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Re: Potsearch Offensive/Defensive +
Note #39458
posted on Ideas
Sunday, March 25, 2018 @ 11:24
Reply to: Note 39457 posted by Zoot

Hi Zoot
The command 'allspells combat' only shows the spells/skills that
you are currently able to cast.
This is not what I'm talking about.
As a new player, you are only taught a few potsearch options
in the Academy, such as 'potsearch black lotus' or 'potsearch heal'.
I am looking for a list which gives all of the different
terms that can be potsearched. Such as:
bark skin, shield, giant strength, relief, etc.
It would then be very helpful to have all of these terms categorized
into headings like Defensive, Offensive & Other.
Then, when a player types 'help potsearch-defensive', it will
bring up all of the words you can use with the command 'potsearch' to
show you defensive types of potions/staves etc that are available.
Eg: I type 'help potsearch-defensive'
A helpfile opens reading something like this:
"Here is a list of terms you can use with the 'potsearch' command to
help you find potions which will boost your defence in battle:
1. shield (type 'potsearch shield')
2. bark skin (type 'potsearch bark skin')  "
And so the list would go on giving the different terms.
I hope this clarifies my idea :)
1. I want to see a list of the terms I can use alongside the command potsearch
2. It will be a long list unless you have filters, such as:
   Defensive, Offensive & Other