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Re: There's something wrong with epics. +
Note #27511
posted on General
Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 07:06
Reply to: Note 27505 posted by Wire
Timezone is one of bigger issue for many more casual
players which is not solved in Aardmud, while in many
others MMO's it's solved, even with 1000x lower playerbase
there should have been separated reset timer for EU/US.
This does not mean that player can run it more often players
can still be limited to run it only once per reset timer period.
It may be difficult to code, but timezone is huge factor and
it's completetely overlooked.

For IF2? I don't think it can be fixed anymore.
It's so large epic and requires a lot of strong SH's.
Even more so, you can't ignore the fact how BS's broke
the entire difficulty settings and it was ignored completely
by area creator and immortals until BS's groupswing got nerfed
You just took away powercandy you let run rampart for good half a year
So many players quit within 2/3 months after they got gear and smith

Why it's too late to fix IF2 now?
Considerable amount of players have bought IF2 items from those who
ran easy mode IF1/IF2 extreme with 80% blacksmith group. No offense to
those people they put in effort, but they were right time on right place
and just like in life it can make you rich for rest of your life.
People who have already invested largly in getting IF2 gear you won't
be seeing them run 70/130 IF2 at least most of them. People who
sell gear now are mostly the ones running it because of extra pts.
It's hard truth, but beside fixing obtaining of IF1/IF2 portal I don't
think fixing IF2 has much of point anymore, Yowza has not been very keen
finding solution to decreased playerpool and significantly harder time
without blacksmith zerg.
I still remember that day when I saw you/him change from navigator to
blacksmith, I don't understand still how was IF2 not closed when 80%
run was blacksmiths...
I's fair to ask players to spend time and find new ways to run IF2,
but no, it's not players fault they used power carrot at the time,
it's completely unfair to ask more casual/newer players to spend
such hours in epic that was run by a lot of strong SH's/hardcore
players with big power carrot (blacksmith)

Because scars can be sold for massive price, it brings attention
to people with run count to play lottery, nothing wrong with that.
I would not personally not have time or will to run it from 2017
to 2020 to get enough runs to get scars.
Simple answer it takes WAY TO long to rank up considering
how many runs you will miss if timezone is bad for you.
Another epic who could use double reset for EU/US but
cannot be run more often by player then reset timer.

Who though making another completely run count based epic was great idea...
I really did sort of like Genie, but my free time is simply worth more then
spending so many hours just to get chance of getting decent loot?

Such loot obtain design is such decline for casual gamers, I understand
you generally aim to keep your old timers interested in game though.
Not very good if your trying to grow as game though which is main goal
for most games.
 I swear I would never run single epic if the gear was obtainable
alone with different activities, my main interest in aardwolf was to
break away from playing WoW for nearly decade high-end raiding.
That's solid 4-6h long progress raids every day, but it was fun
engaging and there was loot to be had "within" a month.
So when I heard the best gear in aardwolf is locked behing epics that
require time investment in group activity I almost wanted to just
quit the game.. :p
it's really not a place to say, epic gear is not that good.
It's just is and if you put it collectively together as whole kit.
Good god. Let's go test port right now, you with plain raiding/clan
gear vs. full epic kit player. Sure I/M/P still overall have greater
impact, but again player with full epic kit vs non epic kit will just
ran over if I/M/P are similar.