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Re: Soldier
Note #39946
posted on Ideas
Thursday, June 7, 2018 @ 11:29
Reply to: Note 39945 posted by Castiel

Was there not bug/issue with precision to not work with
class dodges, it was supposed to only work against base "dodge"?
Soldier with very good pups hits way too hard with just melee
rounds indeed.

I think whole warrior's guild needs little redo.
Blacksmith is currently the best overall pup class.
Soldier is overall best PvP globally can still do
tracker [Repop] snuckles @@ 18:26:18
decent pups with good pups.
And then there's barbarian, superly garbage, no other way to put it.
Barbarbian feels so illogical to me the way his setup works.
I guess the biggest issue with warrior guild is that
they rely on eq/instincts/mastery and those all scale very well
for blacksmith/soldier for their main purpose.