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Re: New error.
Note #7755
posted on Tech
Sunday, October 7, 2018 @ 12:47
Reply to: Note 7754 posted by Teleron

>You have become better at aid! (91%)
>Trigger function "skillgain" not found or had a previous error.
>It happens every time I gain a % in a skill or spell.

When you get that "previous error" message, it basically means that
at some point in your current launch of MUSHclient, a script function
within a plugin has crashed. The first time a given script function 
crashes, MUSHclient gives you a bunch of lines with details about 
the crash, but you may not have been looking at the screen to see it.
The MUSHclient effectively "forgets" that that particular function exists
so that it doesn't have to deal with that crash again.

Especially if you don't see the initial-crash text, the first 
troubleshooting step is basically to not bother troubleshooting
and take "The IT Crowd" approach...just quit and relaunch MUSHclient
(in other words, "have you tried turning it off and back on again?")
Sometimes a crash is just a crash, and you'll never know what happened/why.
If it does indeed happen again, then you can look for a root cause to

In this case, it would be a plugin which needs to care about you learning 
new skills/spells. That means that it's about extremely likely to be a 
plugin for spellups.

Hope this helps,