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BF1G 4: Crushed **Hick* and Super Fuckin Drunk!!!
Note #54
posted on Jokes
Thursday, March 8, 2018 @ 03:13
Ivar: "Sup, bitches? 
It's time for the elimination." 
Liber: "I wonder who will be eliminated. 
Dog cost us the challenge last episode but he one the 
challenge in the first episode."
Dog: "Woof."
Ayla: "Please! Stop breaking the fourth wall!"
Peter: "This is exciting! I hope I'm safe!"
Alice: "Indeed. Finding out who leaves is 
an exciting event. Unless the contestant eliminated is you." 
Ivar: "Well, Alice, you're about 
to find out who is eliminated.
Woofiens, we got 2 votes this time."
DarkCop: "Let's just get to who's outa here."
Ivar: "Don't fucking rush me!"
Alice: "So, who's safe?"
Crivoght: "LAPORTA!"
Alice: "That is odd."
Bob: "Yeah dude! LaPorta's on the 
Shut Up Ninjas! We're not up for voting!"
Ivar: "Bob. You're on the other team."
Ivar tosses bob away from the elimination area.
Ivar: "As I was saying, we got 2 votes.
Vladia, Dog and Alice are all safe." 
Alice: "The notification that 
I am still allowed to participate is like music to my ears!"
Ivar: "You will get music to your ears. The prises 
this time are sets of headphones."
Ivar throws headphones at the safe contestants.
Ivar: "Noegel, Claire and Peter are also safe."
Peter: "Yay!"
Ivar: "Same thing goes for Glimmer, whoever Glimmer is. 
Seriously, who the fuck is Glimmer?"
Peter: "I don't know."
Vladia: "You got me."
Liber: "Must've missed that episode."
Orcron: "Shut up! Shut up! All of you!"
Ivar: "Anyway, DarkCop is also safe.
Orcron, you got the equivalent amount of votes as the amount of
combat maze fights Reltubydoc has won."
Orcron: "And what the fuck is that number?!"
Ivar: "It's also one less than the smallest perfect number."
Orcron: "Just fucking tell me!"
Ivar: "2. You are eliminated.
LOLOLOL, if you were smart, you would know the answer 
is actually 0. 
I guess you're not so smart after all."
Orcron: "I'm gonna kill you some day!"
Liber: "Um, Orcron, Ivar's a god. 
You can't really kill him."
Crivoght: "I'll be safe for LaPorta!"
Ivar: "Well, Crivoght, you and Liber are tied for the most votes.
The person eliminated will be the person who falls off the platform
that just appeared out of nowhere." 
Liber: "LaPorta is down there."
Crivoght: "Oh my god! LaPorta! I love you!"
Crivoght jumps off the platform, landing on the ground below.
Ivar: "That's settled. Crivoght, you're out of here."
Crivoght: "Wait! LaPorta's chances of winning just increased?!
Oh yeah! Go LaPorta! Yay! 
LaPorta's the best! You've got this! I love you! 
Go LaPorta! I really love you! 
Yay! Win for us!"
Ivar throws Crivoght into the LOL with one hand, just to prove he is god.
Ivar: "Ok. Today's challenge is to drink a ton of beer.
The team who drinks the most beer will win immunity. The team that doesn't
will get crushed by this motherfucking anvil." 
LaPorta: "Dish schood beh e she."
Ivar: "Go." 
Peter: "I can't drink beer! I'm a kid!"
DarkCop: "Don't sweat it. I've been drinking since I was 2.
I didn't get in trouble once."
Peter: "That's all I needed to hear!" 
DarkCop: "Quit whining and start drinking!"
Maerchyng: "Um, I don't think it is healthy for a dog to drink beer."
Chich: "But it's healthy for a dog to get humped!"
Chich starts humping dog mercilessly!
Starling: "I'm seriously thinking about banning you."
LaPorta finnishes his 379th bottle of beer.
2 hours later...
Ivar: "Time's up.
Noone died so I won't have to take away any points.
Woofins, you lost again it's time to get crushed."
LaPorta: "Goat anny maw beer?"
LaPorta runs in right before the anvil drops. 
Ivar drops the oversized anvil, crushing Woof and LaPorta.
Ivar: "Whoops, I killed LaPorta." 
Readers, vote for either Claire, DarkCop, Orcron, 
Alice, Dog, Noegel, 
Peter, Liber or Vladia to leave the show by
posting a personal note to Reltubydoc.
Whoever receives the most votes will leave the show.