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Yurgach goal, lost member of the Light order task.
Note #17919
posted on Bugs
Saturday, April 14, 2018 @ 13:32
When I beckon the lost NPC I get...
"A lost member of the Light order starts to follow you." as expected.
But the NPC never actually follows me. If I move even 1 room,
The NPC fails to appear alongside me and disapears from the room it was in.
NOTE: I completed the 'bring lords head' task first, exploration second.
NOTE: On my first attempt to get the NPC to follow me, I was too evil.
If I wait around after moving 1 or 2 rooms, I get...
"The lost order of the light member stops following you" after 30-60s,
but if I run through as many rooms as possible I seem to recieve the message
Even when I have made it back to the task giver before the "NPC
stops following" message, the task does not register as complete.
I have tried logging out and in again.