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Re: Soldier +
Note #39955
posted on Ideas
Thursday, June 7, 2018 @ 13:31
Reply to: Note 39954 posted by Rauru

I think we could use response from Lasher how he intended to precision work.
Precision was buffed sometime ago, I figure the instinct for precision was
set to place before that to make it stronger then, but after the buff I think
kill very least instinct should been removed too.

Was precision supposed to work vs all and everykind of dodges?
It's easier to understand how to tone it down if we know intention behind
it's design, it's obviously way too strong. But just point blank nerfing it
weakens soldier for pups too, probably not that much, but enough to have
another reason to just classchange blacksmith.
EIther way if vs. most classes with 3/4x more pups I have decent change to
escape, vs Soldier it's matter of very little timeframe with shield up.
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