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Re: Soldier +
Note #40043
posted on Ideas
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 @ 12:11
Reply to: Note 39950 posted by Mondaine

We still haven't gotten answer is precision supposed to BYPASS all
class DODGES too? Seriously 1mil pup Soldier can annihilate you in
~14 rounds combat without using any other form of offensive skills.

There's another factor which is how mastery works and what a suprise
it also scales superbly well with precision, because all those hits
are buffed by X% mastery you have.
Turning 10% seasonal buff Wire melee round dealt from low 4k up to 5k+
With shield on, without shield earlier, they were close to 6k.

I'm not complaining about dying to him, but how effortless it is
because there's no combat lag caused by need to use offensive spells.
If he dealt same amount of damage with melee+spell, it would not
be so stupid damage for player who is technically maxxed out for
offensive instincts.

Avenger is supposed to get uphand when enemy attacks him/her, but
soldier can still just completely run over avenger, even though
with similar instincts the damage potential is quite close, obviously
only with Holy Reprisal+Righteous Anger, Avenger still has to cast
damaging spells to win or equal the rounds of damage, which means
when we enter stage of healing, avenger by default loses the fight.

Losing a fight so hopelessly with soft damage boosting passive,
plus another castable/CD based passive and on top having to cast
primary nuke spell, how is this considered balanced? Or did Wire bribe
imms to farm up to 5k PK's to put it as an achievement?

T9 soldier is even worse at redo, you can literally run over anybody
with 1/2 melee hits, since redos don't care so much for levelling
speed, it's another case where easy PK's can be farmed by same class.

It would be really great to have input about precision function, it
was buffed back sometime to help soldiers levelling better and pup better
not destroy everyone in PvP.