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New Plugin: Contrast Generator
Note #7674
posted on Tech
Saturday, May 12, 2018 @ 01:20
I've written a new plugin, Contrast Generator.

What this plugin does is generates a table of contrasting colors against your
chosen color, ranked from best contrast to worst (default displays top 20).
This can be extremely useful in highlighting text, writing your own
ColourNotes() so they are readable, and I believe useful for picking out colors
to design your own theme with Fiendish's theme plugin.

Right now, it only focuses on HTML colors. In the future, I may consider adding
xterm support so you can see what pairs well with your chosen color on
channels. I'm not sure yet.

The way it works is it takes the luminance value of the two colors (yours and
the next on the table) and returns a contrast ratio. The higher the contrast
ratio, the better the contrast. These contrast ratios range from 1:1 to 21:1.

You can find the link here:

To install, just go to the link above, Select All, Copy, Paste into your editor
of choice, Save As... xml file, and then import it into MUSH.

Happy MUDding, and happy Color Picking!

Mr. Crowley