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--- I make Enchanted Sets ---
Note #48833
posted on Forsale
Sunday, April 15, 2018 @ 00:51
--- I make Enchanted Sets ---
All open clan items are enchanted to a minimum of traditional 'Max' stats:
+6 DR from Solidify 
+3 or more stats from Resonate 
+4 or more stats from Illuminate
lvl 1    1 tp (from various open clan shops) 23 pieces
lvl 41   2 tp (from various open clan shops) 23 pieces
lvl 71   3 tp (from Gaardian -- 20 pieces)
lvl 91   3 tp (from various open clan shops) 18 pieces
lvl 131  4 tp (see
lvl 171  4 tp (see
lvl 200  5 tp (see
Equipment are selected using
If not specified, I'll choose Str as Primary
and Int as Secondary with Preference of:
higher primary stat without neglecting secondary stat.
*Please let me know if you want different method
of stat choices and preference selection.
Orders are filled within 24 to 48 hours,
dependiing on number of pending orders.
Please send notes or tells to request orders.