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Mafia Game #102
Note #89
posted on Mafia
Saturday, May 12, 2018 @ 13:41
There were 2 mafia, 1 doctor(s), 1 cop(s), 1 vigilante, 3 citizens.

Trurien (citizen)
SirCanada (doctor)
Stromth (vigilante)
Telluric (police)
Divic (mafia)
Syka (citizen)
Illiarana (citizen)
DudeOnline (mafia)

The game has ended -- the mafia are victorious!

Players alive at end:


Hyper -- game timers are halved
Blindmafia -- Mafia do not know other Mafia
Multilynch -- not limited to one lynching per round
Mutemafia -- Mafia members cannot speak to each other privately at night
Silentvote -- votes are not announced
Silentsecond -- nominations/seconds are not announced
Tombstone -- roles are revealed at death
Vigilante -- one player's goal is to kill everyone else