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Daily Quest idea
Note #40174
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 @ 10:39
Had this idea for long time, so I will try to lay it out as good I can.

I feel like there are lack of enganging activities which you can do for SH.
I'll try to list most of things most of us are doing while sitting SH.

  - Pups.
  - CP's every 2hrs.
  - Quest every 30min.
  - Goals.
  - GQ's random pop-up.
  - PK.

From this list only pupping is constant, most has downtime, I'm not
suggesting to change downtimes, just bringing it up. I would consider PK'ing
extremely situational. Goals too are very situational and one-time only.
Both PK'ing and Goals are probably lowest on list of per-day activity.
More then 1 CP a day is probably very rare too.

  - Pups.
  - Epics (5-player to 40 player).
  - PK.

Pupping again is only constant from this list. Epics require mostly cooldown 
exceptions Titan/Terra 5-player. PK'ing is very situational and extremely rare.

At this point it's safe to assume that Pupping is majority of end-game 
activity which can be done solo or in group. Because it's constant and 
increases your power slowly, but surely.


To the idea itself now, Daily Quest.
We have a lot of areas in Aardwolf that are not used much else then CP/Quest
/GQ targets. There's many reasons why it's so, but they could be used for 
Daily Quest too.

 Daily Quest
 * Can be requested once per day.
 * Similar function to CP/Quest/GQ.
 * To complete it fully, it should take few hours.

Objectives involve killing small amount of mobs in areas, kill certain mobs 
and collect certain amount of items needed (quest only). Use  on mob,
it makes mob stronger and you have to kill the mob. Save innocent mobs from
group of mobs holding them as prisoners. Collect quest only items from 
. Help  to make his way to certain room in area.


I don't think reward needs to be main incentitive to do this quest, as long
it roughly equals gold/train gains for time spent doing this quest it would
offer more engaging and interesting gameplay then repeating same ol' pupping
as only outlet for power. One of keys for such quest is to keep player engaged
throughout other actitivies in game non-pupping. 

For sake of it, you can add extra layer for this quest, easy/normal/hard/epic.
Rewards and difficulties based on which mode you requested, as well time it 
takes to complete. Easy being good entry level for new and weak SH's, each 
difficulty can require certain amount of stats to be even requested, this 
is aimed mostly for players to complete solo, so we don't have new and weak
 SH's dragged through epic for example. The objectives does not need to 
differ so much between different modes, but should be much more difficult.
 -- I don't really know how difficult it would be to code all this, 
    but I personally think it would make good amount SH's more active 
    per daily basis.
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