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Re: Clan Donation QP Refunds
Note #39553
posted on Ideas
Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 12:01
Reply to: Note 39552 posted by Garamis

Good idea!

Also can we get
- Back QPs we spent on when there was nothing to spend it on?
- Free 50 redos since we had much higher TNL to exp and grind to t9 so
it took years while bots do it now in 6-12 months?
- And lots of smiles because I made an excellent sarcastic joke here! :)

Have a nice weekend,
- Dexter

PS. Well - actually it might not be SO bad idea after all. As there's 
little to nothing for clans to spend QPs on I suppose - but would be nice
if those qps could be used for example on **CLAN HELD GQs** ! :)