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Potsearch Offensive/Defensive
Note #39456
posted on Ideas
Sunday, March 25, 2018 @ 10:29
Hi everyone
Today I was looking for different types of offensive & defensive
potions/staves/etc using the potsearch (item) details command.
I found different things like giant strength for offense
and shield or bark skin for defense.
It would be so much easier to be able to type
something like 'help potsearch-offensive' or
'help potsearch-defensive' and get a list of all
the terms to use in the 'potsearch' command.
The way it is now, you have to go to a potion shop,
appraise each potion, find a term like 'shield', then 'potsearch shield' to
find some other types of defensive terms like 'bark skin', etc
To be clear, I'm looking for a list of potions/staves/etc that will
boost my attack and my defense in battles.
If you can create a help file like that with the different terms which
can be used alongside 'potsearch', it would be a great help.
Thank you :)