan Wars tells you 'Lol.'
28 Feb 14:35:15 - You tell Clan Wars 'guess no one cares about my tells
right now, the 3 idiots besides you who like to troll must be afk'