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a small vial
Note #17928
posted on Bugs
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 @ 14:11
Hi everyone
I bought 'a small vial' from 'The General Store' in 'Monastery'.
When I 'appraise', it gives Id as 1948519938.
After I buy it and 'id vial', it gives Id as 1955297078.
Once I put it in my bag, it is impossible to get out unless I remove
everything and put them back one at a time.
I tried 'get small vial bag', 'get all.vial bag', 'get all.small bag' and even
'get 1948519938 bag' with no joy.
Only after removing and replacing everything except the vial could I 'id' it.
That's how I got the other Id number.
Pls let me know which Id number will be retained for the item so I
can update my aliases, etc.
Thank you