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Re: Punitive Gear +
Note #39568
posted on Ideas
Sunday, April 15, 2018 @ 11:39
Reply to: Note 39567 posted by Wire

Totally agree.  Shouldn't have to stop and think how to take three seconds to
work around an issue.
?Don't forget the mob without detects in Sahuagin, or the remove-gear mprogs
like Zarkrand (whatever) in Talsa and the slave aura in Darklight.  Masq's
monkey photo was funny once, now just annoying.  Day/night mob cycles.

I'd argue an entire area full of aggro mobs is annoying, so can we get those
changed too?  And the mega-powerful goal end mobs in SH areas, let's nerf them
too.  Don't wanna do too much thinking.