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Re: Daily Quest idea +++
Note #40179
posted on Ideas
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 @ 13:09
Campaign currently requires, find target, kill target. There was something
 to do with finding items too? I don't remember, anyway irrelevant right now.

It offers QP reward and can be repeated every 2-hours. It doesn't offer alter
native to pupping, it's not supposed to anyway, why I mentioned Daily Quest
should take more time to finish is so that you can complete it throughout day,
not all at once to request it again like campaign.

I think having set of objectives that are not only finding target and killing
it is already different then campaign. Not to mention different incentive to
complete daily quest, QP's technically don't increase your SH powers as rapidly
instincts through pupping does. That's why some players choose not to do CP's