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BF1G 5: Harmless Lasers!!!
Note #58
posted on Jokes
Friday, March 23, 2018 @ 02:51
Ivar is waiting at the elimination area. 
Ivar: "Woofiots. It's time for one of you to leave."
Chich: "Don't you remember? You killed them all last episode. 
I've been humping their corpses all night."
Ivar: "Chich, that is really fucking discusting." 
Bob The Priest Dude: "Yeah, dude! LaPorta's dead too!" 
Starling: "You can't host an elimination where everyone's dead!" 
Ivar: "Well, I guess I should summon a repop." 
Ivar waves his hands about in grand gestures as he casts, "Summon Repop!"
Some crazy shit happens and everyone comes back to life!
Dahr: "All members of Woof must report to the elimination area ASAP!"
Ivar: "They know that." 
Dog: "Woof." 
Ivar: "Ok. Let's do the elimination."
Orcron: "About time!"
Ivar: "If I call your name, you are safe and will receive a laser.
Dog, Orcron, Vladia, Noegel and Liber are all safe
at 0 votes." 
Liber: "What a relief." 
Peter: "Oh no! I think I'm eliminated!"
Ivar: "Well, Peter, you got 0 votes. This means you are safe."
Claire: "Why, like , would you, like, make him safe before you, like, 
make me, like, safe?"
Ivar: "It doesn't matter. Claire, 
surprisingly, you also received 0 votes."
DarkCop: "Seriously? Why would they vote for me? I tried to help my team!
And that's not something you see everyday!" 
Ivar: "Well, DarkCop, you are safe with 1 out of the total 6 votes 
we received. Alice, with 5 votes, you are eliminated."
Alice: "Well, I've heard your message, and I've heard it loud and clear.
The viewers obviously do not want me here. 
I know I should have contributed more to the team. 
But what could I have done? The last challenges have either been 
really discusting or really insane. 
And because of this, I am not going into the locker!"
Ivar: "Well, too bad for you. It's time to go."
Ivar throws Alice into the LOL with 1 hand, just to prove he is a god.
Ivar: "Well, now that she's gone, it's time for the next challenge. 
Today, we'll be playing a game of Lasertag."
Peter: "I've never fired a laser before!"
Ivar: "Don't worry. These lasers are harmless."
Chich: "Noone was worrying." 
Ivar: "The team that gets hit the least will win immunity. 
Vladia: "Wait! There's something that's not fair. 
Our team has 1 less member than the other team." 
Ivar: "Ok. I guess a Shut Up Ninja will have to sit out."
Starling: "I think it should be LaPorta. He cannot aim for shit."
Ivar: "Go."
Dahr: "Ok! We will all separate and 
attack Woof from all sides! If we get chased, recall back to the base 
and hide behind our mascot! 
Pixie will treat any wounded players!" 
Pixie: "These lasers are harmless. Didn't you hear Ivar?"
Dahr: "Whatever! Now, prepare for war!"
Vladia: "Team Woof, we cannot afford to lose another member! 
We need to win this one!"
Dog: "Arf!"
Liber: "You're both right! None of us want to get sent to the LOL, do we?"
Everyone: "No! We do not!"
Orcron: "Because everyone in there is stupid!"
Liber: "Things have been hard for every single one of us. 
We have faced insane challenges and lost 2 amazing people." 
DarkCop: "Yeah, yeah! Enough with the 6 hour speaches!"
Liber: "In this challenge, we will not let those ninjas beat us!"
Woof's members charge into the laser zone. 
Chaos and laser blasts fill the arena! The score board changes every second! 
Ivar: "Time's up! Let's check the scores!"
The score board reveals that Woof was hit 207 times. 
The Shut Up Ninjas were hit 208 times. 
Ivar: "Well, it was the closest competition so far, if not ever. 
However, The Woofinators managed to win!" 
Claire: "Oh my, like, god! Our, like, losing streak is over!"
Reltubydoc: "Vote for either:
Chich, Starling, Toneloc, Bob, LaPorta, Dahr, Pixie,
Maerchyng or Bardington to be eliminated by posting a personal 
note to me telling me who should leave.
The person who gets the most votes will leave the show." 

Ivar (played by reltubydoc) 
Alice (played by StArLiGhT) 
LaPorta (Played by Cackle) 
Bardington (played by Chich) 
Claire and Pixie (both played by Noegel)
Dog (played by a random dog)
Vladia (played by Starling)
Dahr (played by Beltsa) 
Maerchyn and Orcron (played by Reltubydoc)
Peter (played by Chich) 
Current player characters: (played by their real life counterparts)
Written, Published and Directed by Reltubydoc.