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Re: There's something wrong with epics. ++
Note #27509
posted on General
Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 02:21
Reply to: Note 27508 posted by Rauru

Epics are now grind. At least mass ones - I do not think
they are super enjoyable for a player that just follows
leader's instructions - players join them to get ranked
eq or points to buy ores/items.

Shop gives non-hardcore players like me possibility
to buy rank 5 with their own efforts (I still can buy
those rank 5 just with QPs from other players without
joining any run). 

In case of current run conversion to points I think 
I could get maybe 250 points or so - just because I got 
so far 135 Titan runs and several Winds - as Titan and 
Terra are only epics that I am able to join on regular 
basis. I mean I do not join epic like IF/Inferno/Genie 
if I am not sure that I am able to be online through 
whole run. Because of that I was able so far to complete 
36 IF1 runs and 12 Inferno. And I join IF1 runs since 
they were introduced (some players got over 400 runs 
in that time).
I think maybe in a year or two I can get to rank2 or even
rank3 in Inferno and maybe in a year or three to rank 4 IF1.

Also considering that Winds is rather easy, and you can
sometimes just join for final fight - maybe this run
should reward no points or less points per run, but OTOH
it gives some players to earn their rank 5 relatively easy